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Spirit Guides And Intuitive Friends Visit Dreams

Last night I invited my spirit guides and angels into my dreams.

The dream was familiar.  It was another traveling dream.  I was trying to get to a destination, but meeting changes and roadblocks along the way.

It involved maps and streets, buses, boats and cars, meeting people I don’t know, friends and family members.

It’s no secret that dreaming of trips, going in circles, trying to find locations you’ve never been to before, all add up to transitions, decisions, and life’s journeys.  It’s always interesting to see if the trip was bumpy or smooth, if I felt lost or was directing others, and how far I got.

Last night I ended the dream by actually getting to my destination for the first time.

The destination was a meet-up with my intuitive group, in the grass at a park.

The main person in the group that I depend on in waking life went to consult with my guides and came back looking rueful and sadly shaking his head.  He said,”At this point, she has a twenty percent chance of getting there.”

“There” was something I’d been thinking about all day yesterday.

Where is “there,” anyway?

It’s that tantalizing place that you know exists, but it’s still beyond your grasp.  You’re looking forward to getting there, it feels like destiny, but you can’t quite put your finger on it just yet.

It’s something you know you will do, or become, and even though you might have a big picture sense of what that might be, you don’t know precisely.

When you make a significant change, like I did recently by going back to work, you can spend a few weeks feeling it out before deciding if it feels right, even when you know you were directed there.  Sometimes changes feel correct but not permanent or even long-term.  They feel more like phases.  Phases with a purpose.

Within the change there are often other changes that you know you must make.  Bad habits or routines that don’t serve you can pop up to say,”Here I am!  Deal with me!  Or else.”

Feeling it out is always a good choice.

I’m not worried about odds.  Even if the message was a literal one, and not my subconscious working something out, we can always adjust our plans when we want to arrive somewhere.

There Has To Be A Message Of The Week?

A major message that came through multiple times this week was to be consistent in your energy, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in, and ever mindful when you find yourself veering off track.

Meaning, if you feel calm in the morning after your meditation or exercise, work on carrying that feeling throughout the day.  When you feel anger, aggravation, or frustration popping their head around the corner, be mindful of the sensation and bring yourself back to center as quickly and peacefully as you can while dealing with what arrived, not pushing it down or to the side for another day.  Recognize the moment and take advantage of it.

Laptops and Synchronicity

In the synchronicity department, my laptop had died and I was certain it was out of warranty.  Then my husband’s laptop lost its keyboarding function, which prompted me to look for his receipt to check the warranty dates.  When I found it, it was dated last January, and I realized that my memory was blessedly wrong about my laptop.  I had 19 days left on the one year warranty.  It’s been a few weeks since it’s been broken, and I almost swear my husband’s keyboard went out to make me actually look rather than rely on faulty memory!

The Strangest Manifestations

It was a strange week of odd manifestations, where things happened that made me blink in disbelief.  At work, my last name is the same as my boss.  A colleague has the same name as one of my intuitive friends (first and last, spelled differently).  The flooring is the same as my first house.  The poster is the same as my favorite (obscure) painter.

My husband and I went to dinner with one of his clients.  Sitting nearby was a child in a wheelchair in my direct view and as we were about to leave, a couple who were midgets walked in (my irrational childhood fear).  I felt like signs were parading before me in (almost) a comedy.  I was expecting clown cars momentarily.

It made me think of Poe (again! in fact I know I’ve said all these things before at one time or another but it feels like it’s all coming full circle) – is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?