Spiritual Awakening and Integration

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There’s an integration process when you first learn about Spirit and intuition and start connecting with your spirit guides in an intentional way.

So many people have just begun to be alert to this in the last few years.  What they thought was “their imagination” or “a dream” turns out to be…real.

We usually call this “waking up” as if from a long-held slumber.  It’s become a well-worn phrase and much over used, but it is still an accurate description of what happens in a spiritual awakening.

It’s as if one day you knew nothing about the world of Spirit and your passed love ones being with you “in spirit” and then -suddenly- you know.

It happened for me when I did my Attunement to meet my Akashic Record Guide.  I knew that in principle if I was not meant to do intuitive readings for other people, if it wasn’t some form of a Calling, then Slade’s course would never even have shown up on my radar screen.  In those days I flipped a coin when I needed to make a decision.  I flipped a coin and it told me NOT to take the course.

I think that was the one and only time when I went against what the coin said.  I wonder still what other course I might have taken if I hadn’t learned to do intuitive readings?  Maybe there was some other path for me to get to where I am going.  Still, whether we take the long walk through the woods, the express lane, or something else – what is for us won’t go past us, and we will get there some way.

What began happening after that was that I met a lot of intuitive professionals and we began forming groups and sending messages and helping each other out with our dreams, signs, blogs, and life in general.  That’s to be expected – birds of a feather, for one thing.  For another, we were obviously soul mates and destined to work together this lifetime.

As  I went back to work at a standard day job, I stopped doing readings because there was not enough time in the day to cope with a full-time job and family life, let alone a side gig.  I still had people coming to me, but I had to tell them no and send them to someone else.  Sometimes I could answer their question in 2.3 seconds, and so I did, writing them back an email or chatting with them for a few minutes on Facebook.

There was a lot of effort put in to integrating who I was now in this world.  The spiritual aspects had to find a home in the world of the day job.  I couldn’t just be the old me, because it no longer worked for me.  That involves temperament, how I treated others, setting boundaries, and being 100% me at all times even when it wasn’t convenient – and sometimes choosing not to show who I was, either.

ALL of my old patterns showed up.  There was a virtual parade of offenders – it was an almost comical showing up of archetypes.  Each one came along but this time I mainly could see it, I recognized them.  I found that I brought an entirely new energy to the proceedings, and I didn’t even want to revert to old patterns.  I wanted to trounce them.  Not the people – but the patterns.  This kind of thing is years in the making, and you get lots of opportunities to practice.

The other aspect that was new: Spirit showed up all day long.  Sure there were signs and synchronicity.  Those things could be put at the back of my brain while I worked, and taken out again later once I was home, to cogitate upon.

Sometimes though, I’d be taking a break at work and checking Facebook and I’d have some messages to answer – and that person’s grandparent would show up with a message for them, or their spirit guide would send me a download for them.  It was like I was doing intuitive work on my coffee break.  It does take some getting used to, to find that Spirit is here all of the time, sending messages.

It’s totally not necessary, it turns out, to light a candle, say a prayer, breathe deeply, and get into “the mode.”  The mode is where you are in all moments of life, because Spirit surrounds you.  It can be amazingly subtle.  It is “just there.”  If you aren’t busy denying it, questioning it, or thinking you’re just making it all up, it comes in freely and naturally during all of your awake hours as well as in your dreams.

I started noticing that people were visiting me in my dreams.  Living, breathing people.  Non-intuitive (as far as I knew them) people.  I wasn’t dreaming about them, either.  The quality of these dreams was different.  These were visitation-type dreams, where you wake up knowing “something happened” while you were sleeping.

Suddenly I was no longer watching some of my non-intuitive friends blossom and grow into regularly accessing their own intuition.  I wasn’t just “helping them out” or passing along a message for them.

They were coming to me with messages for me.

Life is suddenly getting very interesting.  Who knows what might happen next?


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  1. Morning Julie,
    Great post. I intend to share your message with a few people that I think could benefit from you. : )
    I have a couple questions that hopefully you could clarify & could possible help some other readers who are navigating through these transitions. Often I will have intense dreams where I wake knowing that there was significance or that I was visited BUT once I wake I can’t remember anything. I’ve asked my guides to help me remember my dreams if they’re significant but I’m still struggling. What can we do about this? My other question is: how do we navigate through interpreting psychic impressions? At least, I think that’s what they are. While awake I’ll sometimes get a strong impression of something. I don’t know how to interpret it or who it’s meant for. For example I dreamt recently that I had a bad car accident. I drove cautiously thinking that it could happen. Ironically a friend that same weekend was driving home, her brake fluid was leaking & she had no brakes. And for months now I’ve been getting impressions about a pregnancy, I saw specific friends of mine pregnant so I thought “oh, they’re going to get pregnant!” The impressions turned to dreams, but I was the one who was pregnant….no one is having a baby here!!! Ironically it turns out the same friend who lost her brakes (who is a medium) announced she was having another baby. So… like many people I completely doubt myself of having any ability or I distrust my intuition because my compass is wayyyy off. What suggestions do you have?

    • Nicole, Your intuition is NOT way off at all! Maybe you can’t see this, but if you were just someone else reading what you wrote, you would see that you were exactly spot on. You got the psychic piece. What you didn’t get was the interpretation piece.

      That is a matter of practice. When you get a sense that someone is pregnant, just go into Observer Mode (take an energetic step back, and imagine yourself observing rather than being a part of the conversations you are in). Ask yourself, let me know which person is pregnant. Then go about your life, just keeping the question in your mind. Eventually either (1) you will get the message of who it is or (2) someone will tell you it’s them and you can trace back the hints to begin to see a pattern.

      In this case, BOTH hits were about the same person, and she is a medium. There may be a little telepathy going on there. Her team may be sending signals to you (directly, or through dreams or your guides, etc) so you could tell her in advance that her brakes would fail so she could get her car looked at before it became an emergency. Or maybe you are being sent info about this friend because she would be a “safe” person to share the info with (she wouldn’t reject you if you approached her with the info).

      We don’t just get intuitive information to get it. That would be the equivalent of being a busy body. We get it for a purpose and a reason, such as for example helping someone, or getting help ourselves by easing us into communicating with others about our intuition. It could be a lot of things. Just become observant about it and see how you start to become correct more often.

      As far as the dreams go, I think you’ve done the best you can do. If I gave you any more suggestions (there are a lot of them) you would just end up with insomnia 🙂 Not the way to go!

  2. This whole post gave me such a peaceful feeling, a feeling of knowing what I’ve been going through is real and significant. I am truly glad and feel blessed that I found your website a year & 1/2 ago???? Seems longer than that. LOTS & LOTS of messages for me within this post. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful rest of the weekend, much appreciation for you sharing your thoughts here! 🙂

  3. Hi Julie

    I think this is the season for me to fix my on again off again health issues so I can be prepared for what lies ahead. Probably the reason I got sick lately. So when I am looking for answers they seem to show up, I get directed to websites and although I had looked for answers before they were never really clear on what I should know. Now it seems to becoming one right after the other of solutions. I am sure this is all in preparation for the near future. I keep asking for help and I get directed to the best sources.

    You talk about all the old patterns showing up, but now you can see them for what they are. Old patterns show up in my dreams and I awake and realize that it is not real. But it also gives me the power to walk through them knowing that I have the strength to stop them if they should ever show up again. I may need to stop a few people from prying into where they do not belong, so if it arises I will be okay.

    I believe when we are ready to accept the challenge and the change it will appear and things will transition easily. Perhaps I am being programmed for the transformation that will take place.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Apple Cider Vinegar: Book ReviewMy Profile

  4. I really like this because just yesterday I was thinking about my spirituality, and how as a neo-pagan, I’ve come across people with really intense, and time intensive practices that I would marvel at. It seemed so great to be so connected and have such a robust practice. Yet here I was, almost pretty much in the same place as I was a as teen when it came to the physical part of my practice. I’d spend a lot of time reading, not doing a whole bunch, aside from connecting with others and using divination.

    But after reading this part in particular: “It’s totally not necessary, it turns out, to light a candle, say a prayer, breathe deeply, and get into “the mode.” The mode is where you are in all moments of life, because Spirit surrounds you. It can be amazingly subtle. It is “just there.” If you aren’t busy denying it, questioning it, or thinking you’re just making it all up, it comes in freely and naturally during all of your awake hours as well as in your dreams.” I’m realizing that my personal practice doesn’t have to be robust, with a lot of tools, or trance work or anything! I can just be open to the experience of the Divine, and receptive, because that’s what spirituality is at its core.

    At least for me.

    So thanks for this post!!
    Tatiana recently posted..Five Lessons Learned from 8 Months of EntrepreneurshipMy Profile

    • Tatiana, Yes it is right here, all of the time, so however we need to get there (a lot or a little) works 🙂

    • Jenny Jackson says:

      That is SO my experience too, Tatiana. It’s always a relief to read about other intuitives who just ‘do it’ without the bells and whistles, as I call them. I receive personally-relevant messages all the time, just walking around being me. If others ask me to receive information for them, like Julie, I just set the intention. I believe that many rituals are underpinned by a lack of trust in the Universe. My intention is always to receive information for the highest good of that person (or myself), and I feel in my bones that this is enough of a ritual.

  5. I love this *If you aren’t busy denying it, questioning it, or thinking you’re just making it all up, it comes in freely and naturally during all of your awake hours as well as in your dreams.* Integration of spirit is the key to peace and joy within it all – for so long, I only wanted to “use my skills” when I was centered and on-purpose and “ready”. Ha! That meant I was resisting messages quite often, for when is one truly “ready”. And I know this – if I think I missed something (like I’m driving carpool and didn’t have a chance to write it all down” it comes through again. Thank you for the reminder and affirmation. I think your life is always interesting, so that it’s getting “very interesting” is going to be fun to listen to as you share it here.

  6. I totally agree with what Lorin wrote! I believe you (this post) were sent into my life about a year or so ago to help me along my path. You always write about the one thing that may be troubling me or that I may be pondering about and it always feels like it was written just for me! lol Thank you for putting this out there for all of us, we are here even though you have never met any of us! This one really hit home for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • Kim, We all come here together for a reason. What, did we think they were kidding when they said we purposefully get sent places? We absolutely do 🙂 Thanks for the validation.

  7. Looking forward to seeing how all this unfolds in your life, Julie! I love how that even if you decided to shut off spirit from your life by changing the nature of your work, spirit continues to be ever-present in your life and work. It’s like a wave, right – we are going to get soaked by it since we’re already in the water with a surfboard. So, why not learn to catch the next wave and ride it out 🙂 Hope that analogy makes sense.

    Since you’re already so much in the spiritual realm, might as well listen and go where spirit takes you, right?!

    I’m wondering if the messages are for you for guidance and direction or going to benefit all those you know around you. Could the messages be coming to you for the benefit of others? Interesting (and exciting) indeed!
    Vishnu recently posted..Does True Love Exist? 15 ways to Find your Life Partner.My Profile

    • Hi Vishnu! Well it remains to be seen, I guess 🙂 For the moment I know that doing the day job is what I need to do to support the family financially. Since I did that about 8 months ago, many financial pieces have fallen into place and many gifts have been received. I believe we are on our way to recovery, one way or another, and I don’t believe for a moment that it will stay static or get back to a stuck place. There does indeed seem to be a purpose and a flow to everything. It was clear to me that doing readings what not what I was meant to do full time, at that point in my life. Maybe someday I will do it more, in a different form, maybe not. I am more interested in following where I am being led, and maybe I can help other people see that is the best way to get the most from life and get enjoyment out of it, too.

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