Talking To Ghosts With Ouija Boards

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What fun would life be if your eight year old didn’t make his own Ouija board on the playground, gather his friends around, and talk to the dead?

I have a friend whose daughter is 8 and she is in the fifth grade.  That’s two years ahead.

I have him beat though.  I know a tough guy who made his own Ouija board out of pen and paper and gathered a group of friends around him to contact “zozo” or The Other Side.

I will translate the above description of his adventures, which were casually written in the Friday Notebook, in which the child writes about his week and his parent is supposed to write a note back to said child over the weekend:

I played with the Ouija board game and I contacted a three-year-old Spirit. It was in heaven. It died at 2 years old. But it had a son which was weird. It’s son was 27 or so. I think it was in heaven for 3 years only.

If you have ever done mediumship you will recognize the familiar quality of tone to his contact.  It’s real, all right.

Leave it to spirit to try to explain reincarnation to an eight year old.

Somehow YouTube connected him to a video of a group of teenagers with a Ouija board, who had the low intelligence to try to contact “zozo” which is theoretically a demonic entity.

He called me in because it scared him, and I immediately explained that no matter what, one never speaks to the other side without knowing who they are speaking to.  If by chance you don’t, always state that you will only speak to spirit that is “of the light.”  If asked directly,”Are you of the light?” no spirit who is not may answer in the affirmative to that question.

Just a little tip.

I told him why we do not play with Ouija boards.  They tend to attract low-level ghost-type spirits, not the kind we want attached to us or chatting with us, giving us bad information.

He did not listen.

Having no Ouija board of his own, and defying his mother – because what fun is life if you can’t defy your Mom who actually knows about the subject? – he made his own out of notebook paper and proceeded to lecture me on how it is done, after advising me that play time – at school – was spent playing this “game” which he introduced to his friends.


This is – no doubt – my son.


Marveling at the intricacies of relationships the other day, a man I know told me I was a smartass.


Take one look in that little girl’s eyes and any intuitive will say “shy, sensitive, already sees everything.”

I’m not sure how old I am in the picture, but probably not too far off from my kid.  He looks just like I did.

We’ve discussed how I am a female INTJ, which is the rarest personality type for women.  On the flip side, I am psychic, empathic, and a professional intuitive, which is sort of the opposite of an INTJ – and which tends to scare people, if they know but don’t really know what all that means.  But professionally in the day job sense, I am a MBA with a broker license, so I can pretty much easily fool you into thinking that I am all business, not to mention a highly sarcastic smartass who sometimes cannot help but tell you how (she thinks) it is.

You can see how that might leave some people scratching their heads.  I don’t usually tell them about the intuitive part but then again, it is kind of hard to hide.

And I have just discovered one of my children is much the same.  His biggest love is money and he is naturally completely psychic and a highly attuned medium, for the age of eight.

I love the way in which it comes to him so naturally.

We are all such a mishmash of our personality traits, natural talents, ancestral heritage, DNA and so on.  I do marvel at how children come out so differently, because my oldest is absolutely nothing like either of us, except that he loves to voraciously read books like I did.  I might hit him with the Robert B. Parker’s Spencer series, P.G. Wodehouse, and maybe even Armistead Maupin soon.

And so instead of telling you about the final Reiki session, which I will, or the men, which I won’t, I thought a brief pause to marvel at the uniqueness and charm of children and legacy was in order today.


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