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Who Is Standing In Your Aura with You?

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Do you own your energy?  Are you sure?

Let’s hope it’s just you standing in your aura and own energy.  But what if it isn’t?  Sometimes ghosts come for a visit – and we’re not talking about Casper.   They aren’t friendly, and they are here to feed off your energy and suck the light right out of you.  Other times, you may have light beings doing some energy work on you, because you need healing or are ready for an upgrade.

How do you know when there are forces influencing your energy or even performing energy healing?

As you walk around living your life, your energy is bouncing off of everyone else’s.  Imagine your aura as if you can see it quite clearly.  Now imagine everyone else’s aura.  Guess what?  They are interacting as you bend over to pick up a pen or pass someone on the street.

If you are empathic, you will feel this quite literally.  Some people have no idea why they’re feeling sad when they have no reason to be sad.  Twenty guesses…tick tock…that’s right – they picked it up from someone else they were hanging around.

Have you noticed the energy shifts?

It may be the ever-shifting and changing energies that surround us lately, but I’ve noticed quite a change in how intuitive information comes through when I am doing readings for clients.  I first noticed it when I was doing my morning meditation on the elliptical at the gym.

Sure I know I must look pretty funny up there with my ear buds in and my eyes closed, especially because when I am feeling ultra-good I do it with no hands as well and occasionally almost go crashing into my neighbor.  There is nothing for the body like trying to make it balance with your eyes closed.

My normal meditation has me protecting myself (since I am in a public place) and then opening my chakras, clearing them out, and closing those suckers right back up again.  It’s like a routine.

Every morning I work on grounding and clearing my energy because I want to walk around with what belongs to me and not what doesn’t, to the extent that’s possible.  Since I am paying very close attention to this, I will notice right away when I’ve picked up something that doesn’t belong.   Having a routine enables you to notice immediately when something is different.  Is it a good different, or a bad different?  There are clues to why there’s been a change. If you can figure it out, you can address it right away.

If you can, imagine your chakras as kind of balls of energy, each with a different color, starting at the base of your spine and dotting your body up to the top of your head, and as they are swirling you can mentally open, close and move the energy around.  Some of it goes into the earth to get grounded, some of it might be sent up heavenward for a different kind of cleansing.

If you have a lot of practice using your Mind’s Eye to move energy around and do intuitive readings, you’re pretty used to seeing all kinds of things like angels, spirit guides, movie scenes, photo images, and energy.  Imagine my surprise one day when instead of being able to do my mental exercise of moving the energy around, it was moved for me.

One thing you have to be completely sure of is who or what is moving the energy, and if you can’t be sure, you have to intuit whether it’s something that you want doing it for you.

A Ghostly Attachment

Even when you’re consciously trying to pay attention, you can miss the obvious.

I was reading a post from Erin Pavlina, and she linked to a five part story on a hotel she was asked to visit to clear a negative entity (ghost).  As soon as I started reading it, I felt a depression descending on me but I couldn’t stop reading.    I had to know how it ended.  In the story, Erin succumbed to the energy of this being and was almost overwhelmed by it before she was able to get rid of it.

I was in a funny state of being where I knew while I was reading that I was being affected by a negative energy.  Any intuitive will tell you that as soon as you feel something “not you” affecting you, you have to STOP and reverse course.  But, I was transfixed by this story.  It was like I was observing myself do something really stupid but I couldn’t stop myself.

Then for the next three days every time I had a thought, I would hear a really negative comment in my head, that didn’t belong to me.  Crap.

I’m not sure what snuck up on me and decided to attach itself, but clearly this was a major error and I had to do a huge clearing to get it off.

A Positive Cleansing

The morning at the gym, instead of the usual scene of opening my base chakra, I saw energy coming through the top of my head.  Instead of being upright, I appeared as if I was horizontal.

The energy looked like threads of multicolor (mainly purple and white) light, just shooting into my head.  It traversed my entire body, inch by inch.  It reminded me a lot of going to the dentist.  It was literally going around my jaw, behind my teeth, like I was having a cleaning!

I’d heard about healing work happening while we sleep, or by request to another human being, but I was really surprised about it happening unbidden while I was wide awake.

The fact that it was such an unusual picture, combined with how energized in a calm way I was afterward, were clues to the positive forces at work.

I was asked permission before the major activity really began.

When it was over, the kind of readings I was doing and the way I accessed the information totally changed.  I continued at first to do my usual ritual, but found I didn’t need to.  I just jumped right to the information, as soon as I sat down to do it – it was all right there.  I didn’t need to do breathing and get into a meditative state, it just started.  That did happen at other times, when I was doing short readings.  Sometimes the information just came to me when I was driving.  When I am doing a full reading, I sit with my pad and pen nearby, because I could never remember everything or exactly how it was put, which can be really important.  So I found myself scrambling to grab my pad and start taking notes.

Empaths and Tonglen Black Smoke

As an empath and practicing intuitive, I spend most of my time and energy making sure my own field is clear of influence from other people.  Are the cords cut?  Did I pick up anything while I was out?  Was there anything wandering around my home while I worked outside that decided it liked me?

It caught me completely off guard when I was speaking with an old friend and he mentioned he was practicing Pema Chodron’s Tonglen Meditation.  I looked it up later at Yoga Freedom  and here’s how they described it:

Visualize someone you know and love who is suffering — an illness, a loss, depression, pain, anxiety, fear. As you breathe in, imagine all of that person’s suffering — in the form of dark, black, smokelike, tarlike, thick and heavy clouds — entering your nostrils and traveling down into your heart. Hold that suffering in your heart. Then, on the outbreath, take all of your peace, freedom, health, goodness and virtue, and send it out to the person in the form of healing, liberating light. Imagine they take it all in and feel completely free, released and happy.

My friend said maybe I should try that.  He said that it might really open up what I experienced in my intuitive readings and that it helps develop true empathy.  I completely resisted the entire idea. I could feel my stomach in a knot.  The way he said it made me feel like this was one of those moments when I was supposed to be paying attention.  You know when you feel resistance to an idea, there’s something in it that you need to be paying attention to.

I’ve spent my whole life unaware that I was empathic in a way that other people generally are not.  Once I got the message, I thought I was supposed to do work that kept me clear, not work that has me diving into someone else’s space like that.

As the world is pressing and pushing to show us that we are all indeed one consciousness, it made me wonder.  Do we actually change the world one person at a time?  Or is it really just an inside job and all of our efforts, even as we serve others, ultimately simply are an effort to change ourselves alone?  Maybe it’s through others that we do this, or maybe it’s just realizing that there is no separation so saying “me” and “you” is just semantics?

If you look up “energy healing” you’ll find there are more modalities than you can shake a stick at.  So far I’ve just followed my intuition as to what works for me.

What is your opinion on energy work?  Do you follow a routine?  Did you learn it from someone else or is it something you’ve just learned on your own?  How aware are you of when other beings are influencing you?  I’d love to hear your stories of empathic moments, energy drains, or experiences where you were recharged and uplifted.
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