Did You Get Your Key?

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This week, everywhere I turned, there were good people advertising for someone I personally know to be not true to her word.

There were three events where decisions that were made ranged from shady to grey area to unethical and stepped way over the line into the illegal.

I opened an email from someone who changed her name to add an extra consonant because someone taught her that it would magically change her life by, I don’t know, resonating at another frequency or something.  I don’t want to delve far enough to plumb the depths of the reason behind it, but I wonder what the real purpose is?

Healers, Teachers, and Gurus, Oh My

I was running around like a nut at work this week during an incredibly stressful time, so most of these things just swirled around in the back of my mind until finally I was struck dumb by the changing consonant incident and I realized there was something to be looked at here.

Authenticity in a leadership role.

Who wants to be the critic?  We feel icky when we judge, the whole,”I’m not trying to make anyone wrong, but…”, yet things needing evaluation arrive for a reason.

What I don’t always understand is how discerning people don’t see through to what beats in the heart of the provider.  Are they fooled?  Are they just that desperate for extra money? Something else?

I will absolutely never forget the time when I was asked to do a reading for another blogger to test my skill set before she would recommend my Psychic Sparks course.  I didn’t get much in the reading but what I did get, she didn’t want to hear.  She admitted that her spirit guide team had told her she didn’t need a reading, had specifically told her not to test me in this way, but she did it anyway.

Then, knowing I did readings by speaking to her spirit guide team, she decided my getting information she didn’t want to hear, little guidance, but still plenty of information that she admitted was delivered to me straight from her team, she would not recommend my course or do a single thing in return.

This person runs a “soulful” business where she purports to help people with their deepest emotional issues.  She gets hundreds, maybe thousands, of people sending her money to participate in her groups and she gets smart, intuitive people to spread the word and get an affiliate fee to recommend her.

Every time a new course and round of affiliate recommendations rolls around, I am amazed that no one has figured it out yet.  I silently ask,”Are you blind?”

The consonant thing makes me sad.  If you want to change your name because it makes you happy (for whatever reason), go for it.  Yet, to do it because Julie doesn’t manifest something but Jullie would, who are you kidding?

Do we think the universe doesn’t meet our needs because of the spelling of our name?

Do we think that our intent and actions aren’t enough somehow? Of course they are!

It’s ridiculous to think that we were not perfectly made, perfectly named even.  Names do not matter.  Call me Stupid, call me Julie, call me Whatever, I am still me.  Right?

Many people have written about healers, teachers and gurus who have ultimately turned out to be hurtful, damaging even, and completely inauthentic.  It irks me to see people duped by these things.

I don’t think I’ve ever been let down, but maybe that’s because it wasn’t one of my lessons to learn.  Sometimes you do have to run into what’s wrong for you to understand what’s right for you.

I was asked a question about comfort.  Where and with whom am I most comfortable and feel most at home?

Did You Get Your Truth Key?

It doesn’t matter where I am and with whom.  I am myself wherever I go.  I may extend my energy out or I may retract it back in, but all I need is me, in conjunction with you.  You may feel free to be yourself, 100% you, any and every time you are with me and I will do the same for you.  We will be perfectly together in our imperfection and have a rocking great time.  Want to talk about something?  You name it, I’ll meet you, to the best of my ability at the time.

But do me a favor and don’t try to bullshit me.  I see you.  Not everything, but the parts I need to see.  I have Spirit whispering in my ear for the information I need to know, am meant to know, and it happens right in the moment.

Really that’s the wish I have for everyone who comes here, the wish I’ve had from the beginning: growth into your intended and best experience, growth and outcome (until we meet again next time).  Connect to your intuition, allowing the connection to grow as it needs to, so that you can say you have access to your intuition in every second, should you care to listen to it.

I want you to get to the point where you don’t want or need a reading or someone else’s guidance because you don’t know which way to turn or what to do.

You DO know.  You’ve always known.  But you can grow into a place, with practice, where you are certain.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be scared.  It doesn’t mean rotten things won’t happen.

It simply means that you understand you’re exactly where you are, doing what you are meant to do, feeling with purpose, all of the time, and when you realize you’re in a place that sucks, you use your own power to move yourself somewhere else.

It doesn’t do me a darn bit of good to try to foil someone else.  There are plenty of people who I don’t follow for their philosophy because I don’t agree with them on much, but I will like their baby pictures all day long, because they’re cute.  You don’t have to buy the whole enchilada.

You can just appreciate people for some piece of them that you like (usually that’s their soul sticking out).

We get people who glaringly annoy us because there is some part of them in ourselves that we think is ugly and we’d prefer not to look that closely, but we must.

  • The lady who treated me badly makes me look at where I am dishonest for money.
  • The one who changed her name on the advice of some guru makes me remember I have everything I ever needed already, and I don’t need to play games to succeed.
  • The person who asked me about comfortable places made me look inside and remember that “wherever you go, there you are – you can run from yourself but you won’t get far” – so why bother?  Might as well get comfortable.
  • My teacher who says “not to make anyone wrong, but…” reminds me that while we may feel badly when we judge, we also must see.  Polarity exists for a reason.  To illuminate.

We can love each other even when we can’t stand each other.

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  1. Oh Julie, I love you so much! Heheh… 😉

    This kind of stuff used to piss me off. Now, it’s like… who gives a shit? Life’s too short.

    BTW, I’m changing my name to Reverend Lilypad Wildflower Butterfly. Wanna see my pistil?
    Michael recently posted..The Virtues of ImpatienceMy Profile

    • Dear Rev LWB, you know I avoid such places like the plague, and rarely run into them. So when they pop up in my face like the plague all week, I do take notice. What a week!

  2. On point this week (as usual!). Although the “names do not matter”….well, I don’t think they matter in the sense that changing/adding a consonant is going to do anything for us or make us richer. (Bull-SHIT). But I do think names have some effect on how others see us. Frankly, I take someone with that extra “n” in a name like that, LESS seriously. We do judge by names. The ‘Universe’ surely doesn’t, but humans do!

    This past week was just crazy and my head is still spinning. You’re always so good at making sense out of things that don’t to me/others. It’s a gift.
    Lindsay recently posted..Soulful Parenting – a review and a giveawayMy Profile

    • Hi Lindsay, You’re right, when I see a whackadoodle name I do wonder what that story is, and I do read it as fear and weakness if it didn’t come from Mom. It would just be a sign to push off in another direction. We may endeavor to live by non-judgment but let’s face it, we observe nonetheless.

      I guess if push came to shove, I would say it all comes down to intent. If re-naming floats someone’s boat and makes her feel gold will rain down on her head, or she’ll be more empowered, then go for it – maybe it’s the action she took that led to the next step? It’s not for me and I’m glad I didn’t pay to go on a retreat only to walk away with a new name. Waste of a perfectly good vacation 🙂

  3. Great post as usual. I am however still trying to figure out what lesson everyone at work, including me as a prime target , has to learn from a self anointed queen of our industry. Best lesson, she’s a self anointed witch and I would never behave that way ever. I am a constant target so I take pleasure knowing I must put fear into her very soul. Best pay back is by doing my job well. Nice to your face then ginzu knives in your back and she is the queen of poison pen letters. And not just to you boss, she cc’s the entire hierarchy at work if you forget to put a period at the end of your sentence. Must be a very lonely person. However she won’t get my goat…I love them too much. Glad your is now with a herd. You have enough on your plate.

    • Val, The lesson is probably not to care and let it affect you. If you are a “constant target” then you have met a soulmate come to teach you (maybe the whole group) something the hard way. You know the saying,”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?” This is a prime example of when to truly think Machiavellian, where the ends justify the means. This delightful person has come into your life because she has a soul agreement to drive you bats until you learn why she’s there. Once you absorb it, one of you will be on your way. Isn’t that reason enough to embrace this as a problem to be solved?! I had many similar run ins with big, fat ladies stabbing me in the back (bosses, coworkers, etc) for two decades until I finally learned to set boundaries. Your lesson will be different, because I know you are already good at that and not afraid to open your mouth. Meditate on it, see what comes to you.

      P.S. Goatie is still here!

  4. What a great post! I’ll admit, I’ve found myself as one of those people who gave my power away to others…hanging on every word each guru said trying to morph into what they “saw” for me. UNTIL I realized that my life didn’t really change and I wasn’t being true to who I really was. Now, I’m not saying each one didn’t teach me something – because they did. If nothing else, it was to follow my OWN guidance and stop giving my power away, regardless of what another person told me. Which is why I love the part about wanting people to get to the point of not needing a reading from someone else because they DO know. I find this so true! Everyone does know, they just have to begin to trust the guidance and information they are receiving. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Crystal, it can be quite a process. I found that sometimes NOT getting good guidance was the best help. I knew the person was good, so that wasn’t it, but it was like I was sent off in a direction that was soon confirmed to be completely wrong (which was also my first impression of it). I’d try it out a bit, and then reject it or say,”Hey if this is true someday, fine, but it’s not true today.” That’s when I really started trusting my own judgment and realized that it was a lot easier for me to figure out my own stuff.

  5. Often we hear “so quick to judge”…but too often people are too quick to feel judged.
    Seldom do I share observations that are true but harsh…for the very reason people are blinded by the richness of those “extra consonant people” or those who bought a vowel to solve their own puzzle.
    But for those I see potentially hurt by the ill intended or just plain selfishness…I’ll share what I see.
    The woman who wouldn’t endorse you likely felt the sting of a truthful observation, and fear of losing ground…territorially speaking. Sure these folks are raking it in on lies, wouldn’t you rather have smaller but true following? That’s the key and the lesson I learned.
    Those poor duped ones just move on to the next guru who easily sheds light on the pretty but will never unearth what truly causes them to seek in the first place. It just doesn’t pay! Let the dogs lie in their low vibe, buying the vowel or consonant doesn’t change a blessed thing! But only leaves the rest of us to observe and question why a person in a position to guide others doesn’t feel themselves good enough just as they are…..Show them what they’ve won, Vanna!

    • Hi Amy, Boy, you really made me think about who actually feels good enough exactly as they are? This human thing isn’t easy, is it?

      I look at it like the entire world is our territory and we go where we are needed (or where we may teach a lesson, even if it isn’t a kind one!). I figure I get sent or am brought in as needed, and money (or followers, etc) isn’t at all the point. However I might look at it differently if I was trying to earn my living that way – I’m not sure.

  6. Above all else, I love your honesty, Julie. I wondered who you were talking about. 🙂 Half the time, I find that most of the great advice that people are doling out and the offers for helping people is recycled stuff. Stuff that my Grandmother would say. And stuff that’s in the Bhagvad Gita. Simply reinventing the wheel. The name change thing is hilarious. One of my friends completely changed his name a few months ago because his given name was “unlucky” for him..something he realized in his thirties. So what about now, you might ask. 🙂 Same shit different day, that’s all. So stupid.

    You’re right that we all know where we are headed and maybe we need the assurance we’re taking the right decision to take that path. Most of the time, getting together with friends and thrashing it out is enough, I think. Sigh. As our dentist was saying today, easy to talk the money out of people if they’re receptive.

    Hugs! You know I think of you every day when I peep from my terrace and see the bakery downstairs all lit up!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..I’d Like a Cultural, Romantic City Break, ParisMy Profile

    • Hi Vidya! I love that you think of me daily. Send some extra prayers, would you, as I am struggling along with my husband having moved this morning.

      I wonder if there are any new ideas, or do we just regurgitate things from the Bhagvad Gita unknowingly (never having read it, I certainly may be guilty of this). I feel like we are being asked to dig deep right now, with so many changes on the horizon. If we face a big change, is it because we asked for it? Or is it because our inner work had led us here? I feel like I am going on a huge Faith Walk and where it may lead is intentionally, completely obscured. Still I appreciate friends sharing the journey and keeping the company 🙂

  7. Mary Stephenson says:

    Hi Julie

    Interesting read and it of course brought some old thoughts up!

    What is in a name…? I think it is all how you perceive yourself to be. It reminds me of a foster kid that my neighbors had when I was a child. He used to get really angry and throw rocks, but he was teased a lot. His name was Bernell Cowflesh, yes what an awful name. Poor kid and he was actually good looking and really fun to be around when he wasn’t angry. Teasing wasn’t the only thing that set him off and as hard as the foster parents tried they could no longer take care of him. So someone else took him and the first thing they did was change his last name and then used his middle name, which was Norman. The kid thrived in his new environment. So a name can change who you are if it is a problem of who you are. But you are still the same person.

    My friend that died recently hated roses. Who the heck would hate roses? Funny…her middle name was Rose! Hate is what flourished in her life and I am sure that is why she ended up with cancer.

    I so agree with you in what feels right and with that feeling you know you are where you are supposed to be.

    As for your other part, people just don’t like the truth even when they ask for it. It is always harder for us to admit our faults, some how we feel so vulnerable.


    • Hi Mary, That is so funny about Rose! I wrote once about throwing away my given middle name in order to still use my Maiden name (as a middle name) when I got married. It wasn’t until many years later that it occurred to me I had left my “Grace” behind 🙂

      Poor Mr. Cowflesh, thank goodness they changed his name! Otherwise he might have spent the rest of his life with people constantly asking,”Are you joking?”

      Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed reading that story!

  8. Only time I ‘got’ the name change as an adult was after meeting a girl who endured years of abuse via her birth family. She changed her entire name (also. in the news one of those Ohio women who were rescued did this too after being released from captivity) The reason was to forge a new path and identity. Now that is cool. But if someone changes it to something cloying, twee, or outright outre? Not going to lie- I roll my eyes (behind shades, or course) . It seems silly like ‘I’m AM ! A special! Snowflake!’ Oy vey.

    I have run across so many sites I just look at the people & can tell it’s a scam. You feel it often by just looking at them.. they are not sincere and definitely interested in the money aspect only. And a beyond vague reading or something like that more than confirms the suspicions. It is a shame as they make it tough for readers/intutiives who ARE the real deal. Good on you for having the blinders off (well not like you have a choice right? You can’t ignore Spirit lol) and spread the word for any fakers you encounter. I guess you cannot name her on here b.c of possible legal backlash?

    • Hi Anony, Yes I know several people who have changed their names, first and last, for varying reasons. That’s legitimate, there was a purpose behind it that was meaningful to them. It when a spiritual teacher says you’ll change your situation by changing one letter in your first name that I feel it’s odd.

      I’m not concerned with legal issues. I honestly couldn’t say how she was as a spiritual leader because I’ve never followed her. I just found her less than honest in our one interaction. Maybe she was having a bad day.

  9. Hi
    That’s a great post.And it sheds a lot of light on our perceptions about esoteric knowledge.
    I have a lot of regard for spiritual studies .Yet living in the moment should not suffer because of this.
    I used to constantly worry about what might happen to me in three or six months time. Will this or that happen? If it does how would I be able to cope? I am of course worrying in these situations about things that have not even and may never happen. This I have now realised is pointless and even very silly. I should be living for today, I should be making the most of today, I will think about tomorrow, tomorrow.
    richmiraclefiles recently posted..Change Your Self Talk and Get the Most Out of Your ThinkingMy Profile

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