How Do You Know When The Dark Night Of The Soul Is Ending?

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Transmutation and alchemy are abundantly manifesting themselves.  For many, it is the ending of a long dark night of the soul.

Each person seems to enter into the dark night for the purpose of a change from one type of existence to another, but each will take a different form as it cycles through your life.

It depends upon what you need to learn and know at this moment in your evolution.  Nothing more and nothing less.

There is a next step, but you often just don’t know what it is!  That’s why many think they seek their Life Purpose.  Just what are they doing here?  Is there some grand design, something they were incarnated to do, or is supporting their family and having fun enough?

That completely depends on the design you established for yourself before you came here.

Sometimes the current change looks pretty basic.

For instance, are you the type of person who finds it hard to accept help?

Do you often say,”Oh that’s okay, thank you, I’ve got it” or, “That’s okay, I’ll do it myself”?

If so, be prepared for a rude awakening when it becomes time to learn your lesson on accepting help from others!

It can be a one- or many- stranded, twisty and turning road to emerge from this.

When you’re in a “dark night of the soul” (read: a major, catastrophic shake-up in your life), there seem to be certain lessons tied up in it which you will experience and have to work through, no matter what.

Granted, we all have any number of “dark nights” that pop up over our lifetime.  They may look like pretty big mountains to climb or smallish hills which come in a series, but when it comes it tends to be pretty unmistakable.

Often, it is simply a lesson in perception, or perspective-taking.  You may find that you don’t see very much beyond your own scope or you have some funny colored glasses on.  They don’t have to be rose-colored glasses.  They may be poop brown.

Are you one of those people who couldn’t enjoy something good happening without knocking on wood or being a little concerned about how joyful you could be, lest something else rear its head up and bite you in the butt?  Did you grow up with a lot of superstitions and the idea of Murphy’s Law often on your mind?

That turns out to be a bad, bad way to approach your life.  If you expect the worst, it can be somewhat like a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What we imagine, to some degree we create.  At least, it can be a contributing factor.  So while happy thoughts might not put a new car in your driveway (definitely not), thinking about how your car is getting old and might break down any minute now, at the worst possible time, may indeed play a part in exactly that happening.

If you can’t enjoy good things when they come along, out of fear that something bad might be around the next corner, and the rest of the time you’re experiencing “bad luck”, then you have sentenced yourself to basically being unhappy all of the time.  If you think you don’t, check your internal dialogue the next time you have something wonderful happen.

Signs That Your Dark Night Of The Soul Is Ending

I would say I fully entered into my “dark night” (which I am now calling my “light night of the soul” because all of those seemingly negative things were TRULY for the ultimate good) about three years ago.  In May, it seemed like a cataclysmic chain of events popped up, as if it was just to get it all in before it was over.

That may sound funny to you, but when you’re paying attention to the energy and you get hit with a One, Two Punch, otherwise known as Punches 23 and 24 in a long series, that’s one way to know that things are coming to a conclusion for now – it all speeds up.

A further indicator that your life is about to change is that answers to your thoughts seem to manifest fairly well instantly right before your eyes.  Say you’re thinking,”Oh man, it’s these people again!  I wish they wouldn’t come.”  That is followed immediately by their car breaking down in your driveway so you cannot get rid of them until it’s fixed, and this happens over a holiday weekend just to delay the whole thing.  Or, they never show up in the first place because they had an emergency of some kind.  It can be either a positive or negative manifestation.  When it happens quickly like that, practically the second after you’ve had the thought, you might want to pause and give some consideration to the thoughts you’ve been thinking!

Another way you know a dark night is on its way out is that something that you feel you’ve been “blocked” from suddenly starts happening and it sticks.  If you’ve been looking for work, you start to get phone calls, interviews, and positive feedback, ultimately culminating in a great job landing in your lap.  You may have gone on many interviews, including for jobs you cannot imagine why you didn’t get, and had them all come to nothing.  Instead of hearing the same old story about why you’re not employable or a good fit, suddenly people might come right out and ask you how they can accommodate the very thing you think might hold you back from getting the job.

You’ll notice the “helpful people” factor coming into play constantly.  I take the term from Feng Shui and I often wonder if my “helpful people corner”, which completely coincidentally has photos of those who have truly been amazingly helpful in recent years, has anything to do with it.  It’s when someone overhears your conversation and inserts just the right piece of helpful advice, which leads you to the next helpful person and so on.  Just this morning I had this experience, when it was if the Divine already had a plan and I simply had to pay enough attention to hear the people and allow myself to be passed off to the next.  I have been astonished lately at the unbidden help my family has received…and I can practically see the spirit guides and angels communing to make it so. I feel truly blessed.

So if in your own dark night you start to notice the helpful people lining up, the synchronicity of events pushing you toward one direction and away from another, before you get too excited stop to pause and wonder,”Is what is being created by, for, or with me what I intend for this next step in my journey?”  If you’re not sure, stop and ask your guides and angels.  Tell them your worries, if you have any, and express your concerns.  Then step back and observe what happens next.  You will have your answer in due course.

Have you been seeing a major turn in your life in the past few months?  What does it look and feel like to you?


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  1. This is really perfect timing! I wasn’t sure if I was experiencing a dark night of the soul necessarily, but some of the things you mentioned have been happening – specifically the part where if I instantly think of something, it manifests! Or I see/hear signs of my thoughts being represented in my general everywhere. Or if certain concepts are suddenly appearing. It’s pretty cool.

    I hope that my life is transforming into this really awesome thing – and I hope it happens soon!
    tatiana recently posted..I’m a Closet Romantic + Read Torre’s MemoirMy Profile

  2. Candyce says:

    Oh my goodness! It’s like you wrote this for me: “Are you one of those people who couldn’t enjoy something good happening without knocking on wood or being a little concerned about how joyful you could be, lest something else rear its head up and bite you in the butt? Did you grow up with a lot of superstitions and the idea of Murphy’s Law often on your mind?” I am THAT person! 🙂 I feel like I’ve been in, along with my family, a dark night of the soul for some time now, with a few patches of sun here and there, and I sincerely hope a breakthrough is coming soon. Thank you for this post, and many blessings to you and your family for the good work that you do!

  3. Really relate to this and have seen major turns for the past 3 years, but especially since last October. The instant manifesting has been with little things, but enough to make me sit up and take notice… I have had several “wow, what a trip!” moments.
    As usual, love your post 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Hi Julie! Perhaps I’m in a small dark night of the soul – or a large one. It’s hard to distinguish from grief.

    It is nice to know there are signs that it’s ending. (Watching for them now !) and I love that “cancel that” which you mentioned to Candyce in a comment. Hang in there, right? This too shall pass.
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Are You Stubborn?My Profile

    • Hi Lori, Yes always hang in there as best you can, and while I wouldn’t say,”Think happy thoughts,” as if the emotions don’t exist, I would say just feel the feelings you’ve got, and ultimately look for the way through rather than staying mired in the them. Grief is a whole different animal, but the principle is the same – keepig hope alive, and looking for the understanding that is there for you within. xo

  5. Julie,

    I believe that the dark night of the soul comes to an end when we slow down in silence and connect to our source. However where to dwell and what to describe is our choice. It is like a cliche, but what comes to mind is: “What we focus on extends”. thank you for you thought provoking post. 🙂

    PS Coming here from Adrienne’s Blog. 🙂
    Margarita recently posted..How Do We Make Decisions? | Marketing To The Reptilian BrainMy Profile

    • Hi Margarita, Welcome here, from Adrienne’s blog 🙂

      Yes, I agree with you, that is the work that gets done during the dark night. Ideally we are slowing down, getting quet and connecting as much as we are capable of at the time, all of the time. Certainly we’d better not forget it after one phase passes and we go into the next phase (lest we fall back in!!) I think many of us go into the dark night in the first place to learn that lesson.

  6. It’s kind of funny – I find that I get exactly what I’m ready for or energetically open to at any given moment. When I’m ready for a new aura client, I can literally say that out loud and one will show up (it pays to be specific and say “an ideal client for me,” though). Just yesterday I was telling my mom on the phone that I was ready for a new job from my contract employer, and this morning they emailed me with a really big one. Jeez, it’s like I’m psychic or something! Or just open to the possibilities, which is even better. 🙂
    Jennifer Lynne Flint recently posted..Tree for TeaMy Profile

    • Hi Jenny, YES I am finding that to be so true right now. In fact I shall send you details momentarily. Congrats on the contract work! Being open is the key to many, many things…and the skeleton key is the connection you have.

  7. Hi Julie

    So are you saying as in the first part…that we should look at our faults, weaknesses and take of note of them? Perhaps this is our mission in life to correct them (lessons to be learned). If we don’t get it right this time around we will have to learn it another way in another life time.

    I was not raised with abundance thinking and I don’t ever remember any negative or positive thinking. But I was taught a “woman’s place”, although I never agreed with it, I am sure it had a huge influence in the way I think today. Even to the point what has held me back from taking chances on careers, etc.

    I try to be optimistic about everything, no matter what is going on. Of course there are those dark moments when I feel the sky is falling down, but they never last long.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..The Roaring of ThunderMy Profile

    • Hi Mary, Weeeelll…I will say that faults and weaknesses definitely came into play for me, but I think the key is not to think of them that way. No one is judging you for anything…at a soul level you are just asked to learn, consider, see truth, and learn some more. There are a lot of layers to this, and we can only take so much at any one time. If I could teach anything, it would be the ability to pay really close attention to what is being delivered to you at any one time, so that you could see clearly, and take action accordingly.

      So yes you might do some work around what you learned as a kid from your family of origin…you can see that while you didn’t agree, it influenced you. And maybe just stop to think if it still is. If it is, then that could certainly be a clearing it would be worthwhile doing, because you didn’t incarnate here to be held back. You came here to shine 🙂 Which you do.

  8. Anne McCarroll says:

    Yes and yes! And I too thought of Indy – at that critical moment “only the penitent man shall pass-” then, of course, I had to scream out loud.
    And cry some. But Angels and guides always do come through and provide all kinds of good news, thankfully!
    Everything is just ‘amped up’ and forgive me for sounding like a groupie, but, I mean dude! I’m hanging by a thread! But I’m still here, like you, so hooray!!
    Cheering you on there, next to that goat/mascot from Memphis-

    • Anne, it’s a-comin’! You’d better believe it. Fast and furious when it arrives, but you will surely get a warning shot across the bow. I certainly did (remember those 555s??) and what a change it has been! Who knows what else might be up the universe’s sleeve.

      One of the major things I’m feeling is “nothing is forever.” Sometimes we do what we have to do…for a little while…and we can cope with a lot for a little time, can’t we?

      Man oh man you should have been here in my head when I first got the notice that things were going to change. I started channelng “old me” like nobody’s business, and you know Old Me has learned way too much to suffer itself for more than a few minutes. But it was nice to see her again for a bit to remember how much has changed 🙂

  9. Perfect timing! I am sitting in the threshold of my new home, listening to the birds and feeling a gentle breeze as I type away. I know my “dark night” is ending because I am “here”, in this new space…which felt impossible and unreal when I was in the midst of losing everything physical a person could lose eighteen months ago, and now am in a space of drawing to me abundance in all areas, almost effortlessly. (I say almost because the inner and outer work of the last eighteen months now makes it seem “effortless” but man there was *a lot* of prior work involved!). Do you think this shift into new beginnings is part of a collective consciousness shift? (I hadn’t heard anything but I know in general with solstice coming, things “should” lighten up in general for many).
    Joy recently posted..Stepping Into New SpaceMy Profile

    • Hi Joy, I am so excited for you in your new space! I guess we always have work to do, otherwise we would have moved on 🙂 Thankfully, we have not!

      I’m sure there were moments when we had a smidge of doubt…no one wants to test the bottom and wonder where their life and (sense of) security went. It’s so interesting how each of us has wandered a path and when we emerge into the clearing we find ourselves in completely different places. Even though we walked for a time together. I really did not expect to find myself where I am right now…not at all! I thought the ending to this chapter would look different than the prior chapters, but it doesn’t. Maybe sometimes we need to take a respite to “get it” and then we can resume? Not sure, but the journey sure is interesting!!

      Yes, it is unmistakable how many of us are coming into the clearing right now. It has to be a global shift. It surely doesn’t involve ^everyone^ but maybe just a group who were going through similar things and now we’re not.

      Many blessings in your new place 🙂

  10. Hey Julie,

    I know quite a few people in the offline world that are always waiting for something to happen. It’s always too good to be true and no matter how many times I try to explain to them that they bring into their lives exactly what they think about they never seem to get it.

    I started understanding all of this around six years ago so I haven’t really had any of those “oh crap” moments like you mentioned.

    I continue to focus on how blessed I am and I must say, life’s pretty darn good girl. The stuff that does happen is very minimal so I guess I can honestly say it’s been awhile for me to be able to put my finger on one of those situations and remember.

    You always do bring up the most interesting topics though I must admit. Thanks for always keeping me intrigued.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Make A Good First ImpressionMy Profile

  11. Herb Langdon says:

    Great post ,I still am not sure I know you. An appropriate gift for Fathers Day.You made my day!! Herb

  12. Quite honestly, I dont know how I will ever get through this. I was once a loving soul. Now when I enter the dark night. I hate everyone and everything especially god. I lash out and hurt people. I love hurting people when I go into this mode of darkness. What am I supposed to be doing in this process?

    I’ve read we’re supposed to let the ego and anger burn itself out? Most of my chakras are badly damaged. Some are under-active. So, I’m assuming its going to be a long road of hell to heal these right? Im very confused and I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing in this. Just cursing at god and people? Bascially, I dont want to be in this process and I will kick and scream until i get out of it. No matter whatever way that may be. Either removal of it or death. I dont care about anything anymore. Peace be with you. Any advice would be appreciated. I dont need this life. I can either help god or leave.

    • You don’t get to leave until it’s your time. If you are still here then there is something for you yet to do. Sounds like a call to service to me.

      • yes i know i am called to service. so ill be starting a business next week to make enough money to join up with an undisclosed organization and i will work for them serving the darkness and the world. basically, my beliefs are that nothing is good or bad. there is no good or evil. life and death means nothing. i dont believe in afterlife. i believe in reincarnation. so, im going to serve my purpose and serve the one I belong to. i’m working against this god character but i dont know if i believe in god or evil anymore. it seems like a fairy tale. no matter what happens it is meant to be in my minds eye. good luck to you. i can just choose the side of darkness and this process is finished. i keep trying to run back to the light and i dont belong there. i hate it take care friends.

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