How To Recognize A True Soul Connection

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You ask how I know when it is truly intuitive insight and when it is imagination, hope, foolishness, denial.

You know because it sits deep within your soul as a Truth.

It will not go away, it comes up over and over again, and usually it flies in the face of what other lesser Feelers would call Reality.

Screw reality.  Really.  It has nothing to do with intuitive insight or the calling of your soul or the deep truths that reside within you.

Some things you Just Know.

Some people you Just Feel.

There are players in your reality, each of which carries an important piece of your puzzle.

I have watched people defy odds, make incredible demands upon themselves, because when there is someone so compelling that they cannot resist them, they Just Know this person is meant for them and they will go to the wall and beyond to reach him or her.

No matter what Reality looks like that day, week, month, year, decade…and beyond.

It is like a dream that lights up the room, it is your favorite place in your mind in which you enjoy landing when you have a few private moments to breathe.  It is the place where you awake in the morning, knowing you have once again dreamt of it on and off all night.

Certain people are our air.

You have a knowing.  You have an abiding faith.  You may know them only etherically, through the internet or over the phone at first…or for many months or years.  But then…

No matter what your tiny brain tells you to worry about, no matter how stressed out you make yourself about “what if” it is not true in person, what if it was a dream or a fantasy and it all falls apart when we are together…?  You worry and worry and then…you meet them.

From the second you connect in presence, body to body, mind to mind, aura to aura, it is as natural and necessary as breathing.

They just Belong with you.

You start off right in the middle or at the end.  There need be no niceties.  It doesn’t matter how scary the details or how serious the matter that you face.

You just dive right in without thinking and so do they – they meet you right where you start, wherever that may be.

You may be nervous, or they may be nervous, or both.  But the one of you who is weakest will find that the other releases their anxieties and stands up for the one who needs it, instantly and without planning or thinking – they just arrive in their full strength to prop up the Other because that is what is called for.  It is like a dance.

It feels and is like a dance because you have met so many times before, across lifetimes and oceans.

Your souls recognize each other and what you are really doing is…picking up where you left off, last lifetime.

You will both feel this and you will fall into lockstep.

It doesn’t matter how unlikely the partners.

It doesn’t matter the form.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances, the challenges, the seeming impossibility.

You are in the presence of a soul who knows you, who may feel “more You than You are.”

This is embodiment of an energy that needs to be increased in your life and blown up like a bubble until it bursts.

This is home, this is a soul who energetically is a part of you…this is why I Know, this is how You Know.

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  1. Nicole burns says:

    Truth. My truth. Amen.

  2. Your article just arrived when i was wondering if what i was feeling was exactly what you have described…So it might this be a sign that it is ?! Even though the apparent impossibility of meeting again..
    thanks Julie!! <3

  3. Any tips on where or how we meet these people who are our air or will know our soul 🙂 haha enjoyed reading this one Julie!

  4. I love this. Out of curiosity, do people have more than one or can/do they come in and out of your life?

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