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Refusing To Nail Down The Future

What do you think of when someone asks you,”Where do you see yourself in three years?”

They don’t want the how, they just want you to imagine yourself as you wish to become and describe it.

I might have had a better response if I’d been asked to describe the interior of my soul, but I wasn’t.

Many moons ago, people would ask where I saw myself in five years in the context of the job and I couldn’t answer because I didn’t have the knowledge of what possibilities there were and how I might grow and change.

Then I did get that experience and decided I was uninterested in the answer.

“Hopefully not still here,” would have been my honest answer in most of the last fourteen years.

You do know what happens when you are of that attitude?  Everything changes.  Often.

I’ll never tell you that any of your experiences were meaningless, unnecessary or avoidable, because there does seem to be this “day follows night” pattern wherein we can connect it all, look back, and see the purpose and value in every stinking thing that happened, whether we liked it or not.

I’ll even admit that law of attraction is a piece (and just a piece) of the picture and sometimes there’s merit in looking up and asking for or just imagining yourself with $25,000 by July 31st if you have $25,000 of bills to pay.  When it arrives, no matter how unlikely it seemed at the beginning of the month, you could shout with joy or stand in awe but eventually what you most likely do is say thank you and be neutral, because you were honestly expecting it to show up.  It didn’t surprise you anymore.

While you may thrash over some things you perceive as going wrong, others will be going right.  There’s an ebb and flow to life where we sort through and break through a lesson or a boundary only to be brought up to the next level of learning or comprehension, so some things will get easier or at least not be so traumatic when they show up again.

“Oh that,” you’ll say.  “I’ve seen that before.  The last time I got fired it meant this, so I’ll just sit with it for a while and see what shows up.”  It loses some of its theatrics when it repeats itself.

Getting back to where I see myself in three years, not only did I not have an answer to that question, I refused to answer it.  I refused to even sit for a minute and imagine it.  My cohorts who were asking called me out on it, saying I was lacking perspective because my life has been turned upside down lately and I was jangled by it.  They are right of course.  There is something else, too.

One part is that there are aspects I am not enjoying right now that I would like to throw off, but I don’t know yet what might replace them.

I hope that everything will look completely different, but in a good way.

It’s like when I listen to Robert Ohotto on his Intuitive Readings Only shows.  Some of what he says brings me to deep new understandings.  At the last show I noticed that I already had integrated most of the lessons so I could and did answer the caller questions right before he did.  I didn’t read the people.  There was no intuition at work here.  There were universal principles that I have learned mainly (1) through listening to his podcasts for the last few years and (2) living and thrashing them out in my own life.

That’s when I remembered that I am a good student.

It forced me to recognize myself for the recent growth I’ve had on this enormous learning curve we call Life, and I’ll bet you have, too.

There’s this funny thing about intellect.  I am not nearly as intelligent as most of the people I am surrounded by in my personal life or family, historically or presently.  I come from a brilliant family, married a genius, and produced two little boys who can run circles around me intellectually.  Many of my friends are smart, smarter, and holy cow are you real?

So I wonder sometimes, why am I in their life?

I don’t actually know.

I suppose that would be something worth knowing in three years.

Each of us has this quality (or qualities) that we bring to the table that makes us uniquely desirable and makes people want to be around us.  I wonder if any of us really know what that is?

If you imagine the people who chose you (and yes, your birth family and you did choose each other, so count them in as well), why would you say that is?

You can say, “My friend and I get along because ____, we have _____ in common, but I think ____ chose me because I can uniquely bring ______ into their life.”

It would be very easy for me to rattle off the first twenty people I think of and tell you what I see in them, but I probably have no realistic idea of what they see in me.

It might be a nice favor to offer to someone, on a bad day of theirs.  Maybe.

I feel like I want the magic and the mystery to continue to unfold before I name it.  In naming it, we might leave some crucial things out, like what the universe has in store for us that we haven’t even begun to imagine.  I didn’t feel like shutting the door on that.  There is some element of “what you imagine comes true.”  There is also the piece that you’re going to get no matter what, whether it’s even begun to enter your space or not.

There are times when everything and nothing seem like a possibility.  You know that you don’t want to be where you know.  You know you are in transition.

So just be with it.

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