A Surprise Psychometry Lesson

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Have you ever had an experience with psychometry?  Psychometry uses touch to access the past and pick up intuitive or psychic information.

I wasn’t going to write this week.  Life has been so chaotic, with massive changes and potential changes on the table, that just getting through the day took all of my energy.  Now that I am working full time, I don’t get the downtime to work out, meditate, or make the space in my head to put together the ideas that usually generate Thursday Posts.  Last night I sat down to type, and although I was in a great mood and feeling like writing, I had no creative ideas.  It was a blank up there.  So I shut the computer off, and woke up today with the day off to take my son to the doctor.

On our way back, we stopped off at a relative’s house to pick up some paperwork from them.  They asked me to make sure all of the pages were there, so I sat down to flip through and look.  It was a big stack and I thought there were a few missing, so I started all over again.

That’s when, even though I was in a rush, starving, and wanted to leave to feed my complaining kid, I lost track of what I was doing.

I was completely sidetracked by some images that were flitting through my head.

I started again, wanting to just get this over with and get out the door to lunch already, but the images got stronger and were so distracting that I couldn’t finish.

I asked,”Are these papers really old, like maybe 10, 20 or even more years old?”  They didn’t look old, but I was flashing back to being a teenager, to another time when I had done something similar.

Yes, they were old.

Suddenly I started to get an image of someone I knew when I was a kid.  It was as if, with my eyes open, I was just seeing a scene in my vision to my right.  In the image, it was a brightly lit room, and I saw the man’s face.  Then, off to his right, I saw the flickering image of another person I knew when I was a kid.  The two people weren’t interacting, it was like they were in different places, disconnected, but in the same room.

Both of these people I only knew because of the relative I was visiting, but they were not my family members.  So I asked if the papers had anything to do with either of the men, and I was told that they had to do with the first man, but really didn’t have anything to do with the second man.

That’s when it finally occurred to me that both men are now long dead, and maybe they were simply paying my relative a visit.  Perhaps the one man was coming through more strongly than the other.

Alternatively, maybe I was picking up long ago psychic impressions from the papers themselves, because at least the one man had handled them.

I realized that I connected the second man in my mind to the papers because he was there when I last did something like this.

In psychometry, they say that you can pick up psychic impressions from the object that you are holding, like jewelry or eyeglasses or a wallet.  You should be able to access old data about the object itself and its owner.  I’ll admit that I’ve tried a few times when in antique stores or antique jewelry stores, but I usually find that physically picking it up doesn’t give me any more information than I already had from just looking at it.

This must be a form of clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) because I visualized a scene in my mind’s eye with my eyes open, which has become pretty easy to do just in the last couple of years.  The first time I noticed it, I was having a conversation in a bar with an old friend of my husband’s and I could see a scene play out over his left shoulder, of something that was shown to happen in the future.

Prior to that, I was only aware of getting clairvoyant messages when my eyes were closed, and the scene would play out on the inside of my eyelids, or in the center of my head.  It was really just a matter of focus, since I typically will get messages for people in whatever “clair” they use the most.  For those who are clairvoyant, if you don’t see anything on the back of your eyelids, trying changing the focus to a different area.  For me, it’s right in the center of my mind, where you would literally focus when doing grounding and centering exercises.

Have you ever tried to (or, accidentally, like me!) obtain information about an object just by picking it up?  Have you ever noticed that it’s when you are not paying attention or trying, that you get the clearest information?

The neat part about my experience was that I wasn’t given anything more specific.  In fact, I had the sense that, whatever the details of what I was picking up, they were “none of my business” because though the image took a moment to go away, I wasn’t shown anything else.  Other intuitives will know what I mean here.  Sometimes I get a clear sign or signal, or am told directly, that I am not supposed to get more data.  The message is for the other person, and they will know what it means.  After all, when we do intuitive work, we are just the vessel, and curiosity isn’t satisfied.  The purpose is simply to be a conduit.

I don’t know about you, but I am amazed at what has been coming through for me lately.  Even without actively doing readings, even with my mind on paperwork most days, I am being brought people or situations left and right that I am supposed to briefly be involved in.  More interesting to me is how diverse the ways it is coming through are.

I always love this time of year.  The closer we get to Halloween, the more the veil seems to lift and the easier it is to see, feel, hear and access the other side and Spirit.  This year feels entirely different to me – and I know it is not just me.  This is a major transition time and everyone is being brought closer to the other side.

Do you feel it?  What experiences are you having?  I’d love to know.


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  1. Hi Julie
    Wow what a great experience! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I have done psychometry with the intent to do it, but I have never had something like you experienced.
    Makes me wonder– does it happen more often and ‘we’ dismiss it? HMMM….. and I just sensed your article is a message for me to be more present & aware. Thank you!
    In Peace
    Julie T

    • Julie, You can definitely *miss* (and we all do) the little hints and messages. Then we get hit over the head or run over by the metaphorical Mack Truck, if it’s something we are really supposed to get. It is always a great idea to be extremely observant and just watch all of the hits flying by. Sometimes we have to notice two or three or ten things before we start to put together what the message really is.

  2. Very interesting post. While I do have an open mind on this subject, I must confess I look for, and generally find, more mundane explanations for such experiences.
    Proactive Indian recently posted..What goes around, comes around – A story of encouragementMy Profile

  3. Hi Julie

    That is so interesting. I have intuition at times but never get something from handling stuff.
    I have felt presence of people and animals that are not alive now, which so far hasn’t been really scary although a little unnerving at times.

    I totally understand you are extremely busy and hope you can find sometime for R & R.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Things That Go Bump In The Night (or in this case the day also)!My Profile

    • Mary, From your lips to God’s ears. It has to be a matter of *making* the time. It doesn’t really take that much time, so I guess it’s just creating the quiet space. Feeling/sensing the dead can be unnerving for sure!

  4. Interesting post!
    I have never been able to do it if I actively try. If it happens at all it’s usually in similar fashion to how and when things come through in other ways: at random sporadic times when I least expect it. I so wish I could fine tune all this stuff.

    • Ayla, It’s kind of thrilling and frustrating at the same time, when you’re just trying to get something done in a rush but suddenly you’re getting in data that makes it impossible to concentrate! It has to be from a lack of groundedness that I am getting from not doing my daily work. I think you can and do learn to control it with regular, truly consistent practice.

  5. Hi Julie!
    This is interesting! I’ve never had an experience like this though I’ve read a little about it. My sister has something like this or claircognisance. She has had the experience of shaking a person’s hand and knowing something about them. It makes me think of the movie Unbreakable with Bruce Willis.

    The closest I’ve come was when I was in Greece. I was so taken with the history, the utter age of the ancient stones and pillars. It was a powerful experience to touch them. But they didn’t tell me anything.
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..How Much Control Do We Have?My Profile

    • Hi Lori, Are you sure they didn’t tell you anything? I’ll bet they told you at least a little something 🙂

      I usually don’t need to touch anything (my info comes in through other senses) so this was a new one on me.

  6. Mine was a long time ago. I went to a friends house, I just had a strange feeling for a day or so (ie couldn’t explain there was something not right) I was going to leave a note asking if they were okay, I touched the door knob (no clue why my friend wasn’t home) and there was like this shock (though I didn’t actually feel it, feel it, but yet I did, and like I could see a flash). A few days later my friend contacted me seem this person for got to shut off the main braker (right around that first feeling) and needless to say got knocked on their butt, hard. They asked if I knew I (well didn’t want to look strange to them) laughed it off and said bet you learned to shut that down from now on.

    Other ten that more boring I would hear a song in my head (that I hadn’t heard since the 80’s) and it wasn’t the whole song just a sentence.
    Another I was just sitting there doing nothing really then seeing someone (said friend) sitting there and I could hear them ask a question so clearly and it was like they were waiting for a response. It just kept replaying in my head over and over again, still kind of does. Either this will happen or someone is thinking about that line, or energy wise… either way I guess I should respond at least in my mind, but I am not sure how to answer. The question “what if we tried a real relationship?” I see them and hear them clearly but I don’t see me, but I feel me right there. As to not knowing how to answer it’s not like yes or no (well a little bit though I don’t know why) but to either put this to rest so it will stop worbling in my head, or get the message to them. Said it was strange.
    Other then that dreams, those are my strange ones too that follow me. ^^^ was not a dream that was right out there in your face. I am talking dreams that you remember or specific parts that you “know” have a meaning and remember it, but “it” just doesn’t make sense but it sticks like glue to you. Trust me I ask for clairfication HA I get more of the same.

    As to touching an object and getting a ready such as you described, it’s happened, not to your extent, just little flashes as if it’s just something I am meant to know about something or a reminder of what I need to be doing. Sometimes I can pick up an object and give some info on it that people are like how the….. yeah I don’t know I just excuse it as I seen it on a bad google search lol it works. Then I go an google search it to see if I ever did run across it, usually no. My favorite is at a distance two cars can look the same and I will know who is in at least one of them (if I know the person) I have no idea if in the subconsious it’s the engine sound or what but doesn’t seem different or I can touch their vehicle and of course (like alot of times) something will pop out of my mouth like so you went to the store today? And they just showed up. I mean sometimes lot of this stuff does just pop out before I can stop it.

    I know I’ve had alot of senses for lack of a better word, of different things and different times, I just never paid it any mind, it was kind of the norm. It really started getting my attention I guess when I was hit by lightening (3 times) and electrical surges (2 times) and only had a tiny red mark on me the size of a dime maybe a nickle that wasn’t sunburn red but red. Yet didn’t hurt, it was more like HEY! LOL. But I still don’t understand alot of them (ie meanings etc).

    So like I said boring stuff I guess for many people, oh well if it wasn’t for boredom I might think I was sane (err insane…) I know I am a probably a different kind of wierd. But smile and wait for the next blink I guess right.

  7. As you know Julie, I don’t have those particular gifts but I always find them fascinating and enjoy hearing about your own experiences. I can’t even imagine that happening to be honest with you.

    I’ve heard of that happening though. Is it hard to like stop thinking or visualizing that when you really don’t want to and go on to do something else? I mean can you easily shut those things off or are you just too curious at the time to understand their meaning? I’ve oftentimes wondered about that.

    Adrienne recently posted..Google Really Can Be CoolMy Profile

    • Adrienne, Normally I don’t walk around “on.” Maybe it’s the thinning right now (how easy it is to connect) or maybe I just haven’t been as mindful as I usually am about honoring my own space (lack of time to meditate and exercise). On the day in question it was so distracting I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. I had to stop for a few seconds and tell it to stop before I could resume the task. That is not normal. Usually it’s much more subtle, you would just say your intuition told you, probably. I just “get” something and then choose whether or not it’s meant to be shared, but it’s not distracting. I don’t generally get hit with things out of the blue (unintentionally). That’s really a lack of what we call “psychic hygiene.” But – sometimes new skills like this just pop on in, and I am sure that is intentional (not on my part!)

  8. That is way cool, Julie! As you know, I deliberately practice psychometry with playing cards, so I know it really can work. I haven’t tried it so much with people’s energies, though. But maybe that’s in the cards someday too. 🙂
    Jennifer Lynne Flint recently posted..Commercial InterruptionMy Profile

  9. anonymouse says:

    I have never been able to do this.. but i *have* immediately rid myself of two things that were given as impromptu ‘gifts’; just felt really uncomfortable having them, innocent as they seemed and just threw them away! Weird. But I guess I thought it better to go with my instincts to be sure /in case the items did have bad energy.

    • Anonymouse, if you ever get a gift that you actually like and want to keep it, let me know and I’ll tell you how to clear it. The usual way, depending on what the object is, is to put it in a cup with sea salt overnight. Some things will get ruined that way, so there are other options.

  10. There is a psychic here in the Portland area who uses objects to get images. She has done a couple of readings for me. More interesting, though, is that she has helped with several missing persons cases with her skill. Fascinating.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Touching the EarthMy Profile

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