Crossroads, Energy Bodies, Soul Contracts and Misdirection of Energy

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Did you ever get an intuitive hit but not know what that thing was, exactly?

That’s what happened when I wrote The Blue Moon Tells All.  I knew something of major import was going to happen on the second blue moon of July 31, but since I didn’t find out what that thing was until about 10 days later, it didn’t hit me with its full impact until then.

Sometimes our funny nigglings let us know, just like all last spring I was seeing 555 or 5:55 everywhere I went.  To me, that means some huge change was coming, and at least on the face of it, it was not going to be pleasant.  Turns out, the 555 was right, because the wheels were set in motion around then, and culminated in events on July 31, but all I was sitting with was a really bad feeling.

Songs kept playing in my head while I slept, available in memory when I awoke.  The lyrics had some of the answers to my questions.

Have you ever asked a question and asked to find the answer in the next song that comes on the radio?

One day it was an old Gerry Rafferty song, Get It Right Next Time.  Like Linus yelling out,”That’s it!”  I knew I had my message:  If you get it wrong, you’ll get it right next time.

My intuitive friends had other parts and pieces.  One told me exactly what was happening, and her version of why.  Others were echoing each other.  I’d go from one conversation to the next and people would keep telling me the exact same thing in almost identical ways.

So I knew, but I wasn’t sure.  I kept thinking that nothing was adding up quite right.  It turned out that’s because I wasn’t fully listening to what wasn’t being said.

Do You Really Need To Know Why?

Many of us are mental creatures. We want answers to the why.

The problem is that human beings often don’t understand why.  Oh sure, they think they know.  They have their reasons, as best as they can figure them out.

If you can look through dispassionate, one step removed, intuitive eyes, and you are very, very good, you can look at the Soul Contract explanation, which does not generally jive well with the human explanation.

I think it’s funny how you can talk to a straight up psychologist, a religious figure, and an intuitive counselor and though they come to the same exact conclusion, the way they get there is wildly different.  That’s something to consider if you ever need more than a friend to talk to.

How do you receive advise or counsel?  You can talk to me about past lives, soul contracts, and forks in the road that are destined, and I will receive it better than if you just present it to me like a psychologist would.  I like specifics.  I like explanations.  I like to be shown the thread of a soul contract.

How Do You Handle Your Fate?

If we were fated to have something happen at a particular juncture, does it make it any easier?  Or is bad news just bad news, and we have to learn to adjust either way?

We all stand at crossroads.  It doesn’t happen just once, they appear throughout our lifetimes.

When crossroads come, you never know if they are hugely impactful or smaller bumps.  The best you can do is follow your intuition.

But what if your intuition tells you a lie?  What if you are sure about something, take the action, and find in the end that it leads you to exactly where you did not want to go, but were perhaps fated to end up?  Does that make your intuition wrong?

Do we maybe get led to our highest good in spite of ourselves?

Some say we end up where we are supposed to be – eventually – no matter the detours we may wander, or if we get lost in the forest for a time.

I can see the set up for some life circumstances go way, way back.  There are people who have helped me who I have known for over twenty years, but had lost touch with.  The second I was in trouble, they popped back into my life with their own life experience to share that really mirrored my own.

There are other people who I’ve known for maybe a few years, who turned out to be the rock solid hand holders in a time of crisis.  They also just stepped right up to the plate, deepening the relationship just when I needed them most.  Those are the people who you say,”I wouldn’t have made it through this without you.  Thank goodness we met!”

Does It Matter If We Know Each Other “In Real Life?”

I’d argue that whether we are internet friends or have met in person, the relationships are equally valid.  Perhaps more so, in some cases, because going from typing to each other to talking on the phone to video conferencing shows more effort and commitment than we have to make with those who are in our local sphere.  You have to really like each other and connect to keep something going with someone who is not right in front of your face.

I love to meet my internet friends in person because that adds so much depth to the friendship.  There are cues you just can’t pick up on unless you spend that kind of time together.

Likewise, when we haven’t seen a friend in a really long time, it can be easy to pick up where we left off, whether it’s in person or via phone or text.  We already “know” them, from having been in their presence previously.  We can pick up on subtle cues, like tone of voice or speech, to let us know when something is genuine, or off, or how they are feeling in general.

When people are apart for a long time who have a lot of work to do together, it can take a while to reconnect and really begin to re-establish great communication.

Energy Bodies, Soul Contracts

There is no more maddening feeling than having something absolutely rotten happen and being told that it was in your soul contract with that person to have them push your buttons that way.  For your greater good.  Because they promised to.  Ugh.

I’ve noticed many people who have the worst things happen to them, and they seem to roll with it just fine.

Others look good from the outside but you can feel their inner turmoil, and if you ask them they will tell you they are none too happy but are living with it.

Then there are those of us who like to live in our lovely heads, and if you ask us to drop down into our bodies and the emotional zone, we say,”Who, me?  I can’t sit with my emotions!  Are you crazy?!”

Finally, there is the class who Shut It Down and bury it deep, never taking it out to look at again.

How good are you at just being with your emotions?  It’s easy when the emotions are positive, like joy.  Well, some people reject that too, because they are always waiting for the other shoe to drop!  But let’s assume that the feelings are uncomfortable, upsetting, or really challenging.

Some of us are excellent at putting our emotions in compartments and dealing with things one at a time, without too much consideration for the other factors at play.  Others of us see all of the moving parts and try to form an answer or a conclusion based on all factors at once.

Lack of communication can occur when we have one type trying to communicate with the other.  The compartmentalizers tend to be quick with answers, but leave the generalists awash in unanswered questions.

The generalists want to understand every factor that went into the decision making process, and want to know,”But what about this?  What about that?”  The compartmentalizers just want a quick decision, an answer.

Misdirection of Energy

Have you ever had a feeling come over you strongly and wondered,”Where did this come from?  I was fine a second ago and now I’m a nervous wreck (or whatever) for no known reason?”

It turns out I could identify where I was picking that up, and it did not belong to me.  Sometimes we unconsciously engage energetically with other people, and if they are feeling badly you can pick it up from them, like the common cold, even if they are half way across the world.

If that happens then there are ways you can get conscious about it and take your energy back.  It helps them and it helps you.

I found out a lot about my energy body and how it was being impacted by my choices and by others’ energy.  Who knew that you can misdirect your energy and loan it out to others, albeit unconsciously?  If you are concerned with someone, and you feel like “part of me is with them” then energetically, it may actually be.  When they feel and experience emotions, your connection can send that feeling right back to you, and there you are wondering where it came from.

In the end, we are all responsible for our own energy, and having all of us in one place at the same time seems like the smart way to go, don’t you think?

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this post you wrote, and actually the notification popped into my email right when I was looking at a picture I took at my son’s show (he’s a musician) a couple of nights ago of something on the floor of the stage that we cannot (as of yet) figure out if there is anything that could have made a reflection like what is in the picture. It’s possible that it’s not who/what my son and I both think it is, I just need to ask someone who is familiar with what lighting could affect on a picture before I say it out loud.
    Yes on the song lyrics, A LOT. Also, the crossroads part… that’s where I’m at right now as well… in several ways, one in particular being my job. And yes, on the “Have you ever had a feeling come over you strongly and wondered,”Where did this come from? I was fine a second ago and now I’m a nervous wreck (or whatever) for no known reason?” And yes on another particular part almost at the end of your post, but I’m understanding a lot more about that these days :). I agree, it’s flippin’ TOUGH to know things that have happened have been for my highest good, but have been able to see the “why” part now, but it’s still tough, and a lot of the things still hurt like hell.
    p.s. I’m glad you’re my internet friend, and thankful you share your blog publicly because as I’ve told you many times…I always learn something or get confirmation through your writings. 🙂

    • Yay, Lorin! Glad to be your internet friend, too 🙂 Send me the photo if you figure it out (either way). I’d love to learn more about energy exchanges and how it works in general. I think that may be my next mission. I’m told that I move energy naturally and that it’s part of my main expression this lifetime, but I need to become conscious of it so I understand what is going on. Hey, always good to have more interesting things to learn, right?

  2. re: picking up the energy of other people that is why I am a huge believer in ‘shielding’ when i am out and about (esp. when i am around large groups of people).

    • Hi Anony, I generally don’t shield because I don’t like to look at it like that (repelling yuck). I usually do simply work on my own energy. It’s probably splitting hairs to call it a difference between the two, really. Large groups can be tough, if I forget to prepare before I go out I feel it right away.

  3. Sounds like a compassionate connection, or a healing contract. Because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, right? Actually you could be the one initiating the cord or hook. Plus there’s the mingling of energy bodies (and subsequent un-mingling thereof) that’s unavoidable in a relationship. The line between you and them gets muddled.
    Michael recently posted..Turtles, Turtles, Turtles!My Profile

    • Hi Michael, Yes I was the initiator (unknowingly) in an attempt to (1) help and (2) protect myself. As I disentangle, it’s getting interesting for sure. I guess it never occurred to me that when you aren’t in someone’s direct presence you could still be influencing each other like that, but hadn’t stopped to think about cords etc. With that in mind, I suppose it all makes sense. I have a lot to learn yet about how energy works.

  4. Well, I don’t know if I believe in soul contracts. Sometimes I just believe in Crappenstance, but when the crappen happens, you know I’ll always be there for you.

    Btw, I suffer from skirtophobia. That’s why I wear pants with everything. 😉
    The Painted Universe recently posted..The Curse of the CupcakeMy Profile

    • Oh Jennifer Flint, you will go straight to heaven for your patience with me, I just know it. Not that there’s a heaven, per se, or that you weren’t going there anyway, but… Actually all of my friends really, really wish they didn’t know me these last many weeks. Next time you should all just duct tape my mouth shut and read my mind. Because you all can 🙂

  5. Just now getting to read comments (my daughter’s first day back to school today & I’m still not finished getting stuff together for tomorrow lol)… I’ll email it right after this, and I haven’t asked anyone yet about the stage lights, but I aim to :). I learned the hard way about energy exchanges, just didn’t realize what was happening many, many times…and I still don’t know as much as I’d like to, but yeah! always interesting learning new stuff. I’d like to learn about what you were saying about moving energy around too, and now I’m gonna have to go look it up, cuz I’m not sure what it means. So many interesting things to read & learn, but never enough hours in my days! Maybe in two years when my daughter graduates I’ll have time! Pic coming up in a few… 🙂

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