Ghosts, Money, Readings and Summer Plans

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Summers are usually slow in the blogosphere as everyone is busy with vacations and family, so it seems the ideal time to do some intuitive work again with the boys off to the Caribbean for the summer.  I haven’t decided yet on the when or the what, other than re-opening Psychic Sparks for a few people who wanted to do it but missed out.  I may do some readings or open some phone chats for intuitive guidance as well.  It is always so fun to talk with you and I’d like to make it a summer of connection, keeping it light and fun, useful and clear, and put in the time where it will do the most good.  Thankfully, Spirit is perfect at sending the right people to me at the right time!

If you’ve been wanting to talk, send me a note and tell me what is on your mind.

Since I stopped doing formal readings here I have mainly had people show up left and right in my daily life who I get messages for.   This week was no exception.

I felt compelled to ask someone to lunch to talk about her starting a blog, but it turned out that Spirit had something else in mind.  She is very psychic but only gets “bad news” in, so she feels scared and rejects it.  This gave me a chance to speak with her about how she could address that and turn a problem into a blessing.  All from the question,”What made you start your blog?”  As we sat in the restaurant I could feel the energy of generations of family being around her, like in a big semi-circle.  She acknowledged that she did sense family around her.

It’s been a funny week of getting ready for endings and continuing on in new ways.

The handyman came and tiled half the room.  He said he’d come back during the week but he never did, of course.  I did get the Lowe’s bill but I am afraid to open it.  I feel like I’ve been spending money like a drunken sailor on getting the kids ready to go to the Caribbean with their Dad for the summer plus their plane tickets.  It’s amazing how fast thousands of dollars go!

We had some electrical issues this week, so minor that I didn’t really notice them since I was binge watching Mad Men.  I had never seen it, and since they just had the series finale I thought it could be a good way to get my mind off of my troubles.  The kids came to get me, convinced we had a ghost in the house because the lights were flickering on and off.  They actually remembered the time that we did have a ghost turning the lights on and off in their room, years ago.  The difference being, the whole house usually means storms and electrical, whereas just one fixture generally means ghosts.

They are old enough now to understand “energy”, and that “ghosts” are not scary entities most of the time, they are walk-throughs or old family members.  We made the comparison of people they knew coming back to say hello, and how that would not feel scary.

My 10 year old has outgrown kids sizes so we made a trip to the Men’s Warehouse to get him some khakis cut down.  I was standing in the fitting room area waiting for my kid to get his pants on, chatting with the tailors as young men were being rolled out looking perfect in suits.

I asked them if guys came in with nothing and asked to be outfitted for weddings and such?  They told me they’d have men come in at 5:30 saying they needed to be out the door by 6:00 with everything including the shoes and socks and they accomplished this kind of thing on the regular.

I told them they could make a mint if they figured out how to do this for women – in and out quickly, looking perfect.  I had the impression they hear this from women all day long.

Still, it was impressive how professional they were, and how they made everything look easy.

Men look great in suits, no matter who they are.  My task was to make my little guys, 7 and almost 11, presentable.

We made haircut appointments.  We had to go through every single pair of Cudas at West Marine to find the right size ocean shoes.  We hit up Nordstrom for proper shoes and Land’s End for multiple extra swim suits.

I wanted to be efficient like the staff at Men’s Warehouse so I gave up on the convenience of Amazon because everything started to come in the wrong size and I am not a fan of packing everything up and sending it back.

In the middle of the chaos of making sure they had everything they needed, because once you are there you can’t just “pick up what you forgot,” I think it occurred to us that giving my husband the kids for the summer was not necessarily going to be a simple feat.  Summer is incredibly busy for him because they do projects to prepare for their busy season, which is winter.  He is full up with work.

Then a bit of a bombshell hit.  He told me that he’s been having severe vertigo attacks, sometimes daily, a side effect of the illness we discovered he likely had, last fall.  There is almost nothing you can do medically to treat it – there is no pill to pop to make it all better.  You need to completely change your diet and way of life.  Sometimes that helps to control the symptoms and sometimes it doesn’t.  All you can do is try.

All of this left me feeling quite powerless, because I am not there to help.  I am not there to even know that it is going on.

I am just here racing around like a nut trying to keep the show on the road with my job, the house, and getting the boys ready.  I was trying to get used to the idea that no one would be here this summer but me.  If you have children, and especially if you are their main caretaker, you know that your entire life revolves around them, generally to the exclusion of yourself.  You get so used to having to know where they are at all times, have a routine, that you can forget who you are or what you would do if left to your own devices.

Honestly I never get to just go out and do anything with friends or on my own, and since it’s been about 11 years I’d say I have forgotten how.  There are certainly no friends I see regularly to meet up and hang out, unless it’s to get our kids together.

But the moment I heard how sick my husband has been, it called into question the wisdom of being separated from the family for the summer.  I guess I will see how he does and go from there.  I have complete faith in the family that lives in the Caribbean and I know they will pitch in and help if needed, if they are on-island at the time.

It seems time for a change, but sometimes you have to wait for things to line up just right before that is possible.

Did you ever get the feeling that your best plans were about to be shot to hell?  Or that everything will soon change so much and be so full of surprises that you just need to float, doing what needs to be done as it presents itself, and keeping your eyes open for the change?

I have a feeling this is going to be a very busy summer.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for yet another interesting blog worthy of evoking contemplation on many subjects as Summer begins to unfold.
    I certainly feel as though any & every attempt at making a plan for the past year has been taken down like the Hindenberg.
    I would love some clarity on what I’ve been experiencing if it be permissible to contact you. I am really struggling to remain open & objective & possibly receiving the meaning behind such things.
    Thank you & have a good Memorial Day!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Ah, yes, summer looms and the mysteries of that, just beyond the next month. Sigh. I see you have a lot to deal with. You continue to impress me with how calmly you take things in stride. Is that faith of an absence of other options. Is there a difference?

    Do you notice how you approach summer believing you know what’s going to happen and yet you really only know the bones of it, the appointments/visits penned into your calendar. You (none of us) really know what’s going to happen.

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing readings again. It’s funny; when my children were getting ready to leave the nest, for university, it was healing work I used to channel my mothering energy. Seems you have an early experience of the empty nest ahead of you, that much you do know about the summer of 2015.

    I hope it goes well. I wish you well.

    • Lori, I never know what’s going to happen and wouldn’t presume to certainty. We all know that there is often no warning for the big events, good or bad.

  3. Julie, for ages I’ve been feeling your energy moving like a wave from ocean to shore. You are headed somewhere different from where you’ve been. Well, aren’t we all?! I feel myself moving too but it’s indecipherable because it’s been sooo long and sooo slow. I feel like I can see the bridge but I haven’t reached it yet. You, I feel like you are standing right in front of yours! Have faith, things unfold just how they’re supposed to (I keep telling myself…) 🙂

  4. Clothes shopping is so hard for the kiddos when you have a deadline/specific things to get. That’s why I am slowly doing the back to school shop now (first time ever) . That said, you are so right that it’s near impossible to just grab anything you missed once they get to the island. Not sure how big the island is but we have so many more options on the mainland)

    So we can shoot you a note to be on the summer chat or riff list? Not for a reading mind you but like the first thing that pops into your head for guidance/point you in the right direction sort of thing? I I think the first comment above asked this I am just making sure.

    I have a feeling you will be popping over to the island at some point this summer. Fire up the pina coladas! haca

    • Anony, I am going to offer different things to different people who write in, depending on the nature of their inquiry. Some might be true readings, others might be phone calls, some could be just a quick card pull or discussion with their guide team. That’s what I meant when I said I wanted to keep it light, we’ll just go where the energy flows 🙂

  5. I have no doubt that you’ll have a busy summer, because when are you not busy, really? But you can always call me if you get bored! 🙂
    The Painted Universe recently posted..Face TimeMy Profile

  6. It’s definitely time for a HUGE change and it is coming, I feel it in my bones… I’ve been grieving some losses, not an actual death, but the death of some parts of myself that needed to “die” out in order for me to “live” again….., and finally, finally, finally feel things are lining up (even though I have to patiently wait to see what unfolds), … and finally DON’T feel that one particular someone else’s “stuff” that was there to break me completely open to learn my biggest lesson of all. 🙂

    I hope your summer is happy & relaxing with good changes ahead. Enjoy your “me” time while you have it, and go visit them too, you can do both! 😀

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