The Energy Between Us Is Amplification

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high delight

The lessons have been coming in fast and furious lately, partially to help me understand and integrate the energies I am experiencing in my personal life and partially in response to your feedback and questions as to how to understand and manage your own relationships and energies.

One of you made a statement about the Virgo that at first I set aside because I didn’t have an answer to it, but sure enough the answer did come.  Here was the statement:

Many believe sometimes these souls are super anxious around each other, initially; even nervous like your Virgo was. As if their energy is ramped up and hit over the head with yours all at once. I wonder if this is *that* phenomenon at play.

This is energy amplification.

Our Joint Energies Raise The Vibration

When I speak to my intuitive friends, just the fact that we are on the phone together raises the vibration.  It’s as if our joint energies combine and swirl around each other and elevate the entire experience for both of us.

When the call is over, I have to “come down” from the high – it is like being energetically drunk.  Well, maybe the opposite of drunk.

It is that extraordinary state of being so relaxed that you become completely open…and all of the messages start to flow through.  You don’t even know where they came from, they simply arrive and you don’t even stop to think about being certain as to their accuracy – you just are.

Inevitably, while we may have initially connected to answer one question for the other, we both end up doing a reading for each other.  Whatever spirit wants us to know, it comes through.

The other day I spoke to an intuitive friend who I haven’t connected with in probably three or four years at least, to ask her what her opinion was about me going down the shamanism route.  I wanted to get her feedback because she is the only person I know who was trained in this way, and because when I asked my guide team for that “system” that Robert Ohotto told me I would begin to study right about now, they said to ask her.

Every time I am in her energy I feel certain we have known each other across lifetimes, and we both get chills like we rarely experience.  For me, they are rolling body chills that take over my entire body.

Sure enough, as we spoke I got answers to a lot of miscellaneous questions, like why I am still living in tis house.  I always think about it like it is my last husband’s choice, not mine, and that it is too much to handle, and I feel stuck but don’t know why, other than the practical financial aspect of the situation.

That’s not it.  The reason he bought this house was because of me.

There are spots where I swear I see wood nymphs and other creatures darting around, or like I just stumbled into a children’s novel because it’s as if I can imagine a family of fairies or some gnomes living within one of the knees of a cypress tree.

I don’t know where these ideas come from, because I don’t really believe in those creatures or think as magically as that, but if you made me stop to think about why I wander around the property a few times a year just “taking in the nature” I’d say…I have no idea.

I just feel compelled to do it on a Sunday afternoon for no reason that I know of, but it’s a bit like my feet just carried me there.  I do feel differently when I walk back in the house, like my energy field shifted.

Work Together To Reclaim Your Own Powers

She said that there are power spots on my property, and my guides told her to tell me what I was supposed to be doing with them – reclaiming my power.

If you were paying very close attention, you would know that when I posted recently about soul mates, I mentioned that the purpose of those relationships was to reclaim your power. A little synchronicity there, you think?

She told me there were other spots where my guides were giving her information on, that I am supposed to physically go to reclaim my power that I left behind a long time ago…like centuries ago…that I purposefully hid.  Hearing this was a bit like walking into a mystery novel and I started to get chills rolling up and down my body.

Where do you think she sent me?

Of all the places in the world, or at least in Florida?

To the Virgo’s neighborhood.

Not to his town.

To his neighborhood.

What I was really coming to understand was that my relationship with The Virgo was for the both of us to interact to reclaim our own power.

Your Energetic Pull

Sometimes I feel the pull of energy of someone so strongly that I cannot function until I stop to peer into the situation with my intuition and clear it.

It might be them thinking of me, or it might be the situation wanting to resolve itself or take the next step.

Whatever it is, I have to clear it so I can live my life and get my work done, otherwise it is completely distracting and sometimes so much so that it is upsetting.

I sat in my car and tuned into the energies.

Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach, like I was nauseous and might throw up.

There were huge butterflies fluttering around in there.  My throat and heart areas were equally enveloped in nerves like I have never had before.

This was me unknowingly tapping into how the Virgo feels when he is around me.  When he says he is nervous and does not know why, when he says he thinks he may be having a panic attack.

It’s funny, when he said that to me I looked at him and asked him if he had ever had a panic attack before.  He said no.  I told him then you aren’t going to have one now.

I don’t know how i know these things, but it is interesting to me how I used to have to deal with my husband’s panic attacks that were not panic attacks either – they were symptoms of vertigo caused by Meniere’s disease.  The point is, I have listened to a number of people over the years talk about feeling panicked and the cause is never an actual panic attack.

Coming full circle, spirit or the Virgo’s energetic connection to me was having me feel exactly how he feels, so I would understand.  Now I do.  It is always weird to me how I can feel into other people’s systems like that.  I guess it is an intuitive thing, like another Clair.

Spirit will send you hint after hint, delivered through all kinds of people, music, themes, coincidences…until you get it.

Then the question is, what do I do with it?

I am not going to go to the Virgo.  He is going to have to come to me, and he knows it.

I will live my life, I am not going to sit around waiting for him, and he knows that too.

We may have a lot we are supposed to do together, but it is very clear to me that the powerful man within wants to break free of his shackles and come into his power, though it is terrifying to him on the ego level, and I am supposed to be helping him with that.

An Energetic Invitation

When I get an energetic invitation from someone’s soul or higher self, or if you prefer, when I feel a soul contract starting to engage, I am completely impatient.  I want to start right now, or yesterday.  “Okay, I see it, let’s go.”

Rarely does the other person see it this way.  They have their religion, their limiting beliefs, their whatever, standing between us and they do not get it.

I put out my hand, saying take my hand, I know what I am doing, just walk with me and we will figure it out.

It is those moments when I am coming into my power.  This is my soul mission.  Times like this are why I am here.  To help people.  I am finally learning to allow them to help me also.  I have always known he was here to help me also.  I feel 100% confident to lead in these moments. It reminds me that a long time ago I told him, if you can just show up, I can control it. He asked me what I meant, and at the time I didn’t really know.

The other person, who is typically not used to having very strong energies rolling around in their system out of nowhere…well, they tend to have panic attacks, or think they are (they are not).

People do sometimes find it very hard to be in my presence.  It’s because they feel my energy and their energy together in the room, and it is HUGE.

Their energy gets amplified and their abilities get amplified and then they start shaking and wonder what is Julie doing to me?

Well, I’m not doing anything to them.  They are coming into their power for the first time.  Waking up to their power.  And they are afraid of it.  It is kind of scary I guess, I personally find it exciting but…I can see how it could be scary, too.

When you get a huge power injection, like I feel when I am on the phone with my intuitive friends, the amplification of the energy is like a rush.  You can get so excited by this that you experience the excitement and misconstrue it as fear…and that’s when the panic sets it.  It’s excitement, not fear…but go try to explain this to someone who is feeling overwhelmed and in panic mode.

Ever since I met him, there is a song that has come up over and over again.  It’s Miracles by Jefferson Starship.

If only you believe like I believe, baby
We’d get by
If only you believe in miracles, baby
So would I

I might have to move heaven and earth
To prove it to you, baby
And you feel the power
And I feel the power
Then there’s really nothing we can’t do
If we wanted to
All we gotta do
Is get a little faith in you
Oh, I’ve been so many places
I’ve seen some things, yes, I have
I know love is the answer

Whenever you’re talkin’ to me, never say never…
You ripple like a river when I touch you, I can’t even believe it with you…
It’s like having every dream I ever wanted come true, dream of a lifetime
I picked up your vibes…

Yes, he did.  It is so good to be seen.  The way I look at it is, so few have ever seen me really.  It is rare.

Scared or not, do you know how powerful you have to be, how intuitive, to really see me?

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  1. Oh my god! This is like mirroring what I am dealing with. Spooky and excellent:)

    Well, I’d say besides obviously the energetic grounding you are doing here ” I do feel differently when I walk back in the house, like my energy field shifted.”
    you are listening to what your soul needs. Akin to eating red meat, a craving when your body needs iron. Your soul knows what it needs , when it needs it. And you listen:) I read a fascinating book “The Secret Life of Plants” (highly recommend, such incredible information and plenty of metaphysical stuff in there tying it all together) recently. The brilliant George Washington Carver had attributed his genius to his daily solo walks in the forest. He simply said he needed to listen to the energies, the spirit and it inspired him’. This sort of reminds me of what he did.

    I recently got in touch with a long lost friend who, of course popped up at the very best time for me as well as her. We have parallels in our lives, uncanny how close those are, and it seems we are back in each other’s orbit to ‘do some more work’ and guide each other. It’s exhilarating because it reaffirms that the Universe’s timing is ineffable. And also, yes, the energy we get simply talking on the phone literally gives us a buzz. She’s commented on it even. I don’t consider myself unusually insightful (well, neptune in sagittarious helps lol) but when we speak I have said a bunch of things that have shed light on some of her ‘blocks’ in a current relationship. Not edited just ‘I think maybe ..’ then I go. It’s wild because she confirms it all when I am done and it confirms we do indeed meet those we have to do work with on some level. It’s kind of humbling too.

    From what it seems your energy is primed to jump right into the shamanism training. It’s pretty freaking awesome actually.
    I have a situation that is somewhat like the ‘virgo’. But I sometimes feel like a deep ….ache in the solar plexus area. Just overwhelming actually. It’s quite profound. I am intuiting it is him, working out his range of emotions and yes, of course we have our own blocks hindering the relationship from taking full flight. Such is the case with many soulmates I have read.. That said. this has not hindered me from sharing thoughts and emotions, unedited, and with no real expectation they will be answered or even elicit a visible reaction (done via email to make it easier) . As a result the energy with us has changed, ramped up if you will. I do feel there is work being done just with that; like some things are being shaken loose but in a good way. And meditating on this once I felt ‘vulnerability’ come in. I feel this is a lesson I am learning from being in his energy and vice versa.

    One thing that helps me is reminding myself not to be attached to the outcome. And reading these posts of yours, particularly about the virgo, and how you are handling it is helping me with that.

    When a soulmate does not come to you aka ‘do their work’ , you are absolutely right to wait. I read somewhere if you do not, and come to them, that in and of itself actually interferes with the actual soul contract. They just NEED TO DO THEIR WORK:) And you get this.

    Also, I laughed at the ‘hurry let’s go’ feeling you get. That is ME. I know also this means one of my other lessons here is PATIENCE. Something in short shrift over here. So here’s to patience, and faith in the contract. I think the long walks on your property sound heavenly. I love these posts and the updates, they really are quite helpful in navigating this exciting but often murky territory of soul contracts and such.

    • Anony, At first I honestly thought there was no work to be done, I thought we had met for something else entirely. But then it became so glaringly obvious that I could not ignore it any longer and wondered how I could have been so blind. Although I am truly impatient by nature, I have this “both are true” situation where if I see something needs patience and the wait could be quite long, I become absolutely glacial in my ability to be patient until the end of time. It is like a switch that gets flipped, when I want something very much and see that’s what it’s going to take.

      Yeah, that outcome thing 🙂 I will try to feel into it a little but mostly for direction. Sure i would love certainty, but when do we get that! I have my own process, which I am trying to figure out how to explain, but I give everyone their space for their own process. It’s tough sometimes when we think “I have the answer! Just listen to me and all will be revealed!” but we know we cannot offer it up in that way. I do cross lines like that sometimes, I promised myself I would not bring up two things “no matter what” and still, wouldn’t you know, a question was asked and I could not manage to keep my mouth shut. Live and learn.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Great post, another one that hits so close to home for me.

    You wrote:
    We may have a lot we are supposed to do together, but it is very clear to me that the powerful man within wants to break free of his shackles and come into his power, though it is terrifying to him on the ego level, and I am supposed to be helping him with that.

    Rhetorical question: what does your “helping” look like to you? Perhaps consider that you coming into your power – full on and standing it in tall and proud – is the help? Leading my example? Raise your vibration in a way that he can’t help but his rise as well – entrainment. He’s not as grounded as you, or energetically as sound, that’s why he shakes like a leaf in the wind when you are together. (my sense, take that with a big grain of salt here)

    One of my teachers told me that sometimes us “helping” others actually takes them OFF their path. You take away the lesson they are to learn by helping. Be an example. Challenge him with Love – kind, gentle, soft love.

    These are just my thoughts on your situation.

    Iron sharpens iron, that’s what your posts as of late have been for me. Thank You, and keep on keepin’ on. 🙂


    • Maureen, So far it looks like me standing there 🙂 If he asks a question, I answer it – but I do not volunteer anything much. I did notice that I am a true “contrast” by nature, because I will not try to influence his decision, I merely issue invitations which he is free to accept or decline and I expect that favor to be returned. So what you are saying is correct – I am working on coming into my own power, right alongside him. He naturally has power in areas where I do not, and vice-versa, so I learn from him. I would say he actually is more grounded, but I am more sure energetically on a more consistent basis (like I do not change depending upon the situation very much, because I am willing to lose things to stay true to myself).

      I agree on the “helping.” I call that “walking for them” or “being their feet.” I don’t think he would allow that – he is actually quite strong, which is part of why I like him so much. But I see people energetically, and then I look at the things they do and say to myself, hmm…something not quite in integrity there, must be a lesson (same is true for me also!).

      • Julie, I am curious – how do you see people energetically? What’s that like? (I am more empathic, in the non-absorbing way 🙂


        • Oh boy, I am not sure how to answer this. I am empathic but I also have all of the clairs open and going and so the information comes in through various means. It’s kind of like I see them at soul level, or like their higher self visits me and when I have that interaction it’s clear how powerful they are, and in what way. It’s like I “see them, see them” (sometimes it is more like “feel them”) through all of the layers, and take them in, to the extent that I can understand it through my filters. It’s like if you looked just above your head, a little to the left, and saw a giant head of what the person looks like in 3D, but Felt and Saw how different they were at soul level…kind of like chatting with who the real person is, beyond what they know themseleves to be in 3D.

          • That’s interesting, thanks for explaining! It’s somewhat like seeing/feeling/ someone’s untapped potential – ?

          • There can be a danger of seeing people “at soul level” and thinking they can and will do a whole lot more this lifetime than might be in their lane to do. There might be untapped potential but that would mean they are capable of doing it or becoming it. Maybe a better way to think of it would be “this person, at a higher level, but they are connected to that higher level wisdom?”

  3. Julie- I feel like the man I have a soul connection with is standing on a cliff. If he doesn’t jump, he’ll stay where he is- safe but unhappy. If he jumps, it will be right into my arms – happy but terrified. What I don’t know is if I feel this way because I WANT to feel this way, or if I’m pretty well on the mark. I have a habit of doubting signs – understanding their meaning, but also that I’m really seeing them. I could just be making them up. I’ve deluded myself before. I do know I can’t decide for him whether to jump, but I need to figure out how long I should stand there under the cliff in case he decides to jump. I don’t hang out there all the time, but it’s also hard to tear myself away because I know how much pain he’s in. You say you keep hearing a song. I hear songs too, but I don’t really know what to hear IN them. Or what to glean from the repeating numbers or his name popping up. How can I get some clarification? How do I know my sense that he is teetering on that cliff isn’t just my poetry overtaking my good sense?! Thanks for listening – you have a way of sorting me out. 🙂

    • Nancy, Sometimes healers want to do the healing for the person, but we cannot. We sacrifice our lives if we do. We also hinder rather than help them. They need to use their feet, we do not walk for them – because if we do, we take away what it theirs to do. It would be like if you always tied your kid’s shoes – and so they never learn to tie them – you can teach how to make bunny ears, but they have to be listening, willing to learn and listen, and to practice until they get it right. You do not stand under the cliff. You go about your business and if one day you hear,”NANCY (echo, echo) HELP ME” you can go back under the cliff an stick your arms out for a minute.

      Just because you think you were wrong before does not mean you were. You may have seen it perfectly clearly, but the other person said no and decided not to participate. You may be seeing the possibilities, all of the roads, but they chose a different one than the one you were hoping for.

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