Someone To Dance With, Following The Thread

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There are a least one million funny stories from this week that I wish I could share with you, but I find my hands are tied and my mouth has duct tape across it.

What can I share?

Let’s start with circles, dreams, and visits in the shower.


In a relationship, you can imagine two circles.  If the relationship is balanced, they should be about the same size.

In an imbalanced, dysfunctional relationship, one circle can be very large while the other is necessarily quite tiny.  Think of a codependency, where one offers their energy up to the other circle, and all of the energy to the person in the tiny circle gets funneled through the person in the larger circle.

What happens when the codependent cycle gets broken and the tiny circle begins to grow up and out?

The large circle has to shrink.  There is finite energy.  What impacts one impacts the other.

The person in the bigger circle gets very uncomfortable when they begin to sense the growth of that tiny circle.  It means they have to adjust and begin to come into rightsize. Said another way, they have to meet their other in a new way.

That is an adjustment.

Some people will be able to offer love and support differently when they see they have no choice.  Some will not.

It’s a negotiation.

Dreams and Threads

Remember how I told you I was up pacing the deck for half the night, most nights?  Insomnia went on a short vacation this week and I had a few nights where I slept like the dead.   It felt like I was processing and releasing a lot of emotions and history in my sleep.

Then there were the nights when I received a download of information that I actually need.

I was shown the information as a series of threads.  Imagine an angel or spirit guide holding out their hands to you, and in each hand is one or more threads.  Each thread is a different color: yellow, green, red.

I have a few friends who often come into my dreams.  Some have been coming in and out for years, others are more recent.  Usually when I connect with someone new, I will have a dream that feels a lot like a visitation dream but may not exactly be that.  They may not actually be present energetically.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is really going on.

The idea is that the person feels as real to me as if they were standing in front of me. It’s that vivid.

The angel  said, “This thread is the Secret Keeper.” He pulled out a red thread.  “This yellow thread is the Story Teller.”

He went on to pull out a green thread and a violet thread and a few others.

He showed me how the threads intersected and which ones didn’t.  He showed me the threads intertwining, some having a shared time at the beginning of the thread, some in the middle, and some at the end.  Each thread represented a person that I knew or was going to know.  Some threads joined at the beginning, went off to join with other threads, but ultimately came back together.

“You see this thread?  This one is the most important. This is your fate.”

I asked how that could be my fate?  It didn’t make sense to me.

“Have you not noticed?  Have you not seen?”

I said I hadn’t.

“We will show you.”

He gestured to a group of guides and they showed me images of my life and the people in it.  They showed me where free will played a role and they warned me away from making certain decisions.

“If you agree to this, here is how it changes the threads.”

I’d see an image of what I would be missing, and what I would gain.

“You believe you were fated for this thread, but you see how it disappears and ends here.  This you know, yes?”

I agreed, I knew.

“But ah – this thread, you didn’t see it there?”

I said I hadn’t.

“This thread has been there all along.  This thread is Love.”

Being me, I had to argue for a while.  I said that thread already had two knots in it.  I didn’t want a thread with knots!  Where was my free-flowing thread, that was available and knot free?

“There isn’t one,” he smiled at me.

But why not? I wanted to know.

“Love has knots sometimes.  Allow them to loosen and disperse.”

Spirit Visits In The Shower

I was pretty miffed at that dream but it reminded me of what had happened one night while I was in the shower getting ready to go out for the evening.

I had a funny feeling all day that it was going to be cancelled.

Suddenly two spirits appeared by my Lush shower gel collection. Don’t ask me why, but spirit just loves to turn up and start chatting in the bathroom.

The spirits let me know that they were the aunt and grandmother of someone I was going to meet while I was out that night.  They had come to ask me who I was.  To check me out.  To vet me.

So I explained who I was and asked them why they were visiting, exactly?  Why did they need to know who I was?

They showed me that there was a lot of female energy protecting a man. I was going to meet him, and they just wanted to see for themselves if I was acceptable.

Then they had a little argument amongst themselves, over who was the short one.  One insisted she was tall.  I didn’t get it for a moment until I realized that I had been thinking, if I meet this person and give them a reading, how I would explain who these women were who had been visiting me.  I had been thinking they were both short, kind of stout and fluffy women, but one wanted me to know I was wrong.  She stood up and showed me that she was tall, and wanted me to know it was important that I make a point of it.

So I asked them if I had passed inspection, and they sort of sniffed and said yes.

Not The End Of The Right Thread?

I did in fact meet the man and the women were right there in the background, nodding their heads and poofing away when I looked at them.

I don’t honestly know if the dream was real.  I do know that this man was not any of the threads I was shown.

I knew in my gut I was not so sure about him as a person.  Did I even like him?  I had an image of what knowing him would be like, and it felt like it would be easy and secure, warm and fulfilling, but it wasn’t happy.  At least not in the joy sense of happy.  It was fun but sort of pedestrian, and I am not so sure that’s what I want.

On the other hand, I am not going to base my future on a dream.  But I will keep it in mind.

In the dream I had various threads to follow.  Some were returning players.  Some were new.  Some were surprises – very much so.

I saw a lot of other people’s futures when I was shown my interaction with the threads.  Is it true?  Is it real?  Should I tell them, or would that be unfair interference?  Is it any different from being given intuitive insight when I am awake?

How do you know which thread to pull?  And when?  In what order?

If they are all possibilities which are meant to find fulfillment, what happens if you choose one first which is meant to be last?  Can that even happen?

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  1. Are you dating again? that’s awesome. And maybe spirits like bathrooms b.c i read water makes it easier for them to communicate/a conductor etc . That or they’re perverts.

    • Hi Anony, LOL at the perverts 🙂 I am pretty sure that’s not it! They don’t care about nakedness like we do, it’s more like,”OK, got you, you have nowhere to run unless you want to have shampoo in your hair all day.” Or at least that’s what it seems like to me 🙂

      The divorce issue has been going on for a long time, I just couldn’t write about it. Not really dating just yet. Would like to actually be divorced before I go down that road and can actually mean it.

  2. The thread with the two knots….wow. Spirit never, ever ceases to amaze me.
    Lindsay recently posted..Do not blog about the goodMy Profile

    • Hi Lindsay, I know, it’s weird! I didn’t know exactly what to make of the knots, all I knew was I wanted a clean thread lol 🙂 It reminded me of your post on the Invisible Red Thread.

  3. Mary Stephenson says:

    Hi Julie

    Sorry to hear about your marriage ending. Although when you had wrote that he was staying longer than what you agreed on I was sure if you didn’t move there it would take a huge strain on the marriage. It is always sad when things don’t work out. Marriage is hard work and being miles apart just is too big a strain for 99% of relationships.
    I wish you happiness, at least now you can get on with the rest of your life. My heart feels for you.


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