Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

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When I was a kid I used to astral travel all of the time, except I had no idea that’s what I was doing.

I thought it was a recurring nightmare.

When I became an active intuitive much later in life, I immediately shut that stuff down, knowing that dabbling in higher vibrational energy would make me more likely to float off to other planes while dreaming.  That was not a party I wanted to attend again.

Everyone kept asking me,”Why not??”  They thought astral traveling sounded like something they’d love to do.

I’ll tell you what I remember.  I remember a very long, dark, dank tunnel that seemed to have no end.  I would always be cowering on the floor, plastering myself against the wall, praying to wake up before “it” or “they” got to me again.

Let’s not talk about what they were.

There were recurring situations where I was in a shopping center that I frequented with my parents, going from store to store, getting lost.  I had that one for years.  It went hand in hand with the one where it was like the old Looney Tunes cartoons, a long hallway with door after door being opened and closed in a traditional chase scene.  Again, let’s not discuss what was doing the chasing.  Finally I developed a (Do Not Laugh!)  lifelong fear of midgets, of all things, because in one recurring dream they would chase me around the kitchen peninsula and down the halls of my childhood home with hatchets and indian headdresses on.  In my defense, I was under ten and there were a lot of them.  I must have had that experience a hundred times.  I actually had to go meet people who were midgets and force myself to acknowledge that they are just regular people like everyone else, because the terror of the experience stayed with me until pretty recently, sad to say.

Every time I woke up, it was that sensation of falling with a loud THUMP back into my bed, including the stomach free fall.  Little did I know that was the hallmark of astral projection.

When I became an adult those dreams went away and the falling stopped, but I started to lucid dream regularly and have sleep paralysis.

So let’s talk about what the differences are between nightmares, lucid dreams, and astral traveling.

In a nightmare, it’s a regular dream and you don’t control anything.

In a lucid dream you can control what happens in the dream.  You can change the players and make things happen at will.  Lucid dreaming is when you become aware you are dreaming, in your dream.  You’re conscious, but still asleep, aware your body is sleeping.  In a lucid dream, the quality of it is so very different from your standard dream – it’s realistic.  To be “lucid” means that you are awake (conscious) within your dream and you know it.  It’s still a dream and you haven’t astral projected or gone anywhere.

If you’ve ever been asleep and thought,”Hmmm…what would I like to have happen next?” that is probably a lucid dream.

Astral traveling is not a dream.  You are asleep and have separated your soul (consciousness) from your physical body and the two are no longer attached except by a cord.  Usually, but not always, you will become aware this is happening because you will experience the separation of the body and the soul.

What does sleep paralysis have to do with lucid dreams and astral traveling?

Sleep paralysis only happened when I napped during the afternoon.  Say I fell asleep on a Sunday afternoon when my husband and the boys were watching some sci fy movie complete with the zombie apocalypse (snore).  I’m on the couch with a pillow and a blanket.  In my dream, it’s the exact same scene, except I wake up and can’t open my eyes.  I can’t move my body.  I try to talk to them while they are moving all around me, to tell them to wake me up, and I can’t.  I tell myself to fall back asleep so I might wake up naturally, and I fall into a standard dream…and wake up back in the livingroom where I am still in a dream and still having sleep paralysis.  This will cycle back five or ten times until I finally force my eyes open and it actually works.


I can’t explain it any better than to say I am simultaneously aware of the fact that I am asleep and can’t open my eyes AND I can see myself lying on the couch and I can see the whole room and what everyone is doing in it, at the same time.

If you wake up where you are actually asleep, in the same place and room, and (you can check this later) the people in the room with you are moving around like they always do, then you are ready to astral project.  I’ve had my kid bounce up and down on me while I am asleep, and I see him doing it to me as if I’m watching myself, and later my husband will tell me it actually happened.  That’s how awake you are.  Sleep paralysis is when you feel completely frozen within the dream, and that’s when you are primed to astral travel – that’s your opportunity.

When you astral project it means you actually travel in the (wait for it) astral planes.

When you’re astral traveling you can actually go look around at the real world here on Earth, too.  I could for instance, visit your house.  My view on this is, why?  Why would I want to take my soul out of my body, which is perfectly happy with my soul in it, thank you very much, and wander the earth at night, uninvited, when I could just as easily get an actual invitation and maybe lunch.  Unless you’ve made plans with a friend to try to time it just right and meet up somewhere, it sounds like spying to me.

By the same token, I already know I can astral travel to other planes but I don’t want to.  I have specific instructions to my team to keep me in my body.  You’d be disconcerted if you suddenly were jerked out of your body by an astral entity, wouldn’t you?  Better to leave it to the angels to guard your bedroom door and white light your room.

Just in case you want to travel to other realms whilst sleeping, here is what I can suggest.

  • Take naps.
  • Lay on your back.
  • Become an insomniac or set your alarm clock for the middle of the night, watch a sitcom, and go back to sleep.
  • Ask your angels to protect you and stay with you the whole time you are gone and to safely bring you back into your body.
  • Do not, do absolutely not, interact with “just any energy” that happens to invite you on a little trip.  No one good is ever waiting for you to agree to come along.
  • Have a very clear, highly vibrating energy before you go.  Meditate and clear your chakras.
  • If you start to hear high tones or like an engine sound, or start hearing a “thump, thump, thump” in your head, or start to generally tingle, you’re on your way.  Note this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s pretty common.
  • A lot of people tell me that they freeze up as it starts to happen, like they see their hands in front of their face and see their arms lying in the bed and they panic.  Don’t panic!  You have to set your intention with your angels before you go to sleep that you want their protection and assistance, and then trust and remember that they are right there!  You have to stretch out of your body like you’re sending your energy out ahead of you.  If you retract your energy and pull it back in, your experiment will fail.
  • If you do freak out when you see your hands no longer in your arms, try another way.  You can lead with another part like your head or feet, or just try a full body roll.  I wouldn’t want to be there dangling by my feet, but if you find it hard to just reach forward and sit up, then just go with the body part that seems like it wants to go first.
  • If at first you encounter realms or entities which aren’t to your liking – and trust me, my pretties, you will! – you have to raise your vibration to move away from them.
  • Before you attempt astral travel you have got to practice raising your vibration, because you’re going to need it.  You also had better know how you’re going to react when you encounter something that scares you right out of your pants, and then practice raising your vibration to get away from it.  You need balls for this, I don’t care if you’re a girl.  Quick!  Standing behind you is a vampire ghost who’s going to start feeding on you!  What do you do??  Know the answer to that before you go anywhere.  Otherwise your beautiful energy will be sucked right out of you faster than you can say,”BOO!”
  • Remember that you own your body, and have every right to get back into it when you’re ready.  If anything is standing there telling you that you can’t, tell it to get out of your way and then climb back in.
  • Where are you going?  Have a plan ahead of time.  Are you just going to look around in your current Earth world, or are you going to try traveling to other planes?  Know why and where you want to go.  Have an itinerary!

Before you attempt astral travel, get really clear on why you want to do it.  Then seriously assess how brave you are.  How able are you to banish the things that live under your bed or go bump in the night?  I still get freaked out sometimes, even though I meet with disincarnate beings regularly and I am fairly knowledgeable about when I am getting into trouble and how to quickly get out of it.  In other words, I practice this all of the time and I know how to raise my vibration and I know what tactics to use when I am in trouble and need to defend myself psychically or call for help.  Yet still, I will get the hair raising on the back of my neck at times or not want to put my feet down on the floor.  Maybe it’s because I am hyper aware of what is out there that I can still pull my energy back when logic would say it’s okay to extend it.

What I’m saying is, know thyself.  I recently met someone who astral travels all of the time, wasn’t aware there was a name for what he is doing, and soars all around the universe as happy as a clam like he’s flying.  He’s never met anything nasty during those events, and it never crossed his mind that he would.  So if you’re like that, if you’re a calm sort and an adventurer and you have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention fear, you probably are a great candidate for astral travel.  If you hide your face with your hands when watching a horror movie, may I suggest you try something else instead!

Remember that the purpose (for most people) of astral traveling at least initially is to prove to themselves that their body and their soul are separate.  It’s one way of “proving” to themselves that life goes on after death.  For me, I just figured once I met and spoke to other people’s spirit guides and angels and was able to check with the humans to prove what I got was true, that was enough.  But go on and astral travel if you want and let us know how it goes!

Have you ever had a lucid dream or astral traveling experience?  Was it on purpose?  How far did you get in the process?  If you went all the way, what happened?  Who did you meet and what did you see?  


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