Massive Spring Manifestations and Changes To Rock Your World?

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Corpse pose

When my husband is in town everyone jumps lively and things get done.

Consequently, I learned last week that some things I used to be able to do, I now can’t.  Or I can, but it’s a struggle it needn’t be.

Stiff As a Board

That was a reality check that made me drag out the tumbling mat from where the lady who cleans always shoves it so she can do the floors.

I find that if you’re going to meditate or work out or both, you want to have the scene set before your arrival so that you have everything you need and nothing to dissuade you or provide a handy excuse.

My floors are hardwood and concrete.  I couldn’t just do a flimsy yoga mat anymore, no way, no how.  So I spent a few hundred dollars last year on an actual tumbling mat that you’d find in a gymnasium and set my balance and BOSU ball right there.

Naturally the kids ran off with the balls ages ago and so I generally roll them across the house when they are pressed into service, but I did notice that the cleaning lady folding the 5 foot by 10 foot mat up, putting it away, and piling everything in the world in front of it did dissuade me at times.  Some kid would call me, I’d walk away and never get back to it.

This new level of inflexibility and stiffness was going to need the mat, so last night I dragged it out and did yoga and basic stretching for a long while.  Then I just laid there in Corpse Pose, Julie Modified – just flat on my back, with my arms over my head, feeling my spine stretch out.  I stayed that way until everything felt like it gelled.

I’ll admit that I was a little concerned that if I didn’t do this first, the actual workout might once again result in injury. So when I came home from work tonight I changed and went right to the mat, back into Corpse Pose.

When I opened my eyes I had not one, not two, but three dogs staring down at me.

The mastiff walked up right between my legs and started to paw at my butt and stand on my yoga pants.

I called to my son to feed them, and the small and middle size dogs defected and went away to eat as soon as they heard the crinkling of the dog food bag.

But Magic Would Not Move.

Then she started to Wuff.

Which led to full blown howling.

I’m pretty sure she was convinced that I’d “fallen and couldn’t get up.”

Welcome to middle age.

A New Car Out Of Necessity And Thin Air

Some really interesting energy abounds lately with respect to knowing your own mind, making your own choices, and not allowing yourself to either lean on other people or capitulate to those you may have historically been a doormat to.

In addition, some things you may have been asking for during the last few months may have begun to show signs that they are on offer.  I’ve noticed that even the ridiculous things you never, ever thought would come true, but may have wished upon a star for, are patterning out.

For instance, I have a very old car.  I’d been wishing for a new one, but not wanting to commit to car payments or plunking down a huge amount of cash to get one.  In fact, I was pretty sure that I never wanted to have a car payment again – I really wanted to either wait until I could pay cash outright comfortably, or just have one miraculously appear.

Now you may be thinking,”Yeah, right,” to that, but there have been other times in my life where I asked for something outrageous because I really needed it, and it arrived right on schedule, so never rule out that possibility.

As it happens, we turned the company vehicle back in because it wasn’t being used unless my husband was in town and it was starting to go bad just sitting there, plus they had a need for one.  That left me stranded with a vehicle which could go kerblooey at any moment but without a spare to say, take the kids to school and get to work.

So someone offered to get me one.

And there you go.

Paring It Down or Let’s Get Real Time

It seems to be a paring down time.  You may have recently become crystal clear on what you will and will not accept and where you draw your energetic line in the sand with other people in your relationships.

I know an awful lot of people who are getting a divorce and a few others who wish they could or had.

Someone described this to me as,”I just woke up and said ,’I don’t want to do this anymore,’ out loud to myself so I could hear it.”

Others don’t have a someone else or don’t have issues with their someone else that are scheduled to be worked out at this time. They are working directly with themselves and are beginning not to kid themselves anymore.

I could put myself in that category regarding the fitness issue, but a much better, cleaner example came from someone else this week.  He said,”I stood there on the top of the building after getting out of jail on DUI charges.  Many, many times I’d threatened to just kill myself, and this time I knew this was my chance.  This was it.  So as I stood there I started imagining what it would be like if I just ended it right then and there.  And with a clarity I didn’t know I was capable of at that point, I realized I wanted to live.”

How Much Will You Tolerate?

Personal pain, and interpersonal pain, is front and center right now.  It is clean house time.  Get rid of your stuff, literally and figuratively.  Your baggage will be coming with you from this point forward, so be sure to call a meeting with yourself where you are as honest as you can manage or dare to be and decide which bags you are putting down now.

Things (your life) will be moving and grooving, and some of you are going to be shocked (shocked, I say!) with what shows up, so be prepared.  Forewarned is forearmed.

I have this sense that though you may think you know what’s coming up, it’s not that.  What happens will solve your problem that you had in mind, but more interestingly and creatively than you can manage.  The form some of this is taking is going to knock your socks off.  You’ll be saying,”Well damn, I know I asked for a new job but I didn’t realize it was going to be in Timbuktu!  But I’m thinking now, this seems like a grand adventure and I’m starting to get excited about Timbuktu!”  Like that.

It’s going to be interesting here in the next few months, so hold on to your hats.  Unless you gave them all away in the great purge.  In which case, feel that breeze blowing your hair around because this is going to be one heck of an adventure.

For those of you who are thinking you are having relationship problems and you may have reached the end of the Energy Road, I suspect there will be some surprises there as well.  Pay very close attention who sticks by you both before and after the major changes that are soon to be upon us. You may be quite surprised by who is your adversary and who is your supporter.

Count me in as a supporter.

Final Word On “What’s For You Won’t Go Past You”

At this time there has been, or will soon be, a lot of loss.  Many of you have said that you were shocked by the suddenness of departures, either from this world or in the form of divorce, for instance.  Others have bemoaned not getting credit for their ideas, not invited to events that they championed, etcetera.

Has it ever occurred to you that you are being excluded or at least, not included because it Wasn’t For You?

You may have been the catalyst to something great but then the organizers or copycats take your idea and run with it, leaving you in the dust.  There are times when it is theft, which is different.  There are times when your role was – by design – purely to get the ball rolling but after that, you really weren’t needed.

That doesn’t mean there is Nothing For You though, now does it?

Nope, we all have our roles and our missions, and your next one may not be here yet but I can guarantee you that (1) there is one – actually, many! and (2) it is way, way bigger than the thing that appeared to reject you and (3) probably also way, way different and spectacular than you had ever dreamed or imagined.  Some of you are going to see this blow up this spring and summer in amazing and dare I say spectacular ways.

Look at what has been passing you by.  Look at what has been calling you to let it go.  Look at what beckons as your highest excitement – what really gets you jazzed.

Start thinking bigger.  Watch what happens and what ideas “suddenly come up.”  There is so much interaction with other energies right now.  They will sometimes give you step-by-step instructions.  Pay close attention to what ideas or images pop to mind.  They aren’t all just you, and they may just be giving you a glimpse of what is around the next bend in the road.  Watch out – fork!

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  1. Wow. I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck in a holding pattern for a bit, but restless without being sure which way to go and yet unmotivated on top of that. Interesting read all the way through, will be coming back to reread and remind myself.
    Keep up with your yoga and self care! Middle age is definitely a whole ‘nother ball game.
    I love that you say “Count me in as a supporter.” Hope I am that for people as well 😉
    Congrats on the car… with your busy life you need a reliable one, so that is super cool!
    Looking forward to seeing how things develop and what adventures await ahead!
    Stacie recently posted..Art Journal FunMy Profile

  2. I have had one thing after another be Not For Me. Wondering if and when there will be Something, ever., like I was just supposed to be the catalyst for others forever. You’ve given me some hope, Julie.. I’ve done my housecleaning and have even moved! So, bring it on. I’m ready. Thanks.

  3. First , thanks for keeping up your blog. I know it’s harder now that you are wearing more hats at home (and working outside of the home!) with your husband working far away. THANK YOU. Also, this was read, re read and I will revisit this again the next few weeks; lots to ponder and as always a hopeful message in it as well. And ‘count me in as one of your supporters’ I think that is awesome! Your virtual cheering squad works both ways!

    “It’s going to be interesting here in the next few months, so hold on to your hats” : is this your intuitive feeling of yours or an astrological trend coming up? Also, we did have one thing pop up literally out of the blue that *really* would have solved a lot, a second (used) car for a very good price. The caveat came hours later: my husband’s coworker had to sell within the week to get money for his new place. WAH!! So close yet so far 🙂 Any ideas how to ride this wave of change/manifestation? I’ve just taken up meditating and 15 minutes a day is doable. Exercise, etc stuff to ground energy wise. But not sure what else to do.

    PS- I love mastiffs! They are so ridiculously cute

    • Supporters, unite! 🙂

      Yes there is movement in the sky, and what I wrote was my feeling about what was going to result from that for some of the readers here.

      Meditation and exercise are great. Pay very close attention to what comes up when you are doing both. Go with the “feeling” or sense that you get when you are feeling forward as to your next move or what might happen next. You may feel like the car is great but have a sense right behind it that it might not be meant for you or something may impede the transfer. Then when you see that happen you realize you were trusting your intuition.

  4. I too get the sense that things are going to be moving for me in a big way soon. In fact I’m making them move, and might actually BE moving. Should know a lot more after next month, so fingers crossed! 🙂

  5. A very inspiring read, indeed! And I concur with your thoughts and those of fellow readers.
    Can’t wait for the adventure to start! After all, what is life if not lived?

  6. Wow! Thank you Julie. This post was exactly what I needed today. I was told this morning that I would need to move out of the home I am living in by the end of the year. Went through the day feeling sad (that a loved one appears to now be an adversary), scared and very alone. Major changes indeed. At least now I feel some hope that they will work themselves out for the best. Right about now, amazing and spectacular sound pretty darn good. Thank you!

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