My Life In 400 Words or Less?

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I seriously need to add some levity to this day!

One woman I was dealing with was on a tear!  She was SO unreasonable that at one point, just for fun, she was emailing me to mark a check mark on a piece of paper and scan it and send it back to her – three times!  She kept finding “something” wrong with the way I filled out her form.   I was born under a Grand Water Trine so this kind of energy feels good to me – how about you?  Yes, let’s get emotional, feel our feelings, have a good cry if necessary, let it all out and move on.  Let us not be jackasses to others because we feel crabby today.

In other news, our tax return was rejected on April 15 because someone had already filed under my name and social security number.  I spent a small fortune with the CPA this year getting our house sale and other matters straightened out, so trust me when I tell you I was not thrilled to death to hear that.  Yesterday I had a notice from the Is it Really a Scam department asking me to confirm my identity before they processed my 1040-EZ (ha! I wish!  our return goes on at length), so as it turns out it may have been a mistake rather than a fraud.  There is a man whose name appeared on the “fake” return with me who I’ve never heard of, but it turns out that he is a respectable professor who was born in my birth state and in my year who happens to currently live near me.  He may simply be getting elderly (!) or needs some eyeglasses and missed a digit.

Lori wrote Could You Tell Your Life Story in 400 Words when someone she hadn’t seen in 43 years asked her,”How are things with you?  Whatcha been up to since I last saw you?”  She suggested that if I wrote it, I didn’t have to share it.  I find it difficult to write and not share, you know what a kook I am that way, so extemporaneously and just to burn off today’s energy, here we go.

First thought, I cannot possibly do this in 400 words since most posts run from 1,200 to over 2,000, and that’s just on the topic of one train of thought.

Incidentally, my husband was just looking up,”How to make my wife shut up.”  The thing is, I rarely speak, but when I do, I want to finish my train of thought completely.  So does he.  Usually at the same time.

What have I been doing since I was 4?

I was born so that I would be 9 when we celebrated this country’s 200th birthday.  I remember sitting around the table at my parent’s friend’s house and using sparklers in their car port.  Everything was red, white and blue.  This was during the CB radio phase (Convoy!)and their Dad had one.  It’s like blogging and having Facebook today (well, kind of).

Then my Mom got sick with some unidentifiable disease for 25 years when I was “14 1/2” (according to one psychic – my Dad verified) and my best friend’s Mom died but mine lived.

At this point I realized I have a terrible memory AND a selective memory, so other than a few scenes that stick in my head like a movie, I have to ask someone else to remember my past for me.  This is usually my husband, father, Paul, or any of my girlfriends from Stuart Country Day School (44 girls in the graduating class, no boys).

When we graduated, we were all outside in white dresses and during the ceremony a butterfly landed on my head and everyone noticed.

I’ve been married twice and have two blonde boys who are night and day.

In between high school graduation and now, a lot happened.

How was that?

No good?  Well, I still have a few words left.

I appreciated Supernatural’s season finale because they played Can’t Find My Way Home , one of the best songs ever written, just before Dean was turned into a Demon.

I think all those years as a kid of fighting other people’s battles, being the counselor to all of my friends, knowing all of the answers because I read all about it before I knew they’d come along asking, and studying so hard were preparation for (intuitive?) work that’s yet to come, except for the battles I wage for my son, which is the only person besides my immediate family I would ever go to battle for now.

I learned to set excellent boundaries.  Not saying I’m perfect, but after a life of having no boundaries and being an unknown (to myself) empath I pretty much sit in nature, enjoy friends (including internet only connections, love how the world is so small now) and try to keep my juju in balance.  I learned to recognize that my pissy attitude was because I was taking on everyone else’s emotions, which led me to shut down and become a smoker just to wave them off and keep them away.

I want to re-learn yoga this summer and just bought a tumbling mat for me and my son to BOSU, balance ball and stretch/push-up our way to health.  It is currently in the garage breathing out all of its toxic fumes, which is ironic and also the reason why I have a giant bruise on my arm right now – I almost passed out and hit my elbow on the wall trying to get away from the fumes.  There’s an irony for you.

While I could tell you all about astral traveling, doing readings, being intuitive, and all of the technical aspects of what I’ve accomplished, do for a living, where I live etc., really all I have been doing since I was 4 is sitting here in nature, thinking, observing, listening, reading, learning and commenting.

Oh, and that’s my owl baby who is sitting right next to me.

Nature’s getting closer.

So if you also had a bad day – or especially if you didn’t – leave me one excellent comment about yourself.  Or don’t.  You have permission to be factual, ramble, or pull a completely (probably) irrelevant memory out of your butt.  Today is a special day.  Tomorrow will be, too.

If you know me, you might also want to write something about my past or me to jog my memory or that I might find relevant or nice to know in my old age with my non-memory.  Someone pointed out to me today that it was her 25th anniversary of her college graduation and since we are the same age, it’s MINE, too.  Oh dear.


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  1. LOL Julie “Incidentally, my husband was just looking up,”How to make my wife shut up.””
    What an entertaining 43-year life summary! You should leave a comment with a link back here so others will take up the challenge.
    It sounds like it was a great rambling way to clear your mind after a strange day! 🙂
    SOME days!
    I love how you say this too: ” love how the world is so small now”
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Could You Tell Your Life Story in 400 Words?My Profile

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a fantastic post!

    Today, I’ve been very tired after a week of hosting in-laws and several days on a very challenging project and very little sleep for the past few nights, but I managed to freeze a lot of food today (I cook 30 days’ worth of dinners one day every 4-6 weeks, and then do the same with breakfasts on another day). Also, my daughter, who is nearly 2, decided to impress me and blow my socks off today in just about every way imaginable: helping with housework, building with blocks, counting, and being crazy-smart and amazing in general.

    • Stephanie, Oh please with the in-laws, for a WEEK! You are a saint.

      How in the world you do 30 days worth of dinners in one day is so far beyond me. I would struggle to think of that many menus, for sure. Breakfast around here is,”Here’s your cup of Cheerios,” as he walks out the door to school 🙂

      I love when the smartypants toddlers do their magic shtick.

  3. I loved this! You sounded loose and carefree and not all stressed out like you do what with kids, goatie, an injured dog and other stuff. I

    Your energy felt really good here – like you were tra-la-la-ing as you wrote it.


    I have working through my enormous transformative experience last week and am very happy to see the me that is roaring out, minus my mom’s stuff. Took me a while but glad it happened.
    Lisa recently posted..OMFG – a personal storyMy Profile

    • Lisa, I did lose my humor over the dog, I did. We are in for some major, massive transformation here in a few weeks so I am very tra-la-la because I’ve decided it’s all for the good (or at least that is how I shall see it!). Why NOT expect the best, we (you and I) deserve it, do we not?

      I am really excited for you, this is going to be one big learning experience with all of that clearing happening.

  4. I’ll listen to your Can’t Find My Way Home and give you Tales of Brave Ulysses and White Room. Plus as a bonus you get While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

    Stay the course, 1000 points of light, stay the course.

    Don’t ask me to explain why that last sentence is there, it just is. The times they are a changin’
    Jack recently posted..Everyone Has A Story- What Is Yours?My Profile

    • “The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in.” – GWB from 1,000 points of light

  5. I love your owl. I found a great horned owl feather outside (of all places) Starbuck’s just yesterday. Soon headed in your general direction (Ga coast) so I will think of you as I get to the shore. I k ow you’re ‘down and in’ from there but all the same it’s closer than I am today.
    Today my songs were ‘arc of a diver’ and I woke up singing ‘Just walk away Renee’ of all things! Go figure.
    I need quiet. I need to hear my own heartbeat.
    You need a mat that doesn’t emit toxic fumes.

    And THAT is some random for you! (Business dinner tagalong says while yawning…)

    • Sounds like someone from the next generation up is hanging around throwing you the old songs.

      Oh this mat is Ye Old Expensive Professional 5 ft x 10 ft and apparently, like a mattress, they stink for 2 weeks because of the filling. I will have the boys jump up and down on it about a thousand times and let it continue to air itself out.

      I am a 6 to 7 hour drive south of the GA/FL border so yes, waving will have to do 🙂

  6. It’s my 25th reunion this weekend too. My heart is bursting with happiness at the thought of seeing people I have known and loved, but not seen much of, for over half my life. Yet I feel a temperance I wish I didn’t, maybe because life teaches us not to feel too much joy? Honestly, joy is never wasted. So I hug people who don’t expect it, say I love you a lot, and laugh loudly. It can be annoying, but I hope, instead, it will be infectious. Love is everywhere! We just need to let it in. Right?

    • If you say so, Nancy! If someone surprised me with a hug out of nowhere I would have to really love them a LOT 🙂 Have fun at the reunion and enjoy the heck out of it.

  7. Then I shall wave from the light house – you can ‘see’ me from

  8. I didn’t have a bad day – but I had a mediocre one. However, part of that is for some reason I promised myself that today I would learn to sketch a wolf. Um. That you wouldn’t want to be my Pictionary partner because you really can’t tell the difference between my stick figure person and let’s say, oh, an elephant or ice cream cone (but shoot, you and I would probably do wonderfully well as Pictionary partners because I trust you and you would pick up the intention I had while drawing) shows you how odd it was that all of a sudden today I thought I would sketch. A wolf. I always keep my promises to myself.

    So, after having lived a full day and really ready to go to sleep, I picked up my sketch pad, looked up some guidelines and I drew an arctic wolf!!! It actually, surprisingly, came out very well. I don’t know what in the world that means energetically but I still know enough to listen when my heart asks me strongly and to keep my promises to myself even if they don’t sound logical. (Oh, the sketch pad is what I was using for vision board paper – not sketching), I don’t sketch). So, there is that. Talk about creating just to create. But it feels really good!
    Joy recently posted..Six Word Saturday: Volume TwoMy Profile

    • “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” – Kipling

      Here’s a link to the wolf as animal totem: Wolf

      Very interesting! I love your story 🙂

  9. Anonymouse says:

    Laughed me %$$ off reading about your selective memory because my parents get really irritated when they reminisce and say ‘No? You DON’T REMEMBER??!’ I used to ask my little brother for info, he is freakish/Rain Man style memory. He even recounted a story ‘so you don’t remember that guy who called us over to ‘hang out’ while he was sitting in his weird, windowless white van? then he angrily drove off when someone else came and distracted us? (Afterschool Special waiting to happen, and this was the late 70s..) Um, nope. I remember chunks, here and there. And then entire conversations with acquaintances from yeard ago but my memory is frustratingly random. And I joke about movie amnesia. I can see something and a year or so later forget the ending, etc. So I can watch anything again and whomever is picking doesn’t have to worry if I’ve seen it! Also random info.. am obsessed with all things Tudor and love Ren Faires like a fat boy loves cake. And I totally listen to madrigal/polyphony music all the time. John Dowland is my homie.

    Thanks for the owl pic. My favorite animal and I get a little nuts when I see one in nature; to me it’s a big deal. We live in an apartment but I wonder if I can build an owl box to encourage some owls to nest. They’re beautiful and magical and I adore them. Ever since a little owl (pgymy owl. I had to google it to be sure) landed on a branch years ago and stared at me (and hopped a few times towards me, totally weird and exciting..) I made them my special pets ha. Unfortunately I see them not so much. I hike a lot but for some reason this past year I literally have snakes cross my path (no worries, all non venomous so far) or pass inches from me and yeah. Great. I liked having an owl totel but it seems, for now snakes are my totem. One literally dropped out of a TREE as I was hiking inches from me and blandly slithered away. Apple green color, skinny and maybe 2 feet- a baby. But.. eeesh.

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