Magic Of Place Sun Sand and Sea

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The theory of going to live on a tiny island in the Caribbean and sticking your toes in the sea and sand daily is a good one to many people.  Not all.

Personally I feel a tinge of landlocked claustrophobia when I am living in a state that doesn’t border the Atlantic Ocean, but I did have a tendency to freak out a little when flying over water for a very, very long time only to land on an island.

Fortunately this experience was limited to Hawaii where I once had to go for – believe it or not – work.  The fear of tidal waves.  While living in Los Angeles I felt like the ocean was on the wrong side and everything felt backwards.

Thankfully this problem seemed to have disappeared on its own by the time I had to travel to the Caribbean.

Either that, or the Sargasso Sea is okay with me because it’s still to the East.

My husband and I are both located somewhere on the map above and soon we will be making plans to come together, exchange children, and split apart once again.

We say we co-create our reality and while everything may not be possible, a whole lot is.  Still it can feel at times like we are at the will and whim of others, and that it’s all out of our control.

When those negative moments strike, we can make like the White Queen and make a little magic (probably you should focus on the “for good” aspect of that, because we don’t need to play around too much with the darker aspects).

So I changed the art around a bit, dispensing with the image that has been at A Clear Sign for the last four years and adding a little Caribbean magic in.  The new image is actually the sand and sea my family walked in when we were last there.

What Is Magic Of Place?

While it’s true that “wherever you go, there you are” it is ALSO true that where you live can brighten your days or wear on your soul.

When my friends talk of snow and being stuck in the house under drifts of the white stuff, or enjoying shorts weather for only a month or three out of the year, I just shake my head and am grateful I live in Florida where I can and do walk barefoot outside year round.

Everyone chooses what feels right to them.  This feels right to me compared to say, Canada.  Lately Florida seems like a place I used to live.

A little warmer and more tropical would be excellent.

Have you ever had a longing to be in a specific place?  Not so much the “anywhere but here” feeling of being in the wrong place.  The longing to be somewhere in particular and set down roots.  Staying.

It turns out that there are such places and that you may belong there rather than where you are.

It could be that you are destined to go there.  For a variety of reasons, such as meeting particular people, bringing something needed, opening and closing portals – who knows?

You can do everything within your known power to get there, like look for work or house hunt, but sometimes the timing isn’t quite right.  I have seen people move only to immediately get relocated for work to the same place they just left.  I have heard stories of people who had a particular house and land arrangement in mind, and it turned out to be in a completely different country than they had anticipated, but exactly as they had imagined it.  Some people try for a decade and can’t sell their house, with no known logical or obvious reason.

Some things just move when the timing is right.  If there is a good reason why you need to be where you are, you can get “stuck” there.  If the place you long to be still has inhabitants, you’re not moving until they are scheduled to be out.

Astrologically speaking there are places you actually belong and in some cases are destined to live in.  You may not be looking for them.  Sometimes they come looking for you.

I originally thought I’d live in this house for 14 years – that’s just the number that persistently popped to mind – even though my living arrangements seem to go in 9 year cycles.  But 9 came and went, and we are working on 10 here in June.

Are You Going Somewhere?

Someone asked me the other day,”Are you coming back?” to which I had to answer,”Am I going somewhere?”  They thought I was going away for the summer.  When I asked them where they got that idea, they looked confused and said they didn’t know.

Sometimes other people seem to know things before we do.

Is there somewhere you feel very drawn to?  Have you “always” wanted to visit a particular place?  Is there somewhere you plan to move to – either as soon as possible or someday?

If it turns out I’m going somewhere, I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

But you can write from anywhere.

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  1. Mary Stephenson says:

    Hi Julie

    As always I am drawn to your site. It seems there is a message I need to hear.

    My house is pending sale and I still have no place set up to live. At first I was seeing different places to live and there was always negative things. Then up pops up a house for rent (now) and it seemed as not the right place….but as we look for the positives, it seems like the perfect place. Now I am waiting on everything to fall in place. The waiting is frustrating and all the doubts start to surface. I wonder why we just can’t believe that everything can turn out perfectly. Is it because we have disappointments in life when things don’t go as planned on our schedule, which of course could be not the right one.

    You are right about where one feels the most comfortable and thank goodness we all don’t want to be in the same place or none of us would have any place to call home.

    I feel I am in limbo…not belonging here and not being where I need to be. But I suppose that could be pretty accurate, as 90% of my belongings are already 275 miles north. To think, if all goes smoothly in a month I could be living elsewhere. It is bitter sweet, to end 44 years of living in one place and not knowing what lies ahead…although I am sure it is better.

    Thanks for the insight.


    • Mary, I got a great image of all seven billion of us running for the same place at the same time 🙂 You’re right – not going to fit!

      It does work out perfectly, but not always to our liking. Waiting sucks but there is much to be absorbed in the waiting place, and really what else are we going to do but wait while things are set up for us? I like to think of it that way – spirit behind the scenes, moving things along in a just-right manner, until the time is ripe.

      I know you are going to land in just the right place, at just the right time.

  2. Loving the way life brings it to us, what we need… 🙂 another beautiful offering Julie!
    Robin Hallett recently posted..On Healing Our Religious-IckyMy Profile

  3. Laura Gallagher says:


    Are you making the plunge yet to the Caribbean? Your fairydust will seem farther for me. Yes, we are still here in our big wooden home in PA., with the master bedroom(first floor) that was supposed to be for Jeffs knee replacement, turned into my recovery room from the dogattack last year, to now my daugthters recovery room..yes read on. Funny how just as you want to make a plunge , something in life , …says NO, not now…My daughter triple fractured her ankle on Monday scoring a goal for her soccer team, yes the crowd roared as the goalie literally took her out.I am an around the clock nurse, everyone is kicking in, even my parents ,…its serious and will keep me home a lot more than ever cooking cleaning and nursing.We will be crafting and not athleticizing, if that’s a word with dear Rachel. Her doctors want to give her a website called “”, I wish I could switch places with her! Call you soonXOXOLaura

    • Laura, No moves for me and the kids. Oh, no, I am in disbelief over the little one’s serious injury 🙁 Sell that house, it’s a beacon for illness?! Let’s clear that bedroom! Good gracious. Luke tried to break his nose the other night, but that is no comparison to a triple fracture. I told him he cannot play football, too prone to breaks and accidents. Yes call me xo

  4. I lived on an island for a bit (U.S.V.I) and island fever, let me tell you was very real for me! Coming from a large city added to the culture shock. City chaos oddly was soothing for an introvert like me. It afforded me anonymity. That said, I saw the appeal of the rag tag group community that many had living on a small island. Also? No bookstores. A crappy pop paperback in a store wasn’t cutting it. Sure, you can order online. But I liked the option of brick and mortar stores. And pale skin that burns, so hard ha. It was a nice experience and so worth it.

    I read something from a numerologist some people can have ‘toxic; reactions with us just based on their ‘numbers’ /. Places have numbers, too. Break down the numerology /numbers of the name of a place of a city and we can get the number. Some ‘places’ thus work better with our ‘numbers’. Who knew? Interesting. According to the numerologist (podcast I heard) some cities thus aren’t ‘for us’ or don’t vibe for us. Those places we might just feel stuck or not happy or in our element. Neat- everything has it’s vibration. Even the place we choose to call home

    • If you go to they have a chart which shows you where you will thrive, it’s pretty cool 🙂 Using numerology in the same kind of way makes sense.

      It takes forever (weeks) to get any objects to the island. I think you can pay a ton of money and get things overnighted but truly it is a whole lot of money relative to the cost of the object. I’m thinking it would have to be technology most of the time (Kindle all the way) or a whole lot of waiting and patience. Quite a different way to live compared to complaining about driving 30 to 60 minutes to get what you need (as I usually do) – I imagine after some time on an island I would be more than grateful to make the drive!

      • Thanks for the website recommendation:) We were on St. John (smaller than St. Thomas and therefore cozier:) and we were terrible, we made wisecracks about the hapless tourists pounding shots and wailing Jimmy Buffet (um, when no music was playing sometimes..) News travels fast via ‘the coconut telegraph:” and the cast of locals often were characters and life wasn’t often dull. Storms would knock out the power on a normal basis and also since we had a limited amount of water where we were on the island it wasn’t uncommon to simply run out of water in the shower (hair full of soap? we used gallons of water stashed just for that emergency! ) and head down to the Quiet Mon for a drink and kvetch with neighbors. I think for someone so naturally impatient I learned to slow down a little at least.
        Anyway it sounds like you have some decisions and new things in the works and that is pretty exciting!

  5. Lately Florida seems like a place I used to live.

    Yeah, I get this. I understand it perfectly and yes, you can write from anywhere. The journey doesn’t stop the pen from touching paper now does it.
    Josh recently posted..The Great Bamboozler Of BloggingMy Profile

  6. Well, my house is lovely but the landlords have it up for sale. I’d like to just buy a little RV and tool around the country, I think. I would come to visit you on the island, but I don’t suppose the RV will be amphibious. You never can tell, though. 😛
    The Painted Universe recently posted..ConeheadsMy Profile

  7. Evelina says:

    Ever since I went to Japan at 15 it’s been stuck in my head and heart “it’s where I’m supposed to be”. I’ve went back several times always longing for that feeling of Japanese ground. I have never doubted the fact that I must go back for a longer period of time someday.
    I am now – 5 years and a lot of patience and self growth later – on my way.
    In two months (June 30th)- exactly 5 years after I first sat down my feet on Japanese land – once again stepping of the plane in the land of my heart. This time I will have a whole year to figure out why I ended up there.
    All this makes me smile so good. Everything takes time, yes. When I was 15 I wasn’t ready to discover all the things I am about to discover from here. Late 2014 I found out the thing that had been stopping me from being able to live in Japan was about to change. Soon after that I met someone amazing; I believe a brother from the past or perhaps an old child of mine. He gave me all the materials I needed to find myself. I found spirituality through him and since then I’m (almost) recovered from my eating disorder, I can genuinely call myself happy for the first time in my life, and I am balanced.
    It is now I am ready to head out there, life is amazing!

    Loved this article. Just ended a 1 hour meditation session. Opened my eyes to this. My father invited me to Caribbean but I can’t go because of Japan. Still a very intriguing thought though.
    Will be continuing to check your blog every now and then, looking forward to your future wise words!
    Thank you, bless.


  8. Hi Julie,

    I just want to tell you that I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA, have lived in Sparks Nevada. since 1987. About 5 years ago I had the chance to go to Coco Beach Florida ( which I love, love, loved) for a wedding. And I experience the same thing as you did in regards to the ocean being on the wrong side, it was all so strange. I kept telling the friend I had gone with that the ocean is backwards…LOL

    I love your blog and always find it funny and interesting. Keep up the great work.


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