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How To Know If You Just Got Scammed By A Psychic Intuitive

Yeah...ummm...I don't think this is the place

Yeah…ummm…I don’t think this is the place

How do you know if the psychic or intuitive you’re hiring for a spiritual reading is genuine and connected to spirit?  What steps can you take to ensure that you’re hiring the intuitive who is right for you?  Who can accurately answer your questions?

A reader asks,”What are the best questions to ask so you know you’re getting the truth?”

Inherent in that question is,”How do I know if the intuitive is for real?”

First, if you are a true skeptic, don’t get a reading.  You have to be open to receiving guidance.  People who walk into the experience on the hunt for something that doesn’t ring true are guaranteed to find it.  If you’re of that mindset, you will locate the one statement that doesn’t seem to fit and decide to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  That’s a waste of everyone’s time and energy and not what intuitives are here for.

Be a good consumer. Just like with everything else, there are people who are more skilled than others, and you will get a sense of this if you do your homework. Use your intuition.  Don’t just walk in to see someone at a Psychic Fair.  Don’t have a reading on a whim when you’ve put no energy into what your questions really are and aren’t genuinely in a place where you feel you’ve gone as far as you can go alone and could use some guidance.

Find your match.  There are truly all kinds of practitioners, with all kinds of methods.  The aura reader, the tarot card reader, the astrologist, the numerologist, the psychic, the intuitive, the spiritual advisor or counselor have one thing that differentiates them from one another:  they’re either right for you or wrong for you.

What are the best questions to ask an intuitive?

The only questions to ask are…the ones you want answered.

Don’t throw in “test questions.”  You will naturally get a response that rings so true that you will know the answers are just for you.  Your spiritual teams will volunteer this.  They hear you when you’re doubting, don’t you know!  Many times I have had people say that they asked ahead of time,”If this person is genuine, have her mention red shoelaces,” or something equally ridiculous, and there I am saying,”I’m seeing white shoes with red shoelaces, do you have any idea why?”  Please don’t mess with the intuitive!  Trust what you get.

Assume that the intuitive is good and has your best interests at heart as well as a direct line to your spirit guides, angels, and other members of your spiritual team.  Ask the intuitive what you would ask your spiritual team!

How To Know When It’s Time For an Intuitive Reading

(now the ears of my ears awake and

now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

– e.e. cummings from i thank You God for most this amazing

Did you just get an impulse or a nudge from spirit one day that said,”Oh that looks like something I’d like to do!  I feel like ordering that (or working with that person) right now!”?

Or, have you been feeling lost in your life and went searching for some answers, finding several people to do readings for you, and one just stuck out as “the one”?

Maybe one day you just “got a feeling” that you wanted a reading, out of the blue, or because your birthday is coming up, or it’s the new year, and you just let your fingers doing the walking?

All of the above qualify as “guided messages” from your spiritual team who are trying to point you in the right direction, to the right person, at the right time.

How To Know When You Are A Psychic Addict and Should Run From a Reading

If you ever get to the point that you are consulting with intuitive after psychic – all the while asking the SAME question – and pulling your own cards to check their work, then you are very far off track. Time for a deep breath. If there is one thing that is stuck in your mind, then you will never get a good answer until you calm down, relax your energy, and just live with “what is” for a while. Another way to do this is to just live your life and see what transpires.

How many readings have you had this year?  If it’s more than one with the same person, or maybe two to three overall, that may be too many.  At some point the intuitive is going to have to gently tell you to look back over the advice you’ve already received and decide if you really need more guidance or if perhaps you need to make decisions and take actions.

How To Know If You’ve Had A “Good” Reading

Assuming you’ve chosen wisely, readings are either “good” or “bad” depending upon your expectations, openness, and willingness to twist your mind slightly into a pretzel.

You either get it or you don’t.  If you don’t get it today you may get it tomorrow.  Sometimes a bad reading makes you think,“Hey, this person doesn’t have any answers for me.  I’ll go find someone else.”  Or it may make you realize,“Hey, this person doesn’t have any answers for me, I’d better look within.”  It depends upon which stage you are in, in your intuitive development, and in your life experience.

We’ve all had readings where we anxiously awaited the results and looked into every corner of every line for the meaning we were searching for, or maybe the answer we were hoping for.  That’s akin to giving your authority away, in a sense.  If it seems wrong to you, after you’ve really given it serious consideration, then don’t listen!

Sometimes we do just feel like we need a little validation.  Most often, readings will confirm what you already knew in your heart.

Look for direct validations of information that is so personal to you that the intuitive simply could not know.

Why You Don’t Always Get Anwers To All Your Questions

I’ve had moments when I wondered,”If this person is intuitive, how come they don’t have answers to my questions?”

I’ve had moments when I’ve been asked if I wanted a reading and my heart’s answer was,”No thanks, I’m good.”

Assuming you’ve found an excellent intuitive, you may not get answers to your questions because spirit simply did not communicate them.  Why?  You’re not ready, you need to do more work first, or someone else is involved and there is no fate attached to the outcome, so things still need to unfold.  Sometimes this comes through as “no answer” and other times it comes through as a series of steps or directional advice: “if this, then that; if that, then this.”

Look, some people are very intuitive and they feel that the hardest person to get an answer for is themself.  I have felt that way.  Some intuitives will always want to bounce their thoughts and situations off an intuitive colleague or friend.  Others just innately or eventually feel that at some point (or always) they just know there is one person walking their path and that’s the one person with the answers.  Most of our learning comes with the unfolding of our lives.

Here’s the thing about messages that come in from spiritual teams: they are generally not completely direct and obvious. They usually include at least some elements that need to be decoded or thought upon for a bit before you get it. If you get a reading and everything seems incredibly straightforward (you’ll meet your soul mate this year and a new job is coming in July!), then either you’ve happened upon someone who makes this stuff up, or you’ve happened upon an intuitive who won’t share the “weird stuff that makes no obvious sense.” Sometimes the weird stuff is the most important message right from your guides.

By “weird stuff” I mean the things that make me sound like I have no idea what I’m talking about.  That’s because I don’t.  I am simply passing along what spirit is showing and telling me.  For instance I had a reading recently where I saw and heard a robin, and later in the reading I got the name Robin.  I also saw a little boy.  The subject of the intuitive questions had absolutely nothing to do with this – it was about career.  So how weird does it sound when I answer a career question with seeing a little boy and birds?  Turns out, the man often calls his son Robin (as in, Batman and) as a nickname.  I didn’t know that – he had to tell me.  That is a direct validation from his team to him.”Hey, we’re really here and talking to her, so pay attention to everything else we have to say as well.”

I’ve also had the reverse – where I get very little, the person went into it knowing I wasn’t going to get anything much, and then blamed me for it.  How did they know?  They are intuitive themselves, spoke to their team, and their team told them not to get a reading.  I have to sigh at this kind of thing, but what can I do?  Intuitives DO NOT get information that you are not supposed to get at this time.  If they try, there are energetic consequences for them.  It IS a privilege to be an intuitive, and trust me, if that privilege is abused it won’t be retained for long.  So I let these kind of situations be okay with me, because even if I don’t understand why right now, I do understand that there is some kind of purpose to the dance of it all.

What Kind Of Reading or Intuitive Should You Be Looking For?

If you’re a fan of A Clear Sign then you are unlikely to be a patron of the unicorn, fairies and angel vagueness type of intuitive.  There is nothing wrong with them, and I can listen to a podcast for twenty minutes and feel like,”What just happened?”  The answer I get is,”Nothing.  I just wasted twenty minutes on cotton candy fluff.”  Some people however really DO get something out of that, even if it’s just their blood pressure going down.

Spirit will guide you, so if you feel compelled (or called) to go to a specific person for a reading on Tuesday of next week, do it.  I promise that if you follow your gut, you are being brought to the right person at the right time.  Who knows, maybe they just found out some information that they will immediately use to help you.  Maybe they have a talent for expressing themselves in the exact way that you need to hear it for it to get through and sink in.  Whatever the reason, know that there is one.  None of this happens for no reason.  There is a purpose to it all.  Really.

Are You A Good Candidate For A Reading?

I encourage you to have a good look in your heart before you order a reading with anyone.  That’s why I ask you for three focus questions when you order a reading from me.  You will find out in that process if you’ve already answered your own questions.  You will discern if the questions you have right now are truly worth the money spent on getting answers and guidance.

I have a godawful memory, but when it comes to intuitive readings I remember your energy.  I also will remember what came out in your reading, especially when it’s one subtle thing that seemed out of place, or a prediction.  The question is, do YOU remember it?

Sometimes people act like they forget that I once gave them intuitive advice, especially when I do a “quick question and answer session” for free.  If they’ve paid for it, even if it was just a few dollars, they seem to have much better recall.  Curious, isn’t it?  You don’t always get what you pay for – sometimes free is like a gift from heaven.  You do however need to return the favor, to someone, in the form of energy if not cash, or it tends to back up on you.  So if you’re always the person who signs up when it’s free, you never pay anyone, and it never crosses your mind to say,”Oh I’ll skip that one, someone else out there needs it more than me,” you are out of balance.

I got some guidance for someone around the name of a future long-term partner.  We were chatting and that (unusual) name came up. I said,’Oh, remember when I gave you that name last year?!”  Nope.  If this were me and someone said,”I’m hearing your future husband’s name is Bernard,” I would remember that should I actually (for the first time in my life) meet a man named Bernard, in any context.

I have people who write back to me a long time later and tell me,”I had no idea what you were talking about when you said that I had a talent for health care, but then my mother got sick and I got involved with homeopathy and now I’m in school to become an acupuncturist.”  Bingo!  Be one of these people – remember what spirit told you through another human being and then appreciate it by acknowledging it. That lets spirit know,”Hey this person is paying attention, send more things his or her way!” and it also sometimes helps the intuitive.  You’ll never know why or how, but these things can be so subtle and it really does validate for the intuitive something you may never know or understand but you can be  a party to, which is one form of returning the gift.

Sometimes things take years to come into being.  Will you remember that your guides put that seed of thought in your head five years ago?

You Should Always Ask For References or Read The Testimonials

Unless you’re absolutely certain and feel synchronicity or signs have led you right to the intuitive, choosing one isn’t that hard.  Follow your gut, ask for references or testimonials, ask your friends who they like and why, follow the intuitive for a while if they have a blog.

Know what you are looking for before you hire someone to do a reading for you, and then be open to the outcome.

I have recently updated my Testimonials page.  I haven’t historically asked for them but since I released Psychic Sparks I am getting a lot of requests.  If you have had a reading with me and would like to contribute your thoughts, I would so appreciate it!  You can order a reading here.  If you would like a recommendation to another intuitive who has a different style or does very specific types of readings, contact me and I will be happy to refer you on to some incredible intuitives who I have had readings with and can vouch for 100%.

Have you ever had a fantastic reading?  Have you ever had a reading that you thought was all wrong?  I’ve had both and would love to chat with you about it in the Comments.  Tell us your story and feel free to ask questions about things that still don’t make sense or ring true – often I can give you insight into what you may not be seeing just yet and I will be happy to help if I can.