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The Energetic Connections Between Us All

magic with kim picmonkey

It was extraordinary watching my son turn around and look up to the sky, searching for the answer to the question my friend had randomly posed to him.

We had been discussing a major turn of events in my friend’s life, but we couldn’t pinpoint which direction things might take.

I had one strong opinion, but I could see how events might turn in two possible other directions, energy being what it is.

My son walked up in that moment, asking for a chocolate milk, and my friend just threw the question out at him.  Should I move here or should I move there?  No background information.

The kid looked up and around, in all seriousness, and got the answer from the ether, and answered it quite simply.

It wasn’t my answer.  I think it will turn out differently.  I am pretty sure my friend sees it another way.

But in that one simple response, we could easily see how all the other life events would have to fall into place to come to that outcome.

If my son is right, I am okay with being outclassed intuitively 🙂

His father seems to think that I’ve trained our son, that he takes lessons from me or that I have spoken to him about it at length, but that is not the case.  I just don’t tell him “there are no ghosts” or “nothing’s there” when I cannot see it, firstly because I would not crush his budding intuition with adult sensibilities and secondly because sometimes I just don’t see as well as he does, and he reminds me of this all the time!

“Mom, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

“Mom, I see so much more than you do.”

So it falls on me to support him, and be glad no one else is around to crush his spirit.

Only one of my children is well-connected.  The other one soars in completely different ways.

Our Energetic Matches

One of the most challenging things to me is to watch my energetic matches come in and not judge them for how they appear, or their situations, but instead view it from Soul.

Sure we can put an ironic smile to some situations, looking at it as a fact based human, but when we see it through energetic eyes it looks so different.

The Virgo told me that when we first met, we should have started seeing each other, because we both knew what we wanted.

That’s true, and I still find it extraordinary, because when I saw him I remember exactly what I thought.  God has either blessed me or cursed me, and I’m not sure which.

I still am not sure!  Maybe it is a mix of both.  For him, too.

Never was there a relationship more fraught with “I’d like to, but.”

Now, over a year later, I would call us friends.  Still, when I reinforce the boundary of “everyone in my life loves, honors and respects me” which I picked up from Jennifer Hoffman a long time ago, I still look at The Virgo and marvel at the fact that he is still here.

Just the other day I was joking with him, asking how steady he was on his feet, and out of nowhere he said last time he saw me he was shaking, standing up.

It brought me right back to the moment and I remembered how hard it was for him just to be in my presence.

The air between us was viscous, and as I reached out a hand to steady him, I saw the energy rippling between us.  The air looked like water that ripples like a river.

I sighed to myself and wondered, do I even try to explain about energy?  About soul contracts?  Soul appointments?

I once told him that our relationship would not end until we had done the work we came together to do.

Of course he has no point of reference for this, and if I tried to explain it he might let it pass because he is good with me that way, but I don’t think that would bring us to any closer understanding, just make the gulf wider.

So I say nothing, but address the practical aspects with him, like asking at what point does he begin to get nervous, and he tells me.  It surprises me.

The Intensity Of The Fire

Call it a friendly competition.

In the interim, it is clear as day to me that all the people I have met have been here to teach me something very specific.  You will not convince me that there wasn’t a lesson in each one, that there was “no reason” why we met, that it is all random and a matter of choice.

It can be summed up with The Sun card in the Tarot coming up in my Near Future position:

You are bonding with like souls whose influence strengthens you and fulfills your deep relationship needs.

It appears that events may soon draw you into one or more magical and charmed relationships. These special people have capabilities that complement your own. Your natural charisma is attracting those special souls who innately harmonize with you, like favorite members of your family. As such alliances emerge, you may feel affirmed and recognized like never before.

You are evolving beyond survival issues. This allows you to choose the healthiest companions and best circumstances for nurturing yourself. You may now find it much easier to put together that dreamed-about circle of supportive friends. These beneficial relationships let everyone display their talents, express their true feelings and work on their blind spots in an atmosphere of secure and loving appreciation.

That is exactly what it feels like to me.  It doesn’t make sense to borrow trouble and wonder “what if?”, projecting negativity out into the future, worrying about what could go wrong.  It makes sense to let it run its course.  See what happens.

I often find that talking to others sets a seed in my mind that I can use later.  I get offered enthusiastic encouragement often, and where I used to instantly resist it, now I consider it.  A day or so later, I put it into play and have gotten some extraordinary unexpected results that way.  It is like each person whispers in my ear “try this and just see what happens” and half the time I know it is not just the man or woman making a suggestion, it just has to be spirit-driven.

Following The Astrology, The Tears, and Magic

One morning I’d been following the astrology and I knew, because it basically said so, that last week was going to be godawful for us all, and it was.  Everyone was saying that it was busy, it was stressful, it was rife with endless trying events.  The astrology also said that subsequently, the energy wouldn’t lift before Friday, so I knew when I didn’t hear from my usual crew, that odds were at least one would pop up on Friday, and one did.  It just amazes me how incredibly accurate astrology is, and how you can avoid so much wondering, worrying, and over-thinking, if you just follow it.

But on Tuesday morning the energies were getting to me too, and by Wednesday I was marveling at how much emotion was getting processed, how much of the past was up for review, closure and release.  It was rough and Friday seemed so very far away.  The tears were coming, the kind that seem to pop up out of nowhere, because you aren’t really sad per se, but the emotion has to have somewhere to go when we need to let the past go, and the emotion just shows up and says “I’m here” and so we cry.

It was at one such unexpected moment that I received a text from my neighbor, who used to watch my dogs for me when I used to go overseas to see my husband at the time.

She sent me the photo of our old baby girl, our mastiff Magic, who passed away last Thanksgiving.

Her passing was traumatic because this same neighbor and I had to lift her somehow, and even though she was very light from what the vet believes was cancer, she was still 110 pounds and about 5 or 6 feet long, and my ex-husband was not here to carry her.  Then Kim and I dropped her under the car, just as we were almost at the trunk, carrying her between us using an old sheet as a sling.  This poor dog!

I remember being angry with my ex for leaving us.  This was his dog, and where was he?  In another country with his new wife and almost-baby. Angry that there was no man in my life to help with the heavy lifting.  Grateful for my neighbor, who never fails me in an emergency.  Frustrated that my boys were there to watch us struggling to figure out how to move the dog.  Upset that most likely I was going to have to put her down, and my boys were going to have to come with me.

I remember looking at Kim and saying in frustration,”I need a man.”

But we did it.  And when we dropped her, the dog looked at me like,”It’s okay, I know you are trying, I forgive you.”

I was having all the feelings that day.

When my ex came home at Christmas to take my boys home with him to his place overseas, I showed him the paw print they gave us.  It is enormous.  I tried to show him the picture I took of the dog under the car, and talk to him about that day, and he said not to show him, that he couldn’t take it.

It makes me sad how things fall apart, and how sometimes things are just too much for us.  How we cannot continue walking down the road together with the same people we’ve gone so far on this journey with anymore.

It is like you split at the fork in the road and wave goodbye, not knowing what the future brings.  You come together again sometimes.  That’s when you can look at each other again and see how much you have each grown and changed, with the perspective of distance.  You can even sometimes just talk as friends, and offer each other some help, guidance, support.  It is extraordinary how things change.

So on that bad Wednesday morning when Chiron was busy bringing the tears, for no particular reason other than it was a day to let things from the past go, Kim sent me the photo of my dog Magic above and she said,” Julie, look who popped up in my pictures today! Magic is watching over us.”

The Magic of Spirit.  Magic the Dog.  And then the tears really came.