Life Is Complicated – Witnesses and Guides

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Moving into the new year, there seemed to be an unprecedented shift that actually coincided with the January 1 and 2 date.

I had a night of tossing and turning and constant waking.  I was literally throwing myself around the bed, rolling around from end to end, which I don’t recall ever happening before.

In the dream, I was shown a meter that looked a bit like a list of files on a computer.  There were three items.  I was thrown back into the dream state a number of times and each time I would be shown the meter again, like we were checking on how much progress I made.  Finally, the screen was cleared of files and I had one final dream.  When I woke from it, from my dream within a dream, there was a brand new item on the screen.  This time I was allowed to see the name of the file.  Now I know what I need to work on next.

Funny enough, I was already consciously aware of that becoming an issue in my life.  A friend and I had been dancing around the theme for a while, and I’d been thinking I was a sounding board for them.  But shadow dancing being what it is, and soul contracts being purposed to bring healing to life, it turned out that what I was actually doing was being shown that I had not mastered this theme in my own life.  It was just beginning.

Purging The Physical = The Emotional = The Spiritual…

I was finally able to begin a purge on all of the extra stuff in my physical life, items around the home that I had wanted to take to the Goodwill and the library for someone else to use.  I thought I was having a long bout of laziness, because every time I started to get up to work on it I’d sit right back down.  It came to my attention eventually that I was being stopped from taking action, that the time wasn’t right.

It made no sense to me.  When is a bad time to get rid of stuff you no longer need??  It must be energetically based, because I was shocked at how much there was and how difficult it was for me to drag it out, pack it up, and bring it out into the garage to eventually load it into the car or take it down the way-too-long driveway for disposal.

My husband and I had thrown out or given away just a ton of stuff a couple of years back when we thought we would have to move, so it felt like there couldn’t be that many items left especially since I regularly went through things and got rid of them.  But no, still there was just a ton of stuff.

Where was Peter Walsh when you need him?  I longed to have one of his crews come here and take every single thing out of the house and lay it on tarps on the driveway.  Then I’d just direct them to bring the objects back in that I wanted, probably 5 to 10 percent, and the rest could magically disappear.

I felt like that was the only way I was going to find peace – the house had to hold a lot, lot less.  As mundane as that is, it felt important.

The Divine Comedy We’re All Living

Likewise, sometimes people feel like they have left.  I don’t mean that you can’t still work for them, live with them, or be friends, I just mean that they feel like your work together is done and they have moved on.

Except, sometimes that’s a mis-read of the situation.  You’ve ended one round of your energy exchange and are going deeper into another level of soul work.  The reasons we come together can be varied and multi-faceted, and like The Divine Comedy, it is a journey and you might go through all nine levels of hell together, at the very least.

In the part of the story which is the Inferno, Dante is guided by the poet Virgil on their journey through the underworld.  Each sin has a punishment, a symbolic fulfillment of a free will destiny choice made by that soul.

If you were subjected to Dante in school as I was, you may recall the fortune tellers in the eighth circle of hell, Fraud, who were made to walk around with their heads on backward for the sins of tying to see what they were not privy to through ethical means.  Apparently this made an impression upon me because to this day if I feel I am not meant to tread in certain territory, I won’t.  Not even to help someone.  Some things are not for us to know and they might as well have lamb’s blood above the doorway, that’s how clearly they are energetically marked.

Many times we get called on to be of service and it’s important to mark boundaries, both of you.  When you find that the other person seems to have shut down or made a line in the sand that you cannot cross, don’t mistake that for a simple boundary.  They may very well stand before you so you can see where you are locked out.  That’s a reflection point for you, a time of mirroring, where they are truly being a guide to you, so you can see what you have to work on or where you are stuck.  That exact point is where I found my dream and reality intersected, right at that wall where my friend showed me exactly what I have to learn, integrate and release.  Funny when you think you’re helping them (and maybe you are) and they turn right around and hand you a gift.

Moral codes are funny things, too.  You’d think that having a strong one would benefit you.  I feel this way, with certainty, and always have.  But then, that may turn out to be a major brick wall, a place where you think you have it all figured out and in fact you just have never explored there.  You are a beginner.  That is by design.  These things happen when we are ready, having cleared the other levels of understanding necessary to reach this stage.

Witnesses and Guides, Archetypes Are A Piece Of Our Puzzle

It seems we are each other’s coaches (earth angels, if you prefer), delivering intuitive messages all of the time.  Sometimes it seems like it’s a greater hand than ours steering the ship. 
Other times, we have been hooked up intentionally with people who have already been where we’re about to tread, so they can be our guide.  The machinations the Universe goes through to bring us together!  It must be truly fascinating to be a Guide. 
Like a refrain, people have told me that I am their Guide, and I feel simultaneously grateful for the opportunity, incredulous and a little terrified.  I know that the real guides, the wise ones, are there with me every step of the way, thank goodness.  I don’t want to be responsible – wrongly – for having steered a person a particular way so I remember to ask for all that happens to be in the highest good when I get nervous about which way the prevailing winds are blowing.
The part of me that is incredulous at guiding anyone, anywhere had a chat with my guides.  They referred me to The Witness archetype.  Not knowing if that even was an archetype, I looked it up:

The Witness is about observing from one’s own perspective. It is the place where one is fully in touch with and experiencing one’s own thoughts and feelings, not shutting them out. It is the place of “beginner’s mind”, of being open to experience moment-by-moment.

Further investigation found that the incomparable Caroline Myss of course had something to say about this:
Becoming an “integrated” person is not a simple matter. Note: I laughed here, because it sure as hell isn’t, and that made it even funnier that Caroline then made this remark in parenthesis. (That sentence may be the ultimate masterpiece of understatement.)
Becoming an integrated individual involves the rigorous effort of identifying the pieces of who you are and finding a way to merge them with the core of your being. Such a description reads like a bunch of meaningless words, “consciousness chatter” that sounds like it should ignite something profound in you, but what? Another way that I think of this journey – the way it means something to me – is that becoming an integrated person means becoming comfortable with truth. And each archetype is a container of a particular set of myths and patterns that shape us through experiences, all of which are choreographed to bring out the best (our light) and the worst (our shadow) of us so that we can merge the two into a whole working unit. This is known as becoming integrated.


Even after we have been journeying for a long, long while, we sometimes get to a next stage or a fresh start, and that’s what I think the term Witness is referring to here.

I’d decided that this year my Word for the year should be something related to Writing or Writer, because that’s an area that feels ready to Go.

So it seemed fitting when my friend the professional writer, told me something yesterday.

“Writing is part of finding who we are and who we could be.”

What a journey.

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  1. Julie,
    I loved this. Thank you. I snorted at the end because I’ve been thinking this whole article that your writing has gone to a new level
    Robin Hallett recently posted..Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here…My Profile

    • Robin, I live to create snorts in others 🙂

      I have never focused on the actual writing or written product before. I was only interested in using it as a medium to get across an idea or a feeling. Couldn’t tell you what might be different but I feel like I am being poked in the side to begin again.

  2. Angie Stegall says:

    Thanks to Robin Hallett for sharing this piece. Absolutely nothing I did for the last four or five months of last year worked in business. I am so getting that the very things I must do – sit and LISTEN and sit and WRITE – are the very things I’ve been avoiding for at least a year. I get it. And am being asked to begin anew. Oy vey!

    • Angie, Thanks for stopping by. It’s always best to correct course when we’re being shown we’ve gone off the rails, but you never know how wonderful the alternative plan may be!

  3. anonymouse says:

    This part” and I’d been thinking I was a sounding board for them. But shadow dancing being what it is, and soul contracts being purposed to bring healing to life, it turned out that what I was actually doing was being shown that I had not mastered this theme in my own life. It was just beginning.”

    YES. This reminds me so much of something Colette Baron Reid wrote in one of her books. Well, somewhat related. We can be giving advice to someone and as we are saying it out loud we think ‘WAIT. That’s for me too…’ It’s truly funny when that happens. Also sometimes if we pass someone , strangers having a conversation and hear a snippet of it and think ‘that is something I need to hear, actually..’ universe works in fun random ways.
    This was very helpful as always, thank you!

    • That used to happen to me all of the time. I’d say something to someone else (usually someone I didn’t know at all that would ask me really personal questions out of the clear blue) and it was for me as well.

  4. Julie,
    I’m copying and saving this post (if that’s ok) because even more than usual I feel these words in your post to my core. This past year has taken bout’ every ounce of energy I have (good freakin’ riddance 2014!!!), it even took me several days to read this post after I got the email notification because of one of the words in the title…well… I just knew it was my sign…and sure enough, a huge amount of this post hits home and actually some of it is exactly (to a T) what’s been coming at me in the past 3 weeks or so, kind of like little epiphanies…or more like they’re smackin’ me upside the head with snowballs…some are nice, soft, cool, and refreshing…and some just plain hurt like hell, so much so that I look up and say “OK…I can’t take anymore!!!. Anyway, as always, thank you for being you…. I think YOU are an earth angel, one of my guides, both? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for your insight on so many things. ♥
    I would like to share a picture I took a few weeks ago if that’s ok with you 🙂

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