Just In Case I Get Hit By A Bus

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Whenever I want someone to know something – just in case something happens to me – I use the term “just in case I get hit by a bus.”

The important papers are in a box in this cabinet across from the garage door, so just in case I get hit by a bus and the house catches on fire, grab this box on your way out.

Just in case I get hit by a bus over the weekend, the client needs this no later than Monday.

This week it felt like I got hit by a bus, a truck and a train when I suddenly came down with bronchitis and sinusitis.

I knew I had a fever when I was lying on the couch and actually expected my husband to walk in the door any minute from work (when he is currently living in another country).

I knew I was in trouble when the antibiotic they gave me was proven to cure what I had and also The Plague.  Seriously.

I tried to take off from the day job, and I actually stayed home three days which is unheard of, but yes the office called with emergencies and I ended up working remotely from home in a feverish daze for half that time.

The kids still needed to get to and from school, which is about a 2 1/2 hour endeavor, and it was all I could do to navigate the insane traffic that came to my area with The Honda Classic and just general “season” visitors from up North.

Somehow in the daze of all of this flurry of activity, when I was supposed to be resting but finding it impossible, I was also supposed to be trying to buy a car, which I finally did on Saturday morning in a town an hour away.  Ironically, there were two vehicles in the great state of Florida which matched my specifications, and the dealer an hour away traded with a dealer 15 minutes away to get it.

Why?  Because the lady an hour away made it as easy as it could possibly be for me to buy it, and the guy nearby told me to look around and shop my financing elsewhere and then come back another day.

You would think absolutely everyone in sales knows that you have to listen to the client and meet their needs, but this time around I found that one woman at Honda and one woman at Subaru were totally in synch with me.

They heard:

Husband out of country and wants this done right away

Sick with bronchitis, full time job, two kids

and if they could have driven to my house with the car, keys and held my hand to form my signature on the page from my deathbed, I feel they may have.

The Full Moon Is Still In Effect?

My Dad and I both had bronchitis at the same time.  I needed his help watching the boys at the dealership and to drive my old car home.  It was raining.  So of COURSE the two beautiful children you see above were trying to kill each other in the back seat while he tried to drive my old car home.

I was oblivious to this as I was in my new car (note: not a minivan!), just trying to get it home without having an accident.  Never mind the Canadian drivers (oh my stars!) but as I was making a left turn at the freeway off-ramp, the guy in the lane next to me just drove right into my lane, almost pinned me against the bridge overpass, as he made a left to get back on the freeway going the other way – all the time not noticing (or not caring?) that I was there.  At this point I am thinking maybe I should have taken the Up Sell on the GAP coverage from the car dealer after all.

I didn’t realize anything was wrong with the kids until the little guy came out from my old car screaming and crying and holding his neck.  Then on the way to drop my Dad back at his house, my Dad and I watched while a van trailering a boat careened across the wet road in front of us, immediately followed by another vehicle cutting across two lanes to make a left – from the middle of the road.

The kids were going at it again when suddenly a scream emanated from the backseat which was so earsplitting that my ears rang for over and hour afterward.  It was the type a toddler might have let out when he was using his lungs at full capacity.  But this was coming from the older kid.

I’ll grant you that spending half the day driving and waiting around at a car dealership was not their ideal Saturday morning but usually my kids behave (more or less).  There was something just “wrong” with this day energetically and I just wanted to get home in time for…

A Healing Session?

I got home in time for an intuitive healing session by phone that was scheduled for late afternoon.  I was on the receiving end and was allowing a healer to practice a new modality on me.

About 15 minutes before the call, I started getting a sick feeling in my stomach like angry butterflies were roaming around in there, and the entire top of my back started to get tense and painful.

It’s hard to know how these things may go, but I had a feeling maybe those were signs I was going to hear something I didn’t want to hear?  Or maybe there were some “ghosties in the posties” because I was opening up before the session and sometimes these things start to gravitate toward me, so I called on Archangel Michael to clear out anything that was not of the light and not here at the request of my soul, because making such a request clears a room faster than anything I have ever seen.

The call itself was completely uneventful.  I was asked to prepare a couple of questions and we got stuck on the first one.

This is where the whole “know what the hell you are doing part” comes in.  You have to track it like the sales department at the car dealership, and if you can’t then you have a problem.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a lovely person who is skilled in one area and is trying another completely from scratch.  This is the second time I have volunteered this year to be a guinea pig for someone who is trying to learn a new intuitive skill, and both times I got nothing that I expected.  That’s interesting to me, because I absolutely know that I would not have been chosen from all of the volunteers to be the Subject if it was not meant to happen exactly that way.  Right place, right time, stars align, I offer to help, offer is accepted – it’s a deal.

Both times I may have stacked the cards against the person unwittingly, because I asked about something my guide team has not revealed to me.  But Julie, you say, of course you’re going to ask about something you don’t know about!  It wouldn’t make sense to ask about something you already had the answer to!

Yes – and no. If I am aware that my guide team is not informing me, why would they inform someone else to inform me?  They wouldn’t.  Exactly so.

But still sometimes you DO get a tidbit thrown your way as I did today, and the thing that she did do was to move energy around the situation (something I don’t know how to do, in the way she is expert at) and ask for Clarity for me.  That is extremely useful.

But did I help her in any way, by seeing what it feels like to have someone hand you a situation which is like a ball of yarn, needing to be unraveled, with a ton of players and moving parts?  I honestly don’t know.  I do know that she told me she was not getting what she expected from these practice sessions, and I had to laugh at that since WHEN do we ever get what we expect from Spirit?!  Or in Life?

I kind of wanted to reach through the phone and be me in her body and mind for a few minutes, because I could give me a better reading.  Does that make sense?  I give the kind of readings she is trying to learn to do, or very close anyway, but I can’t read myself!

I did get some shivers as she was repeating the incantation, or prayer, and my Akashic Records were opened.  I tell you, this is some powerful stuff, and you should not allow just anybody to do this sacred work on your behalf.  I knew my team sent her in there, or at least allowed her in, so there has to be Purpose behind BOTH of our experiences today.

So just in case I get hit by a bus, sometimes it really gets brought to your attention what you CAN do better than most, when you get presented with a person who is trying to learn.  Why might you need that reminder?

And if that bus is followed by a truck, notice if that person has a skill you don’t and vice-versa.  In this case, my person was a healer, and if there is one thing I have been hearing for years from all of my intuitive friends, it is that I am a “healer.”  But I never understood what kind of healer?  What does healer even mean?  Am I supposed to run out to the next Reiki I training session so I can figure out what it means when people tell me I have “hot hands”?

Well I surely don’t know, but just like in the story where there was a flood and someone was sent every form of rescue possible and kept holding out for God to come save him, God will come back and try and try again through humans before finally shouting at you,”WHAT DID YOU WANT?  I SENT A BOAT, A HELICOPTER, AND A SWIMMING GIRAFFE!”

I wonder if maybe I could teach this lady something and she in turn could teach me?

Stranger things have happened.

Or, as she said, healing is accomplished in many ways, and bringing messages through spirit guides and angels as I was trained to do can be just as healing as a laying on of hands or a movement of energy?

P.S. I did try to get the Mastiff in the back of the new car, but she has been so arthritic with the rain this week that all she would do is put in one paw and then walk around to the side doors.  She permitted me to try to lift her three different ways but I failed – if she can’t help me at all, I can’t do it.  So when my husband comes home this weekend, we will be trying some steps like some of you suggested!

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  1. Always timely, always beautiful and helpful Julie. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying that gorgeous car! And, I cracked up about the Reiki… hot hands!
    Robin Hallett recently posted..When You’re Fed Up with Your Own SufferingMy Profile

  2. Hooray for the new car! Hope you’re feeling better soon. I have tentatively taken you advice and created a blog…but now I’m staring at a blank ‘piece of paper’ and have blogger’s block, I guess. It is called Making Over Mary – because Finding Mary wasn’t available. Too lengthy but more humorous – Starting Over at 46 or Divorced, Middle-Aged and Southern.

    • Mary, Aha! Well the trick to the blank piece of paper is to use it as if it were your journal and “write for yourself.” Because at first, you’re the only one who is going to see it anyway! “Starting Over at 46 or Divorced, Middle-Aged and Southern” can be your tagline or just the name of your blog. Like you get here by typing in my name, but the name of the Blog is “A Clear Sign.” Give it a go and send me a link – I’ll be your first commenter 🙂

  3. I know from personal experience that a good psychic reading can most definitely be healing. It was during a psychic reading that I was opened up and experienced a spiritual awakening. And during a class on clairvoyance, as well as learning how to read energy, we learned how to help it shift, thus affecting a healing. Enjoy the new car!
    Susan recently posted..Disembarking From The Crazy TrainMy Profile

    • Thank you, Susan 🙂 I guess it is all in the Receiving. Because I haven’t had a “good reading” in a long time, it’s like people try to read me and get nothing or nothing accurate, which could be a reflection of their skill set or could be a reflection of where I am and my team’s willingness to allow me to receive through others as opposed to directly from Spirit.

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