Summer Readings Are Here!

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Finally, summer readings are here!

This is your chance to speak with me live and get your questions answered.

Because summer is short, we don’t have a lot of time.  This may require some stealth moves on your part.  Please read closely.

There are two ways I communicate with Spirit to get answers to your questions.

One is to go into meditation and meet with your spiritual team (spirit guides, angels, mentors, passed friends and relatives, and interesting characters of other varieties who may put in an appearance).  I inquire about what you have asked, and gather information on what they want to tell you.

The other is to jump on the phone with you, listen to your story, and have the intuitive information flow to me so I can give you live and instant feedback.

The experiences are quite different, even though the players are the same.

You choose which kind of experience you’d like to have.  I asked you a while back what you needed, and everyone weighed in with SO many different needs that I decided to give you a full range of choices.

If you are in the US (or if you want to stretch it, Canada) we can speak on the phone.  You have two choices, 20 minutes or 45 minutes.  In 45 minutes we can cover pretty much everything you ever wanted to ask.  In 20 minutes we can cover one or two major questions.

Email readings are available for everyone else worldwide (and for introverts everywhere!)

The reason I cannot offer phone readings worldwide is not because I don’t have a good international plan or know how to Skype and WhatsApp 🙂  It’s because the phone lines get crackly, calls get dropped and accents get in the way to throw off my intuitive flow.  It’s easier for me to speak to spirit guides than it is to deal with human communication barriers.

People value what they pay for (in one way or another) and I value my time, too.  Readings are offered from $175 to $50.  I am just as happy to do a quick email reading as I am to hop on the phone with you for a long chat, so choose whichever option jumps out at you.

Here is the “read closely” part:

After booking your reading through PayPal, you must send me an email to: contact (at) and include

  1. A recent photo of you (and anyone else you’re asking about). You can take a selfie. This is not a beauty contest, it’s an energy read.
  2. For email readings, your questions!
  3. For phone readings, it is up to you if you want to send me a note in advance with your questions and concerns.  If you do it will give me a chance to focus the reading in advance.  Completely up to you.
  4. For phone readings, I will email you to set up at time for our call.  I am on EASTERN time.  Calls will generally be evenings and weekends.

Summer Readings! I am really looking forward to connecting with you all!

Summer Readings

Other Things I Do That You may Want (or want to know)

I do mediumship readings, to connect with your loved ones who have passed over.  Please write to me at contact (at) if you would like to arrange this reading (email only).

My strong suit is intuitive development counseling.  If you are a budding intuitive or a professional level intuitive who is hitting roadblocks, we can jump on the phone and get you straightened out, an action plan, and next steps.  You may want to read the Psychic Sparks page for more information on intuitive development counseling.  To book a session, send me an email.

The Psychic Sparks Professional Level Intuitive Development Course  is open for up to three students this summer.

Yes I will be doing some free readings because I know there are a couple of you out there who need intuitive help because you are having a time of it and the last thing you need is to spend your last dollar on anything but food and shelter.  If you are one of these folks and are a regular commenter here at A Clear Sign (in other words, I know you), please send me an email.

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  1. I’m on it!

  2. D'Arci Redditt says:


    Thank you for this opportunity!
    You’ll be hearing from me:)


  3. I’m happy that you decided to give some readings this summer, Julie! I know it takes a lot of your time and energy to do it and that means a lot. It is much appreciated. Everything–and I mean everything–in your last reading for me was spot on, but for quite some time since then I’ve had trouble getting clarity and insight on my own on a couple of issues dealing with time, energy, and finances. I sincerely hope I can get a reading set up with you while the opportunity is here. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Julie!

    Awesome post indeed, you have provided your best in this article. This is my first visit here. I came to know about you via Adrienne’s blog.

    Awesome post for summer. It has really made my day.

    Thank you! Have a nice day!

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