Energetic Signatures and Magic The Mastiff

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Magic As A Puppy

I was blasting music and wiping down my french door window panels when it occurred to me that for the last few weeks I have been cleaning again.  Cleaning on the outside always means clearing way for new people, things and energy.

So much of what we do is unconscious, but the difference is made when you go into the mode of Observer and just watch yourself.

I am sharing a bathroom with my nephew so it needs to be constantly cleaned, and you all know what a waste of time I usually find that to be.  Dirty it, clean it, here comes a dog to rub up against it two seconds later.  I long for the days of the maid service.

So my bathroom…I never notice that I have a deck off the bathroom and I rarely use it.  There used to be a hot tub that came with the house, but eventually it stopped getting hot and someone came and took it away.  That is the only thing we ever used the deck for, except throwing bread to the ducks.

If you stand out there on a sunny day, the sun moves through the clear roof panels and casts a warm glow.  If the mosquitos are asleep, it’s a pleasant place to stand and watch the wildlife go by.

While I was cleaning, I found myself suddenly cleaning the french door windows on the inside and out.  When I went out, it was almost like stepping back in time.  It had clearly been years since anyone bothered to clean the outside of the cobwebs and pollen from the woods I live in.  It just fell into disuse.

I had the thought as I was wiping away the years, that I was welcoming in new energy to replace the old that ceases to exist anymore.  No more toddlers or husbands around here.

Magic The Mastiff

I took my baby girl American Mastiff to the vet last weekend.  This is always entertaining because I cannot get her in and out of the car on my own.  Someone has to hoist her in, and then completely pick her up to bring her down.  My nephew did it at this end, and a friendly man with a two-pound dog did it for me at the other end, joking that his dog would be a snack for mine.

Magic looked at me and her expression said,”As if!  Dogs are not snacks!”

Magic was weighed right off the bat and that’s when everyone in the room, me, the vet and the vet tech knew it would be over soon.  She dropped from 165 pounds to 145 in January to 111 in July.

The red 111 just sat there on the scale screen while Magic panted and looked at us with the smiling, perky face dogs have when they are not ready to die yet.

I am truly going to miss her when she goes.  That is going to be one heck of a big grave I will have to dig.  We have every one of our cats buried here, even the one that was already buried at the old house.

Some pets are more like people than others.  Some are your constant companions but they just have basic dog energy – others are like you are losing a relative.  She is one of those.  Look at her when she sits on the couch, just like a human.


At night when I pace the deck out back, Lily my tabby cat walks along the railing alongside me.  She jumps on the tree to scale up to the roof, and then shimmies back down the tree again.  She is always with me, and I joke that if I were a Witch she would be my Familiar.

No comments on the similarity between me and a witch, please.

Everyone Has A Unique Energetic Signature

There was someone else with me on my nightly walks along the deck.  I first saw him over Fourth of July weekend, in my kitchen.  I forget what I was thinking about, but suddenly there he was, with an answer.  I could feel his energy as big as day.  When I looked up, in my mind’s eye, it was a huge energy floating above me.  It looked the same as one of his photos, just the head.

It came and went a few times since, but whenever it is here it reminds me that my friend here on earth is also with me, quite closely, in spirit form.  I would say it is his Higher Self, aka Soul.  I think it may have something to do with the soul contract that we have, and he was trying to tell me to hang in there until the human gets traction.

In the interim, I recently met someone else who feels like a long-lost friend.  You know the kind, where you may be speaking for the first time but it feels like you are picking up where you left off.  Magical thinking sometimes does call in your interdependent matches.

I’ve been a bit discouraged by the aggravation factor in dating.  There are the children, work, ex-wives…and sometimes current wives and girlfriends…and it’s like you not only have to be a detective but you need endless patience for the constant postponements, cancellations, persistence from ones you don’t like, lack of interest from ones you might like, and rudeness overall.  They show up uninvited, text late at night when they do know better, ask you out the day before, admit to things they should have told you far earlier on in the process…and just are generally difficult.

Everyone laughs when I say I called on Spirit to choose my boyfriends, but honestly?  It works.

It is very easy to know when I am about to make a big mistake, because if I have ignored the red flags, the date gets cancelled.  It is pretty easy for me to tell when it is an excuse and when it is genuine.  I am not perfectly in tune with this, but pretty close.

There is universal consciousness, self consciousness, and the collective unconscious to draw from.  That is the basis of the tarot also.  Someone asked me recently how I read for others, did I use Tarot cards, and it forced me to explain my process and what I hope to gift them with – the ability to access their own intuition and read for themselves rather than relying on me or anyone else to do it for them.

When dating, people ask me how long I have been divorced for, and what the circumstances were.  Those are reasonable questions, but what they really want to know is,”Are you healed yet?” and that has little or nothing to do with timing or circumstances.

One joked about avoiding the Caribbean which was cute but a little bit ridiculous.  I wouldn’t generally want to avoid my last husband…he has my kids!  And I like him a lot.  We get along.  Now better than ever, really. One man asked me, well if it wasn’t the husband I didn’t get along with, then it must have been his family?  Again, no.  Everyone more or less gets along fine.

Energetic signatures are so unique.  If I hadn’t felt that giant head floating above me, I would still have known whose soul it was, because of the energetic feel…which is distinctive from person to person.

Some people just make me feel good, like no matter what subject we discuss, I feel good when I hang up.  There is never a loss of energy nor a burst of energy coming in, it just feels good.

Other people (most of them) deplete me, and I have to ask them to reign back in the questioning or pull back their energy some, and it can be hard to use common words to describe what I need them to do.

Every once in a while one comes along that buoys me, and that is the case with the man whose energy came to see me.  Some people are simply energetic matches.

Some people will not tell you a damn thing about themselves and others are begging me to read them.  Most are somewhere in between or have no idea I do this work at all.

One man asked me how I decided in favor of him, and I said I read his photo to see if he was trustworthy.  I did – just zoomed in very close to see his face, stared at it for about 30 seconds, listened to what it had to say to me, and then I had my answer.

I didn’t ask it anything else.  There is always energetic consent given, or I would not have received a response.

One asked me if I can feel it when someone is pulling on my energy, thinking of me.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no – but it is endlessly interesting, isn’t it?


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  1. Catriona says:

    Always interesting!! Thank you Julie 🙂 Love to you!

  2. Love this. As someone on the cusp of virgo (leo virgo cusp- AKA i’m a ‘LEGO!’ ) I am in the constant clean/maintain mode. I agree it’s a way to process and clear space as well as head space/energy. Windows in particular, yes, it’s a pain to clean the outside windows but it feels like allowing more light in somehow.

    I am reading a book now (A nice little paperback I got at the library book sale) by Kevin Todeschi ‘ Edgar Cayce on Soulmates’. I’ve known about Cayce, his unique method of reading and his remarkable skill helping people with medical conditions that stumped doctors, etc. Todeschi has a Cayce book regarding the Akashic Records too (you mentioned those in recent post). I am sure you’re familiar with Brian Weiss’ work on soul mates but this book is really neat. Some of the examples of couples who went to Cayce for advice are amazing. Many kept in touch with him to keep him apprised, really cool reading material. I like to remind anyone who is going through a weird /difficult time with a partner or ex partner, etc of how none of it is accidental. It puts things in perspective, takes the sting out of the painful things said and done and yes, motivates me to FIX IT NOW on this plane aka act like an adult so we don’t have to do this tapdance again in the next go ’round:))

    God, dating is always hard. As an INFJ I found it damn near impossible. And adding to that modern life/apps/technology aka more ways to cross wires it can get to be a ibt of overload. But you have a good sense of humor about it and am pretty chill which is something to be proud of.

    That pup is adorable. As someone partial to large breed dogs (less high pitched barking:) and more to hug, I smile seeing them lumber around with their owners. Animal companions are the most pure love and they are the kids that never grow up or leave us:)

    • Hi Anony, I will look for that Cayce book on the AR, sounds right up my alley. I love how well my last husband and I are getting along since the divorce, it is so much easier and more fun now. At core we were always best friends, so it is nice to have that space back. Yeah the dating, I have such a sense of humor about it, because it truly is so funny! Humans will do their thing 🙂 And Magic got an excellent report this morning at her follow up visit.

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