How To Find Your Truth and The Truth About Awakenings

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You Can Go Your Own Way

You aren’t going to find your way, your truth, through following what someone else tells you to do.

Each person starts their work in their own way.  If at the beginning of your cycle you start by grasping for guidance, courses, books, coaches, what anyone else thinks about your experience, or what anyone else did in their own experience, then you have just derailed yourself.

I cannot tell you how many times I did not seek someone else’s input into this work, while everyone around me was hiring coaches, finding gurus, spending  god-awful amounts of money on programs, and really worried about followers, plug-ins, themes, SEO, and countless other things.

All of those things are distractions.

You know I am not shy about opening my mouth when I see someone going off track.  I’ve learned, of course, that they don’t usually have “ears to hear.”  They have to come to their own conclusions and understandings at their own pace, in their own time, in their destined way.

So I’ve learned to shut up and ask the universe, “Is it time yet?”  I can feel their head shaking no, and I have learned to quiet myself and let that be okay that it’s really not my business or my work to do.  Everyone does their own.

Someone who is on track and allows themself to take a complete side mission into what’s wrong for them or their business.

Someone who has an astonishing gift that is as plain as the nose on their face but cannot see it and runs around in circles for years or decades, spending tons of money with others, when I already told them what they need to know, for free.

Does it irk me and ping my ego sometimes when, years after I told them, they credit someone else with the “epiphany” that changed their life?  Yeah, okay, sometimes it does.  Mostly today I am just glad that they finally got there, and I am okay with taking my contribution and knowing that it didn’t make a difference.

People are only ready to hear what they need to know when they are ready, and not one moment sooner.  Getting better at seeing when that is helps, because if you are present at that moment you can really deliver the message.  Getting hit on the head with an anvil is only necessary for some of us.  A few do learn lessons gracefully and easily, at least some of the time!

You must sit with yourself and “what is” for you.  Yes I know that some people find that difficult, if not impossible.  Those who cannot do it find themselves creating distractions to get in their way, like games, Facebook, that next program or course, that next guru who can solve all their problems.

There are moments when it is okay to distract yourself.  Many times I have sat playing a game when I am processing something…and sometimes that takes months.  You have to create your space and it is wise to know when you need processing time to take it all in, digest it, and move on.

We say that there are “no wrong paths” and that’s probably true – you get where you need to go…eventually.  You can make it as painful as you want, as long as you feel is necessary, and as expensive as you can stomach.  There will be a Reckoning Day.  That day you may say to yourself, “Why did I spend thousands of dollars on those courses?  Why did I waste my time getting hurt through associating with that coach?”  And so on.  Still, did you get where you needed to go?  If so, then it could be considered time, money, and energy well spent.  There is no wrong road, just…some are really painful, and don’t need to be traveled.  The next time you find yourself taking action via distraction, please see it for what it is.  A detour on your way to becoming fully you.

I figure that the world needs you just as soon as possible.  Remember When Harry Met Sally, when Harry said, “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible?”  That’s your relationship with your soul.   That’s your relationship with the world, each of us waiting for you to come fully into being and help us all out.

We are so in this thing together.  I need you.  Everyone needs you.  Yes, you!

Grammar Nazis

For God’s sake, please stop wasting time and energy side tracking yourself with the unnecessary.  One of the major time-wasters we use is judgment.

I had a conversation with a friend who called me a “grammar Nazi.”  That was on the heels of my crazy relative calling me “Little Miss Perfect” in a nanny-nanny boo-boo voice a few weeks prior.  Imagine the look I gave them both, and the conversation that ensued.  Talk about the universe giving me a lovely opening to stop them mid-nonsense and take a good, hard look at themselves.

“I am not a grammar Nazi.”

“But don’t you judge the person for making a glaring mistake?”


“You don’t?”


“Why not?”

“I figure they just didn’t get a good education.”


“I make plenty of mistakes myself anyway, who am I to judge them?  Maybe they’re right and I’m wrong?”

“You know they’re not right when they spell t-o-o t-o.”

“Yeah, I know that, but what difference does it make?”

It’s  A Circus In There, Folks

I want you to seriously look at what difference other people’s experiences make, to you?  If they are making what you consider a mistake, either grammatically or morally, trust me when I tell you that thinking so is an error.  Remember “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”  It’s not just because their windows might break (Or is that brake?  Nah, you knew that one, right?!  Who cares?)  It’s because you are focused on them and not you.  Focusing on you is not self-centered.  It is necessary.  You have a lot of work to do, on the interior, so you can show up for good.  Each one of you has a kernel of good, if not a fully popped bag of circus popcorn  in there.  Just pop, already.

A Poem, A Mantra, A Prayer

A little download I received recently:

I will begin at the beginning and be open to all that consciousness has for me.  This may take one day and one step, or a thousand years, many lifetimes, and hundreds of steps. All is well in my world. I intend to keep my feelings feeling and the eyes of my eyes open.  I ask for assistance from all light beings to show me the truth and unburden me through understanding.  As quickly as my system can handle it with grace, I accept the solutions that come to me through love.

A quick quote from my favorite poet, e.e.cummings – please take this with you like a mantra, and soon it will be true:

now the ears of my ears are awake, and now the eyes of my eyes are open

Be well and lots of love in these trying times.

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  1. Anne McCarroll says:

    Yay! And I say Yay! Again! Well said! Good advice all round! I hear it!

  2. Two great posts in a week!? Well, I’m glad, because you always give me much to think about. Sometimes my quest to understand is so fervent that I’m out there, all over the place, looking for the answer. Most often it is within, but it’s hard to wait to figure that out. I’m too enmeshed in the immediate to stand back with a clear perspective, so it’s nice to find new ways to look at a situation, or to consider something I hadn’t before.
    But we can’t take everything we read as fact. It may well be for some people, but that, we are reminded, is their personal experience, and it may differ greatly from our own.

    I enjoy e.e. cummings’ work too, based on what I’ve read. I like the personal mantra. If we each approached every given day with this attitude, I think much of what goes awry could be remedied or prevented.

    P.S. I wince at the grammatical errors I see all over these days, even from my children’s teachers. I sometimes think, “Doesn’t anyone take the time to edit anymore?” In this fast-paced era, it seems not. But if the one writing is so empassioned with what he or she is trying to convey, I let it slide 😉 while still secretly wincing.

    • Hi Ayla, Nothing wrong with having grammar errors bother you, and yes they do abound! It’s just that I’m not going to spend time yaaking with someone about how so-and-so is a moron because they did x, y, and z…I don’t want to go into gossip mode over it, you know?

      Tracking down an answer to a pertinent question just makes sense. I ask plenty of questions and do the Googling when something comes to my attention. That’s following our intuition though, isn’t it, because something was brought to our attention and we then proceed to seek out an answer. It’s different when we don’t have enough faith and trust in ourselves to begin with, so that we seek someone else’s opinion or service, “because it must be better than our own,” right?!

  3. LOVE! Hope you and yours are doing well and thank you for your writings.
    Blessings <3

  4. Hi Julie,
    Do think feel it’s acceptable to seek help once you’ve been derailed & don’t know how to get back on track or just feel so lost that you don’t know what direction to start heading?


    • Hi Nicole, Sure, everyone needs and gets help all of the time. That’s what readings, friends, and Robert Ohotto are for 🙂 We all need guidance at times, we all learn from each other, from books, from podcasts, from our own teams, and from ourselves, right? For instance, when I wanted to start the blog, I knew ZERO about how to do it, so naturally I got help from specific people who generously shared their knowledge, and I Googled around a little bit. When I got stuck, I called someone or I Googled again. What I COULD have done is hired someone for anywhere from $50 to $5,000 to do it for me. I chose to do it myself and learn it, because I don’t like not understanding at least the basics. What I COULD have done is waited for months, reading all about it, and never getting started.

      So if you are “stuck” – and we all get stuck – then you want to do “something” to get unstuck…the question is, will you follow your intuition and seek help that way, wherever it leads you, or will your flounder and wait around staying stuck?

      While I am not doing readings at this time, I am happy to help you if you just want direction. Just send your photo with one well thought out paragraph about what is going on, and if I get a quick response from your team I will pass it on to you.

      • Hi Julie,
        Thank you for your feedback & for validating the innate need to seek guidance at times of confusion or moments that I get off track. I feel like I should just have the ability to see or know what’s next & wonder if I’m cheating when I seek help, lol. I appreciate your generous offer & I will be in touch shortly.

  5. LOL, I’m totally a grammar Nazi. But I’m pretty sure it’s my only flaw, so I’m okay with it.

    Right? Right! Okay, maybe not. I’ll keep working on it. No gurus required, I promise. 🙂
    Jennifer Lynne Flint recently posted..A Bird in the HandMy Profile

    • JF, It’s the criticism and judgment and gossip part that could stand release, in some cases. We all know you are not a meany 🙂 You just want the world to be grammatically correct while it goes about expressing itself!

  6. I got huge tingles reading this, but not sure exactly which parts… maybe all of them?… necessarily applied. It’s really made me wonder about if I’m one of those letting myself get distracted 🙂
    On the Grammar Nazi, there are so many posts and texts that I see that make me shake my head. I do bite my tongue so to speak, but man… I would have hoped people would have gotten more out of their English classes!
    Stacie recently posted..Unique Oracle DeckMy Profile

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