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Who Are Your People?

I’ve been seeing my people all over the place.

My husband made a comment about how we are all so interconnected (he meant technologically) that soon we will be The Borg.

I won’t try to explain the science behind the discussion, because he is a scientifically minded person and I am not.

What it did do is make me feel something.

I felt a level of disconnectedness and despair for humanity in his statement.

It’s funny how he and I can gaze upon the exact same situation and come to opposite conclusions.

In coming together, I sense the interconnectedness and the ability to communicate telepathically.

I barely need to lift the phone some days to send messages to others.  They got it, and I know they got it, and sometimes they call me to discuss and other times we don’t.  The next time we speak, we start off as if we have already had the discussion.

To be married for any length of time, there probably has to be a core commonality.  It might be in just one area, or many, but you must have at least the one to stave off numerous arguments.

For my husband and me, it is a moral center, decorum, what’s basically right in how you conduct yourself, and growing up in the same state and era.

There are certain things that I “know” without knowing as to what his position will be.  We don’t have to talk about after eighteen years.  In other areas, I wildly disagree with him.  And sometimes, I “just know” things that he will never “know”, even though he understands the subject far better than I do.  That only makes sense because our perspectives differ.

We’ll be watching Through The Wormhole and have a fascinating discussion on time travel, but he and I will never agree on what happens when we die, or that his crazy dreams are actually astral travel.  That’s okay, because he doesn’t have to give me that.  I can just know it for myself, and he doesn’t have to be persuaded into anything.  Likewise, he will never read my blog or even want to understand anything that we discuss here, but he maintains a neutral, non-discussion air about its existence.

Who may I go to if I want to discuss such things?  Well, most everyone else.

I haven’t been writing much lately because I have been processing and I’ve been busy being busy.  There was a big change-over recently.  I’ve been maintaining my “I’m happy to be here, they’re happy to have me” work mantra while adjusting to the busy time of the year.  Trying to make plans so my kids get their needs met.  I’ve spent less time letting writing or social media like Facebook suck my time away (it only works when I am in the frame of mind to run the Contemplation Program through my system while I am doing it).  I got so uncomfortable in my own skin because work left me unable to attend the gym multiple times a week – or ever – that I took the Robert Ohotto Karma course download (all 14 hours of it) and just stepped out my front door and started walking.

I felt too physically weak for the gym.  It took me 50 minutes to walk the route from the house to the blinking light, down a side street and back again.  I clocked it one day on the way home with the kids and what I imagined was a 15-20 minute mile was actually only about 2.7 miles at that time – turtle pace.

That however was exactly what my body was up for, and nothing more.  It wanted to wander and listen and take it all in.

Now that the course is over, I could technically tell you everything that Robert told me – which was a lot in fourteen hours.  Yet – I don’t want to.  It felt like I learned very little because I “knew” 80% of it already – but before I started, I didn’t know any of it consciously (or, very little).  That, I think, is the mark of a valuable course – it seeps into you in such a way that you don’t have to agree or disagree, you just simply know.

As I observe everything around me, and within me,  I know I have dramatically changed over this year.  It is helped me become more than I thought I would be, and helped me crack the door on what I might become.

Karma is not a heavy burden.  It’s a lightness of being, of becoming, of knowing and realizing.

The travelers who you encounter in such a journey are Your People.

There’s the friend I can call who will immediately dive into the most spiritual of all discussions, when I can get him on the phone, which is rarely.

There’s my comrade-in-arms who I can turn to when I need a kind soul to shine a little uplifting white light on me.

There’s the curmudgeon who started me on this path, my first companion.

There are the Jews who hold the old secrets.

There’s the man whose core values and sense of duty mirror mine so closely it feels like we are brother and sister, even as he makes decisions I would never make.

There are the animals whose faces whisper to me.

There is the Tarot lady whose card I read every day, just because I like her and she is nothing in this world like me.

There’s the woman who mostly finds me a challenge and an irritation (I suspect) and who feels like a friend nonetheless, and who every once in a blue moon comes through with an answer so profound I know it’s truth, and that helps set me right.

There’s the writer who helped me see my intuition for the very first time, who connected me back to myself and allowed me entrance as only an earth angel can do.

There are the friends who are so smart that their existence thrills me through their sheer intellect laced with humor – they save me when it gets bleak.

The children who hold me accountable.

The guides and angels who have my back.

How do you know when you have met your people?

You know because you see a part of you, in them.

It’s that recognition that allows us to realize ourselves, through them.  It fairly shines.  It’s like looking in the mirror.

Can you see it?