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Last week some of you saw Part One of the story of our visit to see my husband in another country where he moved for work in June.

It was only up for a short time though so that was followed by some people asking if there was something wrong with their eyes, didn’t they (finally) see a new post from me earlier that day?  They came back to read it and it was gone.

Those who completely missed it during its brief window of existence started to write to me asking if I was OK or just busy, because I hadn’t put up a new post in some time.

I wish that I could continue what I’ve been doing for the last few years here, writing about what I’ve learned or discovered that week.  That generally means that I write about my personal and family life.

At first I drew the line at writing about my day job in any way, because it was inappropriate.  Eventually it became company policy not to do so, and as far as I know I am the only person there with a blog.

If I wrote about my personal life it would be inevitable that the one person who I was referring to would choose that very week to read my blog for the first time and get angry with me for discussing our private matters in public.

There are many, many stories that I would have loved to have written about.  They had rich lessons in there for me and hopefully for some of you.  They were funny, sad, ridiculous and sometimes astonishing.

Good judgment and a little forced self-censorship left me leaving them in Draft Status, never to see the light of day.

It’s cathartic when you can use writing as a tool to help you put elements of your life together and share it with others, getting feedback.  Inevitably you will get other viewpoints on life situations, which is like a checks and balances on whether or not you are seeing the whole picture, being honest with yourself, and seeing others viewpoints clearly or through the Looking Glass.

When I sat down to write about our grand travel adventure last week, I told the story from beginning to middle, as if you were right there experiencing it with me.  I planned to write one or two more parts, bringing you to the end, interested in whether you would see it my way or provide me with perspective that I was missing.

When you post on the internet, anyone and everyone can find you, but realistically I never expect anyone to take the time out of their life to look.  Who has the time or the interest?  Sure, a prospective employer might bother to google me and immediately find the blog, because I saw no point in hiding (counterproductive to what I am trying to accomplish here) and so I put my full name on the blog.  Blogs – there are so many, and mine is as obscure as the next guy’s.

Still, I’ve been asked not to write about the family in a public forum and so I took that post down and I will respect those wishes.