Top Ten Life Lessons And Biggest Mistakes…So Far

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tiger bunny

I read Do You Let Mistakes Haunt You? by Josh Wilner and it made me wonder, what if we all shared our top ten major life errors?  What could happen?  Would anyone learn anything?

I have a theory that we are all connected, in the Universal Collective Consciousness sense, but then we have subgroups.  Some of those subgroups might be called Soul Groups, where we incarnate together with previous agreements to meet up and learn from each other.

Maybe those at A Clear Sign (or who congregate at another blog, or often cross paths at like-minded blogs, or just run into each other at all the same places around town) have a current life path or spiritual interest for a particular reason.  Someone’s trying to tell you something.

I have no doubt that our spirit guides, angels, and other light beings are constantly throwing us in each other’s path for specific reasons.  If you don’t think you’re influenced, just consider the last time you got a wild hair to do, say, or look into something unexpected and unplanned.

Intuitives will tell you that they get asked the questions that the have the answers for – and often the answers that they just found out.  People are drawn to them for a reason.  Maybe they’re just ahead or just behind on the learning curve of what you need to know right now, or what’s next on your spiritual path.

Themes are definitely present.  People are sent to us for a specific reason.  No one is going to be sent to me if I don’t have the knowledge, ability or insight that can help them – or if we don’t have something to learn from each other – they are simply sent to someone else.  Obviously, right?  That’s what you’d do if you were in charge, wouldn’t you?

That’s why it’s so important to always be expanding our depth and breadth of knowledge.  Otherwise we can just flounder.  If we don’t have the internal vocabulary, then it’s that much harder to really understand messages we are sent for ourselves and others.

It seems true that if we really need to get a message, we will.  No need to make it hard on the messenger, though!

So if we’re all drawn here for a reason, it’s probably true that a lot of us are circling the same life paths and will come across insights that can help others in the group.  I can’t tell you how many times a reader taught me something only to have me turn around and teach it to someone else who showed up the very next day.

I also wonder if we really understand anything unless it happens to us personally.  I can say I’ve been forewarned but it didn’t sink in until after I made the mistake myself and thought back on what someone else had previously tried to tell me.

But let’s do it anyway and see what happens.

1. Many years ago there was a New York Times ad for a financial institution that had a picture of a bunny with stripes.  The caption said, “Just don’t expect it to roar.”

I was so drawn to it that I cut it out and hung it on my wall but I did not listen to it and apply it to my life.

Granted, I was a teenager and didn’t have the life experience to make too much sense of the concept.

When things jump out at you and compel you to pay attention, that is obviously an enormous sign that the universe is trying to get your attention because there’s something you need to know.

A leopard never changes his spots.  Bunny rabbits are bunny rabbits even when they are dressed up like tigers.

When people reveal themselves to you and explain who they are and what they want or will tolerate, BELIEVE THEM.  If this involves running the other way or losing a lot of time and effort or face, so be it.

Let that be okay with you.

2. I hesitated when I should have made a commitment.

He who hesitates is lost, right?  There is that brief moment in time when opportunity arrives.  If you wait past that first beat where the yes or no should have come from your lips, it’s no good.  Which leads me to…

3. I followed my intellect and logic rather than my gut feelings.

Follow your gut, follow your gut, follow your gut.

Intellect is fine, your gut will tell you everything you need to know.  Start to observe and follow your feelings.  Your mind can have a turn later, refining the idea.

Your body talks to you.  It is one of the infallible methods of getting in touch with your intuition.  If you live in your head (as so many people do, those upper chakras are just wide open while the lower ones are the size of a pea), you will have to intentionally practice this until you get into the swing of doing it automatically.

4. I talked myself out of a good thing.

If your heart and gut say,”This is SO for me!!” and your spirit soars at the mere idea of it, do not let your intellect take the wheel.  Unless it’s dangerous.  Then use your mind to modify it, but don’t stop doing it.

If someone suggests that you go do something fun but it takes you out of your comfort zone, those are life’s missed opportunities. Don’t be shy.  I can’t tell you how many times I said no.  Canoeing on a freezing cold lake on my honeymoon, afraid I’d tumble in and get soaked. Dates I turned down.  Trips involving airplanes when the kids were little.  All things we can live to regret later.

5. I planned everything. 

It’s good to have an itinerary on the road of life but when you are setting out for fun, like on a vacation, it’s better to be open to the cool discoveries that are waiting for you.  Follow your intuition.  Listen to other people and try their ideas.  If something doesn’t get done or seen, maybe that’s okay because the universe had a better plan in mind.

6. I wasn’t open to the possibilities of what was coming next.  I lacked faith and vision.

Logic is occasionally useless.

If you can see a huge arc in your life where you’d swear there was divine intervention, don’t use logic to plan your next step.  

That’s just logical!

The next step requires your faith.  Don’t discount miracles.  They’ve gotten you this far.  You have no idea how many times you’ve been rescued already.  You may have no idea what you’re really here for, either.  Be open to the possibilities.

7. I believed what I saw.

People will give you odds.

Media will tell you you’re too old for it to happen.

Professionals like lawyers, realtors, publishers and accountants will tell you that you can’t win, they’ve never seen that before, or it’s unlikely.

Family will discourage you.

Seeing things based on appearances or what happened to someone else is so not helpful.

If your expectations are based on what 3D reality is showing you, then look again.  Just because it “seems like” you shouldn’t get what you need or want, does not in any way mean that it’s so.

Ask for help and expect miracles…and in the meantime follow your intuition to get yourself ready.  You are not “everyone else.”

Sometimes 20% odds are GREAT, because you fall in the 20%.  Don’t get discouraged when people tell you the odds are slim.  That just means it is not impossible.

8.  I didn’t realize other people are Divine Messengers.

Listen.  Be on alert all the time.

9. I didn’t think about how things change.

I’ve been shocked when things that didn’t happen for years suddenly happened.

People have forgotten to inform me that circumstances changed.

One event can actually pave the way for another, and there you are thinking that it will never happen, because it hasn’t happened up until now.

If you’ve been working on something for a long time, energetically speaking, and you get to the point where the vibrations are in tune or you learned what you needed to learn, unbeknownst to you, BOOM – there it is.

10. Over To You – What has been your biggest mistake or misunderstanding about how life and the universe work?  What did you learn?


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  1. Great post, Julie! (Might steal the idea for the UBC!) The longer I live and the more I find my way down my own path, the more I know things do not just happen randomly. At all.

    Love this one!
    Lisa | Practically Intuitive recently posted..(UBC) Day 10: I finally miss my momMy Profile

  2. Hi Julie

    So you asked some questions and without detail, because they were life changing mistakes I will only say back when I was 18 I should have said “No, thank you”. That little voice in my head said it, it gave me the words, but I just could not justify it, so I didn’t. It has impacted my life today. Then there was another time I should have stood up and said “no way” and willing to walk away. That lack of action also impacted my life even today. Not a good track record!

    But I took some notes here and I like to be the optimist, so this is what resonates with me and is keeping me on a path with much hope for the future.

    -Never too old.
    -Ask for and expect miracles.
    -Getting ready for it…
    -Not impossible.
    -Change – learning in preparation for it.

    Yes, I think if we feel something is right, we are probably on the right path and when we want answers they just come to us via whatever means the universe has chosen. I do breathe a “help me please” sometimes.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Are You Fretting Over Your Purpose?My Profile

    • Hi Mary, That little voice in our head knows what to do, doesn’t it. I am so glad you took notes. While I was writing the words were sometimes given to me, so I assume those were little messages for someone 🙂 Thanks for giving me a #10.

  3. One of my biggest lessons lately has been: I will push and push to accomplish something, and the harder I push, the less progress I make. Finally I realized that I need to get to a certain point and then just let go. When I get into this pushing mode, the universe is just pushing back on me. (And this works with my son as well).
    Susan S. recently posted..Things It’s Hard To Do On One FootMy Profile

  4. I think one of my biggest mistakes was thinking I had a “cut and dry” purpose for being here, rather than just being and experiencing life. It’s good to think on and look for those things, but if you’re too focused on nailing it down then you miss the things you could be learning along the way. I’m trying to trust that things are going as they should and just experience each day as a learning opportunity.
    Another mistake was not seeing something as the gift or opportunity it was because I was too busy fighting that change… i.e. getting laid off in recession, taking it personally, and being depressed rather than reveling in the time to do my own thing for so long.
    I used to think I liked change, but now I can pinpoint several instances of railing against it rather than embracing it fully. It’s all a learning curve 🙂
    Stacie recently posted..Visual Quest – Painting Course GiveawayMy Profile

    • Stacie, I am right there with you on taking a long while to figure out not to fight the change, but then that’s exactly what brought me here to this blog and spirituality in general. So there’s a reason for it, and once you’ve done it you’ll never miss it again.

  5. A great big YES to this post Julie. It resonates with us all I do believe. Although I can caught get up in not knowing who’s talking to me…ego or intuition. So currently I just wait it out and assume I follow my intuition. If you’ve got any other ideas, would love to hear them.
    Elle recently posted..The Fabulous Fix Of FriendshipMy Profile

    • Hi Elle, Not sure what was wonky with the comments earlier but glad you could finally post! I did once publish a basics list for “ego” vs “intuition” although at this stage I discern it differently. Here is the link:

      I more or less follow my feelings along with my observation of what’s happening right in front of me, if I am not sure. For instance, I had 3 choices for a job, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go back to work at all! I kept “getting the feeling” that one was right, but I didn’t really want to choose it. Then obvious things turned up for the other two – making the first one a clear winner. Then a bunch of huge expenses fell on my head, as if to say,”Yes it is time to go back to work.” So I took the initial intuitive hit and just double-checked it against what was lining up for me, the signs, and there you have it. Any other time when I am “not sure” I really “am sure”, I just don’t want to hear it!

  6. Well….*this* “bunny rabbits are bunny rabbits even when they are dressed up like tigers” was my number one for a long time. My biggest “mistake” was gosh, I have many of them…as it relates to universe and energy my biggest mistake had been to serve and share with others before I served and gave to myself–even if that meant it depleted my source (energy, money, food, emotional health)…and to listen to others who moved through World in ways not-resonant with my own–my heart would consistently nudge me toward my current path, my mind would say that cannot be correct because *all* of these people say it is not (well, “all of those people” were not in energy work, nor were they open to energy work, so they couldn’t have supported it).

    What I realized recently is my biggest mistake (you heard it here first! *grin*) is that I taught my children trust in unfolding and presence to possibility and “how” to live their heart whispers–and there isn’t a “cap for them” but I notice I didn’t believe it as thoroughly possible for me. Did I explain that correctly? I even said in words I was giving them the chances I hadn’t had (but I do have those chances *now* that I see it).
    Joy recently posted..AfterglowMy Profile

    • Hi Joy

      Just had to respond to your statement what you gave your kids. I had one daughter and I gave her courage where I had none. I had become quite afraid to do things on my own and knew this as a weakness in me. So I taught her how to respond, how to put herself out there, even though I could not. She became and still is a very social person, with many friends of all kinds. Some so out of character to who she is. But I knew that her being an only child, she had no one else to rely on except herself. I think that is really part of parenting, to see your shortcomings and make a difference for the ones you take care of. So I totally understand your ability to do for your kids, what you could not do for yourself.

      Mary Stephenson recently posted..Are You Fretting Over Your Purpose?My Profile

    • Hi Joy, What do they say – we teach what we most need to learn 🙂 I am sure that sharing with your children created at least part of the path back toward yourself.

      Those tiger bunnies will get you every time 🙂

  7. I’ve been around people, especially at work, who are Debbie Downers. Have no faith in anything. One time I said, “watch this time, this meeting something special is going to happen. And if it happens then that means I’m psychic. ” And they’re like “that’ll never happen.” There ended up being a suprise raffle(never happens) and I ended up winning a personalized team Chicago Blackhawks official jersey. I say “BOOM” there it is. Just like the lottery’s solgan…..”Anything is possible!” I didn’t have much belief in that before, because of people, but I don’t care what people think anymore. I’ve learned that ANYTHING is possible in any area of life. I’ve learned that I need to pay more attention.
    p.s. my mom did win a big lottery (for her) finally.

    • Hi Monica, Well then yup, you’re psychic 🙂 In a way it’s hard NOT to be psychic. I’m not saying you should know everything all of the time, but when it’s handed to us on a silver platter then who are we to doubt it. It’s almost insulting (not that spirit guides or our soul get insulted, but you know what I mean!)

      Winning things is so much fun. Yay for your Mom!!

      So did the coworkers believe you when you won??

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