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Where Is The Veil This Halloween?

Two years ago I wrote Does The Veil Between Worlds Thin Around Halloween? to suggest ways you can connect with your loved ones in spirit.  If you would like to do that, now is the perfect time.  Go have a read and I’ll be here when you get back.

It’s true that traditionally it is much easier to contact the dead at Halloween and the few days before and after it. 

This year, you may not even have been thinking of it, and already you have visitors!

I’ve had stories of partially formed cats standing in the doorway between rooms again.  This is always a commonly reported sighting, cat lover or no.

Televisions are turning on and off.  I was very creeped out when that happened to me a couple of years ago while I was home alone.  Imagine you’re alone and suddenly you hear a tv switching on in the next room.  No animals are nearby to have bumped it on in their travels.  No electricity problems.  Sound is coming from the tv that does not match the scene, and in one case kept playing even after the tv was switched off.

I had a report of pots and pans banging and flying around kitchens in the middle of the night.  Well, we don’t know that’s what happened, because nothing was out-of-place.  Loud noises and bangs were emanating from the kitchen, that’s all we really know.

Many people are reporting that uncomfortable feeling when they simply get that feeling that they aren’t alone.

I’m not having that “favorite time of year” feeling too much this Halloween.  This has been an absolutely wild ride of a month.  There has been constant major activity here and for many of you this October.  It feels like we crammed a whole year (at least!) into the first two weeks of the month, and the last two have been spent in recovery.  Many people are in major transitions, have moved, have disconnected from major relationships, have lost pets, and there is a collective wound licking going on.  Few people are “up”, mainly they are a little down or just in stasis, recovery mode.

It is getting so much easier to access intuitive or psychic information.  With one side of their mouth people might say how they don’t really “believe in that stuff” and with the other side they are telling me about some major synchronicity or asking what I make of some psychic phenomenon that occurred right in front of their face.  Many of them don’t even realize that I am interested in it.  It’s becoming every day conversation.  I don’t think they even realize how funny they sound or that they just contradicted themselves.  Intuitive access is becoming more commonplace than ever.  Part of that is because it’s never been as close to us as it is now.

You’re not “getting old.”  You’re not “losing your mind.”  It’s all right there, if you will only pause to take it in.  Just stop for a beat and consider what you just saw, heard, or sensed.

My friend went to a restaurant on a road trip with his friend.  When they sat down in a “random booth” they noticed right away that both of their names were carved into the table.

Have you noticed how much easier it is lately to pick up your friend’s thoughts?

Even if you’re not a typical empath, a lot of you are walking into rooms and sensing the emotional tone straight away.  You know how the people are feeling before anyone says a word.

Can you look at a photo and “just know” plenty of information about the person in the photo?  When you start to pick up contradictory information that’s a good sign that you are deep into their psyche – people are complex, and you’re picking up the nuances of their personality.

I know that “the other side” is not somewhere up in the sky, it’s all around us all of the time, but sometimes I look up anyway.  I guess that’s ingrained from childhood.  Some spirits feel very far away and others feel like they’re sitting right next to me or standing right behind me.  OK, that’s because they are, sort of!  What I mean is, energetically speaking, they seem “close” or “far.”

This Halloween it doesn’t feel like the veil is thinner and Spirit is closer.  It feels like nothing changed.  It feels like they are right here, all of the time.  Maybe that fabled “veil” doesn’t exist in the same way as it used to anymore.