All About The Truth, Wherever You May Find It

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Churchill said:

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. 

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

What is the truth?  Does it depend on your perspective?  Or is there one truth in all things?

I have to be honest, I tried hard to find something funny to write about this week to lighten the mood.  All I could come up with was a few funny (or inscrutable) search terms that people used to find A Clear Sign:

2 (???)

Signs of mediumship (ACS: this would be when dead people show up!)

Geisha silence

Veil thinning creatures

Ant bite penis enlargement

Speaking goat in dreams

Goat won’t eat my pants

What questions can I ask when interviewing Confucius

Why does chocolate keep you grounded

Back To The Moody Truth

It was a very busy week full of earthly stuff like taxes and accounting.  

It seemed like everywhere I turned people were mentioning that old issues from childhood were coming up to be cleared.  Now that they mentioned it, I noticed some old memories popping in here and there as well.

The energy seemed off, and I had no ideas.  No epiphanies, either.  The oddness was enough to have everyone in one of my intuitive groups ask each other what was up, because things suddenly seemed so uncharacteristically quiet.  We were getting uneasy in general, waiting for the pop or the shift to come along.

It felt like a big Pause through the weekend.  Good thinking weather.  Somewhere in the wonky energy where truth wanted to pop its head through, it felt like there might be a tide pool which contained some answers…but we were all too busy to put our finger on it just then.

“I Should Have Known” Moments

It occurred to me that it was the three-year anniversary of when the universe set me free from the 9-6  work world and said,”Get a clue.”  I had forgotten all about it.

You know those,”I should have known,” moments?  You look back and realize that all the information was available to you, to warn you or prepare you, but you either didn’t see it or you saw it but didn’t realize what it meant.

If you’d asked me three years ago,”Did you see it coming?” I probably would have said,”Yes, but.”  Yes but, it doesn’t make any sense.  Yes but, it’s not fair.  Yes but, I tried to get out but I couldn’t.

All of those things are flashing warning signs that you are about to get a giant kick in the ass from the universe.  You can look at it like a disaster and flail about, failing to understand.  Or, you can move along.  Some of us move quickly and some of us move slowly, but the one thing we must do is move.

If you don’t learn your lessons then you will continue to flail until you learn them, period.  It might be an easy lesson or it might not, but usually when something massively huge shifts in our lives and there is no success at recovery, it means you are in it for the duration.  For the most part, it’s up to you how much of it has to look like suffering and how much can be fun.

For me it was when I started to discover my intuition.

What Am I Doing Here? A Precursor To A Shift

History will be kind to me because I intend to write it.  – Churchill

Now it feels like things are turning for many people.  There is a major shift afoot.

I know there is something huge looming on the horizon.  I know it because my mind won’t settle enough for me to hear it yet.  I know it because the feedback and participation I have here has changed recently.  I know it because the moment I am about to speak my peace the other party has said the same exact thing I was just about to say to them, to me. I know it because I have seven (seven!) destiny points coming up around my profession.  When I was but an insurance agent and expected to die (or retire) there, I could not imagine what those could be.

Lots of truths waiting to come out and be examined in the light of day.  They don’t feel like easy ones.  All of the truths we’ve been processing are actually easy compared to what is about to hit, it seems, but on the other hand this also feels like a white canvas – ready for what we’re going to do next.

The interesting part about viewing the past when it’s in preparation to move forward is that we need to access the information in the correct way in order to see what it is we need to release.  Problem is, sometimes we just see truth through our very own lens.  Usually we’re prejudicial in our own favor, liking to remember where we were wronged, or perceiving an event or another person’s actions the way we took it at the time.  It can be difficult to get honest and see both sides of the equation.

Do Not Waste A Single Second More

God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless. – Chester Nimitz

I do feel like something is changing but I don’t know what it is yet.

When I think about it, it seems that part of the reason why I have landed here is to help you before you get smacked in the head with a brick like I did, so you have some coping skills and some sense that what looks really ugly is sometimes a giant leg up.  That’s why I teach about forming a relationship with your spirit guides, angels and the rest of your spiritual team.  It’s also why I teach about the many ways your intuition can come through for you, so you know it when you see it and don’t dismiss it.

That’s why I share the absurdities of my daily life with you all.  Sharing it with you is better than thinking it over or writing it in a journal.  Knowing there is someone at the other end of the line who is smart and insightful just makes life so much easier to take.

The message I am getting is,”Do not waste time.  No room for nonsense, chit-chat, and people who can’t hear you.”

Last year someone asked me to weigh in on a philosophical question they were struggling with, and I spent a lot of time and energy with him.  The other day I noticed he had written a comment on another blog and it was the exact same iteration of the question.  He was STILL asking,”Why?”  He learned and heard exactly nothing, which was kind of disheartening.  So I’m not bothering anymore with things that are a waste of my time and energy, and neither should you.  

Likewise, if I’ve already told you something ten times and you refuse to listen, I will move on when the eleventh rolls around.

I will not intentionally write about things that everyone else is interested in and writing about, even if it’s been on my mind.  If someone else has covered it and covered it well, so be it.

I am here to do something…and it will unfold as it should, I’m sure.  Commentary on the world’s events is probably not one of the things.

How Do You Know What Your Truth Is?

I am one of those people who knows my truth.  That is probably the most reliable information that I have.  When I’m doing a reading, or if a friend asks for my advice, it just pops out like I knew it all along.  Sometimes they tell me,”Julie, that is a great idea!” and it surprises me, because I thought I was stating the obvious and they’d say,”Oh, I already thought of that.”

I think some people are born truth tellers.  It’s part of their soul contract, part of how they popped out.

Now when I meet someone who creates confusion for me, that’s one sure-fire way to know that I’ve met someone I have a soul contract with.  When you think,”Wait a second, was that me?  Or him?  Who’s right here?  Did he just turn that right around on me?” then you know you’re going to do a dance with him.

Having truth (usually) come easily to me doesn’t mean that I always understand or see the truth, or that I never lie to myself…we all do that sometimes.  Some truths just like to hide in the darkness.  Some people like to obfuscate.  Other people are your dance partners, and you might need a third-party honest opinion on what is really going on.  Choose wisely.

I had someone near and dear call A Clear Sign a name this week.  I am still feeling angry about it.  I was told what I should be doing with my time.  Sure it’s possible that they’re right and I’m wrong.  Undoubtedly I don’t see the truth in this matter clearly.  However I do know exactly how I feel about this place and I’m having my doubts about that person.  When someone triggers you, get really clear on your truth.

At Least Try To Listen…And Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.  I do not judge the universe. – Dalai Lama

Any time there is a major world event, a disaster, a massive loss of life, it seems like the world will not shut off their televisions and radios.  Then everyone is exposed to the same news that takes a minute to tell, and days worth of conjecture from talking heads.

The thing is, there is always something awful going on somewhere in the world.  If you say how awful it was that one event happened, then someone is sure to pop up to say,”And that’s not all.  Maybe you haven’t heard about this much worse thing happening in some small corner of Africa…”

Then others take the opportunity to get political.

People talk about shutting off their televisions and someone else argues with them that it’s better not to be ignorant.

There is always something rotten in Denmark.  There is always someone hurting someone, somewhere in the world…and there always has been.

Everyone has their own truth.

My truth anyway is that you do not espouse spiritual or political platitudes to those who have just suffered an enormous loss.  If I were directly involved, I would not want to hear even my identical philosophy thrown back in my face.  It might be true, or it might not, but it feels grievously invasive to offer opinions to others in a moment of loss.

Sometimes I get all set to write something during a time of crisis because I feel like I should, but frankly, until the day comes when I have something to say that no one else has said, I will remain silent.

What Are YOU Doing Lately?

Have you felt the energy shifting?  Have memories been popping up for you to clear and heal them?  Have you been gunning for something, for change, full steam ahead?

I figure that Life is inherently risky.  We are here to give it all we’ve got.  It’s probably a good idea not to rest in a lazy way, at least not so often that it’s all you do.

Something about you makes you unique and outstanding – do you know what it is yet?  If yes, do it.  Be it.  Emanate it.  Let it ooze out of all your pores.  They say,”There’s no time like the present,” but this feels most urgent to me, like “the” moment is upon us, or around the next bend, and our thoughts and actions and way of being in the world are about to change.

Be the unique creator that you were born to be.  Find your truth.


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  1. I probably could write a pithier comment, but really what struck me is how wild those search terms are! I immediately went to look at mine and they were all so dull and predictable and entirely scrutable. I’m clearly not writing anything interesting enough to be found by creative and imaginative search terms!
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Get Over It!My Profile

    • Galen, Well you know if it wasn’t for my husband, none of those search terms that I actually wrote about (goats and penises) would have been relevant. There were a TON of search terms about yoga, too – how to do yoga, questions about poses…and my bounce rate has surely suffered from all of these one-off topics and no one finding what they were looking for! I am a disaster with yoga and do this funny combination of isometrics, yoga and pilates that will not be inspiring a new trend 🙂 You should throw out a single funny word in your title and see what comes back!

  2. I have been quiet for the most part last week and so far this week as well….I didn’t realize that others were experiencing childhood issues coming up too. I took a little journey by myself weekend before last for two reasons, one of which I think you already know ;-), but the other reason was to have some thinking/quiet time to work some things out in my head all dealing with my parents and how I grew up. It seems that just when I think I’m strong and have gotten over some things …something happens (with my mom or dad) or I see/hear something that stirs up a plethera of old hurts (and some pretty fresh too). Even Joel Osteen’s message (someone told me to watch) this past Sunday was about getting over past hurts/past wrongs/childhood issues so that we can experience God’s abundance and blessings (example of synchronicity? 🙂 Anyhoo…definitely feeling an energy shift and have seen it as well in other people’s posts, actions, etc. By the way Miss Julie… I never think your writings are absurdities, I think they are brilliant 🙂

    • Lorin, Yes that was definitely a synchronicity! Funny how these themes come up and suddenly so many people seem to be working on the same thing at the same time…and no one planned it.

  3. Hi Julie

    Don’t feel that way at all. Maybe it is because I have been relieving the burdens around me. I have been making changes and they are for the better. Finding direction and realizing the purpose of what makes me happiest. Sometimes I have lost that. Being doing some soul searching and deciding that waiting for the ideal time is not the answer. Things can’t always change over night but the little steps has put me back in the belief of better and more rewarding days ahead. Maybe the blue skies have been helping also.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..Awesome Effective ReasoningMy Profile

  4. Anne McCarroll says:

    For a very long time I fought myself about revealing or living in my own truth – I was afraid; it was easier to do something else or follow the suggestion of a family member…until I got in my groove and found that the people I relied on had no real clue about what was best for me. (Picture shock register on my face as the reality slaps me!)
    You’ve noted here that truth is not necessarily comfy or ringing bells and cheering…and now I see that I’m comfy in sharing and living that truth too. I’m not going to convince people when it took me this long to convince myself, you know?
    I can cheer others on, and that seems like a good plan. As long as they aren’t kidding themselves and want backup for that.
    Julie, I can’t imagine a day with you in it not sharing your truth. Really. Besides, with kids (goat here too) and everything I can’t imagine you’d have time for junk or denial!

    • Hi Anne, Life is not meant to be lived having a spotless house and perfect accounting records and ignoring all the stuff we were sent here to do or just frankly enjoy doing. Now my MIL would disagree – she would love to clean from the moment she woke up until the moment she went to sleep. I have no idea where she gets the energy. All my energy happens in my head 🙂 Her truth would be that I am L-A-Z-Y and never open the ironing board! My truth would be that I would love it if my business was so thriving that I really could tell my husband to hire out everything I do in the house or for his business because it pays to do so. Wouldn’t that be cool! That means though that I have to prioritize and often do things I don’t like, but as Dr. Seuss said, life is a great balancing act.

      It’s irritating when you’re told how to live your life and maybe you can see their point but you still want to do it the way you want to do it! Good thing you caught on that sometimes they are just dead wrong. I say, follow your gut! If you and I discover that we were wrong about a thing or two after all, at least we can say we did it our way 🙂

  5. There’s been this pressure in my head that usually indicates my brain is working over time behind the scenes so to speak. I am not sure on what yet, as a lot of what I do or get seems to happen like that. It can be frustrating not “getting it” and constantly feeling like you are asking the universe the same question over and over knowing that the answer is really right there in front of you if you could just get your finger on it.
    It feels like waiting for the exhale or the other shoe to drop, but strangely enough the past few weeks I’ve felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be doing what I was supposed to be doing and not even giving it a thought. Just going right along, just doing it. I have been putting a lot of thought in to paring down to exactly what I want my life to be like in the future and hopefully working toward that in even tiny steps is a good thing. I hope I’m living my truth or at least going in that direction, even if I’m not quite hearing what I’m supposed to some times! 🙂
    Oddly enough, a guy from my past contacted me on FB out of the blue… wanting to catch up etc, talk about wild.
    Here’s me cheering you on and being very appreciative that you are living your truth!

    • Hi Stacie, Sometimes we’re just not ready yet (or “it’s” just not ready yet). When it’s time for something to come through, it will, so hang in there! I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who say they really feel they are right where they are supposed to be, answers or no. Interesting about the FB.

      • That’s pretty much what I figured, when it’s ready it’ll show up or be heard. Maybe my patience is getting better?! The FB thing is really odd since my privacy settings are really high it’s hard to “just find me”, especially with my married name, and it was a guy I dated and remained friends with after we broke up. Interesting things afoot!
        Stacie recently posted..Something to Look Forward ToMy Profile

  6. Wow. I really thought I would get through the day without hearing the phrase “ant bite penis enlargement,” but oddly I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Also, truth wears pants? Oh, right – “Liar liar, pants on fire.” Gotcha. 🙂

    Coincidentally, I too have a name I would like to call A Clear Sign – Awesomeness! Couldn’t be clearer to me! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, mmkay? They’re just trying to get your goat, and you really didn’t want it anyway. 🙂
    Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted..Rekindling My Interest (Part 2)My Profile

  7. anonymouse says:

    This is funny, and mildy disturbing.. penis ant enlargement? Really, people? I know if you do a google search and type in even one letter the drop down menu of other popular searches is displayed – and those are often bizarre (but funny!) too. Ah, humanity!

    This is interesting, and I feel somewhat encouraged that others are revisiting old childhood issues/memories as well. It speaks to how much we *are* linked no matter how different our lives might be. I was also talking to my husband how alarmed I am as it seems that the bad news has been on an uptick lately, like things are on a roll- is this the whole ‘raising’ vibration people are talking about? We might reach a crisis point and then it’s sink or swim/fight or flight time, so to speak? Where we can show what we are made of, step up and use our talents for the greater good? Maybe.

    As seemingly ‘random’ as it might seem to you writing some of these posts they do seem eerily on target in terms of lining up with stuff I am contemplating. I am sure this is true for a lot of the other readers, too. That is most definitely a comfort:)

    • Hi Anonymouse, Yes sometimes the topics seem SO in left field, but I just go with what is sent to me to share, if that makes sense. Sometimes it seems like this is one place that people can come and say,”Oh so THAT’S what that’s all about!” Naturally not everyone is in the same place at the same time, but it seems like people do congregate where they are meant to go to get the messages they need to hear.

      The bad news certainly has been on the uptick, but by the same token we can see plenty of good samaritans, too. I won’t speculate on any bigger implications just yet. We’ll just see what happens.

  8. Hey Julie,

    I would LOVE to learn how to listen to my spirit guides more. I know I don’t spend enough time with them but as I mentioned in a previous question, I ask talk to them through my pendulum but they are only yes and no answers. One of these days I’d really love to learn to listen more.

    I don’t bother anymore with people who ask my opinion yet never really take my suggestions. I’ve had several friends that would ask me the same darn thing over and over again like my answer would be different. I finally told them stop asking me this since you already know the answer and since you refuse to take my advice although you KNOW it’s what you should do then stop asking me. I finally had to say goodbye to them because it was obvious they had no intention of changing and being better then what they were.

    I know my truth as well. I know who I am and darn proud of it. If you say something bad about me then that’s your opinion but I know who I am and words can’t hurt me. That just tells me the kind of person they are really and I wouldn’t say that’s very flattering.

    Always a pleasure to stop by your place Julie and I do hope that you had a good week and weekend. Tomorrow is another day so let’s make it a good one okay!

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Access Social Media On The GoMy Profile

    • Adrienne, I’ve been toying with a course that teaches just that. I am pretty sure all you have to do is get really quiet and “meet up” with them again 🙂

      You do know your own mind! That’s one of the many great things about you. My theory is that if I am going to sound like a broken record then I intentionally zip my trap, and if I forget or something I am right there with the apology.

  9. Hi Julie, most recently, I’ve been in a time of “slow it down and recoup.” Had to fly across country to help empty my deceased mother’s house, followed by a really nasty bronchial crud. Just beginning to get my wings stretched back out a bit. Been doing a lot of healing work on myself the past few years, having had to take some breaks to deal with sick, dying and dead parents (both died within 10 months of eachother). With the immanent sale of my parent’s house, all of that is just now coming to a close. So, the energy there is definitely shifting. With it all, yes, some old childhood wounds have been coming up to be healed.

    Have an appointment for a hypnosis session this coming weekend that has the potential for some wonderful healing (the hypnotherapist trained under Dolores Canon- if you don’t know of her, her work is amazing). Very much looking foward to more shifts to come.
    Sue recently posted..Music of My Life- The Early YearsMy Profile

    • Sue, Let me know how it goes with the hypnosis. I know this has been so tough on you, and a longish process, glad to hear that the healing work is getting done. Hugs from me to you.

  10. Mary Culpepper says:

    Well we had life throw us something – the house we were going to close on this week ended up falling through – the sellers were in foreclosure, had filed bankruptcy and had a 2nd mortgage on their house. We put 3 offers on houses and got rejected on 2 and then this one…and the one house I liked when we thought we’d try again to search had 2 offers on it already and was under contract by the end of the day. This ‘truth’ set us back – we’ll now be renting another year here instead of buying. I am curious what this next year will hold – I’m guessing my spiritual guide was hell-bent on us not buying here.

    • Mary, Did you have any foreboding or bad feeling about it not going through? Those situations usually fall through last minute because the buyer backs out. Well it must be really disappointing…assume that something BETTER will come along, at the right time and you and Chris will be happier there. Just set your intention very clearly. Maybe it will not take a year and you will get out of your rental…sometimes there are very good reasons why we get disappointed and better things come along. xo

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