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Straight Into The Unknown

girl worth havingI woke up this morning feeling that fresh crisp air of a new school year starting – when the summer blues are over and you are sitting in the classroom again with your sharpened pencil.

Reality is that it is one million degrees here in Florida and in the dead heat of an overwhelming humidity and I have long since graduated from school. Astrologically, Mercury must have just changed signs because my sharp mind woke up.

Perhaps it is clearing the field of the men that did it…opens up lots of room up here.

You know how I go through life Paying Attention To Things.  What comes and goes, the trends, what keeps popping up in my face over and over again.

In the last half a day two people popped up who needed readings.  I haven’t done readings in an age!

My ability to focus and concentrate on them with a laser precision simply came back online.  It has been years.

It Is Not About The Endgame

I love when I run into sites where they ask want to reach your goal weight?  Find your dream job?  The perfect spouse?  Let me be your coach!…and then they actually take their client to do the real work, just like I would.  They know their people are those who are in the mindset of The End Game…and mine are not.

If you are here to teach people, you can take a thousand routes to get to the same place.  It is actually pretty crafty, and not necessarily out of congruence.  You can do your work in the world in a million different ways.

I would suggest that you stay present to what is slapping you in the face.  Don’t think I’m Blocked, or Something Is Stopping Me…just get still and silent and listen.  Maybe do that walk on the beach or in the woods or whatever is available to you that allows you to clear the mind so the heart can come in for healing.

It is the idea, the misconception, that you cannot solve your problems, that there is such a thing as a Block in the first place, that throws you off.  There ultimately are no Blocks.

Automatic Intuition Or, How To Break Free

People keep coming into my life who are Blocked.  That is their perception, or the way I see them – they just cannot get out of their own way.

When I originally came into actively working with my psychic gifts consciously, I did it through Slade Roberson’s course, Automatic Intuition.  Something made me grab the course book this morning, as I am working this afternoon with a man who is trying to become a professional intuitive but has scared himself into actually being Blocked because he thinks he is.  It is that old friend, Anxiety.

Slade wrote, in order to do professional level readings, one of the required components is:

COURAGE — Combined with a touch of audacity, a total leap of faith, and a healthy amount of vulnerability. The normal, everyday courage required to simply open your mouth and communicate what you see, hear, and feel.

I have always felt that it is better to go straight to the Unknown rather than hang around with something you have outgrown.

I was snapping at people the other day, saying I felt constricted and stuck in my old life…that I knew I should feel grateful for my home, but it was part of my old life, not my new one, and what the hell was I still doing here anyway??  I knew as I said it that I am grateful for the security of this place, yet chomping at the bit to Move On Already.  It will happen when it is time, and today I do not feel that way about it at all…but that day, I did.

If you feel oppressed, you are wrong.  Your day to break free will come…it might be today or three years from now but if you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster – get off.

You Don’t Get To Hide Around Me

If there are no friends and no enemies, just Teachers then you really have to thank every person who has ever come into your life to make you wonder about yourself.  Every single one who made you think.

We are all here to give each other breakthroughs…the perception of overcoming our nonexistent blocks.

If they feel like they are stopping us, then they are.  It’s not real, but we make it real.

A boundary does not tell someone else how to behave.  A boundary tells them how I will behave if they cross my boundary.

That is not a threat, it is just a technical thing.

I keep drawing in folks who need someone to mirror back to them what they are doing to harm themselves.

But you don’t get to hide around me.

Some of the men are what I would call (excuse me) pussies.  They look like strong men, they would like to believe that they are the ones in control, and that may be the game that we play.

But when the rubber meets the road and they have to be in relation to me, even in my messy parts where I do not know what the hell I am doing yet, ultimately they give themselves away and they are forced to look at themselves in the mirror.

I bet it is not fun.  It is not fun on my side either.

That is the work we came together to do though.

I will break your balls until you are against the wall.  Then I will show you that the wall has a door, turn the crystal doorknob for you, and you go stumbling through to the other side.

It is not intentional, but I do it every time.  Something in me, usually completely unconscious, knows what work you came to do with me, and no matter what it looks like on the outside, on the inside you are being brought to your blocks and your work.

We Are All Heartstoppingly Brave

Energetically I have amazing courage.  I can be terrified but you will still never stop me from just doing it.  That is what I am here to do.  Rising up from my ashes like a phoenix?  Oh…that sounds traumatic, but…okay.  Shedding my skin like a snake?  Oh…again?  Okay.  The caterpillar into a butterfly?  Yup, it feels pretty dark in here, but it would be nice to see the light of day again.

At the end of the day it is courage alone.  I always had it, though many looking in from the outside would laugh at the suggestion.  It gelled for me consciously when I started doing intuitive readings for other people.

After the first few practice readings, I got feedback, and instantly I started to see that I was always going to be fine and deliver messages people needed, because it had nothing whatsoever to do with me – it all came from spirit.

I had to draw on my life experience – and that meant I needed more difficult life experiences, I suppose, so I could understand what I was looking at when it was presented to me for others.  That might just be the path of the wounded healer, I don’t know.

But do not come to me whining about being psychically blocked, about needing to be home in case your girlfriend calls, or whatever.

Do not lie to me about why you are here.  We heal together, that is what we do.  And if I have to put on my suit of armor to battle with you first before you finally give in and look at your stuff, that is what I will do.

I will sigh the entire time, but I will still do it.

Sometimes I read articles about there being no such thing as a Life Purpose.  This is silliness.  Yes it is true that you are here just for the experience of being present.  But if you want to accomplish things while you are here, and most of us do, you have to be open to The Mystery…to see things through human eyes AND soul eyes.  There is no right or wrong about these things…there is your perception in the moment.

In a blink of an eye, sometimes it all changes.  Were you wrong a moment ago, before you had the realization?  And right, now?  I don’t know…does it matter? I think if you get through the “blocks”, if you strap on your courage and walk your walk while you are talking your talk, that is what you are here to do…that is the best you can do.

There are no blocks, just illusions.