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Calling In Your Energetic Matches In Divine Timing


We don’t dream of what is entirely out of our wheelhouse.  If we long for it, it is at minimum certainly a call in the right direction.

My mother once sent me a note that said:

What I want, wants me, and we are being drawn to each other on the checkerboard of Life, even now.

Right afterward, I met my husband.

When the quality of people or experiences that come into your life suddenly change, or are remarkably different than what you typically draw in, you can be sure that you have morphed into an energetic match for it.

We will strive to become what our soul came  here to do.  You might call it just “being fully myself” but your Self is going to expand over time.  It will grow into what it is supposed to become.  You are going to need other, different people to help you.

angry people

Your inner circle should be full of people who lift you up and vice-versa.  As we grow and bump up against others who ping us around, we will find that our soul mates are called in with divine and perfect timing.

I Called You In

I was trying to explain “calling you in” to a new friend who does not speak Intuition, without sounding completely crazy.  I said, it’s like sending up the Bat Signal.  You are the Gotham City Police Department and you’re trying to scare the bad guys whilst calling in Batman.  If I am a regular citizen, I will see it, but there is nothing I can do about it.  If I am Batman, I see it and respond.  Energetic Match.

The Man List

My intuitive counselor made me make The Man List a while back.  I felt ridiculous doing it, but it’s kind of like putting in your order with the Universe to establish what type of connections you want to call in.  You have to be thorough.  She told me to make sure that I put everything that was truly important on the list, because if you leave an important element out like say, heterosexual, you may meet someone who has every quality you are looking for but doesn’t do you a damn bit of good in the romance department.

Going back 30 years after my first divorce, if you’d asked me what I wanted in a man I would have told you I wasn’t going to be picky about what he looked like as long as he wasn’t bald.

So naturally I met and married a bald man.

This time around I followed directions and wrote a completely thorough list, and while there isn’t one thing on it that references appearance other than “healthy and preferably tall” there are a few things that are non-negotiables in my mind.

I’m not ready, emotionally or otherwise, to completely move on.  I’d describe it more like a practice phase where I meet different people and see how it goes.  I am learning a lot in the process, mostly about myself.

The Practice Phase

Whip smart.  A tease. Laughs at me and with me.  Tall. My age. From the same area where I grew up.

That’s what I just called in.

I saw him and recognized him, energetically speaking.  There is healing work to be done here.

We both are in transition phases, although he may not see it that way.  They “feel” the same to me.

I think I actually met him about a year or two ago, but we were like ships passing in the night – no recognition.

Out of a field of contenders, I just kept pushing them aside (with no lack of impatience and sighing, I’ll tell you) and out of the way, saying not you, or you or you…until I saw this one.

I’m not sure how to describe it except that I read him and knew that there was a charge behind it.  He was not consciously putting anything out there.  In fact, he was lying to himself a bit, in the sense that he knew what he wanted but he did not believe it was possible to get it.

So in my “hey, over here” I-know-fate-when-I-see-it style I said yes you can, and I am going to give it to you. Andhe didn’t believe me.

So it is going to take a while but in the meantime I am having fun getting to know him. One day he will wake up and realize he just got all his needs met and I will try not to gloat about it too much.

I believe that mainly because I am observing the way in which he is gradually opening up and responding to me, even though there are huge parts of me that he doesn’t understand and would have a tendency to reject on the basis of his current way of looking at things.  Or that is how it seems to me.  I can wave my arms at him all day long and if he doesn’t want to do the healing work, he wouldn’t.  I am guessing he is ready.

It’s kind of like being set up on a date by your spirit guides, instead of a friend.  I believe a lot of set-ups by friends are really guided by spirit anyway, but this felt very much like he and I both sent up our prayers at around the same time and they were a yin/yang energetic match, so our guides made sure we were in the same place at the same time and kept making us run into each other often enough that we saw what was going on.

We both had to agree, and for a while there I wasn’t so sure about him doing that, but so far he is and so am I.

When someone or something is really Not For You, there will just be no animation around it.  When it feels energized, it’s like a confirmation.

There are other people who are waving their arms at me, and though I am not feeling as drawn to them at this exact moment, I’m not rejecting them either.  Maybe they can see or feel what I can’t.