You May Get Water

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Right now astrology writers are posting 2015 forecasts for each sign.  One by one.  Week by week.  I’m in the group who has to wait the longest.  Pisces are always dead last.

They don’t mind though.  They like to live in the Mystery and are always willing to wait.  They like to watch things unfold and unravel.  They like to predict.  “I think it might say…” Pisces are anticipatory creatures.

Last year I followed along my very specific report only to find that technically, there was absolutely nothing true about it.

There was no mention of any trauma coming along, and 2014 has surely been filled with shocks, surprises, and no lack of dismay, far more than most years taken as a whole.

In other words, there was no warning.

One month in particular had a warning, but in reality absolutely nothing happened that month.  Another month was supposed to be fantastic, and it wasn’t.

The problem with astrology and tarot cards and intuitive readings is that they are a snapshot in time seen through a filter of the person preparing what you paid for.  Whether that’s you or someone else or both can be highly relevant.

The part that can stymie an individual the most is the participation of other people who come along to throw all the cards in the air.

Your partners, children, friends, family – anyone and everyone with whom you interact has a say.  The closer you are, the more committed you have agreed to be to them and your combined relationship, the more likely you are to get hit over the head with a brick.

This is Interference.

Here is an image I found at the beginning of the year:


Yeah, I was totally not ready.

Don’t taunt the universe, Julie!

We do flex, learn and grow as we go.  It comes in stages.  Sure there are times when Big Events come along, challenges and major unexpected wins.

Like winning the lottery, you want to have gone to finance school first.  You want to have been helped and hindered by a financial consultant.  You want to have played the market and won and lost.  You need practice so you are Ready.  If you go into it with the mentality of,”I hate my life and must win the lottery to be saved!” then yes you will turn out to be one of the majority who loses it all and never shifts who you were.

The happiness aspect is elusive.

You need to have had the practice.

If your mindset is still stuck in some shadowy place where you can’t understand that YOU MUST PARTICIPATE then you will always have a hand out looking for someone – a human, God – to save your ass and keep things running smoothly.

They don’t.  They say “into each life a little rain must fall” and you may have signed up to be drenched in a hurricane or with a bucket poured over your head by the most distasteful, dreadful person, ever.

It’s how you cope – in that moment – that defines how pleasant or unhappy this experiment called Life will be for you.

Everything is right here, right now.  It’s not yesterday or tomorrow – though yesterday may contain valuable learning experiences, fun and lessons and tomorrow will likely do the same.

You will be presented by the same thing over and over and over again, in different form perhaps.  Eventually, you will get it and move on to the next thing.

Back in New Jersey they used to say,”You can’t shine shit.”

No, it would awfully messy and disgusting if you tried!

So the trick is to look at something and say,”This is not chocolate.  This is shit,” and promptly flush it.

No matter how shiny the package, no matter how enticing the promises, you must recognize shit when you see it and discard accordingly.  Break out the dog bags, find the toilet paper, break out the shovel.

Because eating it will be most unpleasant and cause your taste buds to revolt and puking may ensue.

We want to see the beauty in people.  We want to find that romance.  We want to be wined and dined.  We want to have that pot of gold under the rainbow.

This stuff doesn’t just get handed over.

It doesn’t.

That doesn’t mean I have some perception of “lack of abundance” or haven’t made enough visits to the Law of Attraction Fairy.

It just means that there will be things you must earn first.

Not everything.

But some.

Temporarily Making It On My Own?

This morning as I was writing this, I sent my son off to make toaster waffles for breakfast.  He came back and said,”There’s something wrong with the toaster and the faucet.”

My brain, under a lot of pressure at the moment, just didn’t know what this meant.

It meant there was no water coming into the house.

Thirty-five minutes later on the phone with my husband, there was water.

“Do you want to play with some electricity this morning?” he asked.  “Worst thing that can happen is you get electrocuted.”

It shows you the level of competence he has, God bless him (seriously).  I had to play with motors, water pumps, fart tanks, electrical panels, compressors and compressor parts, flashlights and screwdrivers and valves.  None of which I knew anything about.  But he could walk me through diagnosing the problem and fixing it, at least temporarily, until he comes home tonight.

Yes that’s right, he’s had some medical problems pop up that require him to come back to the States where we have the good technology, which isn’t thrilling me in itself and yes is casting somewhat of a pall over the fact that I am thrilled to see him.  I haven’t set eyes on him since August, and that time it was because his passport was stolen and he had to get a new one.  These visits home are rare and do seem to be cloaked in problems.

My first thought when the water went out was,”At least he’s coming home tonight, and worst case scenario I can shower at my Dad’s house and wait on him.”

Sure, we might have had to wait one day for water, or longer if the pump was burned out or something, but I was able to shorten it to half an hour, with help.

There is a lesson in every event, and please see it as such.

The day doesn’t have to be derailed by going half an hour for a shower.

There is no need to be pissy.

Keep calm and carry on.

Call the right person for help.

Accept the help.

Follow instructions exactly.

Do not get upset when yelled at during diagnosis.

You can use technology to send pictures when you do not know what you are looking at.

Find the humor in the situation (when looking at male ends and female ends and being asked,”Oh come on, you DO know what the male end and the female end look like!”)

Cry for ten seconds if you must, then snap back quickly.

If you can’t fix the situation right then and there, you are not a failure, you tried.

Some things cannot be fixed right away with the tools you have.

Some can, and you can celebrate.

You did it.

This is exactly like every challenge you will face in life.  Sometimes they are fast and furious, one on top of the other.  Sometimes they cannot be fixed and you have to say goodbye or give up.  You may have to wait some out, because the answers are not readily available. Occasionally they seem to present themselves just so you can get practice for the next big problem, or to really see the next big opportunity when it smacks you in the face.

Everything, everything is learning.  It all requires your active participation.  Your willingness.

Just try.

See what happens.

You may get water.



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  1. What a power post, it speaks volumes to me and for that Thank You!
    Happy for you that you have water, that you were capable for the fixing with help, and most importantly that you will get to see the hubby home. I hope the medical things work out smoothly and wishing him health/healing!
    Stacie recently posted..Noticing Little ThingsMy Profile

  2. I have reread this three times, and am going to read it again. SUCH good stuff! Hoping everything will work out well for you!

  3. kdivasilver says:

    I love this post. There’s a grounded, centered spirit to it. I love your list of lessons and applaud you for sharing them with us. And yes, sending healing thoughts for your husband’s health.

  4. Just loved this! I so love your candor. Enjoy your time with your family.

  5. See, this is why I usually don’t try and predict the future. I’m not sure it’s possible, because it changes every second! But in any case, I hope there’s no water issues involved in mine. Not sure I could handle that with your…aplumb? 😛
    The Painted Universe recently posted..This Dream Takes the CakeMy Profile

  6. I guess I can/will start pumping the well then. 🙂


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