The Blue Moon Tells All

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In July there have been two full moons, one on July 1st and one tonight on the 31st, which makes it a Blue Moon (two full moons in a month).  Right in the middle was a New Moon on the 15th.

Normally I wouldn’t think too much of it, but this time I did, because I noticed it following me.

I was driving to Miami International Airport very early one morning, on my way to see my family in the Caribbean, and the moon was enormous in the sky.  It was so big that it seemed to take up all of my view out the car window to the right.

As the sun rose, it stayed visible.  I joked to myself that the moon was seeing me safely to the airport.

Usually I sleep through the night when I am reunited with my husband.  Maybe it is having company, or maybe it’s because he doesn’t snore anymore.  But this visit I was stressed, and my daily companion Insomnia had me awake for hours at a time in the middle of the night.

I’d get out of bed and feel my way around the villa, touching the walls until I could find the door that led to the staircase.  The staircase has a very sharp turn and we are always tripping on it or falling down a few steps.  So in the dark, I’d climb the steps and let myself out on the balcony where I would pace and think until I lulled myself back to sleep.

There was the moon again, this time with rings of colors around it.  That’s usually how it appears in the Caribbean.

The clouds move so quickly there that the moon would seem like it was whooshing in and out of vision every few seconds.  Illuminating and then dark.

Once back home, I was speaking with my old pal J on the phone, pacing the porch you see in the photo above.  My house is a L shape, which by the way is very bad feng shui and you should consider never buying a funny shaped house.  Our last house was a U.  We also got married on a Friday the 13th at the turn of the century under a Full Moon.  So you can see we are weird people who seem to want to take our chances, which generally has not worked out very well.

So the porch runs in the L shape along the entire length of the house.  I type from the covered area you cannot see.  The porch is very soft in some spots because the wood has decided it has had enough, and on one of his recent visits, my husband fell right through the top step and hit the ground.  But the handyman bought the wood, left it here, and never came back to replace the step, so as I pace I often am glad I’ve been losing weight lately because the pacing in the dark seems iffy.

J was talking about something in the relationship arena, as he is often wont to do, when I was pacing and noticed that the moon was a show stopper.  I tried to look through the trees to see it, and it felt as if everything was illuminated.  It was the kind of nearly full, glowing moon that makes you wish you had crystals because now would be an awesome night to cleanse them under the glow.

Then I noticed what had been seeking my attention.  The moon was circled in colors, as if there was a rainbow around it.

I feel like this has been a showstopper of a month.  I’d received some pretty bad sounding news just a few days after the first full moon, and I came back home a few days after the new moon.  I am wondering what tonight’s full moon might bring.

I’ve noticed a lot of attention being placed upon the past, to heal and clear it of affecting us inappropriately in the present.  Past Lives have come up again and again.  People have shown up, either by design or completely unexpectedly, as if they were all arranged by God or the Universe to point us in the right direction for healing.  In the past week or two, one person after another has been echoing the person before.

I had more than one person (three, in fact) direct me to a twenty year old journal that was hiding in a closet.

When I opened it, I read about things that I would have sworn never happened, had you asked me today.

The funny part is, they were a replica of what is happening in my life today.

They showed me a pattern.

If there is nothing good about a pattern, might be a good idea to clear that up.

Then my ex-husband showed up, and it reminded me that he and I also shared that pattern.

I went to my “international mastermind” group, and the leader and I were the only two there.  The universe is wonderful at arranging the exact right members to show up.  She did an exercise with me that showed me where that pattern had started.  One of my aunts (in spirit) showed right up and took me to her house, where I could identify easily that the wrong thought forms had begun, and that allowed me to immediately make the connection to the present.

I had an intuitive session done and as we were discussing some of what was causing me grief in the now, what was up for release, she pointed me to my forgotten journals and she said a few specific words.  When I read the journal, I discovered that there were actual people who came into my life and used those words 18 years ago.  Those exact words.

It is rare to have things move so quickly, but then again, at the intuitive session I was told that my guide team was shoving me along very quickly now.  I had to push hard, and process, but without overdoing it and creating a healing crisis.

I don’t know what I am pushing toward, but I do know that when everything falls away, there is an opportunity for expansion.  As there are endings, there is the promise of rising up again from the ashes like a Phoenix.  There is also the chance to reframe and heal what has gone on before, so it can re-emerge to the next level of the upward spiral, maybe with new life breathed into it, or for it to carry on in a brand new way.

The leader of the group pointed out to me that when we acknowledge and heal our patterns and bring our past into the light, we then no longer need to have others mirror that pattern back to us and play a role.  Maybe they will fall away too, or maybe the role changes.  Maybe then we can move forward together.  It is hard to say.

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  1. I’ve been getting shoved hard as well so I know that feeling and, like you, trust the process (and my Guide team who have been such wonderful allies along the way). Clearly, Julie, there is big work for you to be going through these major shifts so you come (quickly) out the other end.

    You know you always have my ear if you need it.
    Lisa recently posted..What’s underneath the YOU you show the world?My Profile

  2. A “cosmic dance”, if you will, in life and love. (Me too, with the patterns).

  3. Wait. Just. A. Minute. You don’t have crystals to charge under the full moon? What kind of a woo chick are you? I will send some pronto if you like. 🙂
    The Painted Universe recently posted..Face TimeMy Profile


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