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How To Read A Person’s Energy

Whether you know it or not, you’ve already read the energy of everyone with whom you’ve come in contact.

Take a quick inventory of your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you regularly meet. There are those you like, those you avoid, those you go to only for certain needs, and those you go out of your way to visit, just to be in their presence.

Your Challengers

I’d forgotten about Dave.  I knew him in middle school briefly before I changed to a new place for high school, and I promptly forgot all about him.  Recently he showed up on Facebook, connected to me through another old acquaintance  I’d forgotten about, and the subject of reincarnation came up through a Carl Sagan quote.

Dave said that this life is “more than enough.”  Then he said,”I will leave this planet without the chance to enjoy everything this world has to offer, why does there have to be more?  This world is so amazing, self-awareness such a gift… I think to ask for more is the height of selfishness.”

Finally after a few more comments he said.”I watch people die almost daily through my job… and while many look forward to a better beyond… I see a tremendous amount of waste of the gift of life they’ve been given.”

It was the comment about “to ask for more is the height of selfishness” that got me and made me remember Dave.  Really remember Dave.  Dave’s energy.

He is what I would call a Challenger to me and my energy.  He was a very intelligent and handsome kid and remains so today in man version.  Nonetheless, he bugged me.  He sat a couple of chairs over and to the back and he constantly spit balled me.  He was the one who every time I made a statement, he challenged it with a different point of view in front of the class, just to be contrary, just to get my goat, just to see what I’d do.  He didn’t do it to anyone else, at least not in this particular class I’m remembering, and he wasn’t a bully nor was he flirting.  Whatever he would call it (and I don’t know what his memory of me is), I’d say he thought of it something like this, unconsciously: “I see your energy and I raise you two.  Your move.”

Since he was commenting on an area I feel really strongly about – reincarnation, how we live our lives and if any of it is actually wasted, what’s selfish and what isn’t – I wanted to write something back but I didn’t.  I just remembered his energy and thought how interesting it was that in the intervening 30 years or so, I hadn’t met anyone who could challenge me that way, since.

I looked at his two beautiful kids and his wife of a couple of decades, and decided (because I read energy best through photos),”Yup, she was a good match, she can take him,” and wished them well.

By “she can take him” I mean, she is a good energetic match and she wouldn’t permit him to run her over.

Who Makes You Happy?

There are certain people who will bring you joy.  It’s like kismet.  No matter how many times you’ve seen them or how long you’ve known them, you get a good feeling in your gut and heart every time you think of them.  There are usually few of these people in your lifetime, because there is no negativity.  You’ve never had an argument.  You’ve never wanted to smash their face in after a political or religious or whatever else pushes your buttons conversation.  You have had these talks, and you may even be coming from completely different points of view, but it does not produce disagreement or a churning in your gut.  Instead, their point of view expands yours.  You laugh together, and you simply feel happy after seeing or talking with them.

I would call these people Complimentary to your energy.

If you think about it, they fill holes or gaps in your common, everyday interactions with others.  They provide what is missing or undeveloped or lacking in you.

Some of these Complimentary people will be your Opposites, but not Opponents.  My old friend Laura from high school is my best example of this.  Where I am shy, she is outgoing.  Where she seeks fun, I am reserved.  If I need a lift, I will pick up the phone for Laura.  She can spend the entire time telling me about something bad, and I STILL feel uplifted by her.  I can’t explain it, except to say she has something within her that I need a good dose of.

Complimentary Soul Mates

Other Complimentary people will be your soul brothers and sisters.  I feel they are soul mates in the sense that you’ve been around and around and around the block with them in so many lifetimes that you know them cold, whether or not you’ve just met in this lifetime.  You recognize them without knowing them.

These are the people you could talk to endlessly, about anything, but the two of you always circle the same topics.  You grow at about the same rate.  When you speak, the other has just happened to have a similar experience so that they can shed insight on whatever has just come up for you.  They answer your questions, fill your gaps in understanding.

You can lose each other for years but when you catch up, you “pick right up where you left off” with no effort.  That to me is one of the biggest indicators of a soul friend.  Similarly, you can meet someone new and just dive right in to conversation or banter and stay in that space forever – it’s like finding a long-lost friend (because you have – you’ve known them before).

Who Brings You To Your Highest Level Of Excitement?

As humans, we tend to confuse sexual interest with highest excitement.  If someone gives you a charge, the first place some go is to think they have a romantic attachment, but they don’t.  You’ll know this if you allow that first flirtation impulse to wait a bit and go through the test of time and allow it to fizzle.  If it fizzles, then it’s not that kind of relationship.  Instead you’ve found something even more exciting – a soul with whom you can create.

If you meet someone who really sets off all of your bells and whistles but it does not fall into the romantic or sexual category, then it means you have quality, important work to do together – soul work.

I was reminded of this the other day when speaking with Paul, one of my complimentary soul mates.  He mentioned something about a recurring theme in his life, something that was always there in the background, no matter what else was getting his attention at the time.  That triggered me to remember something that I’ve always been looking for, a partner with whom to write.  I can remember back to the 5th grade when a girlfriend of mine and I used to have a book we’d write in, and we’d share it back and forth, each writing a bit of the story and then the other taking their turn.  She soon lost interest, much to my disappointment, and I have unconsciously been trying to “locate my writing partner” in other people, ever since.

The world doesn’t need one more book, that’s for sure, but I like to think that mine will be something that I was uniquely sent here to deliver.  Actually, I know it is, on such a deep level that it’s the one certainty I have.   It doesn’t have to be a book, per se, but I know it’s a message that I am supposed to get to the world, and I know that it’s going to happen in creative combination with someone else.  It might or might not be earth-shattering, but it’s something I’m under soul contract to produce, it’s something (maybe the only thing) I came here very specifically to do.

I also know it’s not ready to happen yet because the other party to the contract has to be ready and they have to agree.

Your highest level of excitement is the thing that jazzes you, stays with you throughout a lifetime, calls to you.  It’s something that is undoubtedly meant to be.  You will meet people who give you parts of the puzzle, signposts along the way, or necessary encouragement, and these people are obvious to you when you connect with them, because you feel it in your body.

Where In Your Body Do You Feel People?

Some people I feel in my head (mind/intellect), others I feel in my gut, and very rarely, I will feel one in my heart.

Next time you are around someone, consciously feel where you feel your body activated.  Does your gut churn with “a bad feeling”?  Do you feel them in your heart area (even if it feels like you had to get the pry bar out to let them in)?  Do you feel your brain want to simultaneously shut them out while at the same time going on high alert (that’s a Challenger)?

There are a million ways to read energy but your body will not lie to you.  If you use your body as a barometer, an intuitive tool, it will tell you everything you need to know about someone else.