A Little About A Lot: Intuitive Readings, Ghosts, Schedule Changes and Crazy Energy

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When my husband came back from his work trip to Houston, he brought a ghost with him.

He was showing me two objects from his dead aunt’s house.  His trip had been to hire contractors to make the house sale-ready, after the family had cleaned out everything they wanted.  In the trash, he found two little momentos.

One didn’t bother me.  The other, which was a little statue of a tiki-like object from time she spent overseas, immediately made my stomach turn.  My husband does not believe in or support my interest in The Woo, but sometimes you just have to react without worrying about what someone else might think.  This was one of those moments, when instincts said,”Oh no, we’re taking care of this right away!” and I went right for the sea salt.

As I turned to head toward the pantry, I saw a figure plain as day right behind my husband, hanging back about ten feet.

He was a teenager or a young man with dark brown hair in a red hoodie sweatshirt.

He was there for a second or less and blinked right out.

I sat that statue in sea salt overnight to cleanse it.  I didn’t feel bothered by the ghost, but I did feel bothered by the statue.

By the next day, when nothing seemed “off” in the house, I figured we were all good.

It still creeped me out to think that my husband had a traveling companion on his airplane flight and trip through the terminal and in my car on the way home.

I wonder if the ghost was attached to the object, or just a traveling attachment?

This was the first time I have seen a ghost fully apparate, “live and in person,” so to speak.

I usually feel them, sense them, am made aware of them, but now I guess I am going to be seeing them with my eyes open as well.


Changing the Publishing Schedule – Expect A Little Randomness For A While

I am usually annoyed when people make “big announcements” of things that I had never noticed before, like changing or pulling back on their blog publishing schedule.  Yet the MBA part of me has you and the spiders all trained to come here at the same time every week, for a Thursday Post.  Anyone who is very attentive and interested knows that I publish these every Wednesday night.  That means that I have to schedule writing into my week, every week, which is basically good for me.

In the past, I was working from home and could write whenever the mood struck.  It made me think about what I had learned every week.  It forced a time of contemplation to really observe what was showing up for me, what my clients were teaching me, and what trends were around me, begging for notice and attention for clearing, acknowledging, and taking action on.  This is a practice that is healthy, and I recommend that everyone just do it, if you can.

The problem is that I am up to my eyeballs in Life, and some weeks I cannot calm myself enough to really see what is going on.  I may have a burst of activity on my Facebook page when insights come or I want to share something, and then other times may go for a week or two and post nothing.

Inconsistency isn’t good business, but it occurs to me that I am not in business here anymore.  I do not do readings and I am not selling anything, aside from my professional intuitive development course, Psychic Sparks, which you can still buy to get three hours of time with me working on your specific intuitive blossoming, which is something you don’t see in the market too often.

The thing is, Spirit brings you if they want you here.  I really believe that, because I see it time and again.

This is true for every one of you, in your own life.  People are brought to you who need you, for whatever it is that you do, for whoever it is that you are, and that’s something special that you bring to the table.

A while ago I stopped doing readings, started doing them again, and then stopped.  There are these beautiful moments when I am the messenger of something Spirit wants you to know, and I get all tingly when the synchronicity and the signs show up and I can be of service.  That does not happen nearly as much anymore when I solicit readings.  It just happens as I am walking down the street.  Maybe there will be a time when I want to do readings again and the energy is pulling me to say,”Yes!” but it is not right now.

That said, I will throw some readings in here and there to those who write to me with a heart-felt question.  If you want to be considered for a reading, to be published here at my whim, just send your photo and your question stated in a paragraph to the Contact page or write it in the Comments below.  I offered this to my Facebook fans last week and – thanks to all of you who sent in questions – I will be answering the first one below.  I am not going to be answering “prediction” questions unless they really tie in to your next best step or there is a genuine purpose for you to have the information.  I’m not sure how to explain how that happens exactly, except that some things are occasionally “slated” to occur, no matter what…and these things get answered when the time is right.  That’s opposed to the ever-moving, ever-changing future that hasn’t come into being yet, that depends upon your actions and the actions of others, an answer to which serves no one and takes away from your own authority.

I go where Spirit encourages me to go, with the person whose message is begging to be delivered. If it happens to be you, great!  If not, then there is a reason for that…the most likely one is that you have to do your own work, or it just doesn’t serve you to get an answer neatly delivered by someone else (me) at this time.  If you aren’t chosen, it will unfold anyway and you didn’t need me in the first place, OK?

One Quick Intuitive Question And Answer

This week’s question comes from Stephanie, who asks:

I’ve got a general question about my husband and our work/life situation. I have been working from home for years, and my husband has recently transitioned to it as well. I really enjoy it, and I think he does too, so much as he tells me. I’ve been working over the past few years on increasing my trust of “interpreting” the intuitive messages I’m getting. In this regard (our work life and finances) over the past week or so, I’ve been feeling like I’m missing something–like I’m being sent a message but I’m not quite hearing it. Is the current path we’re on leading us to the “optimal life,” or should we be exploring other options, such as me working on my book or something else? Or all together? I’m not looking for predictions, just the guidance that I might not be getting or might be misinterpreting.

The message I am getting from your Guide Team for you and your husband, in your highest good, is that your husband’s best path is not to work from home.  There is a dynamic at play where you are the major energetic lead in the relationship…you hold more power and this can lead to a sort of domination or mothering of him that is not best for the health of the marriage.  He needs his own space and time to generate his power through the interaction he gets outside of the home, in working with others.  That work that he does leads him to bring healthy balance when he gets home.

I am seeing him outdoors and working with his body and hands in a physical way.  I’m actually seeing wood, like logs.  If he is a “paperwork and phone guy” in his profession right now then that is not what he is best suited for.  I’m not getting that much in the way of specifics, just that he is the one who is “misplaced” right now, not you.  You aren’t supposed to be changing anything right now in your own career.  That intuitive, gut level feeling that “something is off” is your intuition telling you that although YOU may be loving him being home, it’s not what’s best for him or your marriage.

It’s not your job to tell him this or to encourage him to change anything.  He’ll get an opportunity to move on.  When that happens, your best bet is to lovingly accept that and allow him to move on, knowing it serves you both best.

Thank you for submitting a question and allowing me into your energetic space to deliver a message.

Crazy Energy And What’s Going On With You?

Feel free to send your questions in even if they aren’t specific to you, but just are “energy changes” you’re noticing going on in the world or in your world.  SO much is changing right now, it’s almost as if nothing is predictable day to day.  Don’t limit yourself to what you think of as “a reading.”  If you’ve just been wondering “what is going on??” and want to chat about it, please just ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer, even if it results in a “mini-reading” of sorts.  I can hear there are people out there waiting to be answered and feeling out-of-sorts, and these are generally very easily cleared up – you just have to be willing to ASK 🙂


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  1. ” It forced a time of contemplation to really observe what was showing up for me, what my clients were teaching me, and what trends were around me, begging for notice and attention for clearing, acknowledging, and taking action on. This is a practice that is healthy, and I recommend that everyone just do it, if you can.”

    This is so very true Julie – in fact as a twice a week poster I’ve learned to jot down, somewhere, anywhere, what I’m noticing around me…before it slips out of my conscious awareness.

    And how amazing to ‘see’ that spirit, good for you for paying attention and thank heavens for salt!
    Elle recently posted..4 Unusual Ways To Manage OverwhelmMy Profile

    • Hi Elle! Thanks for sharing 🙂 YES I lose thoughts all of the time, because I don’t jot them down. I really should. They usually come back around eventually… I don’t think I would have the stamina to post twice a week even if I had the time. It’s a lot, and personally I just don’t work that far ahead or that fast, it has to have more sinking in time.

  2. Wow! Now i’m curious, did you keep the Tiki-like object and does it bother you still, even after being in sea salt?

    We have had a lot of changes recently, all wanted, but some things do still feel out of sync. I’m consciously trying to work myself back in to the ‘flow’ and it really would be great to know, if i’m on the right track. Thanks so much.
    Li-ling recently posted..Why you still need to MAKE that Cake!My Profile

    • Hi Li-ling, No, it doesn’t both me now that it’s been salted. I could have buried it overnight but I think that might have ruined the wood.

      I tried to find your photo but I don’t see it on your site. That’s how I connect to you, so send one if you like.

  3. I wish I understood what was happening in my life.
    I was fired from my job last week. I worked as a temp for the company for 3 months then hired in after. I worked as a full time employee for almost another three. I was let go for performance reasons but I know it was because my supervisor and I did not like each other. I was distant from her because early on, I can tell that she’s “a little off balance” in her mind. Off balance meaning ultra sensitive where she creates drama where there should be none.
    My issue is, I had the dream that I was trying to hard to work towards. I was working for a really good company, good benefits and good pay where I could actually save money (I have a BA and MBA degree).and then everything disappeared like a sandcastle in high tide. I am trying to approach this as a learning experience, but honestly I know that I played everything straight. I showed up for work, I was never late and I worked hard. I read everywhere that the universe has my back. But if it truly does then I don’t understand how it proves that theory by taking something I needed to survive? If that is a way for it to prove it has my back, then the concept is way too abstract for me to understand. Maybe you can unravel the mystery for me.

    • Michelle, That same thing happened to me a few years ago. What you need to do is see if you were really in the right place? Doing the right career? The universe absolutely has your back, but if you do not listen and heed the intuitive signs you get (usually over years) then YES it will boot you right out of your predictable, comfy life in the most annoying way possible so that you have to consider,”OK then, so why was that wrong and what if anything can be done about it?” The lesson and work in it vary from person to person in the details, but frankly in the end it is about our higher good. For instance, I was the main income in the family and I was prevented from getting a regular job for three entire years. Most of this blog is about that process and what happened in the interim. If you just need to change jobs, then you will get another (better) one post haste. But if it is about something else, something more universal, then you need to feel your way through and show your faith as you walk. Remember that the universe has your back and begin to consider, what do I need to learn, accept, and understand right now. Don’t forget to surrender as you go (if you don’t know what I mean by that now, you will find out). Each of us does this in our own way, and losing jobs are sometimes pre-destined “wake up” calls and sometimes not.

      • When you mentioned possibly being in the right career (corporate-business environment) I’m starting to have doubts. I have changed a lot. I was also out of work for awhile and used it as an opportunity to grow and expand spiritually. I think you mentioned a similar experience in one of your posts. That is sort of why I feel a certain affinity with you.
        Since Friday, I started doing research on the requirements of a different career. So, who knows, maybe I do need a career change. Thanks for the insight!

  4. I should say that I follow you on facebook and enjoy your posts. 🙂

  5. Thank you very much for conversing with our team and sorting this message out for me. I think it was absolutely right on the money. Thank you for the clear indication that it is not my job to pass on the message, either. I DO tend to try a little too hard to get him to examine why he is and where he is, and I’d been getting the feeling that this is more an in-between time, a time for him to rest up and recuperate before moving on to better things for himself.

    Brilliant. Thank you again.

  6. Hmm, this is all very interesting. Did you ever figure out who the spirit was? Do you think it’s connected to the statue? Intriguing.
    Jennifer Lynne Flint recently posted..Monday MantraMy Profile

    • Jenny, I am not sure if it was connected to the object or not. Since he blinked in right at that moment when we were discussing the statue, I tend to think “maybe.” I also can’t connect the spirit to anything but fairly modern times, and although I know very little about the Houston part of the family, we haven’t lost anyone that I know of that would fit the age either. I didn’t try to connect with him, move him on or anything else, although I might just have a chat with my spirit guide team because we don’t need any more problematic energy than we already have.

  7. I had that happen once when someone brought something into my house that gave me a bad feeling. I tried to ignore it for awhile, but finally disposed of the offending object and did a sage smudge to cleanse the energy. I don’t know about sea salt–what is that about?
    Galen Pearl recently posted..You’re Invited!My Profile

    • Galen, I will stick anything in sea salt that I don’t like the energy of, or think needs cleansing, except things that can’t be handled that way or shouldn’t, like cards. It’s the same idea as sage, but I have just never used sage. You can also bury objects overnight, there are all kinds of methods. I like the idea of sea salt because it’s easy and in my mind it’s “earthing.” You just pour it into a dish or a bowl and leave the object in it overnight. You don’t have to ritualize it unless you want to.

  8. can we send you a quick email for our general question (not a reading request I promise!!) and you can post on here? I do not want to put a photo and name on a public blog:)

  9. Hi, I’ve just found your blog and I have a question. (Well actually I have very many but for now, one!) I read somewhere that curses and spirits cannot cross running water, or seas specifically. I lost someone recently, but I live across the sea from our family home. I don’t feel like she’s around me at all. Do you think this could be a part of it?

    A friend of hers in our hometown had a medium in the house, who felt her presence coming through. She said she hadn’t accepted yet that she was gone, so was still hanging around, but that we didn’t need to worry about her. I wonder if I need to go back home to connect with her, maybe before she moves on, or to help her move on somehow. Perhaps this is more for me than her, I really don’t know.

    (If you search for me using my email address on Facebook, you can see my picture. I’m the shorter one on the left and she is the one on the right.)

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