Standing Together?

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Something controlled my hand when I awoke on Friday morning and turned on the news.

I usually actively avoid listening to trumped up horror stories (aka The News, which has been Opinion for so long it’s discouraging), but on this day I heard about a head on a stick followed by terror attacks on a beach in Africa where some people were just trying to dip their toes in a pool or the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach in Tunisia just happened to be where one of my friends was, joined by his mother, on a tour of Africa that he’s taking for the rest of the year as part of his nearly complete mission of visiting every country in the world.

I say he’s a friend, but actually just like many of us these days, he’s a friend I’ve never met.  I ran into him because he’d visited and liked my father-in-law’s hotel in the Caribbean where my husband lives and my kids are visiting for the summer, and they had posted his review.

I doubt anyone will be storming the beach in the Caribbean with firearms hidden in their umbrella, but I can imagine it as well as I can imagine it happening in Tunisia.

There were three terror attacks making news yesterday morning but no one on my Facebook newsfeed was talking about that.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was posting rainbow flags across their photos, mocking Justice Scalia, and saying how wonderful it was that SCOTUS had made gay marriage legal.  No one much mentioned the decision the day before which made States into states, regarding healthcare, unless it was to poke fun at Scalia’s dissent.

The week after the Charleston church murders, I had already been walking on eggshells with my black friends who posted a lot about racism and how whites cannot be part of or understand racism because skin color cannot be hidden, amongst other reasons to exclude me from the discussion.

Prior to that it was comparisons between transgender changes, with or without the accompanying metamorphosis from one gender to another, to a lady who was white passing as black.

It is quite enough, already.

Everyone had stopped hearing anyone who has a differing viewpoint from their own, or who they think is a Republican or  a Christian.  They have shut their ears.

I know this because I started many discussions with people by saying,”I agree with the outcome but I am terrified of the methods and means to get to it.”  What will happen to the Constitution?  What happened to separation of power?  Since when is the POTUS a monarch?  When did the Supreme Court  become the Legislative Branch?

No one heard me.

They all started arguing with me over the healthcare law or gay marriage rights.

I’d say,”I don’t have a problem with the result.  If we are going to have a crap version of a healthcare law that is an attempt to get everyone care, it might as well be equal regardless of the state you live in.”

I’d get an argument back in support of single-payer systems, or diatribes that went on in a straight 20 minute dialogue about how I am unfair because I don’t think everyone has a right to not go bankrupt because they get sick.


Did you hear a single word I said?

I’d say,”I support the right of any adult to marry any other adult legally in this country.  Now everyone who wants it will have the opportunity to get a divorce and join in the hetero fun.” Joking, a little, because at this point I am battered and beaten up.

What I’d get back is an article on Politico stating that gay marriages are better than straight marriages.


Same day.

I’d be smiling over the cute photos everywhere of gay people kissing at their weddings while I was hearing.”Just because you are a conservative Republican and don’t want people to have equal rights with you…”

I may not be black but I am by birth a Jew.  My whole childhood I heard about how no one could tell by looking at me because I was blonde haired and blue eyed.  I always thought my Russian Jew nose was a dead giveaway but I digress.

I am not Jewish, though certainly I have Jewish blood running through my veins.  I am not a Republican, though I certainly like fewer laws forcing me specifically to live my life in a prescribed way.  Labeling can be a nasty business, because it says you and I are not alike.  It says that it’s not good enough that we’re both human.

Humanity is at stake.

If you are a person who has ever said “we are all one”, I want you to take a very hard, close look at your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth in the coming days.

Is it a coincidence that huge news over human rights regarding marriage came out, and the President treated us to Amazing Grace at a funeral, on the same day as all of the terrorist carnage around the world was happening and we mainly seemed to ignore it?

I wondered why I kept seeing more and more people being surrounded by their relatives who have passed on.  In particular I’ve seen a lot of Holocaust victims and survivors who subsequently died, around the living.

So oft repeated that to you it may seem trite,  it is a Truth:



Celebrate your victories, but watch how they are won, lest it deplete your rights in the future.

Who are you fighting?  Is it your Democrat or Republican friend?  Or is it someone who is standing on the beach gunning you down for trying to get a tan?  Okay, that’s not their reason for gunning you down, but you were just minding your own business, existing yesterday while today you’re over the rainbow bridge.

If you are arguing politics with your friend, you probably have no idea how close Democrats and Republicans are ideologically in this country, compared to others in the world.  So close, they are like matches in the same matchbook.

If you ask and you listen, you will see that mainly everyone wants the same thing, but they would go about it in different ways.  Usually differences are about economics, when you boil it down.  HOW we pay for it, WHO administers it.  How much control an individual has over it, or not.

These are all privileges of living in this country but it is certainly not the same worldwide.  We are so insulated I wonder some days if anyone remembers that.

Usually I avoid politics like the plague especially on social media where it is generally for fun and silliness, like sharing cat photos and vacation pictures and uplifting messages, not a news source or a forum for political debate.  There is a reason why technology has brought us together as a global family, so let us remember and hold sacred our humanity.

Most of the people who I follow for their intuitive blogs or astrology reports have an extreme political point of view which is the diametric opposite of mine, so I take the best of them and leave the rest.  I invite you to do the same here.

Regardless of your point of view and what you are willing and unwilling to do, just look around you and listen with open ears if you haven’t been doing much of that lately.

Peace out.

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  1. Amen sistah! I got beat up last week for saying I was happy that the Confederate flag is being yanked (no pun intended) from state governments. I’m going back to my usual postings. Maybe I’ll bake a cake and post a photo of it on Fb;) that and officially hoisting the Jolly Roger. Sigh. Yay you. I get it. Only rainbow I posted was a real one. Wishing I was a divorce attorney right now knowing I would have more clients soon. God bless us everyone. Tiny Tim. No more politics for me.

  2. Mary Stephenson says:

    Hi Julie

    I agree with you on all counts. It amazes me how some people think that how they think is the correct way for everyone to live. We are so blessed to live in a country where we have the liberty to have an opinion that differs from others and are allowed to voice it. So many in the free countries just take if for granted. When others cry racist do they really think that everyone that is not the same color (or shall I just say it … white) that we put ourselves above them? When I was growing up I had a couple of friends and they looked a lot like the Indians in the area and I always thought they were. Many years later I found out they were from Hawaii. Can’t be racist if you can’t tell one group from another! People need to get off their ego trip and accept that not everyone feels the way they think they do. I was bullied as a child and abused, yes I know how it hurts to be disrespected. I don’t see your color, religion or political belief, I see the person and if you act like a jerk, my respect for you goes down.


  3. Frances says:

    It’s actually sad to me that the Supreme court had to get involved in something that shouldn’t even be an issue to begin with; ALL STATES SHOULD ALLOW SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, IMO.

    I really believe that the SC got involved so that everyone can seriously shut up about about it and everyone can move on. Plus, who the hell wants one state pro gay marriage and others don’t? How is THAT going to help at all?

    This isn’t the first time the SC has gotten involved in making laws. Roe v Wade? Civil Rights Acts? Loving v Virginia? I mean, they do get involved….and thankfully so in the examples I mentioned.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. 🙂

    • Frances, The fact is that the Civil Rights era was only a short time ago and not everyone will be on board with equality in the way you feel it should be a given. Thankfully we are each entitled to our beliefs and opinions in the United States and hopefully we respect each other enough to stand up for everyone having the right to discuss it freely.

  4. I’ve always thought that adults should be able to marry whoever they want… and I don’t watch the news anymore, really don’t watch TV at all anymore besides the occasional documentary, Ancient Aliens on the History channel, or the weather channel…. because it just makes me more depressed and unable to focus on the things I need to focus on. I used to listen to some political stuff, and a radio show, but found myself angry all the time sooooo…. no more for me. Trying to focus on creativity, loving my kids, and just kinda staying to myself. Besides that, working a full-time job for a big corporation is enough “politics” for me ….UGH! (smh….sometimes it makes me wanna throw up…. I can’t wait to be outta there!).

    I hope you are doing well, I enjoyed reading your post (& the last one too). 😀

    • Lorin, Agreed, I’ve never cared about the particulars except to get upset when someone couldn’t help with healthcare decisions because they weren’t technically a spouse. It always seemed obvious to me that they were de-facto the spouse. But I guess (hope) that no one will have to face those sort of problems anymore, at least here. Office politics are not fun if that is not your game, but you are plenty strong enough to let that wash over you and focus on what is truly important! My best wishes for you to be able to move on down the road asap 🙂

  5. Definitely not my game, I hate it! And thank you so very much, and my best wishes to you as well! <3

  6. “If you ask and you listen, you will see that mainly everyone wants the same thing, but they would go about it in different ways. ” This is how I view politics basically (with a few strongly held opinions on a few issues). And for sure, the differences between our political parties are nothing compared to what’s going on in some other countries. I think that because our country is so big, it’s very easy for a person to never have travelled outside of it. And there are a number of people who might never leave the state (especially if it’s a large one) they were born in to experience any other sort of life. After travelling the globe for work, I saw enough to be very glad for so many things I experience on a daily basis: my country is not at war. If I’m hurt there is excellent healthcare. I have dependable electricity and clean water (except a few times during winter storms) and no brown outs (like I experienced in the Philippeans) to deal with. I have a good food supply that is dependable. My child gets a free public education. When I get to the gas station, they have gas. I can vote. The airport is not surrounded by armed guards (what a shocker when I landed in Tel Aviv several years ago) and I could go on.

    I actually haven’t watched news in several days and found out about the Supreme Court ruling on Facebook. I have at least 3 gay family members, so it’s a big deal for them.

  7. Thanks for having the cajones to put this in writing and post it. I was happy for people who now can legally marry (didn’t join in the rainbow FB profile pics because it was too cheesy/LOOK AT ME! bandwagon at that point anyway) but really….disturbed it seemed no one was talking about the ghastly attacks in Tunisia. And yes, I think Obama seems to be playing a role/stirring the pot with his Amazing Grace , etc etc and wonder now why that is.

    Spot on about Repubs/Demos being like matches in a matchbook. God, both sides are equally strident and ‘na na NA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!’ when communicating.

    I wholeheartedly agree about the self imposed moratorium on watching the ‘News’ (yes, capitalized it. A beast unto itself!) as it’s like that movie ‘Wag the Dog’ to me. Artfully crafted to stir hysteria, often biased and oh yes – very upsetting, so very disturbing as a result it’s really not *good* for me to follow it at this point. Great post

    • I don’t do bandwagon either, mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever been quite that excited about anything to say “me, too…and everyone must know it” 😉

  8. Wait, did you really ‘PEACE OUT?!” YOU DID. AHAHAHA. That’s our snappy go to ‘conversation done’ phrase in our home.

  9. Yes! Thank you, so well said!! I tend to avoid watching news because of the hysteria mongering that amounts to “watch this hand so you don’t know what the other hand is doing” and keep my politics to myself because I just don’t want to constantly have to deal with people arguing about why their part is correct. Agreed with Susan above! I’m very concerned about how everything is playing out and the general populace is oblivious to the bigger picture and ramifications.
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