Is It A Ghost or Your Passed Relatives? Ways To Tell If You Have a Ghost In Your House

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I was just reading an article called Thirteen Ways To Tell If You Have A Ghost In Your House and it had me cracking up with it’s blatant obviousness.

You See One was #13.

No.  Really?

But since it was one of those obnoxious click-through articles where scripts run forever, your computer freezes, and it takes forever to load, I won’t link to it but instead I’ll give you MY version of how to tell if you have a ghost in your house or just have an active imagination.

If you click upstairs on the Archives and search the Ghosts category you’ll find (even I was surprised by this) no less that 49 articles I’ve written referencing ghosts.  So you see, they visit me often.

The thing you will want to discern right out of the gate:

Do I know this ghost or not?

It’s just as likely to be a visit from your friendly passed relatives and friends as it is a random entity you would actually refer to as “a ghost” in lieu of your mother, Great Aunt Mabel, or a spirit guide (since, of course, spirit guides were human, too!)

How do you know the difference?

Well I guess it will be hard to stay completely away from the obviousness of that article: they don’t scare the shit out of you.

Instead, you notice them, and a bit of awe comes over you as you begin to recognize who’s come to call!

They will give you some kind of hint or sign so you can identify them.

If you have a random ghost instead:

  • you have moved into a place where they already were
  • they are attracted to your light
  • they are just passing through, sometimes repeatedly covering the same ground, night after night.

I used to have one who walked the same path from my kitchen out through the living room where I’d be watching tv, and straight out through the window, which was a story off the ground.  That kind of thing apparently doesn’t matter to ghosts, who are not corporeal anymore, but I’ll bet if you followed it out through the yard and into the woods you would have heard it crunching the leaves just like I heard its footsteps walking across my wood floors.

Signs Of Entities No Longer Alive In Human Form

You hear them – whispers, calling your name, footsteps

They leave physical evidence – your doors, drawers and cabinets open or shut, the lights go on (or off), things fly across the room (like the time my ceiling fan blades flew off of more than one fan and tried to decapitate anyone standing nearby for about a week)

They move your stuff around – lost your car keys and found them in your shoe, of all places?  The remote has gone missing AGAIN and you live alone?  You KNOW you left it there so how did it get all the way onto your nightstand?

It’s cold, baby, cold – cold spots are a sure sign and usually not a good one

The hairs on the back of your neck or on your arm stand up on end – this one is a certain sensory indicator that you are not alone

You suddenly, out of nowhere, feel like you’re not alone or you’re being watched

You feel something touching you or brushing past you and you don’t have a cat

Your pets start acting strange or growling at “nothing” – I think mine are just used to all of the spirit activity in my home or around me because they will go crazy barking at the garbage man but when I’ve been walking them at night in the dark doing rehab on my dog lately and I see shadows and things that creep me out, they all just look at me as if to say,”What?  You didn’t see that before? Meh, that’s been there all along.  Boy, you’re slow.”

Your baby or a visiting baby sees them – babies are better barometers than even pets.  If you see one looking up at the ceiling, talking and gesturing and smiling at nothing for extended periods of time, they are probably conversing with a relative or their angels/guide.

You see shadows or movement, either very obvious or out of the corner of your eye – it starts out of the corner of your eye at first.  It can then develop as a sense of shimmering – like heat rising from the road, or giving you the sense that you might need to make sure you took your blood pressure medicine that morning because suddenly the whole world looks like it has tiny bubbles or spots in it or is gently waving side to side.  Finally stuff doesn’t try to hide its presence anymore and/or your vision gets very clear and your brain computes,”Crap, that just got bold and moved right in front of my face!”

Your electronics start messing with you – your tv, radio, iPad etc – anything electronic – start turning on and off, by themselves.  In particular pay attention to this if what comes on is of direct relevance to you, as if answering a question – that is very likely a message from your own spiritual team. If light bulbs or street lights or battery operated items start burning out, exploding, or constantly going bad, that’s more apt to be your energy than a sign of another spirit.

OK – yes – if you see one – the odds of a spirit appearing right in front of you in a see-through or classic-movie-type “I’m wearing a gossamer nightgown” kind of way are LOW.  It takes a lot of energy for them to materialize like that, plus you probably do not have the means to see them unless you are Practicing and highly experienced, and even then, it just doesn’t happen that often.  It’s a lot more likely that you will just sense them or think you’ve caught a glimpse of one and you blink and it’s gone.

Or it’s a Shadow Person – unfortunately I have been seeing them around lately and I had someone visit my home who saw one also.  NOT a fan of Shadow People, who are much bolder than your average entity and seem to want you to see them.  You want to get rid of these things, they are not here for anyone’s good.  You’re going to have to order them out rather than ask them nicely to leave.

Is It A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

If it’s a helpful spirit “of the light” then you will know it because they will show you.

If you’re sick and you knock something on the floor in the night, in the morning you might find it back on your nightstand in easy reach.  If you’ve lost something they may move it for you back in an obvious place where you can easily see it.

They will sometimes give you hints as to who it is by a familiar scent like cigar smoke or their perfume, a photo of them falling out of a book, or the appearance of an object they owned.  They may just pop the thought into your head,”Hi, it’s Dad,” or a common song they sang or phrase they used will come to mind.

If they come around a lot you will begin to recognize them (as compared to all of the other spirit visitors you may be getting!)  I will sometimes unconsciously reach out my hand and I know who is reaching their hand out prompting me to make the gesture, even though I can’t see them.

Likewise, you may notice you feel the same way you used to feel when they were around in life – the same comfort level or sense of company – because well, they are.

It’s Very Much A Sensory Experience

You’ll notice during the holidays that there are a lot more spirit sightings and feelings and incidents than at any other time of the year, except maybe your birthday.  Maybe that’s because we are all already in an emotional place (of one kind or another!) around the holidays and spirits are most easily SENSED.  You hear them, see them, smell them.  Hopefully it doesn’t have to go so far as touching them or tasting them (is that even possible?!)

Spirits make you feel them in one way or another, and don’t forget that the most powerful tool you have at your disposal is your gut feeling and body’s signals to you as to what is really going on.

If it’s a good entity, your body will register a warmth.  If it’s a neutral entity not connected to you but just sharing the same space with you, it will likely give you the jitters and freak you out a little as it sinks in that you’re not alone.  But if the pots and pans start flying around, the hair stands up on the back or your neck or you get the “fight or flight” rush of adrenaline going, then you want to stay far, far away.  Not for nothing, most spirit visitors mean you no harm and probably are visiting you in a way that would thrill you if you knew the lengths they went to!  But if not, then you will want to call on your angels for a quick removal – call up Archangel Michael and ask him to give them the sword treatment 🙂



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  1. My dad has given me several signs since he passed in January of this year, usually still through song, but I’ve had some throughout the year from his aunt (who I was named after – my middle name Celeste). I was at work, went to the restroom, sat down, not really thinking about anything and like you said…a thought just kinda popped into my head which was me saying “Aunt Celeste, are you there?” and I heard (but not like an out loud voice) “Yes darlin”, and right then the lights in the restroom went off & on. I was glad someone was in the stall next to me so I knew I wasn’t just imagining it, she said ” Whoa! That scared me!”. I said “Me too”… I think I sat in the restroom stall another 10 minutes in amazement and I couldn’t stop smiling. 🙂
    Oh, and what does it mean, if anything, a name popping into your mind, just out of the blue..and I don’t know anyone by this name “Laverne”… I was like “huh”??????????? That’s only happened like that once before and it was the name ” Addison” (who I also don’t know anyone with that name), but then the account # I had to work on (at work again) was from Addison, TX so I chalked it to just one of things that happen when your intuition is growing stronger or something telling me I should trust my intuition more and not to doubt it so much.
    p.s. Enjoyed reading this <3

    • Hi Lorin, Yup, I think things get popped into our heads for us to pay attention to the signs and learn to follow the breadcrumbs of trusting our intuition. I also find that sometimes we overhear things that are just flying around us and aren’t always really meant for us. When you heard Laverne it might not have meant anything to you at the time, but maybe it will later, letting you know that the connection was “being worked on” all the way back to the date you first heard it. Or, it could be that there was another Laverne connection presented to you but somehow you missed it. You mentioning it to me makes me think of my Mom because “our show” when I was a kid was Laverne and Shirley 🙂

  2. *the very next account # after that name popped into mind*

  3. Hmm. How about when three separate electronic stuffed animals, with no external sensors, start waking up by themselves and “talking” to you, only when you’re near them, and at no other time, several times a day for three solid months, and then stop completely and never do it again?

    Cuz that seemed pretty odd to me. 🙂

    • Yikes! That reminds me of when my kids were born and we had toys around. I’d be up in the middle of the night feeding the baby from my rocker in the living room, and the toys would just start randomly going off in the closet like they were talking to us. Creeeeppppyyyy…

  4. anonymouse says:

    I commented a few posts ago on a sensitive friend (sees things) who saw a torso, male with a hat peeking around the door- you mentioned shadow person. I researched it later on and seems quiet likely that exactly what it was. Weirdly I first saw something when I was 6 years old- an unusually tall opaque black figure (no features just outline, felt it was male) in my room as a little kid. I wonder if these things follow people (and if so, why?) since I first noticed it as a kid. Anyway what I have read seems to say they are merely observers but definitely does not encourage anyone to try and engage them (I sure as hell don’t, and wouldn’t). No idea why it would stick around. I do say prayers of protection to angel Michael regularly (keeps all the nasty critters at bay) so that makes me feel fine. And so far so good. But it’d be nice to know why these suckers lurk.

    • Yes, that’s what they look like, like an outline that is filled in black, but like they are flat with no substance. I’ve heard “observer” but in my experience I would say these are not observers. They are more like lurkers or invaders. Observers are something that feels kind, good or neutral and it is like you are occupying the same space but on a different channel (maybe dimension?) The shadow people can be nasty and sent to scare you, with how blatant they are, or at least that is how it feels to me. I suppose there could be different intentions, just like humans come in all varieties? This is the most “in your face” entity I have run across and been aware of, so far.

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