Dear Intuitive: A Little Of This, A Little Of That

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kinder gentler

You have no idea what other people go through. Think about it, sometimes you don’t even know what you’re really going through! Just be kind, as often as you can, and watch how that energy flows through and to you.

It occurred to me how ironic it is that I discarded my given middle name without a backward glance and replaced it with my maiden name the last time I got married.  Lately I’ve noticed that I require a lot more grace in my life when coping with some specific challenges.  Just like you, I have some personality ummm…quirks…that could use more grace and less personality.  So I began a practice of requesting more grace. I imagined breathing it in from the universal field and breathing it out through my mouth (and presumably any words spoken through that mouth, that day).  The irony is, my middle name was Grace.

Today is a mishmash of Dear Intuitive questions that have been trickling in.

Fate v Destiny?  Parallel Lives?

A reader states:

In your article How Not To Get Lost On The Road Of Your Soul’s Journey you forgot to mention the concept of destiny vs. fate… aka “everything happens for a reason”.  You can change your destiny but what about your fate?  What about the concept of time and time travel, in the sense that you never know what affect a small thing you change in your journey will have on your future or the future of others.  

Sometimes the big choices (or what you think are big choices) along the way really don’t have that great an impact on your future.  Also, some small things that you would not consider pivotal end up being major, life altering choices.  So sometimes it is fear, sometimes it is laziness, and sometimes who knows… Fate?

There does seem to be an element of “fate”, or things that are just going to happen no matter what else we do.

There is a ripple effect.  Since we’re all connected, you’ll simply never know the kind of impact your one deed or decision, big or small, ultimately has once it has passed through your hands and affects potentially a multitude of others.  Remember the old shampoo commercial, “And they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on…”?

Sometimes this element of “fate” relates back to what we call (ironically) Destiny Points.  You agreed to them before you were born, they are to take place to further your spiritual growth, and no matter what else you do or don’t do, they will happen.  These are few and far between, however.

I love the idea of us living “six parallel lives.”  Similar to the movie Sliding Doors, at some point we split and go our separate ways.  Maybe five other ways.  Imagine you’ve reached a decision point, and exercising your free will, you make a choice.  Suppose that you don’t have to wonder about the impact of that choice because you are actually living it out, in some other dimension?  Maybe even in this dimension, although that probably isn’t possible, lest you bump into yourself, which could create all kind of complications.

Legitimate scientists are actually working on this now.  Maybe in our lifetime it won’t all be conjecture.  In the meantime, I like the idea of being able to peek over my own fence to see what else I might be doing, or how making a different choice might have turned out.

How To Get Your Spirit Guides To Talk To You

A reader asks: 

Sometimes I feel like my guides are out to lunch, what is normal communication with your guides? How get I get mine to be chattier?!

There really is no “normal.”  Your level of perception is what’s different.  The guides are with you, communicating messages, all of the time.  The question is, how do you become aware of what and how they are communicating?

You need to know your primary Clair.  You may not be clairaudient, so if you’re looking for a guide to talk to you so that you can hear it with your internal or external ear, then you’re missing everything they’re sending you in other ways.

How much time have you spent on discovering how to communicate with your team?  You can say,”I’d like to form a friendship or relationship with you.  How can I best do that?”  Any overture you make to wanting to contact them and learn to access you intuition will absolutely be met with an answer.

If you’ve been asking and asking and not feeling like you’re “getting anything” then the best thing to do is to quiet your mind through daily meditation.  You have to get to the point where you have “eyes that see and ears that hear.”  That is a process.  It won’t happen by trying to focus in the middle of a stressed, busy day.  You have to start by creating a quiet space in your head so you can actually be alert to the impulses, feelings, and messages coming through.

If you don’t know anything about your team and you’re not sure what your primary Clair is, just schedule an intuitive development counseling session.  I access information through all of the Clairs.  When I speak to your team I will find out who your guides are and how they communicate with you, as well as pass on any messages they have for you right now.  I am a firm believer that we humans do better when we have a “name” and some identifying characteristics of our guides, so we can connect with them.  Guides don’t care what we call them, but they will oblige and provide a reference point that will make sense to you.  They do understand our struggles in trying to reach out to them and, more importantly, they have the answers.

What Is This Ringing In My Ears?

A reader asks:

At random times I get this tingling feeling on the side of my head, around my ears, almost like a chill but it’s not cold. It feels like that area expands and contracts for about 30 seconds. Sometimes it’s on the left, sometimes on the right side. I’ve thought that maybe my guides were trying to get through to me that way, but when I stop and ask or listen I don’t get anything. So I’m not sure what or who it is or what it means.

It sounds like you have a chakra expansion going on and your intuition is opening up.  If you’re working on your intuitive development in general, and your Third Eye starts to crack open, you might find activity in that (or even another) part of your body.  Probably there is no specific message at that time, it’s more like a physical reaction to your opening awareness.

 I used to hear marching men in my ears/forehead, like,”March!  March!” (Or, that might have been my blood pressure!)
Tingling and chills are commonly associated with being in the presence of angels or being touched closely by another dimension in your three-dimensional world.  Everyone experiences these things differently, but it sounds like an opening awareness to me.

Medication Is Messing With My Communication

A reader asks:
How do you reconnect with your guides or pick up on signs if medication is making things foggy or blank?
Remember that your guide team always knows what’s going on with you.  It’s not like you have to tell them, they are already three (or a hundred) steps ahead.  Ask them to bring you a solution.  You don’t always have to have the answers to everything.  It’s especially when you’re confuzzled that they will be able to help you.  You can say,”SHOUT LOUDER!” (I’m kidding) or just tell them that you would like their assistance in coming up with a no-fault way for you to get their messages because at the moment, you are out of it.  Then wait to see what shows up.

Keep sending your questions in to contact (at) julielangdonbarrett (dot) com or use the Contact form.

I’ll leave you with this:

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. – Max Ehrmann (Desiderata)


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  1. Love the quote at the top of the page and love the mismash of questions/answers!
    Have always felt the clairsentience, just didn’t realize it as much in years past, thanks for including the clair link =)

    • Hi Lorin, The link to the article on the Clairs is really helpful if you’ve never thought of “how” your intuition might come through. Glad you could comment!

  2. Julie,

    Thanks for all. I had just thought this morning, “Some might think it strange that my guides have specific names… But you know what, it helps me talk to them.” So often you say things that validate my own intuitive experiences. That’s so helpful in a world that tends to devalue them….for now.

    Thanks again.

    • Loretta, The very first time I met my guide team they eah volunteered a name. I was on the massage table at the time (will have to share that story some day!) and since there were a lot of them I don’t remember each name I was given. But what I did remember was the look and the feel of the group, and how suprised I was by all of the support! The names we get can be very telling…just a part of our personal story. Thanks for reading!

  3. anonymouse says:

    What helpful questions/answers, I like this feature, thanks for incorporating this into the blog 🙂 I remember once getting frustrated and asking my guides for a sign ‘anyone listening’ and a day later it came up in a hilariously obvious way- I was walking in the woods (no one else around)and I saw a t shirt just draped over a bush that had in Spanish ‘The souls who are watching’ or something. It seemed to be a promotional kind of shirt, looked new, like something you’d win, some logo on it. I took a photo of it because I didn’t believe it. Sometimes I forget that yes, they can *really* be funny.

    • Anonymouse, If you ever find that photo, send it over and I’ll feature it. I love that story. Any time I am feeling overwhelmed or disconnected, I will ask for a song, and darned if the exact same one comes on over and over again (well, there are three, but it’s always one of them!)

  4. Was it Wella Balsam or Faberge Wheat & Honey shampoo? (I used both.)
    For what it’s worth, Julie, you do seem to handle things with much grace.
    Speaking of messages from our Spirit Guides, I have days that I just sort of feel it in the air. I get goosebumps and I know something is coming. And sometimes on these days, there are a lot of little signs that sort of go together. I get visual signs, feelings, and I hear that “still, small voice” that says only a few words, but oh, how profound they are! Other days, blah… nothing. I think I get so addicted to the spiritual “high” from feeling that communication that on the days I don’t, I feel so abandoned! But you’re right; keep asking them to communicate, be more clear, whatever. It does seem to help. But I am by no means an expert on that. I still have so much trouble mediating, so much trouble calming my mind, because all the wheels are always turning. I find the signs come when I’m doing some mundane task or am actually (shock!) able to fully exist in the moment and I’m not mulling over something. It’s like they just needed some room or something. But they’re little signs that really could be interpreted a myriad of ways; the thing is, I think, to trust that first gut instinct, hope it’s not delusion, and not let ego try to logically break it down.

    • Ayla, It was Faberge, here’s the link:

      I experience those “on” message days in much the same way.

      I might eventually do a short meditation series, because people keep asking me to do voice (MP3s). I started learning to meditate by reciting a sort of prayer that is part of soul realignment. You have to do it for a few weeks, and light a white candle. It’s just a ritual. That “broke” my constant-thinking mind, and was also kind of comforting. Now I meditate completely differently. I have one MP3 that comes with the Psychic Sparks course that explains how to clear your chakras, ground yourself, and protect yourself, and that’s basically my equivalent of meditating. You might find that burning a white candle helps. You might also try active meditation where you meditate while you are walking or cleaning or working out – that is a a great transition.

      I expect you will be good at it because I can hear how well you’re getting your messages in the still, quiet place, and also by observing the signs as they are coming in. Believe it or not that is “most of the way” to meditating.

      • Oh, yes, a ritual using a white candle helps. I began doing so about a year ago when I became serious about soul-searching and cutting through the confines of organized religion (that’s a whole other topic). My aim was to get more in touch with my Cherokee roots and find ways to get in touch with spirit more naturally as opposed to, again, confined ways and rituals. Using a candle didn’t feel like anything weird; in fact, it felt very natural, not unlike making a pile of sticks, setting them aflame, and talking to Great Spirit. But I often get very sleepy sitting in front of the candle… as it is often late in the evening when I can settle down long enough for that.
        If I need to tune into some Inner Wisdom, I find that taking a walk really helps. Even with the mp3 player on, I get clarity and many “aha!” moments. I took to heart what you have mentioned many times about certain songs coming to you at the right times, and I swear, often during those walks, I will hear a song I’ve previously heard a thousand times in a completely different way. Certain words really jump out, or maybe a meaning within the song presents itself in a way I had not considered. Just relaxing and letting it come into an open mind helps there. Many goosebump moments.
        Even with these things, though, I crave more clarity and direction. I don’t want to waste more time flying blind and spinning my wheels. The messages I get often feel like little teasers: they are just barely enough to keep me going in the direction I am without giving up. Well, so far, so good, but the progress seems slow (I set a HUGE goal this time). My spirit and logic really resonate with what you present here, and when it comes time to getting a little help, you’ll be the one from whom I get a session.

        • I never get sleepy doing intuitive work, but I do head off to “another place” that takes a lot of concentration, so when I come back to open my eyes it can take a while to regulate.

          You do sound like you would really take off with a little intuitive training.

          The thing is, no matter how trained up you are, you still don’t get your guidance any differently than you are right now! Mayble a little clearer, maybe a little more quickly, maybe you do get a big leap forward from time to time, but the biggest benefit is sometimes getting a download (like an epiphany). The rest of the time it’s bits and pieces, as we are ready.

  5. Hahaha, SHOUT LOUDER! Love it. 🙂
    I have noticed some odd ringing in my ears over the last several weeks, but when I stopped for a moment to try to figure out what it may refer to, if it was an indication of a message, nothing popped out. The past several weeks have been a blur, but I do recall one day having the chorus of a song stuck in my head that I hadn’t heard in several days by Swedish House Mafia “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child. See heaven’s got a plan for you. Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.”
    If nothing else, it was comforting at least.
    Thank you for the little bit of this, little bit of that post… very nice seeing the different questions/answers.

    • Hi Stacie, It’s great that you’re so in tune with your intuition, picking up on songs, and just generally being open and aware of the signs you’re getting, eve when things are blurring by you. It’s funny how many people expect their guide team or just their intuition to come through in a booming voice like,”Hi, this is Robert and I am your primary guide. This week my suggestion for you is…” Now, if that happened, would we not pass out from the shock?

      • You know, it’s funny you say that because so often I feel like I’m still just flailing about and missing almost everything. I have noticed the signs I actually seem to catch well are when I’m not pushing so hard trying to “figure it out”. I think I get a lot of “just knowing”, especially if I stay out of my own way.
        While it would be nice to have that booming voice spelling it out… you are right on…definitely would pass out from shock at the least!
        Stacie recently posted..Something to Look Forward ToMy Profile

  6. Hey Julie,

    I love this, answering your readers questions about different things.

    I learned a few years ago about pendulums so when I need to ask my guides a question I can do it through that. Of course I’m only going to get a yes, no or a maybe answer but at least I know they’re here.

    I’ve also had spirits come to me in my meditations. At first I thought I had just gone to sleep and was dreaming but it was so real and they had conversations with me. I wouldn’t say I’m a pro and it hasn’t happened in awhile now but it was really a very cool experience.


    • Hi Adrienne, It’s cool that you are adept at using a pendulum. I never got the hang of it even though I teach it in my course. I know how to use it but…I guess I would rather hear it from the guides when I am doing a reading, rather than having to ask 100 questions to drill down. Now I wear it as a necklace 🙂

      It’s pretty rare that I have a “one on one” with my own guides like you are describing, but I get SO excited when I do. I talk to everyone else’s teams like that all of the time, but I have to be very clear and fully going at a very high vibration to meet mine that way. I love that you have done that!

  7. Loved your opening section. How interesting about your middle name. My foster daughter’s name is Grace, and I’ve always said that she brought grace into my life. Not because she was easy–quite the opposite–but because she brought me to my knees, recognizing that I needed help from my deepest place. Love the Q & A, too!
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Get Over It!My Profile

  8. This is really great Julie! You’re going a super job at this.
    I have to say I resonated 😉 with the ringing in the ears question! I’ve had a ringing in my ears, both of them, for as long as I can remember. In fact, I remember when I first realized this sound I hear is NOT the sound silence makes! I would notice it more when it was completely silent and I actually believed that was the sound of silence!
    What should I do about it?
    P.S. I’m looking forward to the next in this series!
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Are You Changing the World?My Profile

    • Lori, Oh no – tinnitus? Or not? Next time we hangout I will have to zoom in on that one. Glad you liked the question and answer session – send in a question sometime if one pops to mind!

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