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A Surprise Psychometry Lesson

Have you ever had an experience with psychometry?  Psychometry uses touch to access the past and pick up intuitive or psychic information.

I wasn’t going to write this week.  Life has been so chaotic, with massive changes and potential changes on the table, that just getting through the day took all of my energy.  Now that I am working full time, I don’t get the downtime to work out, meditate, or make the space in my head to put together the ideas that usually generate Thursday Posts.  Last night I sat down to type, and although I was in a great mood and feeling like writing, I had no creative ideas.  It was a blank up there.  So I shut the computer off, and woke up today with the day off to take my son to the doctor.

On our way back, we stopped off at a relative’s house to pick up some paperwork from them.  They asked me to make sure all of the pages were there, so I sat down to flip through and look.  It was a big stack and I thought there were a few missing, so I started all over again.

That’s when, even though I was in a rush, starving, and wanted to leave to feed my complaining kid, I lost track of what I was doing.

I was completely sidetracked by some images that were flitting through my head.

I started again, wanting to just get this over with and get out the door to lunch already, but the images got stronger and were so distracting that I couldn’t finish.

I asked,”Are these papers really old, like maybe 10, 20 or even more years old?”  They didn’t look old, but I was flashing back to being a teenager, to another time when I had done something similar.

Yes, they were old.

Suddenly I started to get an image of someone I knew when I was a kid.  It was as if, with my eyes open, I was just seeing a scene in my vision to my right.  In the image, it was a brightly lit room, and I saw the man’s face.  Then, off to his right, I saw the flickering image of another person I knew when I was a kid.  The two people weren’t interacting, it was like they were in different places, disconnected, but in the same room.

Both of these people I only knew because of the relative I was visiting, but they were not my family members.  So I asked if the papers had anything to do with either of the men, and I was told that they had to do with the first man, but really didn’t have anything to do with the second man.

That’s when it finally occurred to me that both men are now long dead, and maybe they were simply paying my relative a visit.  Perhaps the one man was coming through more strongly than the other.

Alternatively, maybe I was picking up long ago psychic impressions from the papers themselves, because at least the one man had handled them.

I realized that I connected the second man in my mind to the papers because he was there when I last did something like this.

In psychometry, they say that you can pick up psychic impressions from the object that you are holding, like jewelry or eyeglasses or a wallet.  You should be able to access old data about the object itself and its owner.  I’ll admit that I’ve tried a few times when in antique stores or antique jewelry stores, but I usually find that physically picking it up doesn’t give me any more information than I already had from just looking at it.

This must be a form of clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) because I visualized a scene in my mind’s eye with my eyes open, which has become pretty easy to do just in the last couple of years.  The first time I noticed it, I was having a conversation in a bar with an old friend of my husband’s and I could see a scene play out over his left shoulder, of something that was shown to happen in the future.

Prior to that, I was only aware of getting clairvoyant messages when my eyes were closed, and the scene would play out on the inside of my eyelids, or in the center of my head.  It was really just a matter of focus, since I typically will get messages for people in whatever “clair” they use the most.  For those who are clairvoyant, if you don’t see anything on the back of your eyelids, trying changing the focus to a different area.  For me, it’s right in the center of my mind, where you would literally focus when doing grounding and centering exercises.

Have you ever tried to (or, accidentally, like me!) obtain information about an object just by picking it up?  Have you ever noticed that it’s when you are not paying attention or trying, that you get the clearest information?

The neat part about my experience was that I wasn’t given anything more specific.  In fact, I had the sense that, whatever the details of what I was picking up, they were “none of my business” because though the image took a moment to go away, I wasn’t shown anything else.  Other intuitives will know what I mean here.  Sometimes I get a clear sign or signal, or am told directly, that I am not supposed to get more data.  The message is for the other person, and they will know what it means.  After all, when we do intuitive work, we are just the vessel, and curiosity isn’t satisfied.  The purpose is simply to be a conduit.

I don’t know about you, but I am amazed at what has been coming through for me lately.  Even without actively doing readings, even with my mind on paperwork most days, I am being brought people or situations left and right that I am supposed to briefly be involved in.  More interesting to me is how diverse the ways it is coming through are.

I always love this time of year.  The closer we get to Halloween, the more the veil seems to lift and the easier it is to see, feel, hear and access the other side and Spirit.  This year feels entirely different to me – and I know it is not just me.  This is a major transition time and everyone is being brought closer to the other side.

Do you feel it?  What experiences are you having?  I’d love to know.