This Is The Miracle

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I love how the universe always sends us what we need.

Shifts can be pretty subtle at times.  I’ve had some funny things happen lately that show me how that’s true.

The other night I had something go wrong in the house again, the kind of thing my husband would fix.  I went through the “I’m yelling at it” stage but the “acceptance if I can’t do it” phase went fairly quickly.  Then we did “I give up” followed by “let me look the manual up online and remember exactly what my husband said to do” and finally, finally after about an hour, we were in business.  The ten year old high fived me and television reigned in the Barrett household once again.

Then the bulb I replaced went out again this morning (it was an old one with not much life left) and the lovely FedX man brought me the new one I ordered and so we will try again.

Will it turn out that there is something else wrong that is making the bulbs burn out, something I can’t fix?  Maybe.  But it is just as likely that the new one will work, and so we try again.

There is something in The Practice.  The willingness to learn.  The willingness to be defeated but find another way to be okay and accept what is.  Being open to solving it differently.  Allowing yourself to entertain the notion that what you’ve been striving for may not be in your highest potential.  Sometimes the universe says no so you can open up to what’s yes.

The other part is The Perception.  I cannot tell you how many times I have simply turned the situation around in my mind to look at it from another angle, and that alone brings peace.  Usually that is followed up by a validation, whether it is someone else bringing light and love in, or a message from Spirit that pops in to form the connection and allow me to peer in just a bit deeper.

The energy surrounding us and our situations can come in and out like a whoosh.

I’m allowing myself to be more open to what is given, and not stop to consider whether or not it makes logical sense.  That means I’ve had to surround myself by some pretty like-minded people who understand what I mean when I congratulate them for succeeding with A, assuming it really means B is coming, when we’ve all be on the lookout for the desired B for such a long time.  A logical person would see what actually happened and say,”Uh Julie, all we have here is A.”  But it’s not so, whether it comes in claircognizantly from “just knowing” or it comes in through a sudden download where all the puzzle pieces fall into place and we can say I have the answer to the puzzle.  More and more lately I’ve had to say I just know.  The person on the receiving end chooses then to accept, believe, and understand – or not – but lately I’ve been blessed with those who do.

I’ve been asked to soften up.  In some ways, I was already working on that on my own, as intuitive flashes showed me that you get more flies with honey.  But honey does not flow naturally from my lips.  There is a quite a bit of The Sopranos in my philosophy, kind of kill or be killed, be tough or you die because someone is always looking to stomp you like a bug.  I don’t know whether I learned that being raised in New Jersey or if it came in as part of my DNA or energy field, but wherever it comes from it needs to take a rest for now.

I was asked the other day to turn my question back on myself.  If I were seeing a client and they made the statement and asked the question I did, what would I say to them?  I left that to float for a bit in the ether, because I had two thoughts.  One, I have never attempted to counsel anyone the way in which I was being counseled.  Two, I just could not see it.

There is a part of our systems that wants the answer, wants to solve the problem, and sometimes when pushed, we get it.

There are other parts which are on lockdown in an attempt at self protection, and those aren’t willing to be seen right at the moment.  Let’s assume that whatever we are afraid to look at is well hidden for a reason, and it may require some coaxing rather than a jackhammer, but appear it will eventually if we simply ask to see it so we may understand and process it.

I was joking with someone about killing off the problems, smashing them over the head.  But it was just a joke.  Maybe a wish, a desire, that it could be so simple.  It probably is just that simple, but unlike coconuts, we don’t get to the core by smashing the shell.

Delicacy and patience are not my strong suits – yet.   Showing love and kindness or “lovingkindness” to myself does not exist in my fiefdom.  It’s not a shaming place exactly either.  It’s more like warriors live here and they know how to defend the castle, because they’ve been doing it the same way for centuries.

Then the universe showed up and brought me a bunch of people who were vulnerable and allowed me to see it.  What did I do?  What comes naturally, of course, we stormed the castle!  We took prisoners and executed them.  We “solved the problem.”

What really happened is that I solved the problem for them, but rather than help them, it hindered and upset them.

They wanted to be heard AND comforted AND acknowledged AND just given some space to talk, or some combination thereof.

Rushing in to bash the problem over the head and solve it did none of those things.

I know I’ve been given intuitive information to help people.  Along the lines of encouragement, just enough to carry on some days, we get in the facts.  But never for one moment was I able to create space for them to heal.

That’s probably why every time someone tells me I am a healer, I don’t understand it.  They say I have “hot hands,” which always makes me laugh, and lots of capability, and I simply do not see it.  I suspect that the reason I recently went to see such a healer, who is very “soft” in the way that I am “hard”, but who can also see Truth, is to open up to this totally closed area so I can go beyond healing myself to ultimately being of a different kind of help to others.  Just guessing.  I am okay with it however it unfolds, because ultimately I am here to serve and I’ll do it however it is destined.  I do have complete faith that it will unfold exactly as it should.

In the meantime, I am enjoying it when things I am given by spirit to share with you “come true.”  When you call to say things manifested exactly as we discussed it is pretty thrilling.

There is no wrong, it’s all right.  Destined, planned, unfolding exactly as it should.  The big, the small, the strong, the weak, the beautiful and the ugly – it’s all here for us to enjoy.  And funny how what looks strong on the outside can, with a shift of perception, turn out to be weak.  The practice is allowing, noticing, feeling into it, and watching it all float on by.  This is the miracle.

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  1. I love how you see the big lessons in all the life around you. These are things I can relate to so very much as well. And I agree with those who see the many gifts with which you’ve been blessed!

  2. Hey Julie, I hope you’re doing well 🙂
    I haven’t commented lately, but I have read every post and as usual got my message from each of them, as well as this post, so I’m very grateful to you still. 🙂 I haven’t been very social period for the last several months which have been extra hard with things concerning my son & my daughter both (different situations though) as well as myself in dealing with health, job, and the effects emotional stress can have on a body that I won’t get into.
    I am probably the opposite of what you were talking about in the post about being hard and have always wished I didn’t “feel” so much. I was always the one in my family told that I was “too sensitive” and “you shouldn’t feel that way”, etc. therefore shoving things down a lot of the time to hide my true feelings (after no validation growing up & through 2 marriages – you eventually feel like there’s no point in even trying to explain anything). At 48 years old… I’m learning to value my thoughts and feelings without feeling guilty about feeling how I feel (if that makes sense), learning that I’ve had a gift all along even if my family doesn’t understand it, learning that all the crappy stuff that has happened in my life was part of my learning, my journey, and my path to where I need to be (though not there – yet). All of this “learning” at the same time as all the stuff with each of my children (I’ll have to send you an email), stuff at work, the stuff that a broken heart can bring up that you thought you were over from freakin’ childhood, the broken heart itself (which felt like actual physical pain), the search for the “why” of it all, having to be put on high blood pressure medication, and oh joy….the lovely hormonal crap of menopause, and feeling like if just ONE more thing happens that it will be that straw that broke the camel’s back.
    Things are getting better in all of the ways mentioned above, hopefully will continue getting better, and have even seen “him” (also mentioned above/broken heart) and for the most part know the “why” of that whole thing now… many epiphanies and things brought to light. Oh, and reading “The Synchronicity Key” by David Wilcock. What a trip! and if I haven’t mentioned it in the past, the written works of Rudolf Steiner are awesome too.
    Perfect last paragraph in your post (imho) ♥ 🙂

    Take care & many blessings,

    • Hi Lorin, Glad we rescued you from the spam bin! Do send me an email if you’d like. I’m especially interested in hearing about that “him” resolution. I just turned your same age. I am empathic too but some people have that great way of softening a delivery that I completely lack. Would be good to learn that as a new skill for me.

  3. Such big shifts and who would have seen that coming, right? Who sees ANYthing coming, really?

    I love the truth-teller side of you because it’s needed and I know when you hit me with the firehose of truth, I am to listen. Watching you use that amazing skill in a different way will be an adventure of learning for those of us who are witness to this shift. Thank you for letting us in. <3
    Lisa recently posted..What to write about if you’re not a writerMy Profile

    • Lisa, “the firehose of truth”, lol that’s it exactly. I know I’ve had to open up to hearing it when I get blasted, and it has often required a blast to get me to move, but boy wouldn’t it be nicer if I could get the point across perfectly well without the blast part.

  4. Julie,

    Awesome post on learning new ways to show up. Whether the old ways came from heritage, history or make-up matters none. All that matters is the leap into new possibilities. All creatures are transformed by shedding their skins.

    LEAP – Learn to Exploy Alternative Perspectives

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