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Did You Get Your Key?

This week, everywhere I turned, there were good people advertising for someone I personally know to be not true to her word.

There were three events where decisions that were made ranged from shady to grey area to unethical and stepped way over the line into the illegal.

I opened an email from someone who changed her name to add an extra consonant because someone taught her that it would magically change her life by, I don’t know, resonating at another frequency or something.  I don’t want to delve far enough to plumb the depths of the reason behind it, but I wonder what the real purpose is?

Healers, Teachers, and Gurus, Oh My

I was running around like a nut at work this week during an incredibly stressful time, so most of these things just swirled around in the back of my mind until finally I was struck dumb by the changing consonant incident and I realized there was something to be looked at here.

Authenticity in a leadership role.

Who wants to be the critic?  We feel icky when we judge, the whole,”I’m not trying to make anyone wrong, but…”, yet things needing evaluation arrive for a reason.

What I don’t always understand is how discerning people don’t see through to what beats in the heart of the provider.  Are they fooled?  Are they just that desperate for extra money? Something else?

I will absolutely never forget the time when I was asked to do a reading for another blogger to test my skill set before she would recommend my Psychic Sparks course.  I didn’t get much in the reading but what I did get, she didn’t want to hear.  She admitted that her spirit guide team had told her she didn’t need a reading, had specifically told her not to test me in this way, but she did it anyway.

Then, knowing I did readings by speaking to her spirit guide team, she decided my getting information she didn’t want to hear, little guidance, but still plenty of information that she admitted was delivered to me straight from her team, she would not recommend my course or do a single thing in return.

This person runs a “soulful” business where she purports to help people with their deepest emotional issues.  She gets hundreds, maybe thousands, of people sending her money to participate in her groups and she gets smart, intuitive people to spread the word and get an affiliate fee to recommend her.

Every time a new course and round of affiliate recommendations rolls around, I am amazed that no one has figured it out yet.  I silently ask,”Are you blind?”

The consonant thing makes me sad.  If you want to change your name because it makes you happy (for whatever reason), go for it.  Yet, to do it because Julie doesn’t manifest something but Jullie would, who are you kidding?

Do we think the universe doesn’t meet our needs because of the spelling of our name?

Do we think that our intent and actions aren’t enough somehow? Of course they are!

It’s ridiculous to think that we were not perfectly made, perfectly named even.  Names do not matter.  Call me Stupid, call me Julie, call me Whatever, I am still me.  Right?

Many people have written about healers, teachers and gurus who have ultimately turned out to be hurtful, damaging even, and completely inauthentic.  It irks me to see people duped by these things.

I don’t think I’ve ever been let down, but maybe that’s because it wasn’t one of my lessons to learn.  Sometimes you do have to run into what’s wrong for you to understand what’s right for you.

I was asked a question about comfort.  Where and with whom am I most comfortable and feel most at home?

Did You Get Your Truth Key?

It doesn’t matter where I am and with whom.  I am myself wherever I go.  I may extend my energy out or I may retract it back in, but all I need is me, in conjunction with you.  You may feel free to be yourself, 100% you, any and every time you are with me and I will do the same for you.  We will be perfectly together in our imperfection and have a rocking great time.  Want to talk about something?  You name it, I’ll meet you, to the best of my ability at the time.

But do me a favor and don’t try to bullshit me.  I see you.  Not everything, but the parts I need to see.  I have Spirit whispering in my ear for the information I need to know, am meant to know, and it happens right in the moment.

Really that’s the wish I have for everyone who comes here, the wish I’ve had from the beginning: growth into your intended and best experience, growth and outcome (until we meet again next time).  Connect to your intuition, allowing the connection to grow as it needs to, so that you can say you have access to your intuition in every second, should you care to listen to it.

I want you to get to the point where you don’t want or need a reading or someone else’s guidance because you don’t know which way to turn or what to do.

You DO know.  You’ve always known.  But you can grow into a place, with practice, where you are certain.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be scared.  It doesn’t mean rotten things won’t happen.

It simply means that you understand you’re exactly where you are, doing what you are meant to do, feeling with purpose, all of the time, and when you realize you’re in a place that sucks, you use your own power to move yourself somewhere else.

It doesn’t do me a darn bit of good to try to foil someone else.  There are plenty of people who I don’t follow for their philosophy because I don’t agree with them on much, but I will like their baby pictures all day long, because they’re cute.  You don’t have to buy the whole enchilada.

You can just appreciate people for some piece of them that you like (usually that’s their soul sticking out).

We get people who glaringly annoy us because there is some part of them in ourselves that we think is ugly and we’d prefer not to look that closely, but we must.

  • The lady who treated me badly makes me look at where I am dishonest for money.
  • The one who changed her name on the advice of some guru makes me remember I have everything I ever needed already, and I don’t need to play games to succeed.
  • The person who asked me about comfortable places made me look inside and remember that “wherever you go, there you are – you can run from yourself but you won’t get far” – so why bother?  Might as well get comfortable.
  • My teacher who says “not to make anyone wrong, but…” reminds me that while we may feel badly when we judge, we also must see.  Polarity exists for a reason.  To illuminate.

We can love each other even when we can’t stand each other.