Telepathy Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames?

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twin soul

Have you ever felt pinged by someone else, knowing they were thinking about you or that they’d be on the other end of the phone because you were just thinking of them?

Have you ever had it to the degree that it became a distraction or a problem in your day-to-day life?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I can tell when they’re thinking of me.
  • I feel my attention drawn to them several times throughout the day even though I am not thinking of them.
  • Out of the blue I hear or feel them thinking of me, as if they’re in the same room but they live far away.
  • Every time my phone rings I know it’s them but it only happens to me with that one person.
  • The thought of this person calling to me is so distracting but I don’t know how to get rid of it.  I don’t know if I want to get rid of it or if I am supposed to.
  • This is an old relationship that ended many years or decades ago and yet this person feels like I am connected to them somehow.
  • We’re both married to other people but I’ve never had a relationship that felt this deep level of connection and I would know it was the right thing to do to leave my spouse if I could just be with this person.
  • I feel so connected to them that I can’t imagine moving on and dating or marrying anyone else.  No one else feels this interesting at a very deep level.
  • The longing I have for this person is sexual but it transcends that in a way I can’t even describe.  I don’t think anyone else I know or maybe anyone else on the planet has what we have, but we can’t be together due to time, circumstances, etc.
  • I feel like we must have a past life connection because it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced with anyone else.  The first moment I saw them it felt like I was coming home.

How about if this person wasn’t even alive?  What if you’ve never even met them?  What if they were on the other side calling out to you?  That might make living life here in the Earth plane a little tough, like you have one foot in this world and one foot in the next dimension.

I had to start investigating why suddenly I was running into people everywhere who were having these types of problems.  The only thing I’d experienced was the occasional calling of a friend.  Usually, literally – they were on the other end of the phone, or they’d tell me later that they were talking about me  But – I’m an intuitive, and sometimes I hear these things.  You’d kind of expect that out of me!

Only once in my life would I call it a genuine distraction, and to this day I doubt very much that my friend was thinking of me at all – I sort of ascribed it to some kind of old connection (because I hadn’t seen him in a couple of decades) that I was supposed to learn about so I could clear it and move on in a current situation.  I never really understood it any better than it being an “old tie.”

When I do readings for people I know personally, I often will see an ethereal cord.  If my friend is in Canada and I am in Florida I will see a map and the cord runs from one place to the other.  The cord itself might look thin and wispy or more heavy-duty.  I still haven’t figured out exactly what that means, but it only happens once in a while, usually with people who I knew from school, not family members or people who grew up on my street.  I assume it means there is some meaningful reason why I “bumped into them” this lifetime, and then I ask for the cord to be cut just like I do after every reading I do for anyone.

What I’m saying is that I have never had an experience anything like what’s usually described as a “twin flame” or “twin soul.” Not that I wanted to make them wrong but I was sceptical of anyone who seemed to think they did.  So why then would I start meeting people who sound like they just might?

Twin Flames? Twin Souls? Soulmates?  Telepathy?

Usually I’m only brought people who either mirror my experience in some way, or who have problems that I easily understand.

I never consciously think of telepathy as being a real thing.  Merriam-Webster defines telepathy as “communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means.”  

It probably is a “real thing”, scientifically speaking, but I don’t feel like what I do has anything to do with telepathy since I interface with a spiritual team and sometimes the person’s higher self, but not really with “earth them” other than in the normal way such as through email or phone.

However I have to admit that might be what’s going on when the phone rings and I know who’s calling me, or when I hear messages from my hate-to-talk-on-the-phone introvert friends that sounds something like,“I know you’ve called me three times in the last couple of months but I’m going through this thing and I am not in the mood to talk.  I’ll call you when I feel like it.  Nothing personal.”

Scientists will tell you that telepathy can be the only thing going on, but I just don’t believe that since my experience is different.  I just think they haven’t caught up yet.  Or at least expand their definition of “one mind” to something more like “tap into the universal field of consciousness.”  But I digress.

It certainly seems valid that we incarnate with people from our soul groups, intentionally, and make contracts with them to meet this lifetime to fulfill those contracts.  However for the most part there doesn’t seem to be anything written in stone that says,”You will meet and mate with this one person and ONLY this one person.”  There seem like there are many, many possibilities, and our free will would dictate the exclusion of “just one possibility”, wouldn’t you think so?

So what about the “twin flame” or “twin soul” concept?  There are a few different definitions of this floating around, often that each person is part of one soul (which I really have to say I strongly doubt, because if you were missing pieces of your soul you would in some serious trouble, not to mention half of the whole darn thing, which strikes me as romanticized ridiculousness.  Plus none of these people feels “less than.”).  Here’s one from

“We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together. So you probably haven’t had many lifetimes with your twin.

Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate relationship.”

I don’t know, guys.  This goes against everything I’ve ever thought, but I can’t prove it’s not true, so I pretty much ignored the whole thing as “probably so much hooey” until I started meeting people who are faced with the conflict of being pulled incredibly strongly, energetically speaking, by someone.  Usually this is someone from their past.  Sometimes they flat out leave their spouses and even children behind because the compulsion to be with this other person is that strong.

I must just be practicing, because if I do have “another half” out there somewhere, you couldn’t tell by me.  Any boyfriends or husbands would be people I’d put in the “soul group” category – I’ve been around the block with them in other lifetimes, probably.

Nonetheless, I cannot ignore the fact that over the past six months or so, people who are conflicted over this keep on coming to me or I keep meeting them.  Most of them aren’t clients, they’re just people I run into.  This literally impacts their day and their life.  They can feel the other person thinking of them or pulling on them, and it’s a major distraction to say the least.  I usually suggest to cut the cords of attachment and see how they feel then, but usually they don’t want to.  The call or the longing is such that it feels “wrong” to them.

Sometimes they go ahead and start a new phase of their life with the person.  One woman I spoke with actually said,“We work together, we live together, we’re together 24/7 and when he leaves the house or sometimes even goes into the other room, it feels like that’s wrong and we are being torn apart.” 

That is unfathomable to me.  As an introverted empath, I can take only so much company and after that, I need time to recover!  Being with someone like that feels like jail to me.  And when I (nicely) try to explain that I just cannot relate, every one of them almost has given me that,”Oh, that’s so sad for you!” reaction.  Can you imagine?!

So tell me…what do you think?  Are such things just energetic connections that should be severed, so the person can move on with their life, or are they incredibly powerful connections meant to be experienced and lived out?  What do you think might really be going on?

I would appreciate it very much if you would share this post on social media – I’d love to hear everyone’s reactions.

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  1. Hey Julie!
    This is so interesting! It’s pretty clear that you should investigate this further. I was first introduced to the term “twin flame” by Doreen Virtue; I think one of her books (don’t remember now which one) mentions it. I resonated it more than I resonate with the term “soulmate.”

    I 100% believe that my hubby and I are twin flames. Also there was one relationship I had right before I met my husband that I believe was a karmic release thing. Don’t ask how I knew, I just felt it was.

    Great blog post!
    Frances recently posted..It’s decision time! [Angel Reading Video]My Profile

    • Hi Frances, Any time people come around us with the same story it always means “something”! What, I don’t know yet, but thanks for coming by and sharing that about you and your husband 🙂

  2. Hi Julie

    Not sure about all that, it sounds more like someone afraid of being alone. I don’t think we are supposed to live joined at the hip to someone else. How can we grow our soul if we can’t be by ourselves?

    I do believe we run into people that we have known from other lives. When I met my “to be husband’s” brother, I knew I had never seen him in this life before. But we instantly recognized each other and it was like for the longest time before we said hello…it was what I thought obvious and awkwardly long time. It was like what are you doing here, like this is the last place I would ever expect to see you. We don’t really know what the connection was but we both felt like we knew each other in another life.

    My biggest connection in this life is with my youngest brother who has shown up or called when I seemed to have needed him most. We have a deep bond even though we are a 1000 miles apart. We have made a pact to meet up later. Of course since we don’t know for sure if all that is possible, at least we are each aware of that we want to.

    Interesting post.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Awesome Effective ReasoningMy Profile

    • Hi Mary, The funny thing is that they DO grow their soul through the actual togetherness! Now you and I might be doing a lot of our work through solitude and loving it, but clearly these people are sent on a different mission. I really did want to brush it off as nonsense but after hearing the people talk about it, these are not new age fanatics they are genuine real people, smart people, who are quite believable, and many of them are not particularly spiritual. I am quite the skeptic so it’s not that easy to convince me.

      It is really common to meet someone who you describe in your brother-in-law. I have had many of these special connections over the years and they are usually friends. Too many people confuse that connection as “romantic” because they are trying to make sense of it with their heads. I suspect that if we could see everything, we would be fascinated by all of the past life connections we have with those in our present lives.

    • Oneoftwo says:

      I just wanted to tell you that the concept of one soul being split into two is a misunderstanding. Your twin is a soul derived from God at the same exact time of your own soul. It harbors similarities you know to be true about yourself using different energies. I.E. One being the masculine and the other being the feminine. I don’t mean gender either because as you can imagine spirits don’t have genders instead they are determined by their energies.

    • I completely agree, Mary. Wanting to share your life with that special person is fine, but, I agree, that you can’t grow and develop into the real you, a whole person, if you can’t be apart from someone at all. I mean, life can be so busy. How would you (or they) accomplish anything?

  3. Hi Julie, so glad I’m not the only one feeling these things. Absolutely believe in soul groups, mates, and contracts and have just recently learned of twin flames which I believe is absolutely possible. I know I have experience something for awhile now that has never in my life happened before and the person lives several hours away from me and I don’t physically see him very often, nevertheless, I feel the pull and feel urged a lot of times to be there for this person, and have also felt urged to pray for him. I also believe there telepathy, not necessarily in being able to read exactly what someones exact thoughts & words in their mind are, but picking up SOMETHING, some kind of frequency. Have been learning some about Nikola Tesla, the pineal gland, lots of things that it seems people think are not real because they cannot physically see it. Dang it! I have GOT to go get ready for work… 🙁
    Hope you have a great day, love this blog! <3

    • Hi Lorin, While it’s obvious to me that we come here with a Contract and have our soul group/mates all around us, this energetic link just feels different. Clearly plenty of people are in love, married, and so forth without all of this “pinging” going on all of the time. It makes me wonder what specifically is happening…it may be just one of many ways that we communicate, almost like a different Clair. I’m hoping someone will shed some more light on this other than anecdotal evidence! Have a great day 🙂

  4. I once broke my shoulder and was in horrible pain during the night. One of my sisters, who lives on the opposite coast, did not not know I had a broken shoulder. But during the night she was so sure she had heard me calling that she got up to check the answering machine.

    • Loretta, I love those connections and it has been proven that lives have been saved by people “hearing” and then responding to those calls. I’m not right 100% of the time but when I get a gut feeling to check on something it has made life sooo much easier.

  5. I have to also say (in reference to Mary’s comment)… Lonliness or fear of being alone can be tough for some people, but unless someone has personally experienced this it is hard to believe or understand… I don’t completely understand it, I just know it’s a very real experience. In my case I’ve asked many times (pretty much begged) for cords of attachment to be severed…hasn’t happened as of yet. 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t wish to convince you of anything. The energy with a twin flame is a different sort of energy; a magnetic pull that I don’t believe can be severed in the same ways we cut cords, nor is it meant to be severed. Living it out doesn’t necessarily mean you are “together”, although you can be, it is an awareness of yourself in a reflection that enables you to clearly and strongly see depth and range in only this way.

    I didn’t feel a sense of incomplete or miss when I didn’t physically know my twin flame, or when that person was not physically in my space, I felt centered and complete…but when sharing space or energy, it is the feel of infinite possibility, and connection far beyond what I have felt in anything else in life. And it is not “work”, it is this ease and joy and peace, even when one is “doing the work” of centering or being or creating. It’s not logical, and it’s not something one can manipulate.

    However, the idea of twin flame has been romanticized in media, and perhaps the word is over-used which makes it easy, and understandable, to be skeptical. I don’t think it means you are “pretending” in relationship now, the energy of love is simply ‘love’…and maybe the twin flame was experienced in a previous life or the contract has been fulfilled…

    I enjoy, and thrive in, solitude, but when I spent time with my twin flame, working, eating, sleeping together, it wasn’t a burden or chore, it was an unexpected ease. Nor is it a yearning, like you “have to”, but it’s a feeling that *you want to* because all that one shares naturally enriches all that the other is creating/being and vice versa. You aren’t thinking about how much time can you spend together, you are just spending it. I know a few people who are with their twin flames, it seems natural and with ease, it’s not a thought, it’s just a way of being.
    Joy recently posted..Choosing to be a MiracleMy Profile

    • Hi Joy, I love that explanation! I don’t really want to be swayed either way since my opinion is kind of irrelevant to the whole shebang, but what I was looking for was a good explanation or description of what might make this different than anyone else who is “in love.” And now I have it! So thanks for that. I have absolutely no doubt that I have not had a “twin flame” experience personally nor would I want one, so it’s all a-ok by me 🙂

    • I agree, Joy. I don’t think it is meant to be severed either. Any time that I tried to forget about my TF, the universe made it impossible – constant reminders of him on some days.

  7. Hi Julie!
    Once again I find synchronicity with your blog! I just had a session Tuesday with Jill Miller in preparation for a 6 week course starting tonight with Jill & Remi Thivierge about Indigos & our soul purpose. My session was about my twin flame, a term I was unfamiliar with until about 6 months ago. I was familiar with soul groups & soul mates however. I am here to tell you with out a doubt that twin flames are real but that they do not always meet in this lifetime. I do have a twin flame here & we have had previous incarnations as star travelers. You will know when you meet that person because its like looking in a mirror, the reflection is one in the same. I looked into his eyes & I knew everything about him with no communication, even the cobwebs lurking in the dark corners of his mind. His strengths complimented my weaknesses & visa versa. Sometimes I felt like we were communicating without speaking, I just knew what he was thinking. When I was with this person it was like a feeling of “home”. You know like the song “Home” by Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros. (If not you outta give it a listen) As an Indigo soul I never knew what that felt like, I spent my whole life searching for that feeling & never feeling as if anyone understood me. He understood me better then anyone ever has. The emotions are very intense & for me our connection was like a thick cord, I always know when he is thinking about me. He has come to me in my dreams, sometimes I don’t see him but his presence is there & we have communicated telepathically through our dreams. All of this was validated for me Tuesday, I just thought I was out of my mind for thinking these things! Unfortunately our lives lead down different paths but Jill explained that for us, we compliment each other so well that we would get in one another’s way of working through our stuff here, that we designed this in our contract because we have the utmost respect for one another. I have wrestled with this for so long because I questioned if I made the right choices. I love my family but there will always be that longing. I now understand that was by design too, it is what will keep us both moving forward with our purpose. When one learns a lesson the other will receive it. 


    • Hi Nicole, Well that was a great explanation of your experience. I’d not heard that song before. I looked Jill up as I had not run across her before. So this begs the question, what’s the difference between “love” between people who incarnate together time and again and a twin flame? For instance, long ago I had my akashic record read during a soul realignment session (like Jill does) and was told I was a starseed and my husband and I had incarnated together 11 times – every single one of them as marriage partners. Now to be frank, this is neither here nor there to us – we’ve been together for 17 years but no one (and I do mean, no one!) would call us soulmates or twin flames.

  8. anonymouse says:

    Interesting post- I always thought ‘twin flames’ never made sense because why would we be born with half a soul? Life is hard enough to navigate/learn lessons with a ‘whole’ soul. Just never rang true to me.

    I wonder how much of the ‘pull’ people ascribe to these supposed ‘twin flames’ etc. is really mid life crisis, or perhaps disappointment in their daily reality. Some people ‘click’, sure, but they might have co dependent tendencies or issues that mesh *just so* to create the illusion of being a twin flame. I believe in soulmates and stuff but I think usually they are people who teach us something then move on – not skip off into the sunset with us. They are the ‘big teachers’ , hit and run sort of lesson, sounds so unromantic I know!

    • Hi Anonymouse, I was waiting for someone to give me a good description and I think Joy did (see her comment). Whenever I run into something where everyone describes the exact same scenario I have to think there’s a reason. That said, surely there are plenty of other experiences that are codependent/issue/mid-life/excuse related. I never think of soulmates in a romantic way, either.

  9. Anne McCarroll says:

    Soul mates and families? Sure. Twin flames? I have been both assured and skeptical – though that was because, like Joy mentioned above, the idea has been so romanticized and over idealized that it seems cloying and cartoonish. I would not want to strike out on a Camelot worthy quest to find that twin- and the idea that we must is defeatist, in many ways. That said, I do feel that it is a possibility for us all to come across that soul that matches us like a twin – but it is perhaps a more organic sort of arrival, beyond our understanding until we get to that point of spiritual awareness…
    As to the energetic ‘tags’ mentioned – I wonder if that is a matter of maybe not twins but soul mate intensity? Does that break rules? Some people are closer for different reasons – like loving in different ways – can those in our soul groups be bound more closely? Hmmm. Does that even compute?

    • Anne, It computes. The funniest thing about me is that I’ve never read any of that stuff, so it’s always news to me how widely spread something like that might be (“lightworkers”, “twin flames”…yawn). To me it’s like we are here to live life, not to chase down ideas and try to wrestle them to the ground in 3D. I really do think we came here with a plan of action and we get opportunities all of the time to accept or deny. Now soul mate intensity is an interesting idea, because I have to tell you some of these people fight. It’s not all rainbows and roses like my can’t-part-from-him-when-he’s-in-the-next-room person…so then by definition is that relationship something else altogether, such as a simple love/lust attraction? As for rules, they’re set somewhere else and I don’t think there are too many people who know of them 🙂

  10. Anne McCarroll says:

    And in light of previous discussions with you, I would be inclined to say twin work must be over the top intense – and I wonder if people can deal with it. Is that the lack of my knowledge on the topic speaking out ? I keep thinking that finding a twin means combustion and ascension. 😉 (which goes right against most of what I previously said, I think).
    Can we not have intense soul group member relationships without it being a twin? I think perhaps yes.
    Okay. Done!!

    • I have no knowledge on the topic so if I can blog about it you can comment on it. My googling took all of 1 minute, because I don’t see how anyone could really know what this is, unless maybe they experienced it personally, and then it’s subject to misinterpretation. I assume this is not an intellectual thing 🙂 There are far too many websites and blogs which will bore you to tears on the subject, of that I am sure. I figure that they will find me if it’s something we need to know.

      The person who first dragged me into the subject is not ascending anywhere anytime soon. Unless full display human foibles are still OK, in which case, ascend away I guess.

      • Anne McCarroll says:

        Hahaha! Agree w/ you – how do people know this stuff enough to ‘report back’? And you knew that unicorn would show up again, didn’t you?!
        We all do seek so many answers rather than just ‘live’. That may be a true challenge – to live – really…!

  11. Catriona says:

    Julie, I don’t believe in the twin flames concept, but I do believe in an exceptionally strong connection that feels like that. Intuitively, we have choices, to follow what feels like a call to partnership with this person, to explore the learning that can come with such an attachment (fulfilled or unfulfilled, reciprocated or unreciprocated), or simply to revel in that feeling of connection, of energetic resonance and rejoice in the fact that this person is in the world. I believe in telepathy – actual spoken conversations – as this is what I experience and see in both this type of connection _and_ others. I try to avoid it, as to me, as a conflicted introvert-extrovert empath 😉 this can be a way of avoiding declaration and openness in the physical world (and this is aside from the kind of sense of feeling someone close to you’s strong emotion remotely, or someone coming to mind then calling you).

    The feeling of this type of connection, where attractive love comes with such a strong energetic connection (rather than either separately which has also happened) has happened to me twice. The second time has helped me deal with the first from a position of greater maturity and understanding, particularly the importance, for me, of being able to feel as one, and yet be self-reliant and yet”separate”. That actually goes for any relationship, not just one of this intensity.

    And I haven’t even begun to talk about trouble disconnecting and feeling these people’s pain and even details of daily life – boundaries are stronger now so I can encourage others to stay out of my energetic space and head with greater ease.

    That’s my experience of this, which now, with greater experience all-round, I have come to trust.

    Thanks for the chance to share, Julie. xxxxxxx

    • Hi Catriona! Oooh I hadn’t thought about the boundary connection and the avoidance issue – great point. I am learning how to separate “theirs” from “mine” as well…it’s kind of an intensive training 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts on this – I appreciate it.

  12. Hey everyone,
    This is from Jill Miller’s website, she suggests I share to help differentiate between soul mates & twin flames.
    Soul mates are close members of our soul family or soul group, and we come together with these beloved souls for the purpose of spiritual support and recognition of our divinity through the love we have for the other. Companion soul mates can be lovers and spouses, yet they can also come to us in the form of our parents, children, close friends, and co-workers. There is always mutual recognition and appreciation at the level of the Soul, and these relationships are never superficial. These can be the enduring marriages that many admire and aspire to, or the lifelong friendships in which time and distance can pass but closeness increases regardless.

    Twin souls (also called twin flames) are an entirely different category. According to ancient wisdom traditions, in the great cycle of separation and union designed for each of us, as we descend from the One (Mother-Father Creator) there is one final separation that is made: the split of one unit into two, a masculine and feminine counterpart, of which each of us has only one. Many believe that increasing numbers of twin soul reunions are occurring at this pivotal time on our planet, and that the union of the two create a third entity: the fully realized consciousness of the Divine, a powerful force of love and light that is helping humanity heal and evolve at a rapid rate. This reunion activates an acceleration of both partners’ evolution and ascension, which causes a series of rapid energetic shifts which can be both blissful and disorienting, and for which there is no guidebook (yet!). It also activates a Soul mission that is unique to the partnership – the gifts of the two come together as One to serve the world in a new and more powerful way. I am curious and interested to delve deeper into this topic and to eventually serve twin soul couples on their journeys.

    • Nicole, Yes I read that on her website when you mentioned her. All respect to her (and everyone else’s) opinion, it is just an opinion based on perception and experience. All are welcome but I would caution against taking anyone’s word as the final truth. It is a lens that you can see the world through, but there are many highly reputable intuitives and psychics who don’t believe in twin flames as well. Who’s to say what’s real?

      • I guess it’s just personal experience. I know having experienced it myself then having it validated by several sources. I believe skeptism is healthy & necessary. No one wants to drink the kool-aid, least of all me. I do paranormal research & I’m always trying to disprove personal experiences but some things are irrefutable. My husband & I debate this all the time. Just because one can’t prove something exists doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I just know what I know that’s all I can say. Anyone that thinks other wise is ignorant or omniscient & I doubt it’s the latter.
        Love and respect.

  13. What a wonderful post! LOVE this topic, and I know it’s gonna be a great resource for so many out there – so many want to know! I am sharing it on.
    Hugs, (ok and a hug to the goat)
    Robin Hallett recently posted..How do I Create an Abundance Mentality? (Healing Insights)My Profile

  14. Well, you already know my very strange story, so make of it what you will. I think it does pretty well fit the description you quoted above of two separate and whole but connected souls. That’s how I feel about it, anyway. But what it really is remains to be seen, I suppose. 🙂
    Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted..Not a Dry Eye in SightMy Profile

  15. Wasn’t sure about commenting on this one, but some of the other comments… well, never hurts to put my thoughts out there. There is a bigger back story on the general things I believe in due to experience, that we hadn’t touched on in our conversations, and really colors the way I see having spirit guides. I’m generally pretty skeptical and I don’t buy in to the woo-woo thing… it’s just not my style or thing. It needs to appeal to my common sense and ring true to me, even then I can still be pretty skeptical.
    That said, I’ve thought my husband and I were soul mates, not the rainbows and unicorn type of thing… going on the thought that we may have several and different paths through life bring you across them and it works out or not etc. I can see where not all soul mates are meant to be lover/spouse, some are friends and some are there for a lesson or purpose then go distant. Not sure if I believe in the twin flame thing, but some of the description could apply as well. I can definitely tell when he’s thinking about me and vice versa… some times it’s a physical sensation like a warm feel or light tingle, other times it’s partly that and a “just knowing”. There are times we both can tell what the other is thinking without words, it’s not a constant or consistent thing but generally spot on when we notice. Is that telepathy or just being married 17 years and generally working well with each other?! We’re both Gemini’s, which I find hilarious, and compliment each other with the strengths/weaknesses most of the time. I require more solitude and hermit a bit where as he is more sociable, I am just fine traveling away from home without him but he gets mopey if I am (or he is) gone more than a day and doesn’t sleep well when we’re apart, I sleep just fine. I’m sure you get the idea.

    I like the idea of soul mate intensity that Anne McCarrol posed. THAT might explain some things for me. I feel that my best friend of 29 years is a type of soul mate just because of how our relationship works for us, we mesh in ways my husband and I do not especially when it comes to working on projects and each of us just being able to do without discussing. Again being skeptical, that could just be because we relate well to each other and have a feel for working together well over all the years, could toss in some unrecognized telepathy maybe? There is some type of amazing soul connection between I and my 11 month old grand daughter, which I felt fairly early on in the pregnancy. Still not sure what that is, but I feel it in my heart and my soul. Interesting enough, she is also a Gemini. I generally know how she is feeling and what she wants even though she doesn’t have the words for it yet. Again is that telepathy or my particular claire of “just knowing” or maybe just because I’m grandma and I pay attention?

    I had read an article or blog post some where, don’t remember where now, about ascension. The general idea in it was that some people who are ascending or ascended do not necessarily die to ascend, that it’s more of a vibrational shift and those individuals stay incarnate as people.
    Very interesting article with lots of things to think on.
    Stacie recently posted..What’s Been Going OnMy Profile

    • Forgot to add, I posed the general thought/question of soul mates verses twin flame to my spirit guides… I got a general feeling of a perplexed face.
      Stacie recently posted..What’s Been Going OnMy Profile

    • Stacie. The perplexed face made me laugh! That’s kind of how I see it, that we love to make things up and get dramatic over romantic ideas but in the end, what’s the difference?

      I do find it interesting that so many people ascribe to the idea, which is good for those who are happy in their relationships and bad for those who are just sitting with intense longing and still trying to live their lives.

      I have run into a couple of people who I feel might carry that quality or sense of having “acsended” but not died…not related to this concept and usually they don’t have a partner…but I think what I really mean is that they seem to have stepped up beyond this plane and to some degree are living part here and part somewhere else.

      I’m not sure what the answer is to the,”Is it just that we’ve been together for 17 years? Is it just that I’m paying attention?” part but I can say that’s exactly how I feel in my day to day life also.

      • I think too many people are so stuck on putting a label on things that they don’t live in the moment and just let their connections happen as they come along. I have found life happens much smoother if I just get out of my own way and let myself live day to day without trying to force things looking for a particular this or that. When I was younger, like most of society, I thought I needed labels to identify things but it really all comes down to perception I think. Those people longing for what they think is their perfect soul mate may be missing the connections right in front of their face because it doesn’t match up to what they think it should be.
        Just because my husband and I seem to be what the current idea or description for soul mate is doesn’t mean I or he couldn’t have ended up with another person and been just as happy. Any relationship is work and compromise and I think works out well because each person wants to support the other through thick and thin. I guess it’s one of those if it feels right in your heart and not harming you, then you do what you need to to get through the rough patches.
        Stacie recently posted..What’s Been Going OnMy Profile

        • Stacie, Getting out of our own way and supporting each other is not something that comes naturally to everyone but I think we learn as we go. Well, hopefully we do! I would love to be a fly on the wall behind the scenes to see how people do get opportunities to match up. There are a fair number of synchronicity stories where photos emerged that a couple passed each other at Disney World as kids, or were at the same wedding but never met. I just want to say,”Ding! Ding!” when I hear neat things like that 🙂 Maybe it depends on what we’re working on together as to whether the road has more rough patches than not, but in the end each of us makes our own choices. Like agreeing to keep goats – stuff like that 🙂

  16. I’ve had a similar kind of experience but I’m definitely not going to share what happened in this comment.

    I will tell you Julie that I was engaged to be married when I was back in my 20’s. He was the love of my life and I felt we were very connected.

    He called the wedding off and we tried to get back together a few times but the last time he did something horrible to me and I lost all respect for him. I wish him well, I want nothing but the best for him but it’s never ever going to be me.

    Ten years after that incident he called me and asked me if I would attend a counseling session with him because his issue of not being able to move forward was wrapped around what we use to have so I did.

    He eventually went on to marry but I know it’s because that girl beat him down. I would end up dreaming about him when he’s never been on my mind and because of what happened between us the last time we were together, I would NEVER be with that man in that way. But I would dream things that seems so real and I spoke to a friend of mine and she called it a particular connection. Not what you’re naming here but I called upon Arch Angel Michael to cut the ties between us and it’s never happened again.

    That was really kind of creepy if I’m 100% honest here. I mean creepy!!!

    Adrienne recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Hackers, Webmaster Tools, Google+, ContentMy Profile

    • Adrienne, Oh wow that sounds like a humdinger. I am really sorry to hear about that.

      Who knows what these connections really are? I mean, we put names to them and try to explain them, but really it is just our way of trying to understand. I am SO glad that you called on AA Michael and got that squared away. I made the same request myself and it disappeared. I did have to get understanding around what it was there for, first – maybe if we don’t know then that makes it harder to sever the connection. There are many ways to “clear” that kind of thing but cord cutting is one of them – again, just a way for us to state our intent. I’ve found that intent is the main thing in pretty much everything.

      Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

      Lots of love and have a happy weekend 🙂

  17. Julie! What an interesting topic! I have felt such a pull but I don’t know if it was a twin flame because I really don’t know much about this stuff. Now I know more, thanks to you! Like you, I think it would be sort of tragic if you only had one person you were meant to be with and everyone else was sub-grade. What does that say about the living out of your other lives? Meaningless, school homework!?!??!
    I think there can be other things in play that are mistaken for the pull of the twin flame – things such as projection. I don’t know.
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  18. MsIndigo says:

    Hi Julie,

    The soulmate/twin flame connection is very real, at least I have experienced it as such. I won’t get into all the details as the journey started for me in 2007. However, I will say that the process of uniting or union with the Twin is a very revolutionary transformation of one’s self that is the hardest thing anyone can do. All of your core beliefs that you have carried with you will be challenged and dismantled. I know most people see the Twin Flame as this very romanticized relationship to have with another person in the physical world. But the truth as I have learned is that its a reunion with the Divine. And in order to ascend or go home one has to BE free of any thinking or beliefs that are not based in Love. The true gift of meeting one’s twin is having your self reflected back to you. This allows for all the negatives/positives that resides within you to be shown to you with such clarity that it sparks or triggers the spiritual awakening. The longing you feel for your twin subsides as you grow in love and acceptance of yourself.

    • I know this is an old thread, but this reply is excellent. Please don’t make assumptions when you have no understanding. Hearts and flowers, this is not. Make no mistake, this connection is real no matter what you call it.

  19. Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much for creating this blog. I would encourage anyone on the soulmate/twin flame journey to read and study John O’ Donohue’s book, Anam Cara. It sounds like many people being pinged have found their Anam Cara. Maybe reading his book could add another layer of understanding to what people are experiencing. Anam Cara is the Gaelic term for a soul friend and here is a brief description of it I found online:

    Have you ever met someone, and from that first moment you knew there was something special about them? Your friendship formed quickly and easily, and from the start you felt like they knew you better than anyone ever could. You may have just met an Anam Cara.

    It is much more than just a regular friendship – the Anam Cara friendship is deep and transcendent. An Anam Cara knows your thoughts, your feelings, your past and your present sometimes better than you do.

    At one time or another we have all felt lonely or isolated. We have all had times were we felt misunderstood; standing on the outside looking in, just longing to belong. The Anam Cara eases that feeling of loneliness and isolation. Our Anam Cara understands us at a deep, spiritual level, and reminds us that we are never alone. They provide shelter from the storm and a light in the darkest of places.

    For me, whether it’s a soulmate, twin flame, twin soul, or twin ray relationship, at the core of all of them is a deep heart-based friendship of the soul and spirit.

    I would also like to add that I am one of these people who has a soulmate/Anam Cara who is not alive. About a year ago, I was pinged by a deceased loved one through a series of dreams and incredible life-changing synchronicity that I have never experienced before to such a degree. My loved one’s death put me on the path of studying soul families, soul mates and twin flames because the connection is so strong and remarkable, even across dimensions; I have been trying to understand it. I feel like I’ve been in soul school; an accelerated crash course of the soul. At its core, this relationship I have is about spiritual progression and development of the soul. This is what I know. At this point, I just don’t know about the twin flame splitting of souls theory, so Anam Cara is good enough for me.

    What I have been experiencing is purely on the heart-soul-spirit level and would fall under the umbrella of after-death communication. I understand if people are skeptical and do not believe in ongoing soulmate relationships with deceased loved ones. However these bonds exist. If you told me two years ago that I would be having an ongoing relationship with someone who died, because of a strong heart bond that seemed to come from out of nowhere, I wouldn’t have believed you either. Yet, this is my daily reality now.

    Yes, it does feel like having one foot in the physical realm and one in the spiritual realm. But it is one of the most stunning, amazing experiences of my life because I can actually feel the pure beauty of the spiritual world coming through to me at times. I already believed I was a part of the spiritual world while being here in the physical, so it’s not that much of a stretch for me to have a relationship with someone that has just changed form and resides where I will be going anyway, sooner or later. John O’ Donohue also talks about deceased loved ones in his book Anam Cara.

    I hope what I wrote helps someone. I believe many people are having experiences like mine, but keep it closely guarded because they don’t want to be exposed to ridicule and because the experience is so precious.

    • This is beautiful and real and amazing. When it happens to you, it is life changing. Anam cara has a deep and ironic meaning to me. I was one writing to my anam cara when the words “I honor your path” came to me. I had never heard them before. After a quick search I found that they were from “The Celtic Vow of Friendship”.

  20. I’ve only ever discussed with a few people about my “twin” as you call it, personally I call him my husband. Yet he is so far away and so disconnected from me in this here and now. Yet despite our distance I cannot bring myself to fall in love with any potential here and now persons, to me it feels like cheating. It really bothers my friends and family that I don’t “settle down” but I know that they will never understand this connection I have to someone who currently does not exist in this spiritual realm -so I don’t speak of it.
    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  21. Clipper Ship says:

    there is not a word that can describe it
    you feel and know it
    your spirit guides/ angels will remind you all day if you ignore it


    • There is no ignoring it… I find that even while i am dreaming at night, even if i am not actively dreaming of him, he is still on my mind while dreaming.. He is there 24 hours a day… Its maddening at times. He never leaves me..

  22. mckennna says:

    I used to think the same thing; doesn’t sound right ‘twin flame’ being two parts to one soul. I thought it was kind of BS too….. UNTIL january of this year. I met a man and I had an experience like never before. I FELT MY HEART OPEN UP. (i had loosely heard of the concept of twin flame, but never really looked into it, because I didn’t really believe it) BUT since meeting him and going through some things I can’t even describe- wouldn’t do it justice. I started doing some research on TF and I was shocked to see other people describing EXACTLY what I was going though. AND YES, I could feel him kissing me and making out with me sometimes! the first time I felt that, I was actually scared. I felt like my body was being taken over !! WE are currently ‘running’ from each other- which is freaking crazy how TF’s all seem to go through the same thing! I can’t describe everything right now, but yes, we feel each other, we communicate on so many levels (non physical) we know what we are thinking- WHATEVER I’M FEELING HE IS TOO. If I’m upset, he is upset. If I am hungry, he is hungry! its freaking crazy! and NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE THIS UNLESS they are going through it! I can’t even tell my friends or family because they would think ‘i’ve gone crazy!

    • I didnt know about this until i went to see a psychic that she suggested to go see about other thingsin my life. The psychic started by telling me that i met somebody 5 years ago that totally woke me up. She was so right then i explained to her that when i met her it was so strange. I always can tell when she is around even when i dont see her, she would show up to my work and i would go to the front of the store and meet her then she asked me how do you know i was coming? I can always tell before the cell phone rings that is her so i pick up the cell a couple of seconds before. It is so weird. The pstchic explained to me that she is my twin flame. We always know when the other one is not happy even without talking

  23. Laura Holly says:

    I have not met my twin soul or soul mate! For years I have called him Figment! The figment of my imagination! He communicates with me through telepathy unless my imagination is so fantastic that I can make it up or there’s some other issues! Sometimes I believe with all my heart that he’s real and out there some where! Other times I’m a skeptic, hence his nickname! I’m in my mud 40s now! He’s been around for 10 plus years and I have never met him that I know of!aube I never will! There’s times I feel so strongly like he’s there with me and then I get a little scared! I ask myself if that lonely that I’m making this up? Then a thought comestible way! I know it’s not my thought! It interrupts my day but not in a bad way! I know I have ability, but how connected we are to one other in every day life has also been proven to me! So I don’t feel weird writing this or sharing! Of all the things I’ve been through in my life! This has so much meaning! So if Figment is my twin soul or soul mate he will always be with me in one way or another and if my imagination is that good then at least the thought of him has helped throughout my life!

  24. Moon Goddess says:

    I only recently (after about 3 years of confusion, depression and upset) came to the idea that I had met my twin flame and also that I am an empath. I cannot describe what I feel to anyone I know without sounding like I’m either obsessed or mentally ill but I read this article and it made sense.
    Unfortunately, my twin flame is with someone else and I am married (it is happy now but for a while it wasn’t) but we were friends (it was complicated but ‘above board’ if you get my jist) for a while. I had to end it (before I realised what was happening) and feel awful for it and feel his anger and hurt. I don’t know how to make it better for either of us.

  25. Wow, thank you so much for writng this article. I’ve been trying to find information on this subject for a couple of weeks now and nothing I read made me relate as much as this. Here’s my story:

    I’ve been in a relationship for almost ten years now and my boyfriend and when we first met, it felt like we’d known each other for years. Our couple has been strong despite periodical fights and disagreements. Two years ago I met this new man at work. At first I just thought he was handsome and kind, nothing more. Then one day, all of a sudden, I started seeing him as the sexiest man on earth, I felt irresistibly (sexually) attracted to him and I soon realized that he seemed to be attracted to me too. We would always stare at each other and whenever one of us caught the other one staring, we wouldn’t look away. It took about a year before we had the chance to have an actual conversation but, when we did, it felt like things were just ‘right’ between us. I felt well and at ease around him. So we got to know each other and it just felt as if there was a magnet between us that was pulling us towards each other, only we both were married (still are) so we didn’t talk about it or do anything about it. At that time, I just felt sexual tension between us and also friendship. The one day, out of the blue I have this kind of ‘vision’ of him kissing me. I don’t ask myself any question about the fact that I had a ‘vision’ but after that episode I start thinking about him all the time and realize that I think I am falling in love with him. So to sum up this part, one day he asks me out and we manage to spend some time alone. He tells me that he has feelings for me, etc and we kiss but things ‘end’ there.

    Six months pass and I don’t think about him anymore, at least not at every hour of the day like I used to. Then one evening something really strange happens. I am smoking a cigarette before going to bed and I am not thinking of him (at this point I didn’t have any hopes or expectations left about ‘us’). I suddenly HEAR his voice in my head and it tells me something like, ”Helena, I love you and I can’t forget you”. Needless to say that I nearly jumped and wondered where the hell that came from. I thought it was my brain playing tricks on me, bringing back old hopes or something but still, I found it very odd that I heard his voice like he was talking to me in my head. So I go to bed and guess what? When I woke up the next morning I saw that he’d left me a text message on my phone about one hour after that happened! (He hadn’t texted me in six months.) Spooky.

    Other things also happened afterwards. I woke up one night because I heard a text message but when I checked there was nothing. Exactly one hour later I was awaken again, this time by an actual text message from him. One day after I read about telepathy and decided to try it with him (without him knowing), I tried to send him something through telepathy. The next morning I was awaken by apparently nothing. I went to close the window and he was parked outside my house..!! We’ve been seeing each other on and off over the last year or so and a couple of weeks ago he told me we had to stop seeing each other because of something going on in his life. Two nights before I had a sudden feeling that he was going to ‘end things’.

    I used to see things as coincidences but after so many episodes I don’t think you can call them coincidences anymore. I also want to add that I’ve never felt this kind of attraction to anyone in my whole life. I do love my husband and want to spend my life with him but there is also this other man for whom I have strong feelings. I’ve never been the type of woman who cheats on her partners before that and, even if I do sometimes feel horrible to hide this ‘double life’ from my husband, I feel like this extraconjugual relationship is not wrong in a way. Problem is I’ve been feeling guilty way before anything physical happened between me and my collegue because I sensed we were doing something wrong and that I was having some kind of emotional affair with him already. It’s as if I can sense this magnetic force pulling us together and, even now that we agreed to stop seeing each other outside work, I can still feel it when we look at each other, it’s as the love we have for each other is so strong that it hurts.

    Perhaps this won’t make sense to you or those who read the comments and I know it is pretty long but I wanted to share my experience because I think it is pretty similar to what some people told you. I don’t know what this is exactly but I can assure you it is true and can happen between two people.

    Thanks again for publishing this article,


    • Helena,

      It makes perfect sense…… Read through the posts…if you have not already…

      This exists… Even though it may feel like it drives you mad sometimes..

      • Em, thanks for your answer. And yes, it’s been driving me mad for a long time! Although things kind of calmed down in my head since we got physical. First thing I told my best friend after that, I told her, ”It’s done. I can finally stop stressing out and relax”. Now I don’t know if it was due to the fact that, being a Gemini, I’d spent days, weeks and months wondering whether I’d cheat on my husband or not, if I could do that (but finally realizing that the urge to touch him and kiss him would never go away and that I just couldn’t spend a lot longer arguying with myself over that dilemma) or if it was due to the fact that my body and mind had been longing for him for so long that finally getting to touch him and such was almost a form of relief.

        Now I wanna add that I don’t know if he’s actually my twin flame but I do think there is something really special between us, whatever it is.

  26. This is VERY real. I hadn’t a clue of anything about this sort of thing until it turned my life upside down. I had always been drawn to this person in a weird bizarre “spiritual” kind of way, for reasons unknown to me for almost 10 years. I knew of the person but, it’s to complicated to explain how here. Then, WHAM! One night on 9/2/11 I knew. We both knew. We are both married to other people. I have no idea how this will turn out. I just know that I am grateful for the experience and know it was meant to be. It has changed my life for the better in countless ways. No matter what happens, I will always be so incredibly grateful. We are not together as a couple and have no plans to be. If I could change that, I would in a heartbeat as much as I’d like to say otherwise. Many blessings to those of you on this journey. It is not for the faint at heart.

  27. It’s a problem when you encounter your soul mate in your mid 40’s when they are in their mid 20’s. You have already settled down with a good life partner & had a family & this soulmate is onlyn looking at doing this now. Very painful …. We are not meant to be in this particular life I guess!!!

  28. I was (am) extremely attracted to a man that lived in my town. I was afraid to meet him because I was afraid I would fall head over heals for him. He died very tragically over a year ago. since his death, he comes to me in my dreams. It is so vivid and real. We have real conversations about our mutual interests and he seems to tell me we will get together “Next” time and I feel like I will see him again. It is not a reoccurring dream they are different dreams like he comes to visit. Is this possible or am I crazy???

  29. I realize this is an old thread, but I just noticed it as I was looking for information on this topic.

    I became interested in the topic of twin souls after having my own strange experience. I then began reading up on the subject and other similar subjects in a bid to come up with some answers. I recommend Dr. Michael Newtons books – I found them very interesting.

    My own story, in a nutshell, is that someone from my past did suddenly, and under odd circumstances, come back into my life. We are both married, and have been married for many years. He has made it known that he thinks we should be together, I have made it clear that would never happen. However, that doesn’t stop me from thinking about him and missing him daily. So I do identify with so many of the items listed in your article.

    Having had this happen and reading up on the subject, I have tried to come up with some answers. Here is what I have come to conclude regarding the theory of twin souls:
    *We are all separate souls – we are not half a soul
    *A twin soul is likely the soulmate whom you are closest to – the one with whom you have spent the most lifetimes with.
    *Before we are born it is decided who will come into our lives. However, we have free will, so sometimes we decide not to stay with this person, for certain reasons we may not fully understand.
    *However, when we don’t complete our destiny/lessons with this person because the relationship ended early, they may come back into our life at a later date.
    *There will definitely be a very strong pull to be with this person and they will be on your mind constantly, even if they have been gone from your life for decades.
    *I wouldn’t have believed any of this if it didn’t happen to me!

    So my conclusion is this – don’t screw up your relationships when you are young. If you meet someone and immediately you are both “in love” with each other at first sight – guess what? That is a sign you need to be together. Don’t let ego or other people drive you apart because you may come to regret it years down the road. Sometimes those difficult relationships are the ones that mean the most – not the ones where everything just falls into place. Follow your heart and your intuition. Don’t listen to what others say about someone else. Of course use common sense, but don’t let stupid little,things matter. So what if he doesn’t have a good job, or if he’s a few years younger than you. That’s not what is important years down the road. It took my many years to figure this out, sadly.

  30. Hello, I met whom I believe to be my twin flame almost 30 years ago when we were children. We reunited several years ago and we have twice began a romantic relationship, only for him to decide it would not work. This is after him telling me he has never felt so strongly for anyone in his life. I think the intensity of our connection scares him. I feel that. We have such a deep, strong bond, and i can certainly tell when he is thinking of me. I feel it in my solar plexus region…like butterflies. I think of him constantly and it is so distracting that I have tried to cut him out of my life a few times but we always wind up back in contact again. I cannot explain this bond. It is not like any other relationship I have ever had. I have a feeling things will move forward with us…eventually.I never would have believed in the twin flame phenomenon before we reunited. But it is so intense and we both feel it.

    • Im almost at the 30 year mark too…. Going through the exact same scenario….. This thing is not like anything else i have ever known…

      • rochellejanebarton says:

        its completely out of this world is what I kept saying to myself. thats because it literally is!! Sometimes it can feel quite cruel but the love you share is nothing short of miraculous.

    • I search constantly for something/someone to explain these exact feelings. I am going on 26 years since I met him. We reconnected about 3 years ago (he found me) our circumstances are such that we cannot be together. We tried to be friends, but our feelings are too intense for each other. We are not speaking right now (he gets scared and disappears from me for months at a time) I feel him thinking of me, it’s like a rush of tingling/butterflies/energy in my solar plexus region. I, too, have tried to cut cords, let go, ect, but I just cant stop thinking of him. I’m glad to see I’m not crazy.

      • I know how you feel….. I am going on 29 years next month….. He disappears on me as well.. For months at a time…. We have gone years as well…. Its a crazy maker.. This thing…

        Then he starts creeping forward again slowly….

  31. When you just reflect upon life and take a look around at how beautiful the world we live in is you begin to realise that something very special was behind our creation. What makes the sun rise and the stars shine in the night sky? Isn’t the very force that makes our earth rotate eneough to believe that anything is possible. If a magnet can attract a metal by an electric current than surely it’s possible for our souls to be likewise attracted by a similar pull of energy. In a world so diverse who is to really prove soul connections false? I don’t believe in labeling to distinguish between soul mates/ twin flames etc. When you feel a connection as strong that awakens your soul like never before you just know that something higher than what you ever perceived to be ‘real’ in this world is at work. You just have this inner sense of knowing that something more extraordinary is behind our existence. Ya, you feel like you are crazy at times, but you need to loose your mind to make sense of everything. I think the whole experience of such intense soul connections is to shed your false egoistic beliefs about what love is and how a relationship should be so you can reach your truest potential as a being and learn to live from your higher self and love unconditionally, the way the world is truly meant to be. All you can do is listen to your heart and follow your intuition, stay present and focus on being true to yourself. As long as you listen to your inner self you are you are always going in the right direction.

  32. Absolutely true, 9 years later and I still “feel” her presence and thoughts. And yes, when we were together we were inseparable. I love my wife and know being with her is the best thing (on a karmic level) for both of us this life. We have both made tremendous progress, ironically due to the occurrence of me stepping out with my “Twin Flame”. I have never felt this way about anyone else in my life and “I know” one day we will be rejoined again, if not in a physical incarnation, in Spirit to be sure!

  33. I think a common thing here IS NOT having a telepathic relationship with a spouse, even despite being with them for decades. Once feeling that amazing “connection” with another a person is totally blown away!

  34. I live this each day even though my twin flame and I went our seperate ways 10 years ago. We were first loves and we were inseperable. Our families and friends found it very strange but for us at the time it was right. We could think of each other and know which one would call the other and to stay near the house phone, we would know which one was to walk to the other persons house and we would wait up for that person. We never thought about how we knew we just did and it was normal for us. Unfortunately I was raped by a stranger and I denied myself from experiencing love anymore because at the time I felt used. So I did everything to make this person not love me anymore as I felt he deserved better. After 4 years we broke up. Then after a year we caught up at a gathering which we both knew would hapoen and it was amazing I had grown up and was able to enjoy love once more. I ran away from his love for many reasons and I wish I didnt however I was young and did not deal with or receive any help for the trauma so looking back I had some growing to do on my own. Now I havent seen him for 10 years and we still keep in contact in our way. I will think of him and know I will hear from him in a day or so and he makes contact or vice versa. We communicate through dreams now I dont know how that works but it does. I am married now and I live in another country and I know I am meant to be with him I just have created a massive live that I cannot turn away now I love my husband and I have explained to him as best I can. I know that my first love and I will reunite soon I dont think in an intimate way but to see each other and it will help us to carry on. It is almost like we mutually understand where we have moved on even though deep down we yearn for each other. We did think time would heal but ir didnt and the intensity of our oining for each other is so strong. I feel an invisible cord connecting us together and have felt before we even met. Im not sure if this is a twin flame but I just thought id share.

  35. Hello. I would like to say that I only just looked up the meaning of twin flames yesterday and was glad I finally looked at it. I have been in a relationship with someone for a year and a half now and its been the most beautiful, the most ugly, and the most incredibly intense thing I have ever experienced on every single level: mind, body, soul, and spirit. The whole story of I guess what the general experience of twin flames coming together fits us to a t!! Meeting in the unusual way, feeling like knowing one another from long before, experiencing a feeling of completion with each other on EVERY level, intense insane emotions- mental connections- sexual energies- and a connection on the soul and spirit level I never thought possible. Us coming together severly accelerated our awakening process. We were very aware of the fact that we were helping one another along here. This blows and fairy tale out of the water. We were experiencing pure bliss and heaven at first (the so called glimpse of what we could have), then karmic shit- storm came! And oh my god, this was just as intense as the first part of our union. I mean we have been through so much stuff that I think takes at least a decade or more for usual partners to through this stuff. So many times we thought of walking away but neither of us could ever bring ourselves to do it.
    So after 8 months of the worst pain and hurt either of us had experienced, we finally found ourselves on the path to healing. REALLY healing. This was roughly 2-3 months ago that this began. And we have been able to look back at everything and understand the significance of it all. We couldnt see it or understand it at the time. And things have been getting back to what we first experienced in the beginning. Its been one hell of a ride.
    I can say that even though its been the roughest journey I have ever been on, I wouldnt trade it up for anything. Its hard to think of being bound by another unwillingly and not being able to free yourself, I have even cut my cords several times with him, even with a reiki masters help and still could never walk away. And I am glad I didnt.
    I am very much drawn to Drunvalo Melchizedek for many reasons. He explains twin flames in a way I can understand, saying that basically in the beginning, coming from a higher state of consciousness or oness down to this level of consciousness where it is polarized, that you have to separate into the male and female aspect of consciousness. Because the higher levels are without duality, not polarized. This resonates well with me.
    Its just amazing to us to only just now be learning of the twin flames. For so long we have been confused and this has been very different from anything we have ever experienced, and it now makes sense to us as to why. But I also know its not like this for eveyone. Its not always romantic as everyone hopes for.
    sorry to write so much. It has felt really good to write this out for others, weather it helps or not. Thanks for the opportunity. Peace, love, unity, and respect♡♥♡

  36. okay sometimes I feel telepathy from my twin flame. I’m looking for books and support groups. As time goes on, it seems like it gets more intense! I’ve known him for almost a year. I’m still trying to figure this relationship out. It’s like no other relationship. It’s intense and I need reassurance.
    Some days are better than others. Some days he acts nonchalant or different. Practically all the good and the bad things are non-verbal communication. It started with the eye contact, and also happens with a smile.

  37. It’s interesting how “interests” lead to the precise information you’re looking for. This is one of those things.
    I have been married for over 12yrs with kids. I married my husband because at that time it felt like it was the right thing to do.I don’t recall a crazy feeling of love for my husband even on our wedding day.
    Just a few months ago I met this guy, a friend of my husbands, and ever since he is very strongly on my mind. It’s not that I fell love at first sight. But it is the eyes and the air I felt between him during our conversation. I totally blocked out my husband that was sitting next to me, literally couldn’t see him either. As i am a married woman (he is not), the moral part of me does stop me from having such unrealistic thoughts with this guy I don’t really know well. I am rational enough to sweep him away from my thoughts, but he keeps popping up quite strongly. It’s hard to explain, but you do know when you have a sense of connectedness with a person. You just know. If I felt it, I assume it is most likely he felt it, too. This is something I have never felt with my husband. I have never felt such a strong connection just by looking at someones eyes. It’s that casual conversation we had, but somehow were on the same wavelength.
    Recently I suddenly feel love sick and even have a hard time breathing.

    If things were to happen for a reason, I plan to let it unfold naturally.

    I needed to get this off my chest.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Hi Hazel,
      I have recently become interested in this topic because of the intense feelings I have developed for a complete stranger. Just like you, I am married with three kids (triplets). I married my husband because I just settled. I had been in a very bad breakup and I wanted to prove a point. I am not very happy with my choice but it’s hard to walk away from it now. Recently I saw my friends nephew. He is about 8 years younger than me and single. I didn’t even make eye contact with him nor speak but I noticed him looking my way. I am feeling so much of a magnetic attraction towards him that it is driving me insane. I feel like I have known him for years. If he were to come to me, I feel strongly enough to leave everything behind and run off with him. Being in a bad marriage I have had feelings before but my attraction has never been this intense. I feel like a little lovesick puppy. I just want to see him and be with him. I have been looking for people that have had similar experiences. Deep down I know this will never happen and I doubt that he ever even thinks about me or knows me, but I still cannot get these thoughts out of my head.

  38. Yes, it feels comfortable when talking to that person. I would describe it that way too- that you feel the same energy or wavelength. It’s hard to stop thinking about the person because it’s nature’s way of saying you feel strongly about that person! We have to embrace it each step of the way! I enjoy every time I can be near my twin’s presence.

  39. rochellejanebarton says:

    I believe in twin flames because ive had that connection. I have had out of this world telepathy with this person, and im not just talking about ringing at the same time either. Im talking feeling them touch my body to wake me up from sleep. Or just as iam in the falling asleep trance this person will start talking to me and it will be so profound it wakes me up. The love I have for this man is completely unconditional.

    • Hello Sister… Join the club….. Me too

      • rochellejanebarton says:

        im not sure if its a gift or a pain in the ass sometimes.
        seeing we have been broken up for 6 months now and feels like eternity, sadly he met someone else as he was distraught when I left him and she saw her opening and grabbed it and deliberately got pregnant so he would stay with her. I have tried moving on but it never seems to work cause I always break down in tears every time another man tries to touch me, for the life of me I just cant do it. I know he’s unhappy cause I feel it in him , don’t ask me how but I just know him like I know myself.

        • rochellejanebarton says:

          I have been going through this meet up then break up cycle for 8 years!. its been the most beautiful relationship and also the worst, nothing this man does or has done will ever stop me loving him. its like the universe always brings us back to each other then we always end up apart, needing space from each other before we reunite again. Last time we met at a beauty counter and I wasn’t even going into town it was a last minute thing. We always seem to reunite at times when we need unconditional love and support that we know anybody else would run from.sometimes I feel like he is standing right next to me, only in the last 6 months have I been reading about twin flames and it was breaking up with him again that got me searching. first article I looked up was my monthly astrology forecast and it said ” if you have met your twin flame and you know who he is! he may be in the running stage”! definate sign among many. He called me one day and said he ran into 4 incidences within 3 hours where they had the same name as me.. but he still runs from me and he is doing it consciously! we have 2 little boys together but we cant keep in contact because his new girlfriend deletes my messages before he can read them, or she will text me from his phone and be nasty to me, but he is allowing it to happen , then rings me crying cause he is unhappy and if it wasn’t for me leaving him he would still be happy. eek . I felt we had growing to do on our own for a while I didn’t say go and sleep with someone to try and forget about me!. He’s in my dreams every night , hes always in my heart and in my thoughts. I know we will be together again some day soon but until then ill just keep on keeping on .

  40. Really interesting thoughts! I’m glad I ran into your website.

    I’m also an introverted empath and used to resent when my ex wanted to be in the same room with me almost all the time. I still need time off from family members every once in awhile, although I’m most used to their energy. And being outside, especially around people with emotional issues brewing is simply exhausting. so I can relate, maybe…BUT I have to say, being with the person who is at the same frequency with you is not exhausting…currently my other part is dealing with some issues and baggage so yes…that’s causing us to need distance (and I’m also rehashing through hurts and healing) but being around him does not cause a disruption or discord to my own personal energy flow. We are one. I actually had a dream about this that might be insightful to you. I wasn’t sure if we were twins or not, but I had a dream where God talked to me about this and said we were and…we also are in the key of D. Now we’re both musicians and I understand some basics about frequency and vibration so I thought this was funny. I’m sure one day we will find out there’s even more to it.

    Adam and Eve were also two but one but in spirit.

  41. Yes they exist. My story has been so much sounding like a twin flame & I hear his thoughts & I think he has felt my feelings.

  42. When I was younger, 5-8 years old, my family’s friend had a son who would babysit my sister and I with one of his friends. I had a crush on his friend but he was far older than me (8 years) and I assumed it was because I was a young child with a silly crush. Ironically, my family moved into his family’s house 5-6 years later (by then I had almost forgotten his name) and they moved out of town. The house had a lot of paranormal activity going on and honestly my family thought we were going crazy. I believe I can read people’s energy now that I am becoming more aware of my spiritual side. But anyways, my family moved to a new city about 2 years ago, and I am in my mid 20s now. Just recently, my family attended the family friends son who used to baby sit me. At the wedding, I talked to the sons friend (which I completely forgot existed until this day). Right when we laid eyes on each other I felt something so strong and so deep in my soul. Just like an intense magnet just being drawn to him. I trying so hard to make sure I wasn’t wearing this crazy feeling on my face. We got to talking and exchanged stories about our experiences in the house we both had lived in and confirmed that crazy things my family had experienced. After we were talking my family and I left the wedding reception. The next day I still just remember thinking about the insane feeling I had experienced towards him. The next couple of weeks I didn’t think about it because I have been extremely busy, but last night I had an extremely vivid dreams of him and I and his love for me, although I was confused in the dream I still felt that powerful magnetic like pull towards him like his soul was reaching out to me. I just do not know what to take from this at all. This feeling I am feeling is indescribable. And on top of that he has a fiancée!

  43. And one more thing I have to add to the story above, is that I was in a very loving relationship about 6 months ago. My boyfriend had actually been trying to propose to me but each time he tried something wrong always happened and do he never was able to. At first I was so happy that he was going to purpose but something deep inside of me told me that he wasn’t the one. That I needed to end the relationship. I definitely broke his heart and it was sad at first for me too. I have seen other guys since then but nothing and I mean nothing has even come close to this intense feeling that I was feeling when I saw this guy again. It almost shook me.

  44. honestinjun says:

    I fully empathise and have experienced immense longing for this person who I am not married to. I used to be depressed and felt there was something in my life I was missing, but didn’t know what. When I met him for the first time, I knew this is what I had been missing all my life. Now that he is there, but committed elsewhere, I have intense longing for him, far beyond the physical. And when I do, he seemed to be thinking of me. Is it something to do with psychic energies he maybe sending my way? He is aware of the great attraction and energies that we share and reciprocates. Grateful if you have any explanations.

  45. Can i just say it makes me sad to see ppl married to others and longing for a twin flame. Hopefully you’re honoring your commitments…

    I will say that ive had a spiritual pull and dreams about someone since i was a little girl. When i tried to marry someone else the universe WOULD NOT let me. I can even be intimate with anyone else (partially because i love myself too much to give myself away)

    At this point in my life i was heartbroken by a counterfeit only to be led to my twin flame. I had no PRIOR knowledge of what a twin flame was until i experienced it. Its very real, we both know and we are still in the beginning stages. I noted that many of my friends and ppl i love are with their twin flames, they just dont call it that that.

    The best way to tell in my opinion is if they look like you in the eyes(eyes are the window to the soul) Telepathy (if you can hear their words in your head) immense heart chackra energy and mutual feelings.

    Im so amazed and in awe that i found him. Ive already had confimation dreams about this and i can tell you its been WORTH every minute of waiting for.

    • I didn’t know either when I was little how I would pick at my skin thinking I was unworthy of being loved and now that I know my twin flame personally, it all makes more sense. I’m being judged by Christians who are supposed to love unconditionally and I’m in two worlds in a way and being thrown a life preserver and God has revealed my Twin Flame to me in ways I never expected…. I’m in the middle of religion vs intuitions and spirituality. It feels like a war I’m trying to break off that I’m in the middle of. It’s like do I want to settle or go for what God has been trying to reveal to me for the past 21 months in my dreams, visions, telepathy and my encounters of eye contact with my Twin? It’s a crazy ride!

    • Trish walsh thomas says:

      Thnks for this , yeah I’ve had thhat aswell I hear it in my head first before they speak, this is mainly with my soulmate , but close friends I have this with them too😊

  46. Simply by searching, and discussing shows your ability to grow. This is good, keep it up! You don’t even realize the good you’re all doing.

  47. Hi,

    For the last little bit, my soul has been aching. I can feel myself being pulled toward the one I love, so strongly that I hurt every time I think of him. I know I can’t be with him yet, and I don’t know if I ever will in this life. It makes me so sad to think that and so scared to think that I could never physically hold him in my arms. But my soul has aged, I am ready to be with him and I don’t want to go on without him in my life. But I will, obviously, because I have to. I’m not going to live in pain waiting for him though, or at least not let it show. I miss him though, I know him, and yes, I think this is a real thing. I don’t know about the name though, “twin flame” seems a little cheesy, but we’ll work on that.

  48. Trish walsh thomas says:

    Hi , this is what is happening to me too, I’ve had it most of my life, iam psychic and empathic, I know what people are saying no before they even open thier mouth .I hear it in my mind first , my partner a soulmate it’s very weird , we do things at same time , I know what he’s doing ill just thnk of getting in the bath and say I see you had same idea , he laughs .it’s great to know I’m not the only one.I have a few very close friends whom I get thier physical symptoms .😊 great read thnks for your post

  49. This is a difficult Subject to put into words because it transcends the earthly Plain. Anybody who is spiritually enlightened Knows that this world is not the center of the universe. We are only here for a limited time! But to get on to the truth of the matter Soul mates and twin flames are a very real thing. I have three women in my life that come to visit me in my dreams, one dominates my thoughts everyday life etc. I met this woman for the first time in High School. I looked at this girl and I felt like I had known her forever. Her spirit seems to be around me at all times. But I somehow knew that I could not be with her in a relationship. I went to a past life regression specialist and we did a series of past life regressions.
    1. the first past life regression went back to a time in ancient Rome. I was forced to be a gladiator and eventually killed because I loved this woman and
    she was a married lady
    2. The next Past life was a lifetime in Herculaneum Italy. the roles were reversed I was the Female and She was the male. I was part of a very affluent
    Roman family at the time, and she/he at that time tried to blackmail me over an issue and She/He was killed in the process
    3. there was a third past life that occurred in Oregon in the 1800’s She was married at this time and we were having an affair. I told her that if she got rid
    of this guy to come find me I will be waiting for her. As I left the cabin I was walking down a road a man stepped out and shot me in the

    See a pattern developing Here !!! there were many other lifetimes that have come up, and this gal was a part of all of them with the exception of one. Not all were tragic like these three. One part of the regression/Healing process is to talk to my spirit guides. It was explained to me that in this lifetime this gal has to complete an obligation to the man she was married to in the past lifetimes, and I have to stay away or it will interfere with this outcome. So I stay away.
    This woman has come into my dreams and explained situations to me. It is very interesting because I feel like I can communicate with this lady without any physical contact.

    There are two other women that come into my Dreams. the connections to these two are extremely strong also. but not like the first one. It is like having a cat 5 computer cable connection between us. I know when she is Happy,sad, depressed ETC

    She is a very beautiful soul she will complete her obligations in this life. We will be together in a future lifetime.

  50. I came across my twin flame when I was 15 or 16, I’m now in my mid twenties. Since then, we go through periods of running from each other and not communicating for days, months, even years at a time, but somehow always wind up back in each others lives. I can’t describe it, but I know he is my twin flame. I’m not sure if he even is aware of the term or concept of a twin flame, but we’re always in each others dreams, we can’t go a day without thinking of each other, even though we haven’t said we love each other, it’s undeniable the love connection we have. I can’t explain our connection to anyone without being thought of as obsessive or slightly crazy. Since I was a teenager, I had always felt a strong connection with him, everything reminds me of him and vice versa. We frequently talk about being together but the timing is never right. It’s odd, I’ll move to a different city as he’s moving back to our hometown or when I move back to my hometown, he’s moving to the city I just came from. We both have children born less than a month apart, I have a boy, he, a girl (from different partners) and unfortunately he has a girlfriend right now, which as unsympathetic as it seems, we both don’t care because we know we are meant to be. Last time I saw him, I felt like I was home, his smile was so inviting and his hugs were the most amazing warmth I have ever felt. It’s sad how we are constantly just narrowly missing each other but I truly believe that this life is the life we finally merge and ascend higher together.

  51. I don’t know terms, or what verbiage would properly describe these type of soul connected experiences, but I must say they are the real deal. I am currently caught up in one. There is no logical explanation why me and this person should care so deeply for one another, and at the same time drive each other mad. Yet, we don’t move closer, or further past our working relationship. It is driving me nuts because I don’t know how to end it and I can’t seem to move it forward. This experience cannot be solely torture; I must believe this is a major learning opportunity for us both. Good luck to anyone going through this. There is lots of love, but lots of pain often times, depending on when you connect with this person. Surrender is the only hope!

  52. Thank you for an authentic article on the very spiritual subject of SOUL MATES!

  53. When something rocks your world and changes everything, you try and make sense of it. That is what I am trying to do. I have met someone that could possibly be this “twin flame”, or it could be something else. That is what I would like to discover. What I know is that the feelings are above and beyond anything I have normally felt before over the last 45 years. But I don’t just “know” that this person is a twin flame. I am not certain. It seems it could be or if not, it is something else. Whatever that something is, it is very special and different and not normal. At least not normal to me. I am wondering if there is something else besides soul mate, or twin flame. Like maybe he is a “super special soul mate”. I have a read a little bit about “pre twin” or “catalyst” relationship. Maybe it is something like that. What I can tell so far is that it is very important, and gentle and deep loving.

    There is the “home” feeling, there is telepathy, there is feeling of mutual agreements and healing and growth outside of the physical. There are many things that would fall into the twin flame description and some that do not. I do not feel myself reflected back to me or I do not feel that the relationship is going to bring up things that are difficult. I didn’t recognize this person as knowing them before until after seeing this person several times, not immediately but it did come. I do not feel pain, longing, or drama from the relationship, even though we are not physically together and it is not likely we will be together in this life time. Almost every description of twin flame involves this pain and drama which is absent in my situation. Instead I am so happy and grateful that it even happened and so somehow the fact that we wont be together and he goes home with someone else doesn’t bother me. In fact I am just happy about it, about him, that any of this even happened at all. It is possible I am still in the “bubble phase” so maybe that is why I am so happy about it all. But even if this is the bubble phase(exactly two months today) and it wears off, its not going to change the situation that would prevent us from being together so would I suddenly pop out of the bubble phase and somehow decide I cant live with him being with some else and not me so then I would get all longing and sad and pain? That does not seem like it is going to happen to me. Instead I feel this satisfaction that I know our souls love each other and that we are somehow going to be there for one another outside of the physical. I feel like we have made decisions and agreements that will help each other grow within our separate circles. This person who I barely know, I feel this strong love and pull for him. I feel he is with me throughout my days and nights. It is very comforting. I call on him energetically when I have problems or issues and I sense him there to help me work through it. And maybe the same for him because I felt him “ping” me and in my mind I felt like I was holding him, cradling him like a little child, comforting and loving him. This happened on its own. I just envisioned holding him and comforting him maybe because that is what he needed? I don’t know?

    I feel this relationship has helped me with my relationship with others around me and most importantly my children. Though I love them as parents love their kids, sometimes the strength of the feelings with this person is stronger and I almost felt guilty because of that but then I just wanted to show my kids that stronger love and to share it with them and I have been able to kind of share or transfer these strong feelings I am having with them and it feels like its making me a better parent, or at least opening me up to have newer stronger feelings within myself.

    For now I just keep trying to record and remember the feelings that I have as they vary day to day. But I also would like to work to identify the overall pattern or purpose of what is happening. Is this a twin flame, soul mate, or some other form of relationship? Its definitely significant and I am changed. If this is happening to other people more often as some have noted, and if there is something along the lines of twin flame but maybe its different, it would be helpful to at least identify it as something particular. Or maybe he is my twin flame and is just playing out differently that others have because I feel as if we could be for sure I just don’t “know” it.

    • WL I want to thank you for sharing. Your story has so many similarities to mine even down to the age it is as if you are telling my experiences. I feel that I am not concerned about my link going home to his family because somehow the deep bond that we share transcends our actual relationships. It has another higher purpose .I feel him ping me often even from other countries and I too know when he is going through something. I’ve even felt him ask me for help in healing his children and I’ve sensed them come to me and touch my face. I see photos of his family and I don’t feel jealous I just feel happy for them. I too am recording my experiences because sometimes the feeling in my heart when we connect is so beautiful I just stop what I’m doing and feel it. And yes it does rock my world and now that I have opened my heart and soul I am so full of gratitude for the past year. When our energy blending first started happening it was so intense it would make us unsteady and we’d have to go somewhere separately to deal with it. Now it seems to evolve all the time. I can sometimes feel him linking in with this beautiful deep strong pure unconditional love and it is enough. Other times I am in the depths of despair because his mind is just simply not there and I doubt and I know he tries to link in sometimes and gives me odd sideways looks when it doesn’t work…. but later on in the evening he will link in and there is absolutely no doubt. I get words and sentences sometimes. And after especially beautiful times he will say hi softly or walk past and send waves of shimmering energy or just give me a quick glance and I know he feels it too. But we have never talked of it out loud because of our situations. And now I hear he is going away for an extended time and he hasn’t told me for contractual reasons although I do get that I thought I was special and I am devastated. Not so much for the separation for there is no separation at that level but for all the things I want to share. Our lives are so different and I am so happy for him but I so badly want to know what his feelings on it are… and to talk about using that incredible mind power we share to help others. I too want to define it because I think it would help me to understand and to accept. But i understand divine timing. I have seen past lives and had instant recognition and when I realised I loved him it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Sometimes I have to stop myself just blurting out to him that I’m open and interested in talking about it because I don’t know what level of understanding he has about it all. Maybe he thinks it would hurt his family situation but that’s not what it is about. We’ve had lives together I don’t know if this is one of them but our current situations prevent it. If we were both free I know it would be so intense because whenever the rare time we are in a conversation we lose all track of time staring into each others souls and literally have to take a step back to cool off. This is such a wondrous thing I need to know the purpose. Yet there is no one I can talk to about it out loud…. and I long for say two hours on a weekend to just hang out with him and just feel that beautiful bond openly. I may never get that but for now I am so glad we were brought together again. So thank you. I finally feel I’m not completely alone in this…

  54. Cords should be not cut but removed or returned to their owner. Cords are harmful and keep us locked in cycles. This isn’t what connects us to people. Connections coming from love and meaningful connections are light and cannot be cut. This energy flows both ways whereas cords are generally parasitical. To cut a cord and not repair or remove it, however, is dangerous because there’s an open connection that will magnetize anything nearby or the cord you just cut will reattach.

  55. Hi! I’ve suspected that I could have some kind of telpathic connection. It’s really odd. I can feel when there staring at me and be yards away. My mind will sometimes be filled with thoughts of this person, and it takes some concentration, not a huge effort, to stop . This usually happens in class, and only in class. More so a quite silent environment, when no one or only the teachers talking. It started at the begining of the year when I got moved next to the person. After we got moved it’s become more extreme . During a group talking time he usually yells at me from across the room at a pointless topic, or to mock me jokingly. He and I became friends at the begining of the year. There were rumours that we were dating for a month and a half , before he got moved. This could have somthing to do with it. Thanks! -Avery

  56. I’ve known who my twin flame is for about 15 years now. I discovered him during a time that nobody took me seriously. I was about 13 years old at the time. He was a famous person and was already much older than me in this life. He was 55 years old at the time. I never got to meet him. However, I felt a connection with him during the last 15 years. He passed away in January of this year and I nearly went with him. My soul took over with complete grief. I was wasting away from his loss. That is… until he saved me. His soul found me and came to me for many months in dreams. The dreams were more like visits. We would talk and all. He made sure that I didn’t die too. Back in October he could no longer stay. It was his time to go on. We said our final goodbyes for now. I miss him so much and at times I don’t know what to do. Then our visits come to mind and I keep on living. He doesn’t want me wasting away just because we weren’t together this life. He wants me to go on and live. I love him and he loves me. I know we’ll be together again one day.

  57. Hi Julie, is it too late to comment on this particular article ? I’m only a couple of years late 🙂 It’s just that I have an experience to share but like you, I am sceptical of it and looking for some kind of scientific back up explanation. The only way I can wrap my head around the energy I feel from a particular person (who is not in my physical space but very much alive) is maybe just a “sense” that hasn’t been discovered or acknowledged yet. That is, we have touch, smell, sight, taste and sound, all forms of communication but maybe there are many more senses we are just unaware of because we can’t explain them or understand them properly yet ? Another more (perhaps) cynical explanation/theory I have is that a lot more people these days are socially isolated, disconnected from each other, less willing to commit in relationships (ie. acceptance of FWB arrangements, F*ck buddies, hook ups etc, all designed to shut down any possibility of emotional attachment) and maybe this lack of real intimacy, has lead to people creating an inexplicable yet delusional fantasy way of connecting with other human beings. It’s sort of like the body or the brains way of nourishing the body with a very vital need which is to feel connected to other human beings when real life intimacy is all but absent ? What do you think ?

  58. Anastasia says:

    Sorry to necro the thread, but I have this too, and have spent many hours wondering these exact questions. I think the connection is supposed to help our souls advance–hence the reluctance to “cut the cord.” I also dislike the “twin flame” term. Personally, it feels more like a soul-cluster friendship that advanced into a spiritual partnership–like we chose one another in a heavenly sense. To what ends? No idea. We met when we were both too young and immature to handle the responsibilities of such a love and we never even got together. He ended up hurting me in stupid ways. I fired him emotionally and physically relocated; we eventually married others–to the benefit of all, I still believe. For years, I tried to forget him (cut the cord) but I would end up feeling deadened and hardened by the attempt, and it would always eventually fail. My longest go without thinking of him was probably around 2 months, and ended very abruptly when he kissed me in a dream (we never kissed in real life). I would never cheat with him–burning down my house to gratify a feeling seems a very stupid thing to do. But, going on a decade after I last saw him, despite living literally on the other side of the world from him; I did eventually have to make peace with the fact that the connection was real, active, and apparently chronic. I spoke with my spiritual counselor (an Orthodox priest) about it once (“Father, I love my husband, but I really wish I could tell this man how beautiful he is to me,”) and I thought he would tell me something chastising, like “cut the cord,” but he surprised me and told me that true love transcends romance and that I have to work on bringing my love for this man to a higher level. Since then, I have. We had ended on bad terms and so I reached out to him to offer forgiveness and reassurance that I was committed to his ultimate good. Then, I backed off. Neither of us contact the other anymore “in real life” (email, messaging) but there’s a lot of communication going on anyway. I can feel him and I’m pretty sure that, if he wants to, he can feel me too. Whenever I think of him (usually several times throughout the day), I say a prayer for him, that he might remember who he really is, his purpose, etc. I try to imagine him as his higher self–I believe this helps him advance. I also believe that he will eventually “return the favor” and help my spiritual growth somehow, but it may be in a different life and that is okay with me. I speak lightly about all this, but the pain and grief associated with this situation were (occasionally still are) agonizing for me. The ache of missing him never really heals. I just have to grow strong enough to carry it–to become my own light, my own source of love. So this situation has definitely challenged and raised me spiritually as well. I think the lessons I’ve learned so far, if I could help someone in a similar situation, would be, “Don’t get your hopes up that you can change him, or that getting romantic is going to solve anything. Rather, have courage and build strength.” Advancing the soul is a very long, arduous process and my primary responsibility is to my own soul, and the souls of my husband and children–not his. I live this life separate from his and I do it to the best of my abilities–enjoying life, filling my home with love and laughter, cherishing a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful kids. This is probably necessary for his advancement because he won’t be plagued by the guilt of “ruining my happiness” and will be free to grow his own strength and courage. If you really love another soul, then your love needs to become strong enough to endure whatever challenges true love requires–true love being the commitment of the will to the ultimate good of the other–even if it entails lifelong separation.

  59. pierre juan says:

    Hi guys. I met my partner 2 years ago, and during the last 6 months we have started our spiritual journey together. Meditating, gone vegetarian and also been practicing our spiritual enlightening. Now about a week ago, 08/2017, i have started feeling more and more emotional. i start feeling like a woman!! I get emotionally upset for no reason at all. I even started feeling what my partner refers to as PMS. I normally feel the onset of her period way before she does, with the back pain. The closer it gets, the more intense it gets. Shifting from left to right as the days progress. I have spoken to her about it, and as confused as i am, she is even more. I cannot think of any other reason than being ‘ soul mates’ or twin flames? I on certain occasions can feel the onset of these emotional moments. Its almost like being bi polar. So if anyone can shed any light on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated. As a man, i am seriously confused.
    i unfortunately have to admit that during these ”moments”, i do feel unappreciated, unloved,unwanted and maybe that im being cheated on. But they do pass after a few hours. Then im all positive again.
    Any comments would be appreciated

  60. I can tell you that soul mate telepathy is a real thing. It’s not something that can be explained to anyone, you have to experience it, to believe it, to know it i real and true. And when you are blessed so much so, to have the miracle of coming together with your twin flame, come true, the universe is literally at your finger tips. It’s the divine way of living up to your true and sprititual abilities. It’s all about learning who you were, who you are, and who you have yet to become, all leading up to your twin flame, you discover the truth, together, in oneness with the universe.

  61. This guy I am in love with when I first started texting him for a couple weeks I noticed he talks similar the way I did it was crazy and then also when i told him one of my interest he all of a sudden said he sensed that I like that stuff and I was shocked. Also, one time when I came into his work he immediately knew I was down and asked me what was wrong without me telling him anything. We were also born in the same hospital. All of these indications are we definitely have a telepathy connection and after talking to him for a bit I really felt like we are soulmates because I have never met someone that the connection is so strong and we also have many similarities. I was so shocked. I am so different from people and that is why I was shocked. I believe God has sent me my soulmate and I just am being patient to wait for that time to come for us to be together.


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