The Next Step In Your Mission When The Time Is Ripe

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When you’re done with where you are and are ready for the next stage, I always think of it in my head as Part Two.

I think it comes from the song The Bottom Line:

When you reach the bottom line
The only thing to do is climb
Pick yourself up of the floor
Don’t know what you’re waiting for

Anything you want is yours

Part two – part two
I’m gonna take you to part two, part two…

While it isn’t true that anything, bar none, is yours it is true that certain things are destined for you.

It seems to me that lately there is instant manifestation in certain life areas where everything lines up perfectly.

I want to also say “when you have done your work” but maybe some people don’t need to do nearly as much as others, at least not every time.

Some things require you to dig deep.  Some experiences only come as a huge relief when you have shifted them off your back and can stare them in the face and realize they simply have lost their emotional energy.  You know you have done your work in that area because you now feel neutral.

You feel change coming, don’t you?  When you are about done with one aspect of your life, or a whole attitude, and the next stage awaits.

You learn about yourself through simply living intuitively day to day and feeling it out, like walking in the dark with your hands out in front of you so you (hopefully) don’t walk right into too many walls.

Think of the cliff beneath.  Suppose you are walking in the dark with your hands out, thinking you might bash into something but you forget that there might not always be floor.  Like in a cartoon, you could be about to plummet off the edge of a cliff, straight down.

Wisest to walk with all of your senses heightened, aware of all potentials for plummeting or being bulldozed by a running football player who falls out of bounds in a game you’re not in, or being broadsided or taken out head on by an oncoming car or Mack truck.

You don’t walk through life expecting such a take down, but emotionally speaking, you can walk that territory anytime on an otherwise sunny day.

Beautifully, sometimes you are shocked by a loving, wonderful thing that is simply so unexpected you hadn’t even dreamed of it for yourself.

I was someplace I would rather not be a few days ago, standing in the parking lot and watching the storm roll out.

It was a typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm aftermath and there were massive clouds in the sky.

I was deep in thought and suddenly, the clouds started taking shape.

An angel here, my mother there, and so on.

It was such a beautiful moment because I could read the clouds.  They told a story, for just a few minutes, and when I turned around to respond to my watch telling me I needed to go back inside though I didn’t want to, when I looked back it was all gone.

The feeling was still there, though.  The connection, the joy, the knowing that we are on the right path, that things are coming around to fulfillment, though we may not even be able to define what the dream really is.

We are guided, we are led, we have support all of the time, most commonly from each other though we may not always know it right then.

People are sent to us and we to them for a reason, and when you know this you will embrace the bitter as well as the sweet.

What jams you up and makes you angry is there to be noticed and worked with.

The times when you realize that something or someone just doesn’t push your buttons anymore are the times when you can celebrate, because whether or not you are conscious of it, it means your hard work on that is done.

Be well, everyone – your dreams are truly on their way.  I see you out there working so hard on what matters to you, often a lot of internal work, repetitive patterns coming along for you to take that next step forward, just keep with it.  “All is well” is true, no matter what the circumstances.

Try to go with the flow of what is presented and see what jewels and gems lie within.  Even dirty water settles so that you may see clear to the bottom.  Sometimes even fish swim by, so notice them.

Don’t bang your head too hard.  We don’t want to have to send you to the hospital.

You might just sit with your emotions, no matter how roiling and nasty they may be, and feel those suckers out, don’t send them away.  Simply feel them and bless and acknowledge them – there is nothing wrong with them, you want to embrace here.

Send your love and your jokes and the full weight of your soul and personality out into the world where it is needed very much right now.

It will find its target, some other soul needs you to be fully you right now.

When you find the returning smile, ask what they might offer you as well.  There is quid pro quo in the universe, in the most beautiful ways.

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  1. Beautiful and I thank you for this. 🙂
    Lisa | Practically Intuitive recently posted..Soulful Life SanctuaryMy Profile

  2. Anne McCarroll says:

    Did I need this today?! Well, yes, I did! Thanks for being my ‘cloud’ this morning, Julie! What a serene and touching post.
    How are you?

  3. Julie,

    I’ve been through test after test after test this year in every way, shape, & form, and like you, just a few days ago was in a place I didn’t want to be (actually many times so far this year). Just when I was starting to feel some peace…SMACK…nope…not yet, here’s another doosie to test you ((and to the max I might add!). Reading the clouds….so happy to hear you say that, and heart warming to know you had that experience. I feel like your post was SO perfectly for me on this day as I woke up feeling all of what you wrote here, but I know it is for so many others (as well as yourself) too. I am so thankful for your writings and also glad you’re doing well. I wish you the most peaceful, wonderful, and blissful blessings, and if I was there I’d just give you a big hug! 🙂 <3

    • Hi Lorin, Well we do move through things in a group 🙂 It may SEEM like we’re all alone but nope, we’re not. We glide through these things in tandem, more or less. I’ll take the hug and send one right back to you.

  4. Beautiful.

    Look at how far we have come.

    Where you’re nearly at now fits into what I think of as the spiritual life cycle.

    First we’re dumb and just screwed up, but we might not know it. Then we awaken so to speak and, bleary-eyed, we notice the shiny things, the incense & peppermints. Then, we gradually leave most of it behind and come to another plateau where we know what we don’t know and are fine with it. That’s ascension… you will never know everything until you’re the Godhead again. Then you’ll have lunch.
    Michael recently posted..The Virtues of ImpatienceMy Profile

    • Michael, I know, and you were there from the very beginning and have helped all along 🙂 Looking forward to lunch at some point, but I’d rather be lunching with you in 3D.

  5. Ooh, this is EXACTLY right, Julie! And I am hearing the same message everywhere!! And YES to sending love into the universe, because you receive it tenfold when you do, not least from your own self! (Which, of course, is all of ourselves). Yay!!!

  6. Thanks, Julie. This message speaks to me greatly at the moment. I have felt that I’m moving toward some precipice for such a long time now. I’m so tired of the feeling of not being there yet…so hard to enjoy the now. And, my attunement to higher guidance ebbs and flows. How wonderful when I feel the connection, how lost I now feel without its obvious sensations over the past couple of weeks. Perhaps your words are the flare I needed to see.

    • When you get to the edge of that precipice you just fall off one day in surprise, don’t you. Then there are more hills to climb, so break out the hiking boots and enjoy the scenery 🙂

  7. Great blog today. What is interesting to me are the comments. I see I’m not the only one going thru a major transformation. Right now it feels like my guides are on radio silence but hopefully they will speak up soon. Hope all is well

  8. Hmm, funny, but last night I dreamed that I fell off of a cliff in some sort of vehicle, straight down into the ocean. I was definitely going to die, and I thought (or maybe even said aloud) “Well, this is it!” But oddly I wasn’t that upset about it. It just seemed like a point of transition, which is certainly very true for me at the moment.

    • Same way I felt the couple of times I almost drowned. It was sort of peaceful instead of scary. I guess we’re meant to still be here for a while yet, must have some things to do 🙂

  9. Kelly Roth says:

    I feel the hardest part is knowing I’m transforming but not always feeling I’m getting anywhere! This rollercoaster called Awakening seems to never end! I’m in the phase of detachment and because of that I am feeling very confused about all the big things I was so scared to do before. I was so determined to break free of the old and never look back and I feel I have but now detachment is slowing me down in knowing which direction to take now to move forward. And all this energy shifting in my body makes me soooo sleepy so I sleep and hope it all becomes clear soon! I’m trusting the process the divine has for me…ready for it to not be so painful! Blessings to you all on your journey!

  10. Julie, thank you for this post. I needed to read it right now. *sigh*

    I felt compelled to pop over to your site and saw this – I love how that works.
    Christine recently posted..Are You Weird?My Profile

  11. One of your best posts, full stop (been watching Brit shows lately ha) . REALLY laughed reading theWhat jams you up and makes you angry is there to be noticed and worked with.”. I ran into a store I often go to on a happy day (family lunch, empty restaurant., YAY! and anniversary too) and some man was set off and made nasty comments thinking I line jumped. I simply grabbed anb item at the end of the line per cashier’s ok (added it to be able to use coupon. I am my mother now..) and I was initially shocked so much so I raised my eyebrows. The man yelled ‘Raise THEM EYBROWS all you want honey you cut in line’ He was about 300 pounds yet in that moment seemed a petulant child. Two seconds pause and I suddenly felt ok, he feels frustrated and helpless. in life not just this..’ I am big on not cutting people in line btw:) I think perhaps he just wanted to scrap. Then when I didn’t respond in kind he looked.. confused almost. Like well now what? It went from being stressful to funny almost. ThenI recalled a super mellow, tolerant friend posting her experience on fb last week. Similar scene where a guy lashed out at her in anger over an imagined slight. She just blandly said ‘Do you need a fight? Is that what this is? Ok, let me know when you are done and we can talk” something to that effect. I threw this out there and then said ‘I really do hope your day gets a little better’. No snark. He said ‘OH IT WILL. WHEN YOU LEAVE.’ ahaha. Noticed his calm friends not offering any comments perhaps they’ve witnessed it all before:) So when I got in my car I saw him walk out alone as his friends checked out. Seemed to be upset by the whole thing but I think he showed me I was past the reaction stage (the how dare you!’ bit) and tried to see maybe this was someone just overwhelmed. AKA: Don’t take it personally. Sounds a simple lesson but really, it’s not for some of us. So I was ebullient after it all perhaps I have made a little progress! Talk about lightening the load a little bit.
    Thanks for the good post, as always ridiculously timely! And I think a book I read by Collette Baron Reid had a chapter on cloud scrying and using that to intuit message from Spirit. I was really interested in that and this makes me want to go back and read it again.

    When we see the difficult people people as teachers just as you wrote here it really makes the ‘medicine’ go down smoother. Listen watch and learn. And of course, share that with others who need to hear it.. ‘


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