Spirit Led Dreams Under a Full Moon in Capricorn

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Under the full moon in Capricorn I spoke with a friend who is about to have a major push into a cycle of fate and destiny.

I looked up at the moon and noted that a Capricorn moon can be about pushing toward the future and making big commitments to change.

Lately I’ve been thinking over whether or not I want to do intuitive work, in what ways, and how often.  Mostly these days people are sent to me directly, and it seems I am under contract to work with them.

That’s why I noted last week that this is the last chance for working with me in my Psychic Sparks course, where I work one-on-one with people on intuitive development.  I knew there were some people still out there who are meant to take it, and I had promised I would give a heads-up before I shut it down, which I will do officially when I update next week.

This friend is someone with whom I’ve done intuitive work in a loose way for the last couple of years.

Everyone has their agenda, and my work varies considerably in intensity from person to person.  The key seems to be to follow their lead, and then follow my own intuition as to what work we are supposed to be doing together in the moment.

With everyone, there is a certain curtain that is put up that I am not willing to pierce in order to get more information to help.  Equally, I believe their intent is to permit me to help but within limits.

That is clear to me because the boundary is evident.  I get information in certain areas and in others I get nothing.  It intuitively looks like a blank wall.  I have to assume there is purpose to this and it is by divine design as well as personal intent, whether or not the person consciously planned it.

Sometimes we are called to give specifics and sometimes we are called to guide that person to do their own work.  I’ll get hints and direction, and sometimes a very strong feeling to say something three times or emphasize it because it is key to their moving forward.

Always of course there is a respect for the soul agreement we made way back when.  I feel confident that we agreed to work together to accomplish specific things at a specific time to move both of us forward in growth.

There is a role that gets filled on both sides, a sort of give and take that you want to make sure is there to keep the balance.  Many of us over give or over take which isn’t optimal for our own health, emotional or otherwise.

Before I went to sleep I asked my guides to help me remember anything important that I might dream about, either to help me or to help the other person.  We had mentioned dreams in our conversation and I just had a sense that important work might happen that night.  We work out our subconscious in our dreams of course but I often find that right after work gets done here in the physical, our guides and angels do come into our dreams to help us move forward, complete the healing work, or just wrap a cycle up.

The Tunnel Effect

Sure enough, I had extensive dreams full of symbols.  I know my guides were working with me because I woke in the middle of the night and got the tunnel effect.

The tunnel effect is when one piece of the dream – the important piece that I am meant to remember – gets repeated right as I wake up.  It’s like that piece of the movie gets brought literally forward on replay.  That’s how I know what is important and it’s also how I actually remember it in the morning.

The Dream

Here was the scene: I was standing in my actual kitchen in front of the stove.  They were visiting me and I was pointing out how in real life there was a much wider walkway around the kitchen island, but how in the dream we were on a set (like a tv show set).

I remember thinking how unusual it was that they had come to Florida to visit me, and how it was on the same weekend that my husband was home for a visit.  It seemed appropriate that they should meet, although one was making the other uncomfortable and so they decided to leave and fly home.

I was told to take them to the airport and my husband asked me to do it in a rush so they didn’t miss their flight.  I ran around quickly gathering my purse and we left.

I decided I had to stop at a warehouse where they were selling kites because I really wanted them to have a kite to take home with them.  As we walked through the warehouse looking high up into the upper shelves near the ceiling, they said that they didn’t actually change their flight, they just felt uncomfortable in my house and wanted an excuse to leave immediately.

As I woke, the tunnel effect took place and I was put in front of the stove again.  My friend and their partner were there.  I was told to step back by some unseen force and like in the movies I was moved back as if by magic.  There on the solid wood floor a figure eight was being carved into the floor by an unseen hand, over and over and over again.  I was asked to pay attention to the motion and I suddenly realized it was the infinity symbol.

My friend’s partner disappeared from the scene as they were just there to make the point that they were connected to the infinity symbol which represented their relationship.

My friend said they had two more days to stay but would spend them on their own, as they would take their original flight.  I drove off from the airport and started doing errands before I returned home, trying to remember to do everything.  The last place I stopped was a gas station, but when I looked at the tank it was more than half full, so I decided I was tired and would rather go home as I didn’t really need the gas right then.

What Did The Dream Mean?

When you have a symbolic dream where you know Spirit was involved, I suggest you make your coffee and go directly to your dream dictionary before Life gets in the way and makes you forget the details.  I usually use www.dreammoods.com but there are many choices.  Credit to them for my verbatim posting of their dream symbolic meaning.

The infinity symbol represents time and longevity.  In context of what I know about their relationship, it seemed this meant their relationship is fated and they have been together many times before across lifetimes.

To see a stove symbolizes a developing awareness.  The dream can also mean that you need to focus your attention on something you have placed on the back burner.

Wood suggests you are feeling dead and emotionless inside and you aren’t thinking things through.  Dreaming of carving or shaping a piece of wood indicates a power-giving act or creative gesture, molding and shaping the course of your own life.  There is a sexual connotation as well.  Carved wood is symbolic of spirituality and vital energy.

My interpretation of this part of the dream, which was the one emphasized by my guides, is that their love relationship is meant to blossom and come into being at this time.  It was my kitchen, so I am guiding the process by working with my friend on developing their intuition.

To see a warehouse in your dream represents stored energy or hidden resources.  The warehouse also refers to memories.  Kites can symbolize spiritual awareness, and that you may have high ambitions (if the kite were flying) you still remain well grounded and persistence will pay off in the end no matter how difficult your current task may be.  The strings of the kite can mean “strings are attached” to the choice or gift and there is a price that will need to be paid.

My interpretation of this aspect of the dream is that my attempts to help my friend learn to develop their intuition through specific suggestions is helping them to access their “stored energy and hidden resources” for themselves, which will aid them in the work before them to bring their dreams into fulfillment in reality.

To dream you are in a gas station indicates a need to reenergize and revitalize yourself.  You may be running low on energy and need to take time out to refuel.  The dream also represents your ability to convert outside resources and use it for your own needs.  Alternatively dreaming that you are in a gas station means that you need to reach out to others and offer help.

In the dream my friend had left, even though they were still in town but had chosen not to spend time with me.  They chose this because they did not get along with my husband, and my husband was only in town for a few days.  Their presence was like an interference with my family life.  I think this represents my considering how much time I can devote to intuitive work in service for others and the impact it has on my physical health (the need to take care of self and replenish my energy after readings and service work) and prioritizing my family’s needs as well as my own above the intuitive work.

What do you think?  Do you agree with my interpretation or do you see more or something else in the symbolism of the dream?

Do you have dreams that you know are more meaningful than the average?  Do you see your spirit guides in dreams or know that certain nights are more impactful to your own spirit than others?



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  1. I’m awful at interpreting dreams! Since I have good dream recall, I realized that at least since I was 18, I’ve been having only recurring dreams. Meaning all the dreams I have, I’d had before. And when I was on LiveJournal I used to record my dreams and realized that I had remembered at least 40+ dreams over the years (I’m 26 now).

    I had a dream this morning that I recognized as a recurring dream: I was stuck in this house that had a malevolent spirit in it, and my brother knew (I thought it was at first a demon) but he thought we could just wait it out. It was freaking me out – and I remember walking into a room and seeing the cat levitate. I felt unsafe. I remember going into this psychic shop that was about to close and asking them if they did house cleansings. Neither of the women really had experience with that.

    And I think it’s for this reason that I don’t get spiritual messages in my dreams and even when I’ve asked my Guides to show up, it doesn’t happen. I don’t know anyone else with this problem (and I also don’t know many people who remember the amount of dreams that I do). I’ve found that having someone interpret my dreams sometimes means I don’t have them again, but outside of that… I just keep having the same dreams. :/

    But I definitely liked your dream! I read that remembering dreams is a 3rd eye/6th chakra skill. As an intuitive, do you have an easier time remembering your dreams?
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    • I just as my spiritual team to help me recall them when something is important, and usually they wake me up at the appropriate time (middle of the night!) to bring them to my attention. It’s like they “fix” the important image in my mind so when I really wake up in the morning I will have recall.

      Usually there is a period of time when I cycle through important dreams for a few days or a week, and then months can go by with nothing I can recall. But maybe the asking is what is important, and then they show up IF they are needed. Trust me, I don’t get a visit unless they think it’s needed.

      House represent the Self, from the basement of the subconscious all the way up to the attic. I didn’t stop having house dreams until I worked through a great majority of my stuff.

      Remember that you CAN control your dreams, so you can also ask for help (say, calling on your angels) to get you out of trouble in an unpleasant dream, or you can “remember” that you are all powerful and turn the situation around yourself.

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for this post! I had a dream on Friday night, similar to how you mention the tunnel effect, I get dreams that have a different feeling to normal every night ones, I’m not sure how to describe it but basically I’ll be woken up and have a deep feeling that I need to take note…these dreams are very bright in colour and there’s normally a strong emotional feeling attached…I’m not always able to understand these dreams…some are still playing through my mind unresolved, but after reading your post I was able to download the background info around this dream from Friday. It was quite a deep one dealing with the release of a painful experience from years ago and tied in with several other dreams where the meaning for me is still unresolved. So it was a release of that and also an indication of where the reactionary or residual pain is still playing out for me in my life. It also tied directly into something I’ve been assisting my sister to get through similar to what happened to me back then and how she is also assisting me and the guides clarified the soul tie to support each other with this in out lives after I had unravelled most of the puzzle. wow amazing how much symbolism sits behind what seems to be normal everyday stuff. Thanks 🙂 Andrea

  3. Julie, I like how you interpreted this dream – your take on it sounds about right and provides a lot of insight into your own life. I thought the kite symbolism was your take on the symbolism of the warehouse. I felt like you giving them the kite was giving them insight, power, strength but by them not accepting the kite, they were not ready to fly yet:) ?

    I’m amazed by your recollection of your dreams – I just need to remember one of mine to get excited. before interpretation, I just need some recollection:)

    • Hi Vishnu! Yes you are exactly right about that kite. I was looking for just the right one (just as I may send suggestions IRL) and they have to decide which (if any) are the right ones for them!

      Work on the recollection, you made me laugh with that but it’s true we cannot do much until we can remember 🙂

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