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Increasing Clairaudience and Three Synchronicities

When I went back to work I expected my connection to spirit to falter somewhat as I wouldn’t be doing intuitive readings anymore. I thought that was what kept my connection strong.  If I’m not chatting with spirit guides and such all of the time, I thought, I’ll be out of the loop.

While going back to work has certainly turned my family life upside down and left me sick, exhausted, and spent – all non-ideal conditions for connecting to spirit through readings – my intuitive channel, particularly the clairaudient piece, has gone through the roof.

I wrote a post entitled Kindergarten, Head Colds, and Broken Septic (I Mean School) Systems that fairly well explained the giant PITA that our daily life has become.  It is 2,000 words which would have some of your roaring, some shaking your head, and some wondering where the spirituality was supposed to be.

I decided not to publish it because it made me sick just reading it – there was just entirely too much complaining in the thing!  It was a story of everything that’s been going wrong.  Here, though, is the conclusion:

The funny part, the only part I have enjoyed so far, is that every once in a while my connection to spirit comes through so clearly that it’s as if I have a hotline and all I have to do is pick up the phone.  I expected to have the connection falter a bit since I wasn’t doing readings anymore, but in fact that’s not true – it’s clearer than ever.  Besides my family’s safety and overall well-being, that’s the thing that matters to me the most.

So in the end, as usual, all is well.

Since I couldn’t publish last week (entirely too sick and flat out of time) I asked you all,”If I am not up to sharing my life this week, what would you like to hear about?” Most people said “synchronicity” while others said “how to communicate with your spirit guides” so here is a little of both.

Rely Purely On Your Intuition – It Knows Truth

It crossed my mind that the reason my clairaudience is superb today and I have such a clear connection comes down to one thing, which I hope may help some of you who are working on developing your intuitive channel: pure reliance on my own intuition from the get-go, from my very first reading, even though it was scary to put myself out there having no idea if what I was getting was “right.”

Here is what I said on Facebook (and please join me there because that’s where everything happens that doesn’t happen here):

“The best thing my mentor taught me when I started out doing readings is to discard the props (cards, astrology, etc) and rely on getting messages directly from other people’s spirit guides and angels.  THEN you can check your work through other sources, if you need the reassurance, especially when you are a beginner.  This pure act of faith and reliance on your own intuitive channel pays off HUGELY down the road, as your abilities strengthen and solidify.  I can’t tell you how much doing readings for all of YOU helped me to learn to connect to my own spiritual team and rely on my intuition.”

The Lantern Synchronicity

I was driving my kids home from their swimming lesson on a Friday night.  I looked up at the sky and noticed this GIANT, amazing cloud that looked just like a lantern.  I’d never seen such a thing before and I even remarked on it to the kids.  I’ve noticed my attention keeps getting drawn to the skies lately.

Earlier that day I noticed that my mentor, the man who taught me initially to do readings, had published an article.  He usually doesn’t do that during the week.  I kept getting distracted away from it, and never had a chance to read it, until Saturday.

The article was about Lantern Bearers.

I strongly urge you to read it because it is a beautiful explanation of what I am doing here and how I was led to this life.  It may also be a message for you.

I mentioned the synchronicity of my lantern in the sky and how I was delayed in reading his article until AFTER I had seen it.  Do you know what he said?

He had been choosing a cover for his new book, and pouring over photos of clouds, right at that same moment that I saw the lantern in the sky.

The Job Synchronicity

I was carrying a plate of pizza past the pool table one night and my phone spoke to me.  No, it didn’t speak out loud!

I “heard” it (silently) telling me that something had happened, my friend had gotten a job.  I checked, and no email messages were on my phone.

I contacted the person and just asked if I “heard” right, and found out that I had…he had been looking for a job for a while, and had just received word that a formal offer would be arriving in the morning.

The Second Phone Synchronicity

I “heard” (out loud) my husband call me by my nickname.

He wasn’t home at the time but he was working nearby so it was possible he had stopped at home and I just hadn’t heard him come in.  I got up to check, but no husband.

I thought,”Let me check my phone, maybe he called.”

He had.  At that exact moment.  I didn’t hear the phone ring but I heard him call me.

He was on his way home and in a rush.  He wanted to know if I could make him a sandwich because he had to drop some things off and run right back out the door to another job.

Convenient, that clairaudience, isn’t it?

I have never “heard” things like this before.  Maybe I am picking up on some telepathy, I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter, because I am getting the messages.

The Unknown

My best advice to those who work with me in Psychic Sparks, my mentorship program for those who want to do professional level intuitive work, is to be willing to step into the unknown.  You have to get very quiet at first, you have to listen, you have to see what is right in front of your face (or in your mind’s eye) and you have to tune in to that right channel that is broadcasting to you all of the time.  These are the whispers, the messages, the threads that Spirit is sending you.  For those of you who are called to do this work, it is constantly available to you, in service to other people.  You must learn to trust it and rely on your own system to get the messages through to you consciously, so you can pass them along appropriately.

The space of the unknown used to scare me.  It’s when we think life is happening to us, instead of us happening to life.  Then the unknown is the territory that brings up fear.  Students wonder, what if the message is wrong?  What if the client doesn’t agree with what I am seeing?

All I can tell them is that if they are honestly working straight from the place of being of service, if they have no agenda, if they can walk into the unknown with a curious heart and open mind, then when they seek, they will find truth.  Every time.

When you think of the unknown, what does that feel like to you to be in its territory?  And where do you feel it in your system?

Before I did readings, it used to be all head space and fear for me.  Now I realize that when the unknown shows up in my life, I get excited.  It’s here!  This is opportunity.  Instead of using my head, I feel into it, maybe with a little caution until I am sure it is safe, but always literally feeling my angels and guides at my back and side.  I am slow to respond by just a beat or two, because sometimes they are giving me the words to say, the attitude to have, the support I need to tell it like it is.

My system does not register trepidation anymore, it just assumes that the information is correct and I can take action from there.  Maybe that’s why I am hearing everything so clearly these days.