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How To Access and Trust Your Intuition

One of the most common questions I get is,”How do you know when it’s your intuition?”

I frequently speak to people who are amazingly intuitive, more intuitive than I am naturally, but they are still stuck.  They don’t think they’re getting intuitive hits.  They think it must be their imagination, or they’re making it up, or they’re wrong.

Did you catch the word that has them stuck?  It’s think.

Your intuition simply doesn’t come through by thinking things over, or second guessing them, or when you are logically planning things out.

I very often hear that people “don’t have the patience” or “don’t have the time” to sit down, get quiet, and listen to the silence.  Guess what?  If you haven’t found it yet, the place where you recognize your intuition is coming through, then you cannot walk around the world all busy doing your errands and also access your intuition.  After you know what it is, then you can.  Not before.

The people who say they don’t have the time and the patience are not just lazy.  They almost always follow up their remark by stating that they don’t believe what they are getting is “it.”

They don’t trust.

My favorite phrase of all time regarding intuitive hits is “TRUST WHAT YOU GET” (something I learned very early on from my intuitive pal Lisa).

When students of Psychic Sparks do their attunement to meet their conduit guide, they sometimes say that they saw or heard this or that, followed by the other entity over there, and then conclude that they must have been making the whole thing up.

This is what I tell them: did you follow my voice through the guided meditation?  Yes? Did you see what I told you to see?  Yes?  Then when I stopped talking completely and there was silence, and no further suggestions from me, did something happen?

They will say,”Yes.  My conduit guide showed up.”


If no one was there, nothing would happen.

What is it that we are expecting to have happen, exactly?

When my conduit guide showed up, I was scared.  I knew my imagination wasn’t that good!

When I did my first readings and people validated what I told them, I’d get shivers in a certain place.  That’s real, folks.

Sometimes it’s humorous to me, because as the person is writing to me asking how they know if this or that intuitive hit is real, I can tell that it is, and with the next breath they will tell me that it isn’t.  They aren’t convinced until I validate it for them.

That’s just silly, because I’m not with them 99.99999% of the time.  They have to learn to trust what they get and be brave enough to share it.  Simple (and difficult) as that.

Believe that whatever popped in your head is the answer.

It’s a process.  You have to adjust your attitude and perspective if you are a non-believer.

The way to adjust your attitude and perspective is to learn how to dial in to your intuition.

You dial in to your intuition by becoming incredibly detailed in your observations.

You have the power within to encounter the tiniest of details that have encoded messages just for you.

This can be your soul calling you out.

It can be your spirit guides and assigned angels bringing little things to your attention.

It can be a whole host of things happening around you and within you, all of the time.  They are always happening.  Will you tune in to them?

This is where the Trust comes in and the Logic flies out the window.

Can You Give Me An Example Of How Intuition Works?

If you get a gut feeling, a sense, a knowing about someone else, yourself, a situation…

If your mind flashes back to some other time, place, or person…

If you think,”This person looks like that person…” and suddenly connect the dots mentally between one thing and another…

They are related.

So, pay attention to the intuitive hit you got in that split second.

If “this person looks like that person,” to me in my head or gut, but they are completely unrelated in my zone of logic, then…

They are related (intuition).  It’s not my mind playing tricks on me and they have nothing in common (logic overriding intuition and tamping it down to be squashed once again).

If they are related, HOW are they related?  Go with the very first thing that pops into your mind.

If nothing pops in, then leave it as an open question for your psyche to work on while you draw your attention back to the present, but don’t forget to come back to check.

While you are doing something completely different, these little thoughts and feelings “pop in” unannounced, from out of nowhere (intuitive hits).

“If You Ever Get That Funny Feeling…Please Don’t Ignore It”

There is a children’s book called Time To Pee! where the author Mo Willems says that, but it applies to your intuition, too.

When you receive a message (intuitive hit) what do you do with it?

If you ignore it, too often and too many times, then that intuitive facility rusts.

If you take action, by asking a question or confirming it with someone else…if you put yourself out there just slightly, just barely, into the zone where someone might laugh at you or where, for whatever reason, you feel just a teeny bit uncomfortable, then you will begin the process of being in tune with your intuition.

When you willingly, even with fear or trepidation, but willingly, allow yourself access to connecting your intuitive hits to the world around you, by making that call, taking that action, giving something a try “just in case” (your intuition was right)…

You leave a hole in the universe to swoop in and say,”This person is ready, it has begun, we’ll send more.”

You will receive more (must be tuned in to receive).

It will come in (like it always has) but you will see it, feel it, acknowledge it, it will compute.

Your logical mind will begin to say,”I’m not going anywhere but I am willing to take a backseat to what you are receiving, for now.  Don’t forget to call me back in when you’re through.”

We don’t discard our logical minds…we use them later on, where they rightly belong in the sequence of unfolding.

Somewhere in the process of being willing,  it begins to become second nature.

Dipping your toe into the water of trusting what intuition looks like, acts like, feels like, sounds like, tastes like and smells like (using all of your other senses, until this sixth sense becomes fully integrated) eventually brings you to the place where the hits just keep on coming and you simply know them when you see them.

Being Intuitive Doesn’t Mean You Have To Change

Okay, it’s true, you will change.  But…don’t let that fear of change and the unknown stop you from being a fully integrated you.

There is no perfection in this.

It doesn’t mean you will never be mean again.

Or annoyed.

Or triggered.

Or tested.

Or anything else…at all.

It just means you will be living as a fully integrated being…at least until we discover the seventh sense and begin work on that project.

We spoke before about our life plans that we made before we were born, our previous lifetimes.

They will start to intersect.  They become available to you. They start to pop in during the day (and night).

You begin to breathe that this life is not all that it seems to be, at all. You acknowledge that you may have a part to play that you agreed to do, for a purpose, to serve yourself or someone else, to play out your intertwined Karma…and it doesn’t always have you sitting pretty and smelling like a rose.  Sometimes it looks pretty ugly.

You know when you were sent somewhere to help someone.  You know when the right moment is.  You just breathe the grace in and breathe it right back out.

Then truly weird things begin to happen.  As I was writing this on Sunday morning, at my remote house in the woods, sitting on my back porch, one of my husband’s contractors came to see him.  My husband walked him right outside, even though I was sick and still in my pajamas at 11:30am, and said something like,”You should talk to her.  She likes things like ghosts.”  The man dived right into one of the more interesting discussions I’ve ever had about spirituality, delivered a few messages to me, and confused me on some issues.  But he showed up right out of nowhere, with no warning, and talked to me as if he’s been reading what I was writing and decided to chime on in.

Yup, synchronicities will happen.  Your mission is to play it cool when they do.

My son held up my hand lotion and said,”Here it is Mommy, it rolled under your seat,” when I hadn’t said a word about finding it, but had been thinking it.

My husband’s aunt died, and I knew it was going to happen.

A man appeared out of absolutely nowhere in a deserted area and shouted in my car window,”MAY GOD BLESS YOU!” in a way that had me wondering if he was homeless or if it was something not quite real happening.

Yup, all kinds of strange things will happen.

Are you in?