What Kind Of Soul Contract Did You Sign?

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When you start from soul, you cannot go wrong.

Those who like you, want you or need you, will find you, but the ones I want nearest to me are those who know what I can do but just say,”That’s cool.  What do you want for dinner?”

If the Akashic Records are documentation of all that has happened, is happening, and could happen…well, some things are just not possible.

But that means others are Written.

And some may just be possibilities.

When soul contracts are written, they are detailed, specific and explicit and exist for sometimes such complex reasons that we might not be able to understand the depth of meaning and purpose even if they existed like a document and we could read them like a chapter in a book.

It’s easy enough to recognize the people with whom you have a contract, isn’t it?  You know immediately that there is something special, but you generally do not know what it is going to become, and why you might become important to each other.

Don’t get excited just because you met a soulmate – you don’t know yet what kind of contract you signed!



I am this kid’s mother.  Do we have a soul contract?  You bet your ass, we do.  Your closest, most detailed soul contract is with your mother.  As we all know, those contracts vary!


That man and I have a contract, even now that we are divorced, as do all of the people in the photo, even though most are now dead.  By count, 6 including the bride and groom are alive and 6 are not.  But we produced two children from four pregnancies, and that was the main purpose of this day.

Proof that soul contracts work and create new ones:


You might also call that biology.

What Kind Of Contract Did You Sign?

It makes me wonder about the soul contracts we sign.  How much happens by design, and how much by happenstance?  By free will?

When you start with someone, you just don’t know what it could become, do you?  People walk right into your life and you frankly have no idea they are even going to be important players in your story.



They find you when it’s time, and often long before.  It’s as if there is a set-up phase, and your spirit guides say,”Now!” and bring you both together, often in the most unlikely of ways.

Many a time friends and I have reflected upon how long ago we met, but also how long it took for us to truly seem to need each other.  But when that moment of need came, it could only happen because we had established trust and a history.  Sometimes it’s months, years, decades even.  When the time came, they knew their role and played it, consciously or not.

At times like that, I marvel at the grand scheme and design.  It is so intricate and thorough.

Always Respect The Truth Over A Lie


I woke up this morning and realized today is the one year anniversary of the day the moon and I went to the Caribbean and found out a huge secret.

I have always found it ironic that this happened the night before Independence Day, because that is what it has been. Liberating.

Sometimes we know something is amiss, but we don’t yet understand the depth and breadth or the impact it will have.  That is because we can bury our heads in the sand when we aren’t ready to face something we at core know we must.

But we always know when something is off.  At least I assume you do.

I have always walked between two worlds so I tend to hear the whispers and feel the chills and know the gut churn of something is wrong here, I just don’t know exactly what it is yet.

I respect the truth over a lie, every time.

I require it, because if you don’t give me truth from the beginning, the entire time I will look at you with my head tilted sideways saying telepathically to you,”Please…just come out with it, already!  Whatever it is, I can take it.  What I cannot take is being near you when I know this is all bullshit on some level.”

Hints drive me crazy.  Do not hint that you know something I don’t.  If you are thinking it, say it.  I want to know.

Otherwise, once you have given me the clue, it will reel around in my system saying something is out there until I know what it is.

That is very distracting and worse, my intuition will go on automatic pilot and start seeking the answer so I can rest easy.

My intuition will start pinging around finding all kinds of other things it didn’t need or want to know, in its search.  I become irritated, because it is wasting time and resources on the unimportant, when you could just as easily have come out with the truth and stopped the whole thing from progressing.

I don’t always need to know much about you to know you.  Meaning, I can feel your system and even if you are not being forthcoming or are in fact lying outright, sometimes my system gives you a pass because it already knows what we are going to do together, and that detail is classified as unimportant.  That may seem to contradict what I said above about lies and truth, but I guess both are true.

Someone asked me about this the other day and I had to shrug my shoulders.  I cannot always explain these things and how they work.

Some relationships are truly written.  I know them when I see them.  I assume that whatever the circumstances are, they must be what they should be or we would not have come together at this time.

Setting Boundaries


What is that, you ask?  It is my wet, freshly laundered clothes on the floor.  Next to the cat box.  Set there for who knows what reason.

This was at the end of a day that I won’t even try to explain to you.  Suffice to say that I had had it already, with Life in general and this particular person specifically.

I had been on the phone with a friend when the call dropped, and the person responsible for the clothes on the floor walked through the door a moment later.

I have not yelled that loudly in years.

Tip of the iceberg, I might have been under a little bit of stress.  Frankly, I don’t need to be doing favors for people who cause me undue stress, and the list of infractions was long. What a soul contract we must have…

Then someone texted me whom I have said no to at least three or four times.  He isn’t pushy, he just keeps coming back and I do not understand why.  Does no not mean no?  As we discussed, I suddenly realized that the laundry argument had to happen because other people in the family were trying to solve that problem for me, and I had to address it directly myself.  Same thing with the guy…I had to truly end it for all time, no possibility of returning under the guise of friendship or anything else…he wanted what he wanted and there was no way I was ever going to give it to him.

Knocking one out for me standing in my own energy and drawing the line in the sand, I guess.

Who knows why we want one person to be in our lives, but not the next?  It is about the contracts, and sometimes you just do not have one that extends beyond what you’ve already experienced together.

Sometimes you really do.


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  1. Mary Stephenson says:

    Hi Julie

    What do I learn from a long term contract that causes me stress with wonderful times and good friendship? I see that I had 2 opportunities to escape at the beginning and when the tables turned I was told to go back and hang on. It is like you get in over your head and then they say okay, now you have to see it through for however long that will be. Were we bound by circumstances that will always require us to stay. There is comfort in the familiar and there was things that I would draw the line, but they were never crossed. I am sure there is something else I am supposed to learn or they are supposed to learn.

    Sounds like you are seeing how this all works out and taking a firm stand. Glad you are in control.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Hi Mary, I guess I would dig into the details of the stress part. There is “staying” and then there is “existing in the same room politely”…so how much energy you give to the relationship may be important. Lines not being crossed is good, but clearly there is more to the pattern. You can message me privately if you would like to discuss further.

  2. Great post :). I’ve given up trying to understand certain aspects of my own contracts with others, especially when there’ll be a whole day here & there of nothing but reminders, one after another. I agree with you about our mothers being the most detailed contract of all, and also about setting boundaries which is terribly tough for me, but I’m doing it damnit 🙋.
    You’re so wise for being able to shed light on life’s situations that are, at times,
    thrown at us (er…uh…HURLED at us) and being able to get through it. Day by day, right?!?!?! Much love and many blessings 😇

    p.s. I turn the big 5-0 tomorrow 😥😥😥

  3. I usually know intuitively when someone is going to be important, but as you say, not how it will play out. And what kind of contractual obligations do we have to mothers-in-law, because that’s a hot mess I’d like to break away from! I met her long before I met my husband, but I didn’t know she was his mom until I was committed. Not that I’d have changed my mind, but . . . I know I’m hardly unique in this one! Guess I’m not finished with this particular challenge yet. But seriously, how many times does one need to fight the same battle with the same kind of person? I cut the others out of my life. This either needs to happen again, or I’m tasked with finding a better solution.

    • Brie, It sounds like you need to come to terms with that MIL of yours. I did try with mine, but she would never let it die. Cutting cords can be really helpful, as an energetic exercise to release them to their own path and not tie you up (energetically speaking, of course!).

      As to how many times you need to fight the same battle with the same kind of person…well, sadly the answer is always, until you resolve the pattern. Can you try to think of it archetypally, and determine what roles you are playing with each other?

  4. Thank you! and yes, the same one. I understand most of my other soul contracts so far, but not so much on that one particular “one”. More than once I’ve thought I understood it, but when “things” come around again… baffling really. Oh well, someday I guess it will be revealed………….one thing’s for sure though…we’ve had many previous “dances”. Oy…it hurts my brain lol. 😫

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