Your Soul Had A Plan: Pre-Birth Planning

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I was sitting in the Emergency Room with Thing 1 and Thing 2 on Sunday morning, waiting to get in to see my husband.

I had just seen him an hour prior, and he looked just fine to me.

I had no sense that something was wrong or was going to go wrong. I did not have a sense that he was going to die that day (which he didn’t).

It did make me wonder though why I wouldn’t have had an impulse that something was suddenly going to come up.

Is This Just A Coincidence, Or…?

I had been reading Robert Schwartz’s Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering The Real Meaning Of The Life You Planned Before You Were Born.

In the book, scenes of pre-birth planning sessions were channeled so that we could understand major life events, like illness, disability, accidents, early death, drug abuse and alcoholism.

The lives highlighted were meant to be extreme examples of people who decided to further their soul’s growth through some pretty dramatic events.  The sessions all took place after the events, and after the healing had been done or begun.

I didn’t start to get worried until I realized that I was newly drawn to this book just last week, and I had been having some wild dreams to go along with it.  Instructional dreams.  Explanatory dreams.  Clearly there was a significant reason for me to learn about this.

I thought it was a “professional interest” but what if it wasn’t?  What if it came into my life right now because I was about to have something completely unexpected and dramatic happen to my husband?  Or, maybe that’s overly dramatic and I just haven’t been getting enough sleep lately!

You know I don’t believe in (too many) coincidences, and the entire book is about how things get planned and orchestrated behind the scenes.  It’s about how nothing is what it looks like.

Do We Plan Our Life Lessons and Thematic Life Plan Before We Ever Are Born?

You bet your boots, we do.

We also plan who we will meet up with, what roles we will play for each other, and sometimes it’s as precise as “on the street corner at 5:26 pm in Tulsa, Oklahoma” while other times it might be more like “in college” or “only if she chooses not to marry Hank.”

Apparently the strictness or flexibility of the plan has a lot to do with how far along we are in our soul’s evolution, or at least that’s what this author observed.

I’ll tell you that most, if not all, of the book rang very true to me and much of it was corroborated through my dreams, which were very specific regarding the actual planning stages, almost like an instructional on the intricacies of how it is orchestrated.

That’s Why He Looks So Familiar!

You’ve had that moment of deja vu or that sense that you’d been there before or met that person before, right?

It may very well be just a remembrance of your pre-birth planning session.  You are given “markers” to look for, so your subconscious gives you the high sign when an important person enters your life or a critical event is about to unfold.  You also will “try on” the appearance of the personality you will be this time around when you are meeting with the other souls, in part so you will recognize each other.

I had long suspected that people come into our lives to role play, in the “all the world’s a stage and we are merely players” sense.

It seemed very evident to me that some of the people who are a major thorn in our sides this lifetime are probably just soul mates or soul group members coming along to trot out their worst so that we could learn something.

If you spend a moment thinking of the person who aggravates you the most (or did in the past, if you are now so zen you do not get aggravated!), imagine that you met in the ether and made a plan together.  Imagine you asked them to come along and do exactly what they did!  Why might you do that?  For what purpose in your evolution?

Similarly, think of your best friend, your Mom and Dad, and the most important teacher in your life.  Why did they come to you?  What are you teaching each other?

These are really useful things to cogitate on because if you work it and you ask the right questions, you WILL begin to see the answers.

So when you find yourself sitting in the ER on a Sunday morning unexpectedly, and you aren’t feeling any worry (okay, you’re worried, but you aren’t expecting anyone to die that day, you’re just kind of shocked and concerned), then do you feel that way because you were already part of the soul planning session and you know this is just part of the plan, somewhere deep inside?  Or do you worry because you’ve just been impulsed to buy a book which has many stories of people “taking themselves out” in order to learn and grow?

Well, if you’re me, you just ask your five year old if he’s worried about Dad.  When he says,”No, I’m not worried because I know he’s not going to die today,” then maybe you can take a breath.

Corroboration from the most spiritually connected person in the house helps.

What do you feel?  Is any of this ringing true for you?  How might knowing your pre-birth plan be relevant to you right now?

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  1. I don’t know if this quite answers your question. But, when my Mom was in life, she was mentally ill, and would verbally lash out at me when she was manic if I said something that she perceived as threatening in any way. I learned through a psychic friend, that Mom and I had made an agreement that she would be my mentally ill mother to teach me some things, including developing my empathic sense, and give me an opportunity to experience pain and to forgive. About four months after Mom died, I got the opportunity to experience her in spirit during a hypnotherapy session. She was light, and bright and fully supportive of me. It was fabulous.
    Sue recently posted..The InspiralMy Profile

    • Sue, I wish I could have been there to experience your session 🙂 It is just the kind of thing illuminated in the book – how we ask for the hard experiences, and our soul friends say,”No! That sounds too hard! Are you sure?” and we convince them we can handle it…we tell them why we need them to play that role…and then they agree, disagree, or we amend the plan.

  2. Ahhhh I’ve GOT to read this book. It sounds right up my alley. I hope Derek is doing okay.

    • Lindsay, Miss you! That kiddo is so cute 🙂 He’s hanging in there. Maybe I can Kindle lend it to you? Next on the list is some Michael Newton (if I can take it! Still deciding)

  3. This doesn’t really resonate, haha. I’ve heard of this concept before and I think it’s really interesting.

    I guess I’ve found pretty much every facet of my life difficult – which can be seen in my natal chart which has many squares and not too many trines. I dislike many of the things that have happened in my life due to what can only be Divine design / my soul picking what sorts of events I can experience. It’s just really weird to me. For example: I’ve always – since I was a kid – craved to be in a romantic relationship with someone. But no one has ever been attracted to me. I never got approached growing up, and everyone I confessed to rejected to. So why did my Soul choose to have a burning desire to be with another person but born into a body that no one found desirable? That’s SO irrational!

    I also spend a lot of time wishing my family was wealthy, or that I had a wealthy partner or that things came much easier to me. I spend so much time wishing I was born in another country, another language, another family. I’ve just always felt like an alien, like I didn’t belong anywhere.

    So, I think that while a pre-birth planning is lovely idea, I just don’t see how it works in my life in practice.
    Tatiana recently posted..I Know Why You Hate Positive PsychologyMy Profile

    • Tatiana, Sounds to me like you are a great example of intentionally chosen attitudes and obstacles that will force you to come to terms with who you really are (soul version) eventually. Entitlement and wishing/hoping/thinking/praying for “something else, anything BUT this thing that I don’t like and is so hard to overcome” is your challenge. How you meet it defines your experience. Nothing is preventing you from exercising your free will…we always have that choice to reject what we planned and take it easy. You will meet this challenge again and again of wanting the easy way, until one day you actually earn it. Answers are something you earn, too.

      • Hey!

        I’ve been sitting here reading and rereading your comment. I’ve spent a lot of time wishing things were different, and purposefully did things trying to create those new experiences. Many, many of my attempts failed. Some were private failures, others have scarred me. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong because so few of the things I craved most were coming to fruition.

        But, reading your comment, I’m realizing that there are connections. I have this problem with expectations and attachments. Whenever I have expectations, things NEVER go according to plan. They either turn out better or significantly worse than I hoped. So what I’m trying to do is learn to have no expectations and to just set goals and work on them. What I’m trying to do is not have attachments, and try to just experience life as it is.

        I think this ties into what you’re saying because my wishing/hoping is tied intricately into my expectations and attachment issues. And this ties into not being attractive either. If I were pretty, things would be A LOT easier for me, and I wouldn’t have to work very hard. But, because of the way that I look, I’ve had a very hard time. (Though I’m hoping that as I get older, I’ll feel less depressed about that!).

        Anyway – thanks for your comment
        Tatiana recently posted..I Know Why You Hate Positive PsychologyMy Profile

  4. Hey Julie,
    I hope your husband is ok, and will add him to my prayers. I definitely want to read this book you’re talking about and I hope you get time for reading Michael Newton, I really do think you would get a lot from his book “Journey of Souls”. It brought to light so many things for me and actually confirmed some things I’ve always felt and thought. Actually I wish I would have found this book years ago, but as it happened I was told about it at exactly the right time I was supposed to read it for MY soul journey. 🙂
    Also, from your July 31st blog… the part about “The Strangest Manifestations”, I have also had some of the strangest manifestations as well that have answered some MAJOR questions for me all pertaining to my life, someone else’s life, soul groups and contracts (even right down to the day of which one of the strangest synchronicities/coincidence for me came about…. July 31st…which is oddly enough the same day you posted about strange manifestations!) I have had to sit back and take many deep breaths… to me it’s amazing, gave lots of confirmation, and stems back to an author (I know that sounds weird, but it’s true). It baffles me really, but I am a total believer and I also believe God, the great spirit, or whatever anyone believes, has his hand on everything in the universe. 🙂

    • Lorin, Thanks for the prayers 🙂 OK, you’ve convinced me, I’ll start that book next. Thankfully those crazy manifestations stopped showing up – seems like it was just one of those energetic moments in time for us all.

  5. Hi Julie!
    I’m glad to know your husband is okay. I enjoyed Mike Newtons books, yes I do believe we plan the structure or outline of our life, and that there are many ways we can engage our free will to explore those overlying themes, events, and share our gifts. One might have come to share a gift of being a motivator or a healer, in addition they might also have come to learn things, perhaps patience or courage…ideally we become better and better at both the sharing of talent and the learning and embracing of our lessons as we explore them in a variety of ways throughout our life. I agree nothing is an accident or a coincidence, as such I then must also stay open to many potential reasons for an event, as opposed to clinging to one right away and assume I have it all figured out. Fluidity…fluidity…fluidity.
    Diane recently posted..Root Chakra RemediesMy Profile

  6. I’ve heard about this before but if it’s true — and I think it is — my soul must have decided this lifetime was supposed to be an intensive course. There has not been a phase in my life that wasn’t hard. I mean HARD. I was abandoned by my birth mother at birth. Had cancer when I was a toddler. Had a scarred appearance and have endured mockery, teasing, and rejection from that moment onward. Made a bad choice in marriage and have been emotionally abused by that person ever since (my divorce was pronounced by my attorney to be the most brutal he had ever witnessed). Put off my career to raise my children so now I don’t have a way to make a living. I have spent more days crying than anyone else I know. I am not constitutionally depressive, but have been situationally depressed most of my life. Why would my soul choose to cram all these lessons into one lifetime? Wouldn’t it have been simpler to spread it out a little? I end up not really learning…I’m just sad and hopeless. I could be bitter and resentful but my life has taught me I have no right to that. Was that the lesson I came here to learn?

  7. Wow! I hope your hubby is OK and getting better all the time. What a scare that must have been. It’s always so wild to me to think everything is so zen one moment, completely oblivious to what can happen only minutes later.
    Sometimes when I consider the pre-birth planning theory (I say that respectfully for everyone truly on board with that but I am still trying to get my mind around it), I think I must have been in a very masochistic frame of mind (haha!) Still trying to see how it fits together, but it is definitely intriguing.

    • Ayla, Thank you, he will be fine. I don’t think “everything is pre-planned”, I am a huge believer in free will 🙂 But I did find it interesting last night when I was watching an episode of Through The Wormhole and they started talking about the universe being a endless loop. I realized, we always want to say we have free will, right? But if WE did the planning, but we just don’t REMEMBER that we planned it, so it feels like it goes against our free will wishes…well, it doesn’t really does it? One of life’s great ironies, if true 🙂

  8. Hi Julie

    We plan it? I can see on many times may be, but is it the lessons for the soul to acquire. Must we go through horrible experiences to bring about what we lack. Spending most of my life rebuilding self-esteem that was taken from me during my childhood. Which was cause for poor choices on occasions. Not sure how I would plan that or is the fact that it has given me the understanding, empathy and humility that I lacked before I came?

    So I need to find a subject to write a post on and then I find myself face down on the sidewalk. Got my post but it seems a tough price to pay. But I will give you this, it has reminded me that someone really cares about me if I had ever doubted it before, may be it was an answer I was seeking. It also made me so aware of how precious what I had taken for granted.

    I do believe we come across people we have known and ones that we feel immediate connection and others that irritate our whole being. The last bunch teach us to take a step back and mellow out.

    If there is any pack we can make in this life for the next with someone it will be comforting. I have done this only with my youngest brother, when we talk together it is if he knows what I am thinking and the connection we have is that we both felt we never belonged in the family. But where we came from is totally different, so I doubt we were together in the previous life. Is it the genes that make us similar or is it more. Scientists would say genetics and possibly so but I also believe beyond our human days.

    Interesting subject.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Why Men Should Carry Clean HankiesMy Profile

    • Mary, I don’t think we have to go through horrible (or negative) experiences, but it sure seems like a lot of people choose that route, doesn’t it? In this book, they ONLY showed tragic or very difficult circumstances, but ultimately brought it back to the fact that it was lovingly intended from inception, and a choice of the soul. Not having been there myself (I don’t think! lol) I couldn’t say. But it’s more the way that the whole thing happened that struck me as right on. You could certainly choose any number of happy things as well, but the polarity or contrast seems to encourage the learning process.

      Woman, face down on the sidewalk is not the way the way to go!!

      With respect to your brother, he sounds very much like a soul mate. I’m not sure what you mean when you say “where we come from is totally different,” but remember we have lived many, many lives in many different places, and some would even say planets, although I really don’t quite buy that in the literal sense. Energy centers maybe. Places in the universe(s) that we have no understanding of yet, maybe. I have a feeling science may actually come up with some significant breakthroughs in our lifetime that may actually prove some of the more far-out ideas about universes and how they work.

  9. Hi Julie
    Speedy recovery wishes to your hubby!! Sounds like a great book. I am putting it on my list. I have read both of Michael Newton’s Soul books-loved them-you will enjoy them. To me it connected the dots and ‘felt’ right with me. I absolutely believe we pre-plan/preview our lives. I recently had a Past Life Soul Regression Hypnosis session. It was AMAZING! It answered questions and shed light on my current life and why I am who I am.
    My mom on the other hand struggles everyday with “why would I choose…this”? So I plan to pass on your post to her.
    Having faith in God, the Universe & my spirit guides reminds me I am not alone on my path. They always have my back! Just look and listen for the signs.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    In peace…Julie T

    • Hi Julie, A past life soul regression session?? Now that sounds interesting! I am not really drawn to having something like that done myself, at least not at the moment, but I sure would love to be a fly on the wall listening in on someone else’s session. I’ll bet it was fascinating and shed a lot of light. I started reading Journey of Souls…so far some things make sense and others not so much, but I don’t take everything literally, more looking for ideas and other perspectives. I am pretty firm in my own experience yet there is so much we don’t know.

  10. Oh wow Julie… Glad everything turned out okay.

    As you know, I lost my best friend at the end of July and I didn’t see that one coming. He was still celebrating his birthday that was just four days earlier and yep, mine was coming within the next three days.

    In talking with his roommate though, neither one of us could have prevented it. Not unless we got in a big argument and made a huge scene would he have even slightly considered blowing it off and staying home that day. But neither one of us did because it was his birthday he was still celebrating, he’d taken two days off work and he intended to finish having fun dang it. At least he left this world having a damn good time.

    Why was he taken so soon? He just turned 44 and to me he had a heck of a lot more living to do. Why did God decide to take him so early? These are all questions I’ll never have answered until I meet my maker as well I guess. It’s just sad, very very sad.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Measure Your Blogs SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, Ironically my husband just had a birthday a few weeks ago and he also turned 44. It seems like we all have our Time or our Exit Points (possibilities for leaving) planned out ahead of time, and some souls just cram a whole lot of life into a short time because they came to do something and once it’s done, well they have other things to do elsewhere. It usually make little to no sense to those of us left here missing them like crazy. There is a ton of activity around the photo you had made up, did you hang it on a wall? In my mind I see it hanging on a white or cream wall in what looks like a hallway. There’s another one somewhere like set on a side table, not sure of that one is in your house or not, but I get drawn to two places. Well regardless of where it is, if you feel like are missing him and just want to talk to him just go stand by that picture because there is a ton of his energy there and you will be able to feel him still keeping you company there. Hang in there. Our friends never leave us, even when they are gone, we need just to think of them to draw them never and feel their support once again.

  11. I can’t wait to read that book, for one. Glad your boy was helpful in keeping the cool while dads was in ER! And I wonder about pre life planning – and when I think on it, more and more the successes make less sense than the challenges!! That either makes me brilliant or a bad planner. I haven’t decided. But I wonder: what about those decisions or choices that, in hindsight, we just can’t figure out?

    • Hi Anne, Eventually pretty much everything becomes clear. Given time. If there’s something in particular that keeps coming around for you, like a fly buzzing about your head, then that is something that is being brought to your attention to get some understanding around “right now”…there’s something currently useful in it for you, to help you move on. In that case I would suggest asking a trusted friend, or someone like me, for any insight. Usually that is the kind of thing that gets brought in clearly to me in about 2 secs, if it’s something you are really supposed to know, so you can email me anytime 🙂


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