A Persistent Dream IS a Calling

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These are times of great and catastrophic change for many of us.

Do You Have A Calling? A “Thing” You Are Pretty Sure Is Meant For You?

If you’ve been bored, restless, dissatisfied, off-center, wishing for change but despairing, wondering if you will ever see your wildest, most persistent dreams manifest into solid form – this may be your time.

I don’t think of the word “catastrophic” with a negative connotation, necessarily.  It could connote the kind of shake up, massive change, reversal, surprise that will bring you right to where you were always meant to be.  Right to your destiny.

Can you taste your wildest dreams, just out of reach?  It’s like you can just about, almost, touch them with the tip of your fingertips.

If the back of your mind is saying, “I think, I hope, I wish, I feel that this is for me but I’m just not sure I alone can make it happen. I’m not sure I’m good enough,” then you are part of the group destined to fly now.

There is a longing some of us have held in our minds which is ready to find fulfillment.  Beginning now.

We’ve to some degree labored under the illusion that we have to do it ourselves, that we don’t have help. We will find that we do have unseen helpers pushing us to fulfill our mission.

Your Soul Circle

You know how you have close friends, but sometimes they introduce you to someone else, a friend of a friend?  It might not be someone you are destined to interact with closely in the future, but simply someone you have a message for.

Say you and your friend share a similar dream, and it becomes clear that the time to take action and move forward is now.

By chance, his or her friend pops onto your radar screen and you can see that person is a part of this, too.

They are languishing under the delusion that their dream or they themselves are not worthy and it’s never going to come to fruition.

You just know, in your heart of hearts, this is untrue and if you don’t offer them encouragement right then and there, they may stay unfulfilled because they have lost heart in the long wait to fulfillment.

Those are the moments when you might recognize you are guided by Spirit to send them a message.  You might put your fingers to the keyboard and allow to Spirit to dictate, like this:

A persistent dream is a Calling. If it doesn’t work in one particular way, try another fresh one. Your spark is like a silver thread that you pull every so gently out of your head. And heart.

Have you noticed how many people are going through huge life changes now?  It is by design, it must be, because it is happening all at once, this June, to so many.

What Just Popped In (Unbidden)?

The dreams have been coming fast and furious for the past month or so.  They have the quality that is so fascinatingly different that what I have experienced before.  Certain friends come into my dreams all of the time, so much so that I feel they are visiting me to rally the troops, to deliver important messages.

It felt like it was coming to culmination when a online friend was so viscerally real in the dream I could swear upon waking that I’d now “met” them.  The only words for it that I had were that I could feel the weight of their energy.

Watch for themes or ideas that just seem to “pop” into your mind.  Especially pay attention if they seem thematic but a bit silly.

I noticed one day that everyone close around me was a man two or three years younger than me.  I married one, my best friends are such, my blogmates fit that profile, my mentors.  I thought,”That’s funny, it’s like I was born first but my posse was coming right along behind me.”

It’s interesting who life brings us, and if you are observant you’ll notice your own themes.  Remember we all intersect on purpose, and if it doesn’t seem so to you then stop for a moment and question why your nearest and dearest are there?  “IF it were true that everyone I’ve ever met, including and maybe especially my online connections, were sent to me for a purpose in a planned way, why them?”

If you’re stuck I suggest that you swing by Colette Baron-Reid’s place for her daily 3 card spread.  You might be amazed what comes up for you.

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  1. So true Julie! I have been laboring over my next career that feels fulfilling, satiates my heart & interests.
    Just before going to bed Thursday night the thought popped in my head I should do a B & B. I drove 3 hrs the next day to the tiniest of towns in WV to see a musical show & booked the night at a lovely little B & C (bed & cocktails), the proprietor was delightful & shared her story of just deciding to try it out 1 year earlier. She loves it. The people I met through the course of our visit seemed destined to cross my path. They all shared names with other people in my life (this is signifigant because I never remember names). My life is on the precipace of change & I’ve been standing on that edge debaiting if I should trust in faith & leap. I do believe it’s time. : )

  2. Change isn’t waiting, it is happening now. I don’t know exactly how, but I feel it.
    Jack recently posted..What Is Your Blog About?My Profile

  3. Yes–and that’s an understatement! I’ve felt that “on the verge feeling” for so long and thus I think it really must just be around the corner–just in time to be put in limbo yet again. How frustrating!
    But part of my dream is playing out in a way I could never have imagined, and it’s been fun so far. Because of it, the ideas come flooding in so fast I can’t keep track. I don’t know how the details will work out so I just won’t worry about that part I guess.
    There is no shortage of people coming to me lately either, and it seems the running theme is me being strong for everyone else, like I’m some sort of a relay or bridge between one thing to another for them, or a handup of sorts. I do share their joy when it helps them shine, but I have to admit there is a small part of me that wonders when it’s my turn (is that selfish?). I have often felt like the rescuer for people though so this is nothing new.
    Lately though three different groups of similar people have come into my realm. With the first two, there was a theme of a train, and I thought, “If someone else comes along with a train theme this must mean something…” Sure enough there was the third train reference. I personally don’t care for riding in trains so I have no idea if it’s correlation or coincidence. Frankly, for some time now I have been rather and quite disappointed that none of my hunches seemed to come to mean anything at all. It was just things that were, period. So I guess I’m over-analyzing again… bad habit. My biggest problem is that I can’t sit still when everything feels like it’s on the verge! I feel like I’m all revved up with no place to go. There’s a song in that somewhere…

    • Some people have “jobs” of transitioning others, delivering messages, and it never stops unless for some reason you want to stop it. I would look at that a separate condition from finding your own joy, they are not necessarily connected except insofar as it highlights for you the desire that you have (and you know what that means!)

      If you are all revved up with nowhere to go, get on the train (translation: move it!) Synchronicity doesn’t always have a message that relates to the subject (the train), it can just be multiple events that get your attention solely for the purpose of getting your attention. Generally that means “you’re on the right track” (see how I threw that train reference in there!)

      • Well, I have to admit, I do kind of like being the messenger. I get a real kick out of helping people believe in themselves and to go for their dreams.

        And as for the train references: Isn’t it something how we can miss something right in front of our faces? That whole “on the right track” thing… WHOOSH! Right past me. HAHA! It makes complete sense though given how this is unfolding. And the people I am meeting truly seem to be kindred spirits, so I am curious to see what’s around the bend…
        As long as it doesn’t play out like that old Johnny Cash song, I think I’ll be OK. 🙂
        Thanks always, Julie!

  4. BINGO! You hit the nail on the head here for me. I’ve always known a desk/office job was not for me… but it’s what I do because I can’t make ends meet any other way (and barely do now). I’ve been wanting to do something else on my own for quite awhile, but have no idea where or how I would get start up money much less even make enough monthly to pay the bills/groceries/gas/kids/etc. Anyway, lately all I think about is getting away from that cubicle. Don’t get me wrong, I am still grateful and feel blessed that I am at least able to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table… I just want to be happy and have a fulfilling feeling that I’ve never had before. Thank you for saying all of this out loud 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Lorin, You are most welcome. Stay alert to ideas that come to you now. There are people who are scheduled to pop out and do new things on a certain timeline, so when it’s your time, you’ll know it. You start to feel it as an urgency and a dissatisfaction with where you are, but if you still have no concept of what “it” might be, then probably it just isn’t ready yet. Stay alert for the signs. Also, it isn’t always about the day job – sometimes it’s about a new community tie or a new hobby on the side.

  5. Funny, I just shared this whole idea with someone I deeply care about. I said, “you will figure it out,” all the while hoping/knowing that what he will figure out are his feelings for me! I can’t tell him – he has to arrive there himself. But once he does, whammo! And the verge I’m on? Is seeing whether my intuition about us is correct. It’s half precipice, half anticipation. I could be wrong…that’s part of being on the edge of my seat! It’s crazy- making!

  6. Love this reminder Julie 🙂 persistent dreams are signposts for our callings…what a great way to see it, and turn around the upset…and I was just at Collette’s site.

    • Hi Robin, I’ve been there often since she started the 3 card spread, and I usually don’t do cards. It just feels like there is a direct connection there (I have no doubt).

  7. Holy Cannoli!!! I just now saw your reply because I forgot to click on the notification thingie. Girl, I got to email you tonight when I get home… whoa.

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