Soul Mate Animation and Clearing Your Field

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A Reader asked, how do you clear someone from your field?

Let’s begin by saying, if you feel the need to clear them, then you are in the presence of a soul mate.  They have triggered you, probably by mirroring back to you something that you lack and that wants to be integrated into your system.  By triggering you to take your power back in the area of your life where they have zinged you!

What is a soul mate?  A soul mate is someone who comes into your life via divine design and often synchronicity to be a change agent in your life.  A soul mate wakes you up to your power.

How do you recognize a soul mate?  There is animation – good or bad – you feel the activation of something within you that wants to move somewhere.

Some of the biggest pains in our ass are our soul mates.

Our soul mates are our best friends and lovers, whether here for a moment and gone or in our lives for decades.

They can come in like a hit and go, but if we do not integrate what they came here to help us see, we get stuck and then we suffer.

If someone feels like they “stay with you” in the mind, or in the heart, like they are connected, but you feel compelled to get rid of them or get back into their life, it is because you have failed to do your work.

Your work is to come to an understanding of why you met them – what within you needs to become fulfilled or to become empty?

They show you where you are stuck or where you have failed to become who and what you are supposed to become.

The best thing to do in the presence of a soul mate is to become a blank slate and let them be exactly who they are.

This is why I tell the Virgo “you do you” -and he answers “always.” This is a soul mate.

Soul mates come along to help us see exactly who the hell we are, and exactly who we are becoming.

If you project on to them, you lose – you will never get it.

If you try to identify the relationship by typing it or caging it or naming it – you lose.

If you try to tell the relationship how long it should last, out of a need to cling on, you lose.

Just let the damn thing be what it is meant to be.

Relax, get curious, and show up to it as a blank slate…and see what it wants to become.  It is there for a specific reason, and if you will allow it to be whatever it actually is instead of what you want it to be, you will see.

You will see with clear eyes, and you will grow as a result.

That is what soul mates are here to do – you help each other grow.

It may be in a positive way or a negative way but it is never neutral!

You Are Children Together

Everyone should go out right now and get the old book Sunshines: The Astrology Of Being Happy by Michael Lutin.

It’s astrology that focuses on the Nodes and when you look at yours and your soul mate’s you will see where you intersect and where you have work to do together to fulfill your soul’s mission.

There is a section in the book called Going Deeper – The Paths To Happiness, subtitled “where your Obsessions tend to make your life go south and how your innate powers can help you find your True North.”

I have recently stood in the room with two men and wanted to scream in frustration.  Animation?  You bet.

With the Virgo I am on repeat saying,”You are just the most difficult man” and with the bar stool guy, I want to shake him out of negativity back into joy.

With the Virgo, he is always on my mind, and I worry, whereas with the bar stool guy I can take him or leave him, the energy is calm.

The difference is that the Virgo and I share a node, and the node is about, you guessed it, Sex.  We came into this world needing to work the same exact thing out ( and no, it does not mean that we need to have sex).

The bar stool guy on the other hand is working on Marriage.  He frustrates me because I have already experienced this and I understand this fully (and not just because I have been married forever, that is not what it means – it is about certain dynamics between people).  With bar stool guy, I want to impart a Lesson…so he can live a happier life.

So one is animated because we want to be together to work something out, to share a mutual experience and learn our individual lessons – that is our soul work together.  The other is a need to be together to share knowledge.

One will make me crazy if I do not get in relation to this person to work it out – and every time he runs away I worry that we will never fulfill our soul mission, and at the same time I know soul missions usually do not get aborted.  But if I do not “clear my field” he will make me crazy while I am waiting.

Outsiders who do not have these soul lessons will look at the two of you trying to be in relationship to each other and have a good laugh.  It usually looks like you are acting like children…or worse, teenagers.

Don’t worry, those smartasses who judge your animated dynamics are working on their own crap that you have answers to already, so if you ever feel embarrassed telling your friend the dumb way you and your soul mate are acting, and they sigh at you and tell you to grow up or how you are acting like an idiot, you can just say,”Hey, shut up, I am doing my soul work here!” and silently laugh at them when you see them doing the same damn thing in some other area of their life.  We all have our stuff.

How To Clear Your Field While You Are Waiting To Get In Relation To Someone To Do Your Soul Work

First, identify if you are done with your work but just have not integrated it into your system yet, or if you are just in a holding pattern waiting to play out the drama that is your soul’s work with your soul mate.

Usually there are phases and you cannot move along until you learn the first lesson in a series of lessons.

Pay very close attention to your body and what it is trying to tell you.  You will “feel it” somewhere in your system.

Listen to the funny little thoughts that pop into your head…these are messages from your guidance team.  Mine usually come in the form of a song.

Those of you who are of a certain age will remember the Violent Femmes and “Kiss Off.”  Yup, that’s the song that my team sent me and they said,”Listen to this as many times as you have to.”

Funny enough, parts of it make me think of someone:

I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record!
Oh, yeah? Well, don’t get so distressed
Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed?

And parts of it make me think of someone else, which told me that I was working on some lessons side by side, that both men were teaching me in different ways:

I take one, one, one ’cause you left me
And two, two, two for my family
And three, three, three for my heartache
And four, four, four for my headaches
And five, five, five for my lonely
And six, six, six for my sorrow
And seven, seven for no tomorrow
And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for
But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods
Ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything!!!

Yes I cry over “two for my family” which is lost and gone forever, my chance for my kids to have an intact home.  I laugh over the mounting frustration that gets released at “I forget what eight was for.” I shout and get it all out of my system at “ten for everything, everything, everything!”

But the funny part that I really like about this is that every time I heard “I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record!” it made me raise my finger in the air like an old school marm and literally turn my body in the direction of where that person lives and think of karma.  A second later I released that feeling and let it go and laugh because every time I get far too uptight or entirely too interesting, this man always answers,”Oh yeah?” Something about how he does that relaxes me and allows me to release all the tension and suddenly I am ruefully laughing instead of being spun up in my crap.

So, in order to clear someone from your system, you need to go through the process of understanding what they are here to teach you.  Find your song.  Integrate it into your system…allow it to seep in.  Exercise it out.

If you allow them to, your guidance team will show you exactly what you need to see, through signs and synchronicity.

As soon as you get it, and maybe even throughout the process, you can cut the cords between you (look that up and ask Archangel Michael for help) and say as many times as necessary “you may have that back.”

Take all of the upset, the harsh words and the bad feelings, and depending upon the severity, imagine yourself nicely handing them back their words wrapped in a bundle.  Or…imagine their words or actions snapping back to them on one of those lines that will whack them in the head and knock their asses out – up to you.  Your system will tell you what is necessary to clear it out of your system and hand it back to them.

You will also want to practice accepting back the stuff that they would be telling you that “you may have back.”  You know it’s there!

And one day soon thereafter you will wake up and feel fantastic and know that you have cleared yourself of their energy and reclaimed your own.

Just as it should be.

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  1. Julie- what about someone that you feel you would never, ever in a million years want to be rid of? He’s been around literally forever – literally – and I would be bereft if he were cleared out? That no matter how much he makes me fume or scream or cry, I would never ever want him to clear out? What about that? Is that insane?

    • Hi Nancy, that is exactly my point! You want to Welcome in the person in a balanced way so that you may relate fairly. You want to succeed in your soul mission together and just interrelate in an appropriate, kind and loving way. It is nearly impossible to do that when you are spun up in your emotions like you listed. So when you clear them you do not release them or get rid of them from your life. That is not the point. The point is that you bring yourself into balance. Does that make sense?

      • So, by “clearing” you mean “clarifying” or “making clear”? And how quite do I do that? I know he’s bringing me a lesson and that I’m bringing him an even bigger one but I’m not precisely clear on exactly what the lessons are. What might I do to clarify? I tend to make too much out of signs and synchronicities as a habit, so how can I clarify THOSE??!!! Lol.

        • Oh boy Nancy I see I’m going to have to write another blog post 🙂 you probably are not making too much of the signs and synchronicity. They are probably coming to you because you are not understanding what you need to understand in the situation. The only thing I can tell you is that I work on it through thinking, feeling, listening to music, talking to friends, talking to my guides, pacing my deck for hours, and walking through the ocean for miles and miles… I work on it until I get it. It takes a lot of time and energy. Most people probably would not devote their lives to learning their lessons but I do. If you feel like you just don’t get it then it might be good to bounce it off of someone like an intuitive friend or a therapist. What you don’t want to do is stay stuck. I promise if you ask your team for guidance and do your work you should get closer or at least the next step or one insight. If you have tried and failed and you have been at it for a long time then I would try getting help from a third party. You might be amazed how easy it is for them to see it when you cannot.

  2. Thanks so much for this post, Julie. It was very helpful.

    I knew when he and I met that we had a huge lesson together, because the animation/energy alone was enormous, and palpable. Felt great in the beginning but the bigger it is, the harder the lesson. Mine was boundaries – they were blurry. Two people who love each other, with PTSD – oh, the healing to be had! He as career military, me as a civilian. I do mine willfully, him, not so much. There is so much more involved …. soldier archetypes, healer archetype, lover archetype, masculine/feminine energy, and just plain ole connection. I have an intuitive counselor, she’s been great The healing I’ve had has been great The mssing I feel for him has been great Not sure what will be next for us, or me, but the Universe won’t let me down, that much I know.

    I learned of North nodes a few months back – very interesting! I understand they are basically, our soul’s map. I dabble in astrology, but try not to let it lead me by the nose. I like what Robert Ohotto says – “Destiny happens in the unknown of your life” I’ve been doing my best to” see ahead,” using every intuitive tool I know to see where he and I may be headed. That’s me wanting some guarantee. My inner knowing is telling me, “oh, seriously?! that’s so cute. it’s one foot infront of the other”

    Soul mates are for healing, and healing is not always a warm fuzzy. They help us grow, hopefully, in all ways. They refine us, mirror us, and give us the opportunity to keep our hearts open, even when it may be a stretch to do! No small task, but certainly worthwhile. Love heals – ourselves, and the other.

    thanks again!

    • Maureen, My pleasure. That sounds like quite a learning experience! But I guess they all are. It’s tough to be in relation with others when it is very animated. It would be so nice just to be in an interdependent relationship – there is always something to learn, but it’s nice to feel like you are partners acting side by side in support of one another, rather than that you are walking for them.

      I do think it helps to try to “see ahead”, not necessarily to take you out of the present experience, but to give you some coordinates as to the continent you are on 🙂

      I have a really broad range of what I consider a “soul mate”, almost dislike using the term because people misconstrue it as a romantic or sexual thing exclusively.

      I am going to write more on the “how to” since so many have asked. It made me observe myself in process so I could relate it back to you all – not sure that it helps but maybe it will give some ideas or pop a lightbulb above someone’s head.

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